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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 50


Chapter 50 - Cui Shiming

’’Hey friend, I would like to buy this sword, how much do you want for it?’’ Ye Chen did not put it back and asked the shop assistant who had been waiting patiently.

The shop assistant glanced at the broken sword, ’’The manager had already stated that all of these ancient weapons are twenty thousand silvers each, no bargaining.’’


The price was still in Ye Chen's budget, so it was worth buying.

Over on the other side, Ye Hai had also chosen a stone sculpture and a broken bronze clock for himself which was fifteen thousand silvers all together. By this, it could be seen that the annual profit of the Nine Footed Tripod Pavilion can be estimated to be unbelievably high since some of the ancient antiques cost them only a few silvers when they were bought in.

When the two left the Nine Footed Tripod Pavilion, it was already noon.

’’Ye Chen, let's go eat in the Sun Restaurant! I am buying.’’ Ye Hai had a storage ring as well which was given to him by his mentor, so he put the stone sculpture and the broken bronze clock in the ring.

The Sun Restaurant was the largest restaurant in the Luo City, Ye Chen hadn't been there for ages, so he agreed immediately.

Fifteen minutes later, the two had arrived in the restaurant;and with the help of a waiter, they walked towards the second floor.

’’Two young masters, would you like a room or will a table in the general dining area be fine?’’ The waiter asked.

Ye Chen answered: ’’The dining area is fine.’’

’’Alright. There are seats by the windows, please follow me, sir.’’ The waiter directed his guests with his hand, then he ran over to the table and wiped it with the towel that was over his shoulder.

As he sat down, Ye Hai checked out the view outside, and said: ’’There's nothing better than being at home here in Luo City. You know, my mentor and I were on the road almost everyday, maybe this city today, then some small villages in the middle of nowhere the next day. Sometimes, if we were unlucky and unable to reach any village or town nearby, then we had to live in the wild.’’

Ye Chen asked: ’’Were you ever in danger?’’

’’Of course! My mentor and I were once chased by a top rank 6 demonic beast in the forest of the Dark Dragon Emperor Empire. We had also been surrounded by a famous gang in the Rudra Nation. But fortunately, we were able to make it out easily most of the times.’’ Remembering the past, Ye Hai was still a little bit scared.

Ye Chen was actually quite impressed with Ye Hai. He is such a wild person. Obviously, his mentor is as well. No wonder they would team up together.

The dishes were served, the two also ordered a battle of alcohol before they started eating.

During their meal, a lot of people walked up the stairs.

’’Brother Cui, the Sun restaurant is the largest restaurant in the Luo City, a lot of famous powerful people had dined here before. You will not be disappointed.’’ A crispy female voice said. It was Ye Xuan.

’’Since Senior Sister Ye gave such praise to the Sun restaurant, it must be good. Come on fellow disciples, let's enjoy the meal.’’

’’Right, we are rarely here. We should definitely make some memories here.’’

’’Sister Ye, although the Luo City is pretty great, it is not a place for you to stay. You belong at the Emerald Martial Palace!’’ Someone persuaded.

The footsteps got louder and louder, the group arrived on the second floor. Ye Xuan was about to speak, but she sneered and frowned as she saw Ye Chen and Ye Hai by the windows.

’’Sister Ye, who are those two?’’ The teenager with small eyes noticed the change in Ye Xuan' s expression, he turned his head and noticed Ye Chen and Ye Hai as well.

Ye Xuan said calmly: ’’They are members of my Ye family.’’

’’Ye family members, huh? I wonder which martial institutions they belong to.’’ Another teenager asked.

’’One of them joined the Sky Cloud Martial School;the other followed the Broken Mountain Drifter and traveled the world.’’ Ye Xuan answered honestly.

’’Sky Cloud Martial School... it is indeed a big martial institution in the Windy Nation. Too bad though, it is of no comparison to our Emerald Martial Palace. There's a difference of two ranks in between. As for that Broken Mountain Wanderer, why did I never hear of him? He is not a swindler, is he?’’ The teenagers teased.

Ye Hai had already noticed the group's arrival. He did not want to make a fuss, but when they talked bad of his mentor in his presence, he was truly pissed off. He put down his chopsticks and turned to them: ’’Who are you? Don't you know that it is extremely rude to judge other people's mentors?’’

The teenager with small eyes sneered: ’’I was just trying to warn you about swindlers. You don't want to be involved with one of them, it is just not worth it if you lose your life, you know.’’ Normally, the group would have just let it go for Ye Xuan, but they heard she lost to someone called Ye Chen which unsettled them, and even Ye Xuan did not mention it, but the second they heard one of them was from Sky Cloud Martial School, they knew who they were dealing with, so they started messing with them on behalf of Emerald Martial Palace.

Ye Hai did not look good, ’’Take back what you said, and I will let this go.’’

’’Are you joking? Spoken words are like water that had been poured out, you could never take them back. So? What are you going to do about it?’’ The teenager with small eyes looked at Ye Hai and tried to provoke him.

Ye Xuan had a bad look on her face. These people were all Emerald Martial Palace disciples who were all at the same cultivation level. However, the guy that had the highest power level of all of them was Cui Shiming who had kept quiet so far. He was already a Mid Condensing Reality Realm warrior, and was also the top ranked disciple among the inner disciples. Although Cui Shiming did not say anything, but Ye Xuan obviously knew how he felt about her, otherwise he wouldn't have come all the way just to see her.

On one side were the members of Ye family, while the other side were her fellow disciples of the Emerald Martial Palace. This was why Ye Xuan did not want them to have any conflicts, because no matter which side failed, it would make her look bad, which was the last thing she wanted.

’’Lu Shao, let it go!’’ Ye Xuan finally decided to break it off.

The teenager with small eyes who was called Lu Shao glanced at Ye Hai, then he nodded and said: ’’I will let it go for Senior Sister Ye, otherwise it wouldn't have ended well for you.’’

’’How would you know if you don't try? Mountain Essence Fist!’’ Ye Hai yelled with anger. His body was filled with Zhen Qi;he threw out a punch towards Lu Shao.

’’You are just looking for death.’’ Lu Shao's eyes were throwing ice cold looks. His feet touched the ground, then the next second he landed three steps in front of Ye Hai, and threw out a palm attack.


A couple of tables nearby were blown away by the wind from the fist art;the other customers started to run for their lives, the whole restaurant was filled with the cries from the terrified people.

Ye Hai backed out three steps, he yelled with all his power: ’’Again!’’

Another punch was thrown out that was even more powerful than the last one.

’’Broken Jade Palm!’’

The palm attack failed to beat Ye Hai which made Lu Shao look bad. So he decided to use an Emerald Martial Palace's special martial art. His palms looked like a jade which were slowly cracking apart.

The fist and the palm clashed, making a sound like jade breaking. Ye Hai was slightly disadvantaged to his opponent when comparing cultivation levels. He could not fully control himself after the clash and had to continually step back even after knocking over several tables.

When he was going to fall out of the window, Ye Chen reached out his hand, and tapped on Ye Hai's back gently. His Zhen Qi from the Pure Yuan Art was extremely pure and was able to break down Lu Shao's Zhen Qi, saving Ye Hai from embarrassing himself badly.

’’You are that Ye Chen! Experience my fist!’’ Lu Shao was looking for an opportunity to teach Ye Chen a lesson and now that Ye Chen had joined the battle, he could finally attack him. So Lu Shao jumped out and threw out another Broken Jade palm attack.

’’Piss off!’’

Ye Chen kept his body very still, then the very next second, he threw out a punch and took back his hands as he waited.


It was like thousands of horses had hit him, Lu Shao was still in shock while his body was blown away and blood poured out of his mouth.

Right at this moment, Cui Shiming caught Lu Shao effortlessly, and said quietly: ’’Brother Lu, in the future when you throw out attacks, you have to live up to our Emerald Martial Palace's reputation, or just simply do not engage anyone. Remember that.’’

Finished speaking, he changed his tone, and said to Ye Chen: ’’Wounding my fellow Emerald Martial Palace disciple, do you know what you have done?’’


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