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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 48


Chapter 48 - The Hidden Struggle in The Dining Room

In the Luo City, the largest mansion had to be the one owned by the Ye family. The Ye family owned more than a thousand kilometers squared of land, which was three times larger than even the mayor's mansion. Inside Ye family, there were pavilions, chapels, towers, bridges, rivers, bamboo forests, lakes, and almost anything else you could think of. It was almost like a small sized Luo City.

As he walked through a few hallways, and crossed a thirty meters long white jade stone bridge, in front of Ye Chen was a huge training court.

There were already a lot of people in the training court, those warriors of the Ye family who were not required to work but instead had to train their martial arts were all trying their best. They were either training in something repeatedly by themselves, or discussing about various issues of martial arts with other people, or battling with each other. The whole place looked extremely busy, and full of life.

’’Greetings, young master Chen.’’ Outside the court, five middle aged women and men who saw Ye Chen arriving, said respectfully.

Ye Chen nodded, ’’Is it your turn today to teach martial skills?’’

These five were the martial skill instructors of the Ye family. In the Ye family, there were more than three hundred warriors who advanced to the Condensing Reality Realm, two-third of them were the directly related to the family, and the remaining one-third of the warriors had different last names who decided to join the Ye family. According to their cultivation, they would have different social status. For example, the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would become guest masters, the Late Condensing Reality Realm warriors would become the Ye family attendants, and the Mid Condensing Reality Realm warriors would be the martial skill instructors, just like the five people in front of Ye Chen. Early Condensing Reality realm warriors would be the assistant trainers, who were not eligible to teach other people themselves, they could only help out the martial skill instructors.

’’Yes, we are on duty here on the training court every three days, and today it is our turn.’’ The middle aged lady on the left who looked quite nice replied to Ye Chen.

’’I am just passing by;you guys can go back to work!’’ Ye Chen waved his hand and started to walk away.

Standing in the middle, a middle aged with a scholarly appearance wearing gray robes could not help but said: ’’Young Master Chen had already reached the Condensing Reality Realm! I am not completely sure if even you and I could beat him anymore!’’

’’A genius is like a wild card;how could we compete with him?’’

’’Alright, stop whining now. One day, when we reach the Clasping Yuan Realm, we could become an guest master in the Ye family. Then we will never ever have to worry again in our life.’’

’’You are right.’’

There was a distance of at least four hundred meters to the dining room from the battling court which took a while for him to get there.

When Ye Chen entered the room, there were already a few people eating breakfast.

’’Chen'er, you woke up so early.’’ Ye Tianhao had so many things to deal with everyday, so he was used to getting up early.

Ye Chen said: ’’I didn't sleep last night, I was training all night.’’

Ye Tianhao looked a little surprised, ’’You reached the Condensing Reality Realm?’’

’’Yes, I just managed to breakthrough.’’


Ye Tianhao responded subconsciously. He was a little bit shocked when Ye Chen replied without hesitation, then he was full of joy. If Ye Chen could only be counted as a battle genius before, who was not very good at training, then the Ye Chen now would be counted as a true genius. No one could steal his thunder, Ye Chen could now stand right next to Ye Xuan and Ye Tang.

’’Let me see.’’ Ye Tianhao reached his hand over Ye Chen's shoulder. Although he could read Ye Chen's cultivation by just looking, but under some special circumstances, a warrior at the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage could emit light Zhen Qi vibration, which was very easily confused with the signs of a newly advanced Condensing Reality Realm warrior.

Ye Tianhao's Zhen Qi that was from a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior went inside Ye Chen's body;it was immediately strongly rejected. Ye Tianhao was afraid to hurt Ye Chen, so he cut off his Zhen Qi at once, and let go of his palm.

’’It is indeed the Early Condensing Reality Realm, and your Zhen Qi is pretty stable already. You are already close to the Peak of Early Condensing Reality Realm.’’ Ye Tianhao could not even believe himself as he said it.

Ye Chen himself was not sure of the reason for this, he guessed: ’’Is it because of the Pure Yuan Art?’’

Ye Tianhao nodded, ’’It should be. There is rarely anyone who can master the Pure Yuan Art to its highest stage, making your Qi extremely pure. Once your Qi liquidizes into Zhen Qi, your foundation will much more stable than most people, which will save you a lot of time when trying to stabilize it.’’

This is nice, it saved me so much hard work. Ye Chen thought.

’’Okay, get some breakfast. Wait until I go back and tell your mother, she will be so happy for you.’’ Ye Tianhao was already full, but then he got so happy that he started to eat again with Ye Chen, while chatting.

Shortly after, Ye Hai and Ye Xuan had shown up.

Even though they noticed Ye Chen, the group did not pay much attention to him, only after studying him a little bit closely, they were all shocked to realize that he had broken through the Condensing Reality Realm.

Ye Tianhao realized that he was going to be late, so he said to Ye Chen: ’’Eat slowly, I need to head out now.’’

’’Okay, father.’’

After waiting until Ye Tianhao had left, Ye Hai walked over and said: ’’Ye Chen, did you reach the Condensing Reality Realm?’’

Ye Chen laughed: ’’Let's spar, then you will know.’’

’’Aright!’’ Ye Hai went into position.

As he stood up, Ye Chen said: ’’One punch is enough, come on!’’


Ye Hai did not underestimate Ye Chen, he threw out a punch filled with Zhen Qi, which brought up a light Qi wave in the air, that spread throughout the whole room.

Ye Chen kept his body still, and threw out a punch as well.


The air was torn apart. Their two fists clashed in the air, making a loud sound.

’’No way, you are sick. You had just made a breakthrough but your Zhen Qi is already so stable.’’ Ye Hai had to back out at least ten steps to bear the impact, he said with a forced laugh.

Ye Chen sat back on his seat, ’’Let's eat!’’

Sitting in front of each other, they felt very comfortable.

Ye Xuan who was sitting not far away was very frustrated. She thought that she could soon reach the Mid Condensing Reality Realm, then she would be ahead of him. Never had she expected that Ye Chen would be one step ahead of her and would reach the Early Condensing Reality Realm before that happening, that too with an extremely stable Zhen Qi. Now it would be almost impossible for her to beat him, even if she managed to reach the Mid Condensing Reality Realm.

’’Ye Chen, I forgot to tell you. Sister Xueyan had already reached the Late Condensing Reality Realm.’’ Ye Xuan needed to let out some of her frustration, so she brought up Ji Xueyan to harass Ye Chen.

Ye Chen replied causally: ’’She is not the goal I am chasing. My goal is to lead the younger generation of the Windy Nation, as for my second goal, I haven't thought of it yet.’’

Ye Xuan said spitefully: ’’Dream on! There are so many geniuses in the Windy Nation, let alone the famous four young masters, the inner disciples of our Emerald Martial Palace could beat you easily. You might think I am just bluffing, so just go ask your inner court disciples in the Sky Cloud Martial School then you will know. In this world of ours, who has not gotten beaten down by our Emerald Martial Palace disciples.’’

’’Ye Xuan, I don't think I like your attitude. I know you are a disciple of the Emerald Martial Palace, but you are a member of the Ye family first. How could you always be attacking your own family siding with the outsiders?’’ Ye Hai did not appreciate Ye Xuan's tone and put down his chopsticks.

Ye Xuan sneered, ’’I just don't like him.’’

Ye Hai said what he thought: ’’I think you just cannot really handle your own failure. But fair enough, Ye Chen used to be ordinary, and could have never been able to compete with you, so you never thought that one day you might lose to him, so when he actually did defeat you, it made you really uncomfortable, right?’’

’’Don't be too happy too early. You might be ahead of me right now, but it doesn't mean that this will continue forever. The Emerald Martial Palace is the biggest martial institution in the Windy Nation, our disciples are the best.’’ Ye Xuan was a little intimidated by Ye Hai's speech, her voice volume slightly rose.

’’Ye Xuan is right. You two are like the frogs in the bottom of a well. The Northern Snow Martial Academy and the Emerald Martial Palace are both rank 7 martial institutions. Their power is not something you could imagine. Just wait, one year from now, I will beat you both.’’ Ye Tang appeared in the dining room.

Ye Chen sneered inside. Although these two were very talented, their personalities were quite terrible. They were fine when everything went according to their expectations;but once something went wrong, their frustration would be much greater than normal people. They were also extremely stubborn and held onto their beliefs even when they were in the wrong, which eventually led to their unbalanced mentality.

In short, they were blinded by their emotions.

’’No need to argue with them’’, Ye Chen said lightly: ’’Everything you said could only be proved by your action. Everyone can boast. Okay, please don't interrupt my breakfast time.’’


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