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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 47


Chapter 47 - Break Through

The feast lasted until midnight. Most of the people were already wasted and had a glossy appearance to their eyes.

Ye Chen, Ye Hai and several others of the younger generation from the Ye family were at the same table, they were getting to know each other while chatting and drinking.

Suddenly, Ye Tianhao called out to Ye Chen.

’’Chen'er, this is the head of Wind Rider Security Company Xu Tai, Uncle Xu, and this is his second daughter Xu Mei.’’ Ye Tianhao dragged Ye Chen, and introduced him with a huge smile on his face.

’’Hello, Uncle Xu!’’ Ye Chen studied the two. Xu Tai was a bulky man in his forties, who wore a head guard and looked extremely strong;his second daughter looked no more than sixteen years old. Her body looked extremely slim and fit under her red dress, se*y with a hint of coldness. Sensing Ye Chen's gaze, her face slightly blushed.

Xu Tai was also studying Ye Chen. After a while, he laughed: ’’What a great young man. So young and yet so powerful already, definitely not some mediocre talent.’’

He was not just saying it, Xu Tai had been travelling around the world for years, during which he had met all kinds of people. He could accurately predict some people's future to fame and power when they were young. As for Ye Chen, although he looked quiet and weak like a scholar, he had a subtle yet powerful aura to him, which could not be underestimated.

Ye Chen humbly said: ’’Uncle Xu, you are flattering me.’’

Xu Tai shook his head, ’’I, your uncle Xu is someone who has experienced a lot of things in this world. I know when you should be humble and when you should not;I always felt that, being humble is being hypocritical, which you should never be. I really like you, my daughter likes you too, maybe you guys should find some time to get to know each other.’’

Although Ye Tianhao could not be anymore familiar to Xu Tai's personality, but he decided to keep silent, because he wanted to see how Ye Chen would reply.

’’Uncle Xu, since you are so straightforward, I will do the same. I still haven't reached my father's level, so I am not really interested in things like relationships and such.’’ Ye Chen said seriously.

Frozen for a while, Xu Tai could not do anything but say: ’’It seems like my daughter doesn't have the luck then. Fair enough, you will definitely become someone quite important one day, I am afraid my Mei'er won't be able to handle you anyways.’’

Ye Tianhao was really impressed with Ye Chen's committedness to his path, even though he scolded him: ’’Nonsense, a true man will never be afraid of love.’’

Then, he said to Xu Tai, ’’Brother Xu, we should let our kids handle their own business. We can not help them with some things even if we want to, what do you say?’’

Xu Tai nodded, ’’That is true. Since that is settled, we should get going. Let's catch up sometime. Mei'er, let's go.’’

Ye Tianhao tried to stop them, ’’Brother Xu, why leave when it is still early?’’

’’Thank you for having us. I should go though;my wife had made me some soup at home.’’ Xu Tai waved his hand, and started to walk home, while Xu Mei followed him behind.

After the two had left, Ye Tianhao turned to look at Ye Chen. It was such a serious stare that unsettled Ye Chen a little bit.

After a long time, Ye Tianhao said: ’’You must be tired from the competition, you should go rest soon!’’

’’All right, let me say goodbye to Ye Hai and the others.’’

Watching Ye Chen walk away, Ye Tianhao started to smile.

The god had given me a huge surprise! Especially when I was just about to give up hope.

Shen Yuqing walked over and said: ’’Tianhao, what happened?’’

Ye Tianhao laughed: ’’How strong do you think Chen'er would be? In our Luo City, there hasn't been even one Astral Reaching Realm warrior for at least a century.’’

’’How optimistic. But our Chen'er is a bit different now, did you notice that?’’

’’Yeah, I felt like I sensed something, but then it seemed as if there was nothing different. But who cares! As long as he is our Chen'er, it's fine by me.’’


Five hours later!

The sky was slowly brightening. The servants started to wake up and start their day of work.

Time had passed.

The window of Ye Chen's room slightly shook, making a little noise. It seemed as if it was being moved by a huge gust of wind.

Inside the room, an invisible Qi surrounded Ye Chen, it looked like a funnel being placed upside down. All of the light objects in the room were floating in the air.


A weird vibration originated from the middle of Ye Chen's Dantian and spread all over his body. All of the objects in the air suddenly dropped where they were, making loud noises.

’’Finally, I reached the Condensing Reality Realm.’’

As he slowly let out a deep breath, Ye Chen opened his eyes, the bright light in his eyes was like lightning, shining in the dim room.

After a long while, the light in his eyes slowly faded. A confident smile appeared on Ye Chen's face.

Actually before last night, Ye Chen was still not sure if he could reach the Condensing Reality Realm, since it was not easy to liquidize Qi to Zhen Qi, it required a long time of compressing it and training. That was the reason why so many people were always stuck at Mortal Realm Stage 10 for at least six months, while some of them even spent years to achieve it. The top ranked outer disciple Wu Zongming had also spent more than six months to make the breakthrough, and become an official inner disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School.

As for people like Zhang Haoran, who had spent only two months to achieve it, were extremely rare, maybe one in ten thousand people at best can be able to achieve something like that.

It was safe to say that only the warriors who had reached the Condensing Reality Realm were considered real warriors. Before that, they were could only be considered as a lowly apprentice in the True Spirit Continent.

Once someone reached the Condensing Reality stage, it not only increased their power level, but also doubled, sometimes even tripled a warrior's power. It even enabled them to attack someone from a distance, allowing to kill them from even ten steps away.

If Ye Chen and Ye Xuan were to fight again now, Ye Chen was confident that he would be able to defeat her within only a few attacks, effortlessly.

’’I should see what's this Zhen Qi is all about first.’’

Ye Chen talked to himself as he focused his attention on his Dantian.

The messy Qi tornado from earlier had completely disappeared. Replacing it was a upside down funnel of Zhen Qi in the shape of a cone. Both the quantity and the quality had largely improved from Qi, when it spun, it was like a cluster of stars in the universe, pulsing and surging with power.

As he fully activated his Pure Yuan Art, Ye Chen's robe started to expand.


As he threw out a punch in the air, the windows that were ten steps away shattered at once, breaking into thousands of pieces. The powerful wind continued to spread all the way into the field.

’’From today, I could start to train the Tyrant's Fist, I wonder how powerful it is.’’

He did not feel tired at all, so he decided not to sleep. He got up and cleaned himself, then he opened the door and walked out.


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