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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 46


Chapter 46 - The End of the Family Tournament


The first beam of star light was smashed away by Ye Chen's punch, then the second, then the third one... In the end, Ye Chen's punch could not match up with the sheer quantity of the star light and he was hit heavily several times, which made sounds like they were hitting against some metal instead of his body.

Taking a closer look, besides some small holes here and there on his clothes, Ye Chen was not wounded at all. His tightened skin had a jade like shine over it, which was a sign of him completely mastering the third level of the Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell, almost close to mastering the fourth level - Broke Jade Reborn.

’’What kind of defense art is this? It could even defend against the attacks from the Point Star Sword Spell!’’

’’So impressive. What else is he hiding? He was able to reverse every critical moment he had faced until now.’’

’’I think Ye Xuan is feeling threatened. This guy is so scary, throwing powerful movement one after another, no one could understand him.’’

Hearing some of the powerful people chattering right next to him, Ye Tianhao could not agree with them more. He reviewed his memory, Ye Chen had surprised him when he punched and knocked out Ye Feng and Ye Jun, then shocked everyone and beat Ye Tang, now he was even able to fight against Ye Xuan. There were too many surprises, that he even felt a little numb to anymore surprises now.

Unconciously, he took a glance at Shen Yuqing's eyes. They just kept staring at each other, as none of them knew how to react to this situation.

Ye Batian was also a little numb, he was expecting to see Ye Chen fail horribly. He could have never expected that even Ye Xuan could not take him down. Doesn't this mean that my Tang'er was no where near his power and was doomed to lose?

What the heck?! How did this brat suddenly turn this powerful ? After taking a couple of deep breaths, Ye Batian stared towards the stage.

On the stage, Ye Xuan was biting her lower lip, she said to herself furiously: ’’Let's see how many attacks you can handle!’’

Accumulating all the Zhen Qi in her body at her fingertips, Ye Xuan slashed the sword repeatedly. When the Zhen Qi rubbed against the green glaze sword, it created a shocking reaction, it seemed to be blend with the original spirit of the sword, illuminating that unbreakable sharp weapon with a dazzling star light.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

Some of the star light went off track and hit the ground, badly damaging the stage, leaving it with thousands of smalls holes. Some of the audiences' weapons were even destroyed by the stray star light as well, the owners were all frightened and jumped away from the incoming attacks.

’’What a crazy attack! How did Ye Chen manage to block them all?’’ Only at this moment, did the audience finally understand how powerful the Point Star Sword Spell was. A normal warrior would never be able to handle it.

The clothes covering Ye Chen's upper body were already torn to shreds, exposing his supple but extremely strong muscles. Every time the star light which were like knives that got close to Ye Chen's skin, the jade like shine would turn even brighter and easily shattered all the foreign objects that were flying towards him.


Ye Chen's long hair was flying in the air. With his mountain like aura, he ran towards Ye Xuan, as he threw out a punch into the air.

Ye Xuan was terribly upset, the power Ye Chen displayed had completely shattered her confidence, she even came to doubt herself and was wondering if she could handle the incoming punch.

’’I would like to see which one of the two will prevail, your fist or my sword.’’

Seeming to gain back some of her confidence, Ye Xuan let out a quiet growl, she switched the long sword back to her right hand. Along with her regained pride, she stabbed out her sword towards Ye Chen's incoming fist.


The tip of her sword and his fist clashed, bringing up a little bit of sparks. Instead of a normal human fist with blood and flesh, Ye Chen's fist seemed like it was made of the strongest metal.

The green glaze sword was bent by the powerful force, but soon, it bounced back to its original form like nothing had happened. However, the counterforce of the sword bouncing back had shook Ye Xuan into the air. Blood poured down the corner of her mouth.

Ye Chen's aura strengthened, he chased up, then threw out another punch.


This time, Ye Xuan finally could not handle the rebound of her Zhen Qi;the long sword fell out of her hand, her face went pale, and her eyes lost their original brightness.

The arena was in complete silence, then the next second, the crowd bursted out into a loud clamor.

’’So many things had happened! I can't believe that Ye Chen is the champion, who could've thought of that?’’

’’If I had only known, I would have bet on Ye Chen! Then my five silver would have gone up by at least ten times!’’

’’F*k. I had bet ten silvers on Ye Tang! That's about my one-month salary!’’

The competition had finished. The most frustrated people were the servants. They had secretly set up a betting pool, prepared to make a huge fortune from the competition. However, once the results were out, most of the people were frozen with shock, and were full of regret.

Only the organizers of the betting pool could not be anymore happier, as they had made ten times more than usual on this competition, which would probably make their life better for a long time.

The third elder was the first one that came back to reality, he cleared his throat and yelled: ’’The champion is Ye Chen. Now, the battle between the second place and the third place begins!’’

As they were chattering, all the servants who had bet all their money had just realized that they had also bet on the second and the third place, and they were hoping to win back some of their money.

They had already completely given up on making a fortune, and were only regretting not being able to recognize Ye Chen's power.

The following battle was predictable, Ye Hai easily beat Ye Tang who had already lost his drive to win and won the third place;Ye Xuan automatically won second place;while Ye Chen who had taken down all the powerful people and raised up won the first place. He had become the most famous person in the Ye family.

At the reward ceremony, the third elder said to Ye Chen with a huge smile: ’’Keep up the hard work, don't ever drown in the pride.’’

Ye Chen replied: ’’Yes, I will, third elder.’’

’’Good. With geniuses like you in the Ye family, us old generation could finally relax now.’’

Receiving the low rank storage ring, Ye Chen put it on at once, then he threw the one hundred low rank soul stones and the ten thousand gold notes into the storage ring.

As he let out a breath of air, Ye Chen turned his head only to notice that Ye Xuan's attention was on him.

’’The next time we meet, I will definitely defeat you.’’ Ye Xuan had already overcome the shock of losing. However, she could not forgive herself for losing her confidence at that critical moment.

Ye Chen was not bothered by her words: ’’Then you will have to hurry, I am already leaving you behind.’’

’’Hmph!’’ Ye Xuan sneered, but did not speak .

’’Haha, Ye Chen, you are also my target. Don't ever lose to someone else!’’ Ye Hai came up to Ye Chen and talked. Among the contestants, Ye Hai, just like his name (’’Hai’’ meant ocean) implied, had a huge heart. Unlike the rest of the people, he did not care much about the failure.

Ye Chen quite liked Ye Hai, ’’After this competition, are you still going to follow your mentor and travel the world?’’

Ye Hai nodded, ’’Of course, traveling the world is my dream, I will never give up on that. My mentor said he is going to take me to the Dark Dragon Emperor Lands, which is the most dangerous place in the world. He wanted me to see and gain some experience. It's just that I am afraid that after today, you and I will only be able to meet again at the end of next year. I'm so excited.’’

’’Me too. I hope you can get even stronger.’’

’’Thank you. Let's go out for a drink later. I assume you never had a drink yet?’’

’’I had a little, I think I can handle it.’’

After the reward ceremony, Ye Tianhao stood up in high spirits, his hands were put together in front of his chest and he said: ’’Thank you all for coming to watch our annual family tournament, there will be a feast coming up, I hope you all can make it there.’’

’’Great! We might as well, I just hope Leader Ye has enough food for all of us.’’ Someone teased.

Ye Tianhao laughed, ’’Nonsense! Everyone shall eat as much as you can! I am feeling extremely generous today!’’

While the crowd was moving towards the dinning area, there were two people in the corner of the arena who were extremely noticeable.

’’Master Hai, how is that young disciple?’’

’’Very strong. But, he is still not as strong as the geniuses of the Hai family, unless he could reach the Condensing Reality Realm.’’

Hearing him, the other guy said: ’’Over the past few years, there were dozens of geniuses that appeared in the Windy Nation. I wonder what kind of battles we would see in the future when they clash. One day, maybe they would be able to leave the Windy Nation and make a name for themselves around the whole Nan Zhuo region.’’

’’It is too hard! Our Windy Nation is still at the bottom when compared to the whole of the Nan Zhuo region. Our geniuses could still not compete with those of the other nations. If there is someone who could become a strong leader, then, we might have some hope.’’


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