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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 45


Chapter 45 - Arrows and Shields

’’Ye Hai lost. It seems like, among the younger generation of the Ye family, only Ye Chen might be able to compete with Ye Xuan.’’

’’To be honest, I am not really sure that Ye Chen can compete with Ye Xuan. It's not due to his power level being not as high as Ye Xuan's, but that he cannot attack through air. As you saw earlier, Ye Xuan's sword art is continuous, which makes it almost impossible for anyone to get close to her.’’

’’That sounds right. But, maybe Ye Chen is still hiding his real power. Let's just watch.’’

’’Yeah, it is still too early to jump to conclusions.’’

A lot of famous people in the Luo City had came to watch the competition, now they were discussing about it quietly, expressing their opinions on the battles.

In the judge seats, the third elder was pleased, he nodded his head. As long as we have Ye Xuan, even if we could not increase the family's power in the future, we can be sure that the family won't decline.

’’Ye Xuan won. The next battle is the finals. The first place would be rewarded with a low rank storage ring, one hundred low rank soul stones and also ten thousand gold. Ye Xuan, Ye Chen, I hope you two would try your best in the following battle, try not to leave any regrets. Of course, the second and third place would also get the same rewards, just without the low rank storage ring.’’

’’Now, take a fifteen minute break first.’’

Just one hundred low rank soul stones? Why so little? Ye Chen was confused.

Actually, Ye Chen was only confused because he was biased. In his opinion, if that dead martial artist can leave behind ten thousand low rank soul stones, then as one of the famous eight families, Ye Family should definitely have more. Indeed, the Ye family had millions of low rank soul stones, but there were at least six hundred warriors in the Ye family, more than three hundred Condensing Reality Stage warriors, if everyone only used one hundred low rank soul stones each year, it would still cost about thirteen thousand silvers, which was still a huge amount of money. It could make a normal big family go bankrupt in a few years.

In addition, the Early Condensing Reality warriors only used one soul stone per five days, which was only around seventy soul stones per year. Beyond that, the soul stones would be useless for them, since they would not be helpful for their training anymore. So one hundred soul stones as rewards was a well-thought decision, not just something they decided randomly.

As for the ten thousand gold, it was not too much nor too little. According to Ye Chen's memory, his father Ye Tianhao's personal property was no more than ten thousand gold. Of course, as the leader of Ye family, he would never need to use his own money, as everything was paid by the family such as buying medicines or pellets, or weapons or manuals;but if it was something personal, then it would have to come out of his own pocket.

Off the stage, Ye Xuan took out a low rank soul stone, and used it to recover her lost Zhen Qi.

While her Zhen Qi slowly recovered back to being firm and strong, Ye Xuan looked at Ye Chen, as she thought to herself: no matter how strong you are now, I will beat you. A Purple Sun Martial Palace disciple is not allowed to lose, not in the past, not now, not in the future, never.


The bell of the final battle had rung, the third elder let out a huge breath, and yelled with a loud voice: ’’Time's up, the battle shall begin now!’’

Ye Xuan put away the soul stone, walked towards the middle of the stage one step at a time;she stopped ten meters away from Ye Chen.

Ye Chen studied Ye Xuan, and said: ’’I haven't seen you for a few months. You've grown stronger, seeing that you've reached the Peak of Early Condensing Reality Stage.’’ The last time they met, she was just like Ye Tang, still unable to stabilized her Zhen Qi yet, but now just after a few months, everything had changed.

’’My training speed should be one of the top in the Sky Cloud Martial School. However, in the Emerald Martial Palace, it was nothing, there are many people that train faster than me.’’ Even before they began, Ye Xuan was already trying to shake his confidence.

Ye Chen could not care less, he smiled: ’’Let's begin!’’

’’Your sword art is not bad;I wonder if it can match up to me?’’

Finished speaking, Ye Xuan's body disappeared, turning into a wave of blue smoke and appeared just five steps away from Ye Chen;the long sword in her hand casually shook, and suddenly, it started to vibrate visibly. There were beams of sword light that bursted out from the tip of the sword like fireworks, they shot out seeming to try and cover the sky above Ye Chen.

’’Good job!’’

Ye Xuan was very clever in using her sword art, and it excited Ye Chen. He took his great steel sword out of the scabbard, and fought back with an even faster speed. In the blink of an eye, he had thrown out thirty-six sword attacks of his own.

Pop! Pop! Pop!...

The tips of the swords clashed together, creating a bright spark, that shone over their bodies. All the audience could see was only the bright light.

Three years ago, Ye Xuan was already famous for her sword art in the Ye family. During these three year at the Emerald Martial Palace, her sword art had improved rapidly. Now, she was doing her best, her sword was so fast that a human eye could no longer catch its movements, which kept flashing overhead, like a bolt of lightning in the dark sky,.

And Ye Chen on the other hand, did not have this great of a talent before. He was once called a useless loser. Ever since the infusion of the soul of the other Ye Chen, his comprehension ability had also increased rapidly, which enabled him tomaster all kinds of martial arts to its peak within a short amount of time, making him a demonic beast like existence.

With a sword in his hand, Ye Chen fully displayed the power of his Lone Peak of the Thirteen Swords. His sword art was unpredictable and left no trace of any flaws, his movements were extremely smooth without any restraints. He was in complete control of his body, every sword attack of his was able to block three sword attacks of his opponent, and he did it all effortlessly making it seem like it was an art.

The two kept fighting, from the middle of the stage to outside of the stage, then from there to the speaking platform... their incredible sword skills had amazed and terrified the younger generation of the Ye family, as all of them stared without blinking, as if they were afraid that they might miss the greatest scene in their life.

Over at the VIP seats, all of the powerful people could not help but gasp.

’’That is just unbelievable. Are they still teenagers? They look like they are more powerful than the older generation who had been training in the sword arts for decades.’’

’’The disciple had surpassed the master;the future is indeed in the younger generation's hand.’’

’’Being able to witness this battle, it is definitely worth the trip.’’

The chattering among the crowd did not affect the two, their battle seemed to become even more intense.

’’The Peak of the Peak!’’

With his enormous power, Ye Chen was not afraid of his opponent's Zhen Qi attack, he stabbed out a beautiful sword attack that encompassed an aura of someone looking down on everyone from the peak of a mountain.

Ye Xuan's pretty eyes widened, the long sword in her hand became light green, it reached out towards the incoming attack, while she yelled: ’’Break!’’


The great steel sword made a crunchy sound, it was a sign that the sword was about to break.

However, it was bound to happen given thatYe Xuan's long sword was the famous Glaze Sword from the Emerald Martial Palace;while Ye Chen was only using the normal great steel sword. The two swords were not on the same level at all, the latter would not hold long.

Exerting his qi to its limit, Ye Chen's right hand suddenly let go of the great steel sword. He drew a full circle in the air, and then brutally punched out.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

The great steel sword turned into thousands of broken pieces, and they all flew towards Ye Xuan like locusts.

’’So crafty! But it is useless against me.’’ Shocked by Ye Chen's weird attack, anger surged in Ye Xuan's eyes. Her left hand also drew a full circle behind her back, creating a layer of green colored Zhen Qi barrier, which stopped the countless broken pieces attacking her.

’’Hahaha! Take my punch!’’

Without the sword, Ye Chen's aura did not decrease but instead grew, the qi and blood inside of him started rushing faster like a river. As he took a huge step, he threw out a punch.


The firecracker like sounds once again surfaced. The Zhen Qi blockage was completely shattered.

Within the short time gap in between, Ye Xuan flew backwards, switched the sword to her left hand;while her right index finger and middle finger closed up, she immediately placed her fingers on the sword.

’’It's Point Star Sword Spell! This is not going to be good for Ye Chen.’’

’’It only seems that way, as Ye Xuan indirectly showed that her sword art is weaker than Ye Chen.’’

’’So what? Whatever happens during the battle does not matter, only the result is all that counts.’’

’’That's true.’’

While the crowd could not help but scream, beams of star-like light shot out like knifes as they completely blocked off Ye Chen's way out. Besides going head-on with the attack, there was no other way out.

Even as he knew his situation, Ye Chen was not shaken at all. His body shone with a jade like shine, he yelled: ’’Let's see which one of us is stronger? Your arrows or my shield?’’


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