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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 44


Chapter 44 - Point Star Sword Spell

Trying to repress his anger, Ye Batian scowled at Ye Chen, before yelling at the audience: ’’The competition is still going on, what are you chatting for? Be quiet!’’

Hearing him, the whole arena turned deadly quiet, no one would dare to confront him, especially not when he was in a violent rage. Not only was he a highly respected inner elder in the Purple Sun Martial Academy, but also a Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior;he had always been highly respected not only in the Ye family, but also the whole Luo City. It was safe to say that, if Ye Batian decided to stamp his foot, the whole Luo City would shake.

Ye Tianhao let out a breath, he said to a servant: ’’Go bring another VIP seat.’’

’’Yes, master.’’

Several servants walked away with their heads bowed.

Mayor Lin sensed the awkwardness in the air, he forced a smile at Ye Tianhao and said: ’’Leader Ye, I did not realize that your son had hidden his talent so deeply, it really was a big surprise.’’

’’Chen'er had only come back a few days ago, So even I don't really know the full extent of his strength yet.’’ Ye Tianhao was full of pride, he looked like he had just eaten a jar of honey. On the True Spirit Continent, besides their own power, everyone dreamed to have great children, especially in a big family or a martial institution. If their children or disciples did not have much potential, then their position would gradually be eroded away. But if there were countless geniuses in the younger generation, the family's future was secured, and perhaps they could even increase their power.

Before, Ye Tianhao had already given up on this dream, but now, he started to hope for it once again. And that hope only grew stronger with each of Ye Chen's victories, causing him to feel as if he had taken a fresh breath of air.

Ye Batian said in a cold tone: ’’So young and yet he is already so full of himself. What will he be like when he grows up? Ye Tianhao, is this how you have raised this great son of yours?’’

Ye Tianhao sneered: ’’Winning and losing are most common events in a warrior's life. This life cannot be filled with only your son winning, and my son losing, correct?’’

’’Using such a dirty trick to win...Sorry to say this, but I don't think that your son will ever amount to anything in the future.’’

’’We shall see!’’

This conflict between the two brothers was not a recent development. Ever since they were little, they had always despised each other;they had often fought until they were both on the ground unable to move. When Ye Tianhao took over the position of family leader and, Ye Batian was promoted to the position of an inner elder at the Purple Sun Martial Academy, their differences were temporarily suspended, or at the very least, it was not as intense as it used to be.

In the judge's seat, the hosting elder was frozen in shock for a while, Only when the elder sitting right next to him tapped on his shoulder, did he finally came back to reality, and yelled: ’’Ye Chen wins! Next battle, Ye Hai against Ye Xuan.’’

Sitting down, the hosting elder said: ’’What a great kid, Ye Tianhao truly has a great son.’’

’’Right? With a cultivation only at the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10, he could already beat Ye Tang who was at the Early Condensing Reality Stage. This is even harder than challenging someone of a higher cultivation stage as this is challenging someone of a different realm! I still don't know how he did it.’’ The second elder kept staring at Ye Chen, trying to figure him out.

The eldest master who was sitting in between the two warned: ’’It is fine to say this in front of me, but do not ever mention this event in front of Ye Batian.’’

’’Of course, we know.’’

’’The next battle had already begun;I wonder if there will be any more surprises.’’

In the middle of the arena, Ye Hai and Ye Xuan were still trying to ease their emotions. After a while, they both looked up at each other.

’’Within a hundred moves, you will lose.’’ Ye Xuan stated calmly, as she kept her hand on her sword.

Ye Hai laughed, ’’You think I can't hold on for even a hundred moves? Good, but I want to go for more than three hundred moves, how about that?’’

’’You could try.’’


As she her sword out of the scabbard, Ye Xuan's feet touched the ground and she flew out. In the air, the long sword in her hand started to cast dots of star-like sword light, flying to cover the meridian spots all over Ye Hai's body.

’’Great sword art, but it is still not enough.’’ Ye Hai's aura strengthened as his sword on his back automatically came out of its scabbard and landed into his hand. If you looked closely, you could see that the sword was covered with strings of blood, seemingly soaked in human blood when it was forged, giving off an extremely sinister feeling when looked upon.

’’Blood saber, Eight Arts!’’

A bloody saber light floated in the air, wrapped Ye Hai in the middle, from time to time, there would be one or two saber light shooting out towards Ye Xuan.

Ting! Ting! Ting!...

Unlike Ye Tang, Ye Xuan had already stabilized her Zhen Qi and took a huge step forward. She had already reached the Peak of Early Condensing Reality Stage, her Zhen Qi was pure and strong, flawless. No matter how good Ye Hai's defense was or how hard he tried to attack her, he could not restrain her movement.

Her sword light blended with the saber light, the cloths over Ye Hai's shoulder was suddenly tore apart.

’’Hmph.’’ Ye Hai frowned. As he jumped backwards, he waved out his saber.


A solid saber light sliced open the air, and flew towards Ye Xuan.

Ye Xuan sneered, her left hand was covered by a layer of glazed green Qi. She broke the saber light effortlessly with her palm, while her right hand shook the long sword. The next second, the sky was full of shining star-like light, blinding Ye Hai's eyes.

One step, two steps, three steps... ten steps.

Ye Hai had to take a whole ten steps to find his balance. He was a little bit shocked by her inhuman power, he knew she was powerful but her power was beyond his expectation. If it wasn't for his mentor who had taught him some deadly moves, he would have already been beaten. Still, he believed his chance of winning was no better than sixty percent.

Well, she has left me with no choice. Ye Hai took a deep breath. Suddenly, his robe expanded.

’’Broken Mountain and River!’’

He threw out a saber attack. Suddenly, the air started to vibrate like someone had thrown a stone into calm river;the powerful aura was pushing towards Ye Xuan.

The VIP seats had already been replaced, Ye Tianhao who just sat down on his new seat eyes suddenly brightened , ’’That is the famous Broken Mountain sword art! No, it should be the simplified version of it to be precise, I wonder what would Ye Xuan will do now.’’

Mayor Lin nodded, ’’The Broken Mountain Sword Art is not a common sword art even in most of the large martial institutions. With one movement, it could break a small mountain in two, definitely powerful.’’

Facing Ye Hai who had just brought out his strongest move, Ye Xuan did not seem to be surprised. She switched the long sword into her left hand, her right hand index finger and middle finger touched each other and pressed on the sword.

’’To push me to use this move, you are already pretty good.’’


Ye Xuan's fingers slid on the sword, a sharp star-like light suddenly shot out and landed heavily on Ye Hai's saber light, then immediately there was the second one, the third one...

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

It sounded like fireworks. Ye Hai was already nowhere to be seen, no one knew what had happened.

The moment the smoke was blown away, Ye Hai jumped out from it. He laughed: ’’It has already been one hundred and eight moves!’’

Ye Xuan sneered: ’’No matter what Broken Mountain Wanderer had taught you, you will never be able to be my opponent.’’ The martial art she had used just now was a low rank Earth Realm sword art, but of course, it was only the first part of the sword art;only the most valuable core disciples could train in the second half of the sword art. The reason she was chosen, was all because of her extremely high potential and talent. She was regarded as a top level genius in the Emerald Martial Palace, otherwise even if she was an inner disciple, it would still be impossible for her to train the second half of the martial art.

’’Anything you say is pointless, take my Broken Sun and Moon!’’ Ye Hai yelled, his bloody long saber with a terrifying aura started his endless attack.

Ye Xuan slightly frowned, she increased the speed of finger-sword sliding movement. Countless sword light formed sharp knives and shot out at an extremely fast speed like lightning.

Ye Hai's cultivation was much lower than Ye Xuan, and his comprehension and rank of sword arts were not better than Ye Xuan either. So it was only inevitable that he could not keep up with Ye Xuan. His Zhen Qi faltered allowing a star light to smash onto his chest causing him to vomit out a mass of blood before landing heavily onto the ground.

Ye Chen was actually a little bit surprised. ’’Ye Xuan's is so strong that I could not even tell what is her true strength, and I believe she is still holding back a portion of her power. No wonder she is so arrogant all the time. I believe she still has a powerful movement hidden in secret.’’


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