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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 43


Chapter 43 - Beyond Expectations

Ye Tang was shocked, ’’How could this happen? Although my knife hand is not as powerful as my sword, it still shouldn't ever be able to be blocked by a Mortal Realm warrior.’’

However, what he did not know was that Ye Chen's physical power had already reached past twelve thousand pounds, sixty percent of his power would mean seven thousand pounds which was equal to the power of two or three mad cow running at full speed.

’’The Crane Catcher!’’

Changing his style of attack, Ye Tang's clothes were fluttering in the air. As he dived down from the sky, his fingers became a claw, aiming for Ye Chen's shoulder.

At that moment, Ye Chen felt that he was being hunted by a beast. He knew had to completely avoid that claw, otherwise even if he was not injured, he would still lose his balance.


Executing his Golden Swallow Art, Ye Chen's body floated up into the air, leaving a dark shadow behind.

Ye Tang tore apart the shadow angrily. Then suddenly he looked up, a bright dot appeared in front of him.

It was a sword light!

An extremely bright sword light!

It was almost the same time, Ye Chen appeared in front of Ye Tang.

’’Ah!’’ Ye Tang did not expect Ye Chen to have the energy to fight back, neither did he expect that Ye Chen's retaliation leave him unable to dodge. He was surprised at Ye Chen's abnormal strength.


Ye Tang yelled with anger, as his right hand turned white like jade by his icy Qi. His two fingers clenched in the air, as he prepared to block Ye Chen's and break Ye Chen's great steel sword.

Ye Chen sneered, ’’You wish!’’

His great steel sword shifted, it was like a light reflecting on the surface of a river, flashing in the night countless times.


Ye Tang's finger which was full of zhen qi had a new bloody hole;blood started to pour out. The next second the icy Qi surrounding his finger was broken completely by the sword light, disappeared in the air.

’’Tang'er's Freezing Ice Finger was broken!’’ Ye Batian's face did not look good, he could not believe his eyes.

Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing were also shocked. They knew Ye Chen was very powerful but they certainly did not expect him to be this powerful. Was he going to beat Ye Tang despite the gap between cultivation Realms?

’’Not good!’’

Ye Tang was forced to step back;he took out his great blade from behind.

The blade was one and a half meter long with a width of half a meter, it had a smooth and shiny surface;it spread a kind of coldness that made you shiver when looking at it, which meant it was definitely not a normal weaponry. Instead, it was probably a precious killing blade. In fact, this blade was called ’’Vibrant Snow Blade’’ in the Northern Snow Martial Academy, only inner disciples could use it.


Once he took out the Colorful Snow Blade, Ye Tang started to have a powerful aura. He shook his hand and waved it, the shiny blade lights covered the sky and flew to attack Ye Chen, it was like the first snow of the winter had arrived early.

Ye Chen held his sword with both of his hands then used all his power and waved it in the air.

All of the incoming blade light shattered, unable to get any closer. From this scene, you could understand how fast Ye Chen was waving his sword and how precise his strikes were.

’’Ice Frost!’’

Ye Tang did not stop there. Within his blade light, there was an unbearable coldness, that could easily freeze the water in the air. It spread and seemed like it was going to freeze the whole battlefield.


Ye Chen was just about to do something, suddenly, a thin layer of frost covered the ground below him, it was directly from Ye Tang, making the whole stage change into an icy field.


Ye Chen held his sword close to his chest as his feet touched the ground lightly, causing his body to fly backward.

’’Ye Chen, you managed to withstand so many moves, you are pretty good! But too bad, you are still going to lose. Lofty Snowfall, Biting Frost!’’ Ye Tang held up his blade with both of his hands before chopping down from top to bottom.


Around the Colorful Snow Blade, there was a half meter long blade light, it sliced open the air and attacked towards Ye Chen with an ominous aura, it seemed it was going to slice Ye Chen in half.

’’Chen'er, be careful!’’ Shen Yuqing was so worried for her son that she stood up subconsciously, preparing herself to save Ye Chen.

Ye Batian made a noise, his right hand made a gesture in the air, created an invisible barrier in front of Shen Yuqing that restrained her movement.

’’Sister-in-law, the competition is still going on, don't be rude.’’

Ye Tianhao could not hold back his anger any longer. Suddenly, a powerful aura burst out around him. His right foot took one step forward and then in next second, all of the VIP seats were kicked into the air and exploded.

The tension between them was on the edge of breaking out.

’’Wait, you two. Just wait, I think the situation might still change.’’ Mayor Lin hurried to accumulate his Qi to protect himself from the after wave, he yelled at them at once.

Hearing this, the three returned their attention back to the arena.

Ye Tang's blade light had rent the air into visible pieces and had even left a one-meter-long mark on the ground.

’’Ye Chen is going to lose, he might even die.’’ Almost everyone there was thinking that.

Facing the horrifying blade light, Ye Chen's body shook. All of the Qi and blood inside of his body started to make a loud rushing noise, his aura suddenly strengthened, causing him to look like a huge sculpture of a god.


Yelling loudly, Ye Chen did not move from the spot but his left hand formed a fist and punched out.


The blade light were shattered into pieces before it could get closer to Ye Chen.

’’What happened? How could he be so powerful?’’ Ye Xuan stood up suddenly, she could not help but yell.

Ye Hai looked extremely serious, his eyes were fixed on Ye Chen.

And Ye Tang's eyes were widened, he seemed to be frozen on the spot.

’’Lonely Mountain's Avalanche!’’

Ye Chen's eyes looked as sharp as a sword, his body lurched forward with a powerful aura as he arrived three steps away from Ye Tang, his great steel sword stopped at Ye Tang's throat.

’’You lost.’’ Ye Chen said lightly.

Right then, Ye Tang just came back to life from his astonishment. As he realized the situation, he could not accept the fact, his eyes were blood shot, ’’No way, I did not lose, you go die!’’

The Vibrant Snow Blade twisted in his hand in preparation to attack.

The crowd thought Ye Chen to be mad as his left hand extended to meet te sword. However, Ye Chen easily slapped the Vibrant Blade out of Ye Tang's hand, before he kicked Ye Tang's body away.


Midair, Ye Tang vomited a huge chunk of blood, before landing ten steps away.

’’Ye Chen won! He won?!’’

’’I can't believe it. Ye Tang, who had already reached the Condensing Reality, could not beat Ye Chen? How strong is he? It looked like the champion is still undecided.’’

’’Good. Ye Tang is one of the top two geniuses in Ye family, who went to the Northern Snow Martial Academy. He is even more powerful than the older generation of Early Condensing Reality warriors, but still he lost to Ye Chen. It is so beyond our expectations. If Ye Chen also reached the Condensing Reality Realm, how powerful would he become? He could definitely beat all of the Early Condensing Reality warriors, perhaps even the Mid Condensing Reality warriors might not even be able to be his match.’’

’’This is the rumored talent of those who could defeat those of a higher cultivation realm.’’

The audiences exploded, they were like boiling water that could not calm down. Seeing Ye Chen beaten Ye Tang, no one would question his ability to compete for the champion position;even if someone did, then he must be either crazy or blind from the truth.

Ye Xuan still could not sit down. She remembered few months ago, Ye Chen was still a little Mortal Realm Stage 6 warrior, but now he had the power to compete with her, it made her a little bit uncomfortable and even frustrated a little, she could not put her feelings into words.

If she had to try to explain it, then it would be the huge difference between the past and present Ye Chen that was making her feel weird.

’’Assholes, all of you, shut the hell up!’’ Hearing the chatters among the audience, over the messy VIP seats, Ye Batian made a huge roar, its powerful aura spread out like a huge tsunami.

All of the sudden, the crowd was knocked over.

Seeing this, Ye Tianhao yelled with great anger: ’’Ye Batian, what are you doing?!’’


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