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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 42


Chapter 42 - Thousands Mountain Thousands Snow!

The King Kong Fist came to life in Ye Chen's hands, it struck out in all kinds of different forms, creating a perfect block for Ye Jun's kicks.

’’The Unity Stage, Ying and Yang combined! This is the highest stage of the powerful fist arts!’’ Mayor Lin gasped, he had lived for so long and met so many geniuses, but he had rarely met anyone could master martial arts to the extent Ye Chen did.

Ye Jun did not look good. At that moment, he had already kicked out eleven kicks, none of which managed to injure Ye Chen even a little bit. His opponent was trickier than he expected.

’’Ghostly Flame Four Twist Kill!’’ ’’Three Deaths Ghost Art!’’

The next seven kicks had two major moves left. Ye Jun accumulated all his Qi and threw out his deadly attack.

At this moment, facing the incoming attacks, Ye Chen was thinking how he should have trained in more martial skills. Besides the sword arts, he had only mastered a high rank Mortal Realm Martial Skill, King Kong Fist. Although he had another powerful fist art manual, with his current cultivation, it would be extremely hard to train, there was even be a risk for him to be injured.

After this, I have to reach the Condensing Reality Realm. Once I become an inner disciple, I will be have access to all kinds of martial skills, so I will never be stuck in this kind of awkward situation ever again.

Facing this ’’dangerous’’ situation, Ye Chen forced a laugh. He pushed his power to thirty percent of his peak stage, and then he threw out seven punches midair.

Boom! Boom! Boom! ...

Clumps of Qi exploded in the air forcing Ye Chen to take a few steps back. His feet lightly touched the ground as he looked up. Not far away, Ye Jun dressed in purple looked like a kite with its strings cut, drawing a beautiful line in the air. Eventually, he fell down and hit the ground near the edge of the audience seats.

’’Great! Good job!’’ Up until now, Ye Tianhao finally was able to let out a breath as he exchanged a look and a smile with Shen Yuqing.

Sitting next to Ye Tianhao, Ye Batian forced a laugh out as he looked at Ye Tang. He thought of his most accomplished son, and thoroughly expected a win when his son and Ye Tang would clash.

On the other side, Ye Xiaomei laughed without restraint, ’’I knew it! Ye Chen would win!’’

Hearing this, Ye Xun frowned. Right before, she obviously sensed that Ye Chen's power had increased at least one fold more than before, otherwise he would definitely not have been able to beat Ye Jun this easily.

’’Ye Chen win! Battle three, Ye Hai against Ye Ming!’’ Although the hosting elder was a bit surprised, he thought it was quite reasonable since Ye Chen had a higher cultivation than Ye Jun.

The battle between Ye Hai and Ye Ming was very intense, adding to the excitement, both of their battling styles were quite similar, each movement was brutal and efficient without a second thought;at times, the audience thought there might have been a personal matter involved since the two were obviously trying to kill each other.

’’Ye Ming, if you have to blame someone, blame yourself for having a lower cultivation!’’ Finally, Ye Hai brought out his top moves, he threw two palm attacks in a row and blew away Ye Ming who was still struggling to win.

’’Ye Hai win! Battle four, Ye Xuan against Ye Jing!’’

In the crowd, Ye Jing thought for a moment before raising her hand and saying: ’’I give up!’’

The hosting master nodded, he said to the last contestant Ye Lin, ’’Now you could choose your opponent, if you win, you could replace him or her;if you lose, then you are out.’’

Ye Lin looked at Ye Xuan, Ye Tang and Ye Hai, he shook his head, then he looked at Ye Chen in the end, still, he shook his head, ’’Third master, I will also give up!’’

He knew he would definitely not be able to win the first three contestants. As for Ye Chen, although he was not a Condensing Reality warrior, but judging from the two battles before, anyone who was not a Condensing Reality warrior would not be able to beat him. There was no need to risk his reputation. He thought he might as well give up since he would never be in the top three.

’’Good. Now, there are still four contestants left, they are Ye Tang, Ye Chen, Ye Hai and Ye Xuan. The first battle is between Ye Tang and Ye Chen, then Ye Hai against Ye Xuan;whoever wins would enter the final battle and compete against the winner of the other round to determine the champion of the Ye Family tournament. Then, there will be a battle for deciding the second and the third places, any questions?’’ The third master scanned through the four contestants.

The four contestants, including Ye Chen, all shook their heads.

The hosting elder started to talk again: ’’If so, then you guys can go take a fifteen minutes break. Try to recover some of your zhen qi, so that you will not run out of it later.’’

Finished speaking, he sat down and started drinking his tea.

In the arena, the remaining four looked at each other. Technically, it was only Ye Tang, Ye Hai and Ye Xuan exchanging looks, only Ye Tang glanced at Ye Chen for some reason. It was almost like he was trying to warn him of the upcoming beating. The other two were completely ignoring Ye Chen as they were trying to compete for the champion spot after all, and with Ye Chen's cultivation at the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10, he was nowhere near the champion position.

Ye Chen was completely unfazed by all of this and went back to his seat to rest.

’’Ye Xuan, up till now, you had only used life thirty percent of your power, am I right?’’ Ye Hai had already targeted Ye Xuan as his strongest competitor and was trying to probe her strength.

Ye Xuan gently pulled her loose hair away from her forehead, she said calmly: ’’Besides you two, who could make me use more than sixty percent of my power?’’

’’Sixty percent? Don't flatter yourself. Once I finished dealing with Ye Chen, I will show you the might of the Snow Storm Sword Art from our Northern Snow Martial Academy.’’ Ye Tang sneered.

Ye Xuan turned to walk back to her own seat as she left Ye Tang a speech, ’’I had seen a lot of amazing geniuses in Emerald Martial Palace. There were the oldest brother disciple the Emerald Childe, the second brother disciple 'Broke Palm' Liu Wuxiang, the third brother disciple Shi Potian. Comparing to them, you are only a mid-rank genius at best;and you still have to battle me with a gap in our cultivation, so against me, you would definitely lose.’’

The final battles had not yet begun, but Ye Hai could already feel the intense atmosphere. His breath was slightly hurried. Right up to this point, he realized he was not only fighting for the champion position anymore. He felt like he was fighting to prove himself among this crowd of geniuses.

Fifteen minutes passed quickly.

Before the notification from the hosting master, Ye Chen and Ye Tang had already came onto the stage and stood facing each other with about ten meters distance between them.

’’Don't put in too much useless effort. You are definitely not eligible to be my opponent. After beating you, you will have to beat Ye Xuan and Ye Hai, so just give up.’’ Ye Tang could not wait to battle with Ye Xuan which completely killed any interest in fighting Ye Chen, all he wanted was to finish this battle as soon as possible so he could face Ye Xuan.

Ye Chen said: ’’Being impulsive is the number mistake for any warrior. For that, you have already lost.’’

’’Cut the crap, just admit defeat already!’’

Ye Tang started accumulated his zhen qi, his white robes started fluttering;white freezing cold qi appeared around him, making the whole battle yield feel like winter. Suddenly, his feet touched the ground just like a flying swallow, as his hands formed knives and jumped towards Ye Chen.

’’Thousands Mountain Thousands Snow!’’

This movement was originally from a sword art, but Ye Tang altered it to become a palm art. Although it was not as powerful, but it was more than enough for beating a Mortal Realm warrior.


The air was sliced open, his white hand knives were everywhere, there seemed to be no way out.

’’Break it down!’’

Pushed his power to over sixty percent, Ye Chen did not back down, his fists punched out continuously, it was like a thousand arrows were being shot out, like an endless river, they brutally smashed against Ye Tang's countess hand knives.

All of the sudden, the explosions were heard everywhere. Waves of wind constantly gusted out, blowing over the whole arena with a strength that could easily blow a strong tiger away.


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