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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 41


Chapter 41 - Ghost Flame Eighteen Kicks

After a fifteen minute break, the second round of the competition had begun.

Just like the first round, the second round of the competition was a series of battles between the two contestants next to each other. They were Ye Tang against Ye He, Ye Jun against Ye Chen, Ye Hai against Ye Ming, Ye Xuan against Ye Jing, and as for the No.17 contestant Ye Lin who was the last one without an opponent, he could choose whoever won this round and battle, and if he won then he could replace his opponent's place;if he lost, then he would be out.

In the arena.

Ye He surprisingly did not give up his battle and said to Ye Tang dressed in white: ’’I will not let you win that easily.’’

Ye Tang sneered, ’’If you could do that, it will be great. Otherwise, it will be too boring.’’

The third elder saw they both were ready, he yelled: ’’Battle begins!’’


While the third elder was still giving his speech, Ye He had already jumped out, his lowered body was walking in a weird path without patterns. Instead of a straight line, he looked like a poisonous snake hunting for its target that could release a deadly attack any second.

’’High Rank Mortal Realm Step Art: The Nine Twisting Snake Steps!’’ Someone in the crowd recognized Ye He's martial art.

’’They said when you train Nine Twist Snake Steps, you would have to train your body to be extremely flexible. And the pain is indescribable, only the trainer would know. Ye He is tougher than people think!’’

’’That's right, Ye He is one of the most powerful people among the outer disciples in Rudra Martial School. Even a normal Peak Mortal Realm Stage 10 warrior would probably not be able to beat him;plus, Ye Tang had only reached the Condensing Reality Stage two months ago, so his zhen qi is still not quite stable yet, so if he is going to win, it will at least take him ten attacks, maybe even more.’’

Unlike everyone else, Ye Chen did not think highly of Ye He. Although there was no Nine Twisting Snake Steps manual in the Sky Cloud Martial School, it did not affect his perspective at all.

Ye He's Nine Twisting Snake Steps seems to be flawless and extremely fast. However, there is a time gap that always appears between each twist, it probably is because he had not completely mastered it yet. If I could see it, Ye Tang could definitely see it too.

Just as expected.

As Ye He was about to twist and attack again, Ye Tang moved;his figure flashed, his palms were straight like knife. Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! He sliced three times.

The first and second attacks shook off Ye He's right arm and left arm, his third attack landed heavily on Ye He's chest, making a cracking noise. All of the sudden, Ye He's whole body was blown away, crashing on the field dozen of meters away. He did not look like he would be able to rise any time soon.

’’This Ye Tang definitely went too far.’’ Ye Chen could hear Ye He's ribs breaking, he could not help but frown.

On the VIP seats, Ye Batian laughed a little, ’’As a warrior, you should have this kind of brutal instinct, otherwise you could never make it. Well done.’’

Ye Tianhao disagreed: ’’We are all family, there is no need for this kind of brutality.’’

’’Sometimes families may not be on the same side of the battle, plus, if you lost to your own family, you would only be lying in bed for one or two months at best;if you lost to someone else, you might never wake up. If you don't show him how cruel the world is, how could he survive the world outside?’’ Ye Batian did not care for Ye Tianhao's comments. As a inner elder of the Purple Sun Martial Palace, he sure had his own philosophy.

During the crowd's discussion, the second battle of the round had begun.

Ye Jun was just like his name (TL: Jun means handsome in Chinese), he had a good-looking appearance;his handsome look was unlike Ye Tang's ’’boy next door’’ type of good-looking, nor Ye Chen's clean cut kind of handsome, his handsome was just perfect. If only judging from his facial features, it was flawless.

Slowly walked up to Ye Chen, Ye Jun said lightly: ’’You are going to lose.’’

’’Oh yeah?’’ Ye Chen smiled.

Ye Jun's eye brows twitched. His opponent's confident attitude made him anxious, but he soon cleared out his thought. He joined the Purple Sun Martial School one year earlier than Ye Feng, now he was already sixteen years old, reached the Mid Mortal Realm Stage 10. Although he had never shown it before, who could thought he had already surpassed Ye Feng? Everyone thought he was still stuck at Mortal Realm Stage 9.

’’Sister Ye Xuan, who do you think will win?’’ Among the female contestants, Ye Xiaomei who looked only thirteen years old asked curiously.

Ye Xuan replied calmly: ’’Ye Jun has the upperhand, I think!’’

Ye Xiaomei did not believe her, ’’But Ye Chen had knocked out Ye Feng before with only one punch, I don't think Ye Jun could do this, could he?’’

Ye Jing who was about to compete with Ye Xuan on the fourth battle shook her head and said: ’’Little one, Ye Xuan is the the only one who had reached the Condensing Reality Stage at her speed in the history of our Ye family, she must have her reasons.’’

Ye Xiaomei made a face. Since when whatever geniuses always correct?

’’Xiaomei has her point. Speaking of cultivation, Ye Chen is definitely stronger;but it is not only about cultivation. Before, Ye Chen was able to knock out Ye Feng with one punch, he was only using his powerful Qi and went for a head on exchange. However, Ye Jun would definitely not go for a head on collision like Ye Chen wants. With his experience and control over his martial skills, it is quite likely for him to beat Ye Chen.’’ Ye Xuan explained.

During their discussions, the two on the stage had already started battling.


Ye Jun let out a breath and started accumulated his power, his eyes brightened suddenly;a hot wave of Qi started to appear above his tightened fists, making them look like two burning hot irons.

His feet touched the ground, causing Ye Jun to jump up about eight meters, and started to attack Ye Chen brutally.

’’Burning Fists? No, it should be the Pure Flame Fists from the Purple Sun Martial Palace which is much stronger than Burning Fists!’’

Facing the endless incoming fist attacks, Ye Chen took them all. His hands drew a half circle each, then he pushed out with King Kong Limitless.


A loud explosion sound was heard, it brought up all the dust into the air.

Meanwhile, a human figure appeared from the smoke, it was Ye Jun. He expended his arms like a big bird, his long strong legs were also kicked out repeatedly.

’’Eighteen Kicks of Ghostly Flame.’’

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!...

The strong power rubbed the air, creating a light blue color just like the ghostly flame that sometimes appeared in a cemetery at night, each move was swift and deadly.

Ye Batian made a sound, then he gloated to Ye Tianhao: ’’Little brother, your son is going to lose this round. The Eighteen Kicks of Ghostly Flame is a martial art derived from the Low Rank Earth Realm Martial Skill 'Huge Sun Ghost King Kick'. It is much stronger than normal Top Rank Mortal Realm Martial Skills. There is barely anyone among the inner disciples in our Purple Sun Martial Palace that could master it, even inner disciples would take quite a long time to train in it, I did not expect Ye Jun to master it.’’

’’The battle had not finished yet, everything we say is pointless until then.’’ Although Ye Tianhao said it casually, but his worried eyes betrayed him.

Sitting in the another row of VIP seats, Shen Yuqing was also worried. She had heard about the Eighteen Kicks of Ghostly Flame, there was an inner disciple from the Rudra Martial School who was out for a mission when he got into a conflict with an inner disciple from the Purple Sun Martial Palace. During the battle, the inner disciple from the Rudra Martial Palace was attacked and overwhelmed by the Eighteen Kicks of Ghostly Flame causing all his bones to be broken without able to fight back, and after the battle, he became trash.

’’Chen'er, please don't push it.’’ Shen Yuqing mumbled.

Ye Chen did not know anything about his parent's concern. To him, the Eighteen Kicks of Ghostly Flame was definitely powerful, but was impossible for it to hurt him. However, he did not want to show off all of his power just yet;even it was just half of his full power, he wanted to preserve it, since it was all he had to his name, he wanted to try to keep it a secret for as long as he could.

’’Let's break it down!’’ Ye Chen stepped back slowly as his fists constantly flew out, either blocking the attacks or colliding head on. Slowly, Ye Chen took down all of the attacks from Ye Jun.


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