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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 40


Chapter 40 - The Top Three

Thinking of the past, Ye Chen just started to realize why the Ye Chen from this world would not want to tell his parents about him being bullied;the biggest reason was because of the existence of Ye Batian. He always tried to cover his ass, even if it was his son's fault, he would deny it completely and make it look like it was someone's fault. So if Ye Chen mentioned about the bullying to his father, then it would definitely cause some conflict. Plus, even though Ye Tianhao was the leader of Ye family, there was still the inner elder union. There would be a lot of inner elders supporting him because he was the inner elders from the Purple Sun Martial Palace. So saying anything would not change anything, it might even make matters worse.

Also, it was degrading for Ye Tianhao to be involved in the younger generations' drama, which would exactly fulfill some people's intention.

Ye Batian had extremely sharp senses, he immediately noticed Ye Chen's attention;he seemed to be shocked by Ye Chen's power level, said to Ye Tianhao on his side: ’’Three years away from home, and the loser finally becomes a normal human being now. Too bad, he still won't be in the top three.’’

Ye Tianhao replied in a low voice: ’’Show some respect please.’’

The mayor Lin sensed the tension between the two, so he tried to be the middle guy and said: ’’Today is the family meeting, please don't make a fool out of yourselves. Brother Batian, let me buy you a drink someday.’’

’’Haha, how could I say no to Mayor Lin's invite.’’ Ye Batian also did not want to fight with Ye Tianhao now, he took upon the mayor's offer and let it go.

Ye Xuan just arrived when the battle was about to start. Along with Ye Xuan, there were also two other female disciples, both of whom were above Mortal Realm Stage seven.

Mayor Lin took a glance at Ye Xuan, then his eyes brightened, ’’This girl is so talented, so young but still she had already reached the Peak of the Early Condensing Reality Stage.’’

Ye Tianhao nodded, ’’That's true. Her training speed is regarded as the best in the history of Ye family.’’

’’Ye Wenhao had got a good daughter!’’ Mayor Lin said it with a little bit of envy.

Ye Batian felt a little bit threatened, although his second son was a genius but he had only reached the Early Condensing Reality Stage two months ago which was obviously slower than Ye Xuan. The good thing was that she was his fourth brother's daughter, instead of his second brother's son. With this thought on his mind, Ye Batian glanced at Ye Tianhao.

Time was up. Ye Tianhao stood up, he yelled in a loud voice: ’’The Ye family tournament has officially begun. The rules are the same before: during the battles, deadly attacks are forbidden. If you hurt people intentionally, you will be punished for your behavior.’’

Finished speaking, Ye Tianhao looked at the third elder on the judge seat, and nodded.

The third elder was always the host of all the family activities, he cleared his throat, stood up and said: ’’There are eighteen contestants in total, all of you should go over to the wooden box and draw lots;the contestant who got number one wooden stick would be competing with number two contestant;the number three contestant would be competing with number four contestant, and so on and so forth. Now! Go get your wooden sticks, everyone!’’

All the contestants could not be anymore familiar with the rules than they already were. They all ran towards the huge wooden box in the corner and reached to get their wooden sticks.

Ye Chen was the last one to get there, and he got wooden stick with the number seven on it.

After everyone was finished with drawing lots, the third elder yelled: ’’The family tourney begins! The number one contestant and number two contestant, please get on the stage.’’

The number one contestant was not so famous, his name was Ye Chao;however, he had to face Ye Tang.

’’I withdraw.’’ Ye Chao raised his hand, full of frustration.

Hearing him, no one laughed at him. One of them was a Mortal Realm Stage 8 warrior, while the other was an Early Condensing Reality Realm warrior. There was no need to compete, it would just be a waste of time.

The third elder's seat was not even warm yet, and he had to stand up again, ’’Number three against the number four contestant.’’

You had to admit, in the Ye family, there were still a few gifted disciples besides people like Ye Xuan. Contestant number three and number four were both at the Mortal Realm Stage 9, which led to them continuously battling in the middle of the stage. It was hard to tell who was winning.

’’The Sunset Palm!’’

’’The Mountain Breaking Fist!’’

The two did not want to struggle with each other anymore, they both used their best martial arts. The palm and the fist touched in the air.


The number four contestant was slightly weaker;he was forced to back out few steps. However, number three contestant did not stop there, he kicked away the opponent after throwing a strong attack.

’’Number three contestant Ye He wins!’’

Then it was the battle between number five and number six contestants.

Number six contestant had won.

’’Number seven contestant Ye Chen against number 8 contestant Ye Feng, on stage.’’ The voice was heard once again, Ye Chen took a deep breath, and slowly walked onto the stage.

Ye Feng had a very bad look on his face, he was expecting Ye Chen to be at Mortal Realm Stage six which would not be a threat to him at all;but somehow his opponent got extremely lucky and reached the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage one0, a power level higher than him.

’’Ye Chen, don't you think you can win just because you have a higher power level than me, my control over martial skills isn't something you can compete with.’’ The only thing Ye Feng was confident about was his advantage in his martial skills, otherwise he wasn't even sure he could beat Ye Chen.

Ye Chen said casually: ’’Are you done? Let's start!’’

There was a hint of anger that flashed through Ye Feng's eyes, his large body jumped out like a cheetah, it only took him seconds to arrive in front of Ye Chen, and pushed out a palm attack towards Ye Chen.

’’Red Sun Clouds Palm!’’


The air around them suddenly started to boil, the strong heat attacked towards Ye Chen without holding back.

’’King Kong Smash!’’

Ye Chen did not need any fancy tricks, he performed his King Kong Fist to face the incoming attack. His fist was thrown out directly, it touched Ye Feng's palm through the unbearable heat.


Ye Feng could only feel a huge force just attacked his body, then found himself flying in the air, while blood poured out his mouth.

On the VIP seats, Ye Tianhao was a little bit surprised, he thought the two would at least struggle for a while, instead Ye Chen finished his battle in just one attack;on the other hand, Ye Batian sneered, there was a bad look on his face.

On the contestant seats, Ye Tang also sneered: ’’I would let you be arrogant for a little while longer, but you better hope that you won't have to stand in front of me, otherwise I will make you lose everything.’’

Ye Xuan was slightly shocked, because she remembered that the last time she saw him, he was still at the Mortal Realm Stage six, she wondered if the incident with Sister Xueyan had an impact on him. But then, she thought to herself that Ye Chen must have achieved his power level by using pellets.

The first round of competition was soon finished. The contestants who made it to the next round were: number two Ye Tang, number three Ye He, number six Ye Jun, number seven Ye Chen, number one0 Ye Hai, number eleven Ye Ming, number fourteen Ye Xuan, number sixteen Ye Jing, and number seventeen Ye Lin.

Although Ye Chen's performance was on point, but it did not attract too much attention.

The most conspicuous contestants were no doubt Ye Tang, Ye Hai and Ye Xuan. The opponents facing these three either gave up or were beaten with an effortless attack. Infact most of them could not even survive half of the attack. The three were way ahead of the rest of the disciples in Ye family. In most people's opinion, they were a hundred percent guaranteed to be the top three.

’’The top three! Huh, I wonder who is stronger.’’ Mayor Lin was actually voting for Ye Xuan, but he couldn't say it out loud, as it might upset Ye Batian, which would be tricky to deal with.

Ye Batian finally showed a smile, ’’Ye Xuan is pretty great, Ye Hai is also good. But I heard that Tang'er had learned the Snow Storm Sword Art from the Northern Snow Martial Academy, I wonder which level he had mastered it to. As for that Ye Ming, he does not have many flaws besides that he is just slightly behind, so he should be able to take the fourth place. The fifth will probably be the number six contestant Ye Jun, since he is also a disciple from the Purple Sun Martial School.’’

Ye Tianhao did not care for Ye Batian's speech, all he cared about was his son Ye Chen. He wondered if Ye Chen would give him another pleasant surprise, and kill some of Ye Batian's pride.


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