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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 39


Chapter 39 - The Beginning of the Family Meeting

On the west side of the Ye family court.

A small group of people were walking, the one walking in the front was a sixteen-year-old teenager who wore a black robe and had a battle saber on his back;he had a stalwart face, and a exuded a murderous vibe.

’’Brother Ye Hai, you are probably the only one that could compete with Ye Tang and Ye Xuan for the championship this annual family meeting.’’ The teenager who said this seemed to admire the teenager in black.

Ye Hai replied casually: ’’I had followed my mentor Duan Yueke since when I was thirteen. Over the past three years, I had travelled with him all over the world. I had been to the Demon Grassland in Windy Nation, the exotic Rudra Nation, and the extremely populated Black Dragon Empire. I had fought sharks in the Long White River;I had lived in the Nio Desert for a month, I had gone without sleep or food for three days straight. So for me, getting first place at our little family meeting is nothing special. As for Ye Ming, although he has also traveled around, he has only reached the Mortal Realm Stage 10 and isn't someone I have to worry about.’’

’’Pft, you have traveled the world, big deal. But you had never spent time in a martial institution, so you would never know the true scope of the benefits that it offers.’’ From nearby, there were another three or four people who had approached, Ye Tang who was wearing white gear looked at Ye Hai provocatively.

Ye Hai glanced at Ye Tang, ’’Sure, the education system in martial institutions is very thorough. However, facing me who had killed dozens of people, how well do you think you could perform?’’

’’Killing people? I thought you were going to say something more surprising.’’ Ye Tang laughed, he pointed at Ye Hai and said: ’’In our Northern Snow Martial Academy, all we do is train in our deadly sword art. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I also have killed dozens of people.’’

’’By killing, do you mean bullying people who are weaker than you? Have you ever challenged anyone who was stronger than you? Have you ever been in a deadly situation? Have you ever won a battle you were doomed to lose? No? You are nothing. You only kill to brag.’’

Ye Hai threw out three rhetorical questions in a row leaving Ye Tang speechless. Then, Ye Tang finally retorted and said: ’’Nothing matters now, I will see you at the family meeting. Let's go.’’

After Ye Tang and his people left , the teenager that stood next to Ye Hai said: ’’Brother Ye Hai, I will support you. That Ye Tang is nothing special.’’

Ye Hai shook his head, ’’No. To be honest, he is not any weaker than me, maybe even stronger. You know, the deadly sword art from the Northern Snow Martial Academy is the No.1 martial art in Windy Nation, and no one could compete with it. However, a battle is not only about the competition between power levels.’’

’’Oh, is there any new strong character in the Ye family?’’ Ye Hai asked.

’’The top five are you, Ye Xuan, Ye Tang, Ye Ming and Ye Feng. The others are not even close.’’

’’What about that Ye Chen guy?’’

’’Ye Chen? He is still a loser, probably at Mortal Realm Stage 6 at best .’’

’’Weird. It has been five years now and he is still at Mortal Realm Stage 6. Are you sure he has only been improving at the rate of one stage per year?’’

’’Yes, of course. He has nothing to his name other than being the son of the leader. Such shame on our family.’’

’’Since there's not that many powerful people, I have about a sixty percent chance of winning.’’ Ye Hai was very confident about himself. He believed that his past three years of experience were the perfect stepping stone for his bright future.


In the blink of an eye, three days time had passed.

The family meeting of Ye had begun.

In the morning.

Ye Chen had just finished cleaning up. After he straightened his clothing, he walked towards the court of Ye family with his great steel sword.

There were already plenty of people there. Almost all the servants and warriors that lived in Ye family had come to watch the competition. Besides that, some powerful people of Luo City had also shown up to see how powerful the new generation of Ye family was.

Looking around, Ye Chen found that a particular contestant seating area was relatively quiet and walked over.

On the VIP seats high up, Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing had sat together. On Ye Tianhao's right side was a middle aged man in expensive clothing. Although he was a very round and chubby man, it did not affect his powerful aura. He was obviously someone with power.

’’Leader Ye, if I may ask, which one is your son?’’ The middle-aged man asked with a smile.

Ye Tianhao had already spotted Ye Chen, pointed at him and said: ’’Mayor Lin, that would be my son over there.’’

The middle-aged man was indeed the mayor of the Luo City who had the complete control over the army in the city and was also an Early Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. However, no matter who it was, their standing would be lower than Ye Tianhao. As the leader of one of the top eight families, a mere mayor could not compete with him. In other words, the whole Luo City was in control of the Ye Family. The mayor had to consider about Ye family's opinions when making any big decision.

Mayor Lin looked at Ye Chen, after studying for a while, he asked curiously: ’’It looks like the rumors are quite inaccurate. Your son is obviously at the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10, just one step away from Condensing Reality Realm.’’

Shen Yuqing, who was sitting right next to them smiled with pride, ’’To be honest, even we his parents, are also quite surprised. It seems like traveling to distant school has done some good for him.’’

’’Haha, this year's family meeting will be quite interesting, I am very excited.’’

With his powerful soul force, Ye Chen could feel that there was someone staring at him, and even that there was more than one person staring. He noticed that some of the attention came from his parents and the Mayor, while some of the attention was from his third uncle and his son Ye Ming, and also focused on him was Ye Hai.

Ye Ming was at a lower cultivation than him, only at the Late Mortal Realm Stage 10. However, Ye Hai was much more powerful than Ye Chen as he had already reached the Early Condensing Reality Realm. Even if he did not have any powerful martial skills or arts, considering the fact that he had been traveling for so many years, he should not be underestimated. Also, his mentor must have taught him some powerful movements to help him become the best he could be.

’’Interesting. Like I said, it's impossible to still be at Mortal Realm Stage 6 even after five years. It turns out that he had already reached the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10.’’ Ye Hai nodded slightly, even though his face said otherwise, he did not seem to care at all about Ye Chen. In his opinion, only Ye Tang and Ye Xuan were his competition.

All of a sudden, there was an extremely powerful aura that appeared in the court. It made everyone present quiet down.

’’Hahahaha... How would it be called a family meeting without me, Ye Batian!’’ The crowd natrually cleared a path for him. A middle-aged bulky guy walked past, wearing a purple robe with a shining sun embroidered on his sleeves that had beautiful patterns around the edges. Wherever he looked at, the crowd stopped breathing so that they won't catch his attention.

This guy was indeed Ye Chen's eldest uncle - Ye Batian, an inner elder at the Purple Sun Martial Palace.

Beside him were Ye Tang and Ye Feng. Following Ye Batian, they felt extremely proud and confident, arrogantly looking down on everyone else.

But their extreme confidence was not unreasonable. Although Ye Batian was not as powerful as Ye Tianhao, his status was not any lower than Ye Tianhao. Sometimes he had even intentionally gave Ye Tianhao a hard time in order to embarrass him. In regards, Ye Tianhao could not retaliate since Ye Batian was an inner elder of the Purple Sun Martial Palace. He had already reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm and had been called strongest warrior of the Ye family. Although Ye family was one of the top eight family, it could not compare to the rank 8 Purple Sun Martial Palace.

’’Brother Batian, I did not expect this family meeting would bring you here.’’

’’Yeah, brother Batian, you haven't come home for years, right? After the family meeting, let's go out for drinks, as a welcoming party for you.’’ All the powerful people around tried to befriend him. Their attitudes were more friendly to him than to Ye Tianhao.

Ye Batian waved his hand, ’’Okay, I will be there just for you.’’

Finished speaking , he walked up to the VIP seats. He stared at Shen Yuqing, signaling her to give up her seat.

Ye Tianhao had a bad look on his face, Shen Yuqing understood the situation and knew there was nothing she could do, so she stood up, ’’Big Brother, please sit.’’

’’Excellent. I will not reject your hospitality.’’ He sat down instantly and laid his palm on the table, making a huge sound.

Far away, Ye Chen's eyes were full of anger.


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