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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 387


Chapter 387

When the old man disappeared, Ye Chen came over and cupped his hands towards Long Biyi, "Many thanks to sect leader Long for this second life-saving favor."

Long Biyi retracted her oppressive aura and turned around,"The reason I didn't tell you my identity the last time was that you hadn't reached this level. As of now, you're already the most powerful existence within the Astral Reaching realm. Reaching the Sea of Soul realm is merely a matter of time."

"This junior understands."

After a short pause, Long Biyi continued, "It seems like your progress in sword will has been quite extraordinary. Tell me then, have you really condensed a sword soul?"

Those who could condense sword soul at the level of Astral Reaching realm had always been rare since the ancient times, and every single one who succeeded later grew into world-shaking figures. One should know that condensing a sword soul was several times more difficult than condensing a martial soul. Not to mention sword artists of Astral Reaching realm, even those in the Sea of Soul realm for several years might not be able to condense a sword soul. Higher the might, the greater would be the difficulty. There was no such thing as perfection under the heavens.

"No, I haven't,"Ye Chen conceded, but his tone changed as he continued, "Although, my sword will won't be inferior to ordinary Sea of Soul realm sword artists."

"Could it be because of Battle King's immortal sword will?"Long Biyi didn't question the details regarding the immortal sword will. Every individual had their own secrets, and a person without secrets didn't exist. However, even with immortal sword will, his might shouldn't be that high. She obviously didn't know that Ye Chen's soul wouldn't lose to ordinary Sea of Soul realm experts either. A powerful soul and a powerful sword will both were the reasons for Ye Chen's such a high strength.

"Forget it. All absolute geniuses are exceptional in some field. Perhaps, your achievements in the sword dao might even surpass Battle King's, though it's assuming that you can enter the Life and Death realm."Her face turned solemn before she continued, "South Rudra region is my territory. I can ensure that you won't be attacked by Sea of Soul realm experts. But, outside the South Rudra Region, everything will depend on yourself. Even if you were to be chased by Sea of Soul realm experts, nobody will help you. Luck is also a part of one's strength."

"Many thanks for sect leader's concern. Ye Chen will be careful."

From the heaven-shaking battle between the grey-haired old man and Long Biyi, Ye Chen was quite clear that even though he had an advantage in some aspects, in terms of battle power, he was far below the Sea of Soul realm experts that were at the level of the grey-haired old man. Ordinary Sea of Soul realm experts could also be divided into ranks. The weakest among them were certainly those who had just entered Sea of Soul realm, and hadn't cultivated any peak earth grade cultivation technique or battle skill, and hadn't condensed their martial souls yet. Such Sea of Soul realm experts were existence at the absolute bottom, and their only advantage lied in the superiority of realm. Ye Chen had some confidence in contending against such experts.

Next in queue were those who had cultivated a peak earth grade technique and battle skills but hadn't reached perfection in either. They were incapable of creating their own low grade profound battle skills and could only study those created by others. Ye Chen was confident that as long as he cultivated Green Lotus Sword Technique to the highest fifteenth level and comprehended the ninth style of Green Lotus Sword Arts, he would gain the qualifications to battle such experts.

Then were the experts that made the core of Sea of Soul realm. They had cultivated both a peak earth grade cultivation technique and martial skill to perfection, and were in the midst of comprehending a low grade profound technique.

Further was the level of the grey-haired old man. Not only had he cultivated a cultivation technique and a martial skill to perfection, he had even created his own profound martial skill and further studied many other profound martial skills left by the predecessors. His strength was exceptionally frightening.

As for Long Biyi's strength, Ye Chen was unable to analyze it. Since she didn't reveal her full strength, how would Ye Chen be able to analyze it?

"According to the knowledge of Battle King, the estimation of battle power in Sea of Soul realm relies thirty percent on cultivation base. The crux is actually the martial soul and martial skills. These two combined occupy seventy percent."

Long Biyi nodded faintly. Ye Chen's calm disposition made her quite relieved. Recalling some matter, she said, "You probably are aware to an extent, but I'm neither from Windy Nation nor from South Rudra region. The faction I belong to is called the Dragon God Celestial Palace. The palace master is my grandfather, known as Dragon King, one of the oldest Life and Death Kings of True Spirit Continent. His old self is quite optimistic about you, though he doesn't wish to take you as a disciple. He says that you need to tread on your own path, and confining you would be wasting your potential. What I find strange is that he prefers Sky Cloud Sect's core elder Xu Jing. He wishes to take her as disciple. Of course, she doesn't need to break away from Sky Cloud Sect. She can have two identities at the same time. There is no conflict."

Long Biyi was from the Dragon God Celestial Palace, and Ye Chen was already aware of this fact fact by relying on the knowledge of Battle King. Dragon God Celestial Palace was a rank five sect. In the sect, under the Dragon King's Dragon King Command Token were Little Dragon Command Tokens, which were usually only possessed by people in high positions, including the direct descendants of Dragon King. Since Long Biyi possessed Little Azure Dragon command token, she was undoubtedly an important character in Dragon God Celestial Palace.

But, what astonished Ye Chen was that Dragon King wished to take Xu Jing as a disciple. In Ye Chen's eyes, although her talent and perception was unquestionable, she was in no way a heaven-toppling genius. Since Dragon King hadn't accepted other disciples, it meant that the meaning behind choosing her was not so simple.

Since Dragon King had spoken, Ye Chen had no objections. Not to mention that Dragon King meant no harm to Xu Jing, even if he did, Ye Chen could do nothing about it. As a majestic Life and Death King, who was one of the oldest on True Spirit continent, he controlled billions of lives in the palm of his hand. If he wished to accept Xi Jing as a disciple, it was a fortuitous event for the time being. Opposing it would undoubtedly be a reckless action.

"Sect Leader Long, this is a fortuitous event. Is there a need to discuss it with me?"

Long Biyi smiled, "It seems you are completely unaware. Grandfather values you quite a lot, so your opinion is a must."

"In that case, I'll thank Senior Dragon King on behalf of Xu Jing."

"If you don't have anything to do right now, why don't you come back to Windy Nation with me? In a few days, someone will come from Dragon God Celestial Temple to receive Xu Jing."


Above the unceasing mountainous terrain, a flickering light streaked across, shooting towards the distant Floating Mountain Peak.

In the palace hall, Sikong Ba's brows creased.


A figure appeared in the center of the palace hall.

"You're injured?"Not waiting for the counterpart to speak, Sikong Ba asked in astonishment.

The individual who had appeared was precisely the grey-haired old man. He stroked his injured chest and said with a gloomy face, "We both underestimated that person. Her strength is a lot higher than mine. Her single palm blade's strike would cost me at least three months of recuperation."

"One palm blade? So powerful?!"

As an expert with mid Sea of Soul realm cultivation base, cultivation base, Sikong Ba was naturally aware how difficult it was to injure an expert of the same level to an extent that he or she would need half a year to recover. Usual minor injuries absolutely didn't need a time period of three months to recover, as one month would be more than enough.

"Her accomplishments in the Water Profound are really high. Other than that, she also said she would pay a visit to the Floating Mountain Sect someday and asked me to let you know."

Hearing these words, Sikong Ba's complexion immediately transformed, "Pay a visit to my Floating Mountain? What does she want to do?"

Although he was stronger than the grey-robed old man, it was not by that much. It could be expected that the strength of the expert behind Ye Chen was not below his, and in that case, it was quite possible for her to fight Floating Mountain. However, since she didn't chase after the grey-haired old man, she probably didn't wish to do so.

"Sect Leader, I'll go back to treat my injuries."

With blood leaking from the corner of his mouth, the old man didn't wish to stay for long. He turned around, but before leaving, he threw out four flickering lights, which were the four upper grade artifacts.

Sikong Ba silently accepted them. The artifacts had returned, but their owners didn't. The loss this time was huge indeed.


Breaking the armrest, Sikong Ba said coldly, "Back in the day, my late ancestor Cang King did a favor for Yu King. The time for this favor to be repaid has come. As long as one of his personal disciples acts, you'll die regardless of how skillful you are."

Yu King was one of the powerful Kings below the Void Emperor. He was at the same level as the likes of Xuan Ho and Evil King. Who didn't know that Cang King had helped him when he was weak? After the death of Cang King, Yu King informed the Sikong family that he would help them accomplish three matters that were within his ability.

"Hmph! If you wish to pay a visit to my Floating Mountain, then come. I'll make sure you don't return."

His thick and powerful voice echoed within the palace hall.

Relying on his own speed, Ye Chen would have taken at least a month to return to Windy Nation. However, under the support of Long Biyi's Zhen Yuan, it only took them five days.

"It would be rather inappropriate for me to show myself. You'll have to deal with the matter of Xu Jing."of Xu Jing."

A few thousand li away from Sky Cloud Sect, Long Biyi said to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen nodded, "I understand."

"Then, I'll take my leave first. I'll help you settle your dispute with the Floating Mountain."

Saying these words, she turned around and flew back.

"Many thanks."

Ye Chen naturally knew that she had gone to the Floating Mountain Sect. Floating Mountain Sect had been relentlessly chasing after him. This time, he had killed three extreme Astral Reaching experts of theirs. Next, it would be Sea of Soul realm experts chasing after him. Only Long Biyi and the Dragon God Celestial Temple behind her could put a stop to their actions.

Ye Chen let out a sigh, then looked towards the distant Sky Cloud Sect's Windy mountain and sped off.

Since he hadn't concealed his Zhen Yuan fluctuations, Cloud Dreamer and Thunder Freer immediately sensed his arrival.

"Ye Chen, come to my Relaxing Cloud Peak."Cloud Dreamer's voice arrived.

On the Relaxing Cloud Mountain, both Thunder Freer and Cloud Dreamer were present.

"Ye Chen, how were you able to return? We heard that you were chased into the Bewilderment Fog Forbidden Zone by four extreme Astral Reaching experts. You really did give us quite a scare."Thunder Freer smiled.

Ye Chen said apologetically, "I've made you two seniors worry."

"Hehe, it's all good now that you're back. What do you say, Cloud Dreamer?"

"Of course."

Ye Chen smiled brightly. He could see the genuine concern the two had for him. It was not just because he was important, but much more so because they saw him as their junior.

"Seniors, I have something to discuss with you. Dragon God Celestial Palace's Dragon King wants to take Xu Jing as a disciple."

"Dragon King wants to take Xu King as a disciple?"

Both of them were amazed.

"That's right."

"Our opinions don't matter. You need to ask Xu Jing herself. If she agrees, then it's all good."

"Right."Ye Chen nodded.


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