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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 38


Chapter 38 - The Winning Chance

The dinner was excellent, but of course, the main topic was not about the dinner.

’’Chen'er, why didn't you join the Rudra Martial School? If you joined, I could have take care of you.’’ Shen Yuqing was an outer elder of the Rudra Martial School. Although she was not as powerful as the inner elders, she was allowed to return home at anytime, plus only a two-day trip was not far from Luo City.

Ye Chen said: ’’I just want to try to live by myself for a while, besides I am doing great right now.’’

Shen Yuqing sighed, ’’You are right, if you had gone to Rudra Martial School, you perhaps would not have gotten where you are now. I had almost ruined you.’’

Ye Tianhao took a sip of his drink, he laughed: ’’Is there any hope for you to reach the Condensing Reality Stage soon? In a few months time, is the competition among the inner disciples of Sky Cloud Martial School.’’

’’Probably by the end of this month!’’

’’So confident.’’ Shen Yuqing put down the chopsticks in her hand.

Ye Chen explained: ’’There is already some Zhen Qi formed inside my body, plus I am also training the Pure Yuan Art which I had already trained to the Peak of fifth level.’’


Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqing were both shocked. In Windy Nation, there were many people within the five famous martial institutions training in the same Mortal Realm martial arts. There were also people training Pure Yuan Art in Rudra Martial School, but there was rarely anyone that could master the Pure Yuan Art to its fifth level when they were at Mortal Realm Stage, not to mention it was the peak of that stage.

Forcing a smile, Shen Yuqing said: ’’Remember back in the days when I was still an outer disciple, I was also training the Pure Yuan Art but I could only master it to the peak of level 4. I cannot believe my son has surpassed me.’’

Ye Tianhao nodded, he had finally understood how much talent his son Ye Chen had. He knew his son was a genius at training martial arts and was definitely not any worse than most of the geniuses.

’’Oh, I'll tell you guys a bad news, Ye Tang and Ye Xuan had already reached the Condensing Reality Realm.’’ Shen Yuqing said seriously.

She was not planning to say it as she was afraid to hurt Ye Chen. But after pondering about it, she decided to say it after all, since he would come to know of it sooner or later.

Ye Chen nodded, ’’I already knew about Ye Xuan's breakthrough. But there is something you might not know. Ji Xueyan had been to the Sky Cloud Martial School and asked to cancel our engagement.’’

’’Cancel engagement?!’’ The chopsticks in Ye Tianhao's hand suddenly broke in half, as his face turned dark. He sneered ’’Yuqing, I told you, this marriage is not going to work out great. Now we have to deal with the consequences. Our son was rejected to his face. What more do you want from our Chen'er?’’

Shen Yuqing froze for a while, then she thought of something and said: ’’I am like a sister to Ji Xueyan's mother, I will go talk to her later.’’

’’To say what? That no one likes our Chen'er?!’’

Ye Chen looked the same, he said calmly: ’’Don't worry, it did not affect me in any way. If she wants to cancel it, then cancel it. I didn't want to get married too early anyways.’’

After seeing her son being treated unfairly, Shen Yuqing's emotions turned bitter and said sourly: ’’She will realize the mistake she made in a few years time.’’

’’She already missed it. My son is a genius now, he could have all kinds of women if he wants.’’ Ye Tianhao was even more emotional than Shen Yuqing.

Not wanting to continue the subject, Shen Yuqing said: ’’Enough about Ji Xueyan. Right now, the most important thing is the family meeting at the end of the year. There are eighteen people attending from the Ye family. The top three could gain the full support from the family, and the champion could win a low rank storage ring.’’

A low rank storage ring! Ye Chen was interested in it. The mid rank storage ring I have is too obvious, and not just the Condensing Reality warriors, even Clasping Yuan warriors might be interested in it. It is extremely dangerous to wear it all the time. If I have a low rank storage ring, then it could save me a lot of trouble.

’’This annual family meeting, I shall be the champion.’’ From an outsider's view, Ye Chen might seem to be arrogant, but he did not feel like that at all.

’’Good. You are courageous, I approve. No matter whether you are the champion or not, your mother and I will make sure that you will have a low rank storage ring.’’

Shen Yuqing nodded: ’’As long as you try your best, you can have anything you want. I have been an outer elder for so long, so I do have some savings.’’

Ye Chen smiled, he knew he was lucky to have parents like this. However, he liked to win everything by himself. Of course, he could not say much now, he knew that his parents did not have any high hopes of him being able to win, since there was a huge gap between the Condensing Reality Realm and Mortal Realm.

After dinner, Ye Chen went back to his own yard.

The moonlight outside was bright. The whole house was completely quiet.

Inside his room.

Ye Chen sat on his bed, his breathing was firm and strong.

Unlike the quietness outside, there was a huge storm inside Ye Chen's body. His Qi was rotation at a speed three times faster than normal .

And after completion of every circle, there was a tiny bit of liquidized Zhen Qi forming in the qi tornado in the middle of the dantian.

After an hour, Ye Chen opened his eyes, he mumbled to himself with a little bit of tiredness: ’’No wonder so many people had been stuck at the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10 for more than half a year. It is so hard to convert Qi into Zhen Qi. No matter how much of a genius you are, there are no short cuts.’’

’’But at this rate, I could reach the Condensing Reality Realm in ten days.’’

Generally speaking, rarely could someone predict exactly when they would have a breakthrough. But Ye Chen was different, his soul power was twice as strong as a normal human being. His highest level of Pure Yuan Art had given him the purest Qi, allowing him to be able to predict the timing with a small chance of error.

Slowly breathing out impure air breath by breath, Ye Chen got off his bed and walked into the yard to practice sword arts.


On the second day, the Ye family started to become lively.

The family meeting had not started yet, as the top two geniuses in the family of Ye had not come home yet.

Ye Tang, Ye Xuan, these two were not only famous in the Ye family, the whole city knew about them. One of them had reached the Early Mortal Realm Stage 5 at the age of twelve, while the other reached the mid Mortal Realm Stage 5. One of them had joined the rank 7 Northern Snow Martial Academy, while the other joined the No.1 martial institution of Windy Nation - the Emerald Martial Palace. They were both extremely powerful. Besides those two geniuses, Ye Feng also had quite a reputation that was only a bit weaker than the other two.

Besides these three, the Ye family also had a lot of other members that had just come home and was preparing to attend the family meeting in a few days.

Some of them had joined the martial institutions a few years ago, some of them had been out on their adventures, and others had followed their master and traveled the world.

For the servants in the Ye Family, it was always entertaining to guess who would be the champion of this year. Rumor said that they had already set a gambling pool.

The contestants that had the highest winning rate were obviously Ye Tang and Ye Xuan. However, surprisingly, Ye Feng was not the one in third place , instead he was fifth place. The third place was taken by Ye Hai, who had followed his master and traveled the world;The fourth place was taken by Ye Ming who had been training in the world;Ye Chen placed eighteenth, the last lowest rank.

Ye Chen had no idea about all of this. He wouldn't care even if he did.


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