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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 37


Chapter 37 - Luo City, The Family of Ye

Qingyuan River, the largest river in the Luo City, had a total length of two thousand seven hundred miles with the widest part being twelve miles, and the narrowest part only two or three miles.

In the river, a lot of boats came and went, like stars in the sky.

Holding the reins in his hand, next to the horse, Ye Chen stood in the front of the boat with his eyes fixed in the distance. There was a huge city, looking square and strictly shaped. There was a high tower located in the middle of the city, that could be seen clearly even from afar.

’’Youngster, are you heading home to visit your family?’’ The boatman who was paddling saw Ye Chen who wore blue gear and a great sword around his waist, who did not move at all, no matter how bad the boat was shaking. The boat man could not help his curiosity and asked.

Ye Chen nodded: ’’Yeah, I haven't been home for three years!’’ Ye Chen missed the last two family meetings, because he did not want to embarrass himself. However, it was different this time, even if the family did not send a notification, he would still go home, just to take back his dignity.

’’Yeah, you should go home, everywhere was nothing like home.’’ The boatman seemed to think of his wife at home, a smile appeared, replacing the tiredness on his face.

Ye Chen was actually torn as he was going to see his parents when he got home. Although he had fused with this world's Ye Chen's soul and completely received his emotions, he was still the one controlling his body. In other words, the other mind had already disappeared, and this Ye Chen was still the 21st century Ye Chen.

The boat had arrived in the bay and Ye Chen threw a whole piece of silver to the boatman.

’’Young one, this is too much.’’ The boat man froze a little bit, before uprightly informing Ye Chen.

Ye Chen waved his hand, jumped up the horse, and started to ride to Luo City which was not far away.

Watching Ye Chen's disappearing back, the boatman was both envious and happy. He envied cool and relaxed Ye Chen that never had to worry about money. He was happy thinking about how happy his wife would be to know that he made ten silvers today, enough to buy some beautiful clothes for his wife and still would have some left.


Luo City.

Showing the city entrance guard his Ye Family name tag, Ye Chen rode his horse straight into the city.

The Ye family was located in the southern part of the Luo City. They had thousands of acres of land. In front of the front door, there were two stone lion sculpture with the height of two men. The door was dark red with shiny copper nubs, and two giant door rings. The doormen's clothes were colorful and was styled like the ancient Chinese;they were obviously Mortal Realm warriors.

’’Young master Chen, Young master Chen has come home.’’ Hearing the horse steps, all the doormen followed the sounds. When they saw the teenager in blue, their eyes brightened, and they started yelling.

’’Young master Chen, let me hold the horse.’’ A doorman ran up to hold the horse.

Getting off the horse, Ye Chen asked: ’’Are my parents home?’’

That doorman replied: ’’Your father and mother are both here, I had already sent someone to notify them.’’

’’Okay, I will go greet them at once!’’

Entering the gate, and following the doorman, Ye Chen arrived in front of the lobby.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen took a step inside.

The lobby was huge and fancy. In there stood a man and a woman, the man was about forty years old, his face was pale with no facial hair. He was very tall, and was radiating an invisible pressure just standing there, making people not dare to make any eye contact. The woman was about thirty years old, she was extremely beautiful with a classic elegant look, her eyes were bright like Ye Chen's, her body was slim like a teenage girl.

The two were indeed Ye Chen's father Ye Tianhao and mother Shen Yuqing.

’’Father, mother.’’ The moment he saw them, Ye Chen subconsciously kneeled down and took a deep bow, it was like an invisible hand was controlling him.

Shen Yuqing was obviously excited, she walked over and held him up, and said: ’’Good to have you back! Good! Good!.’’

Ye Tianhao nodded with a smile, he was about to say something, but then he made a noise all of a sudden, ’’Hm? Chen'er, you reached the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10!’’

’’Really?’’ Shen Yuqing was too excited to see her son that she missed her son's rise in cultivation. On a closer look, they realized that Ye Chen's Qi was quite pure and abundant, almost at the point to be able to form Zhen Qi, the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10.

’’Chen'er, what is going on?’’ Theoretically, Shen Yuqing should be happy, especially, as an outer elder of the Rudra School who had reached the Early Clasping Yuan Realm. Her husband was also the head of Ye family and thus, had always high hopes for her son, and was sad to see her son being bullied because of his inferiority. However, her son suddenly had suddenly became a genius, it was just too sudden for her.

Although Ye Tianhao did not speak, his eyes expressed the same thought.

Ye Chen had expected his parent's reaction and prepared a response , he cleared his throat and said: ’’I don't actually what happened either. One day, I just had a sudden enlightenment then felt like training had become extremely easy, just like drinking water and eating.’’ The more complicated a lie was, the easier it was to be caught lying. Ye Chen understood this theory clearly.

’’A sudden enlightenment?’’ Ye Tianhao did not understand.

Shen Yuqing thought about it and said to her husband: ’’It's not like it never happened before, there was a disciple in our Rudra school who was quite ordinary when he had first joined, and was tested to only have a low potential. However, after a year or two, he surprisingly became enlightened, reaching the higher cultivation levels until finally becoming a core disciple.’’

’’So, our Chen'er is also a genius?’’ Ye Tianhao did not care about some disciple from Rudra School, he only cared about his own son.

Shen Yuqing said: ’’Technically, an acquired genius.’’

’’Whatever, he is a genius, haha, my son is a genius! I am so happy right now!’’ Ye Tianhao laughed.

Ye Chen watched his parents' happy faces and said seriously: ’’Don't worry, from now on I, Ye Chen will never be weaker than anyone else.’’

’’Of course, to reach the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10 from the Early Mortal Realm Stage 2 within just three years, who dares to say my son is weaker than someone?’’

Shen Yuqing pushed Ye Tianhao a little, ’’I know you are happy, but Chen'er had a long trip, let him rest, and we can talk at dinner.’’

’’True, Chen'er, your yard is ready, go have a shower and relax.’’

’’Okay then, I am off.’’

Leaving the lobby, Ye Chen followed his memory, and walked into his yard.

’’Greetings, young master.’’ A teenage girl in green had already been waiting.

Ye Chen smiled: ’’Cui'er, long time no see, you've grown up.’’

Cui'er blushed, and said: ’’Young master has also grown up.’’

’’Hehe, that's true, is the shower ready?’’

When Cui'er saw that Ye Chen was still as friendly as he used to be, she was relieved and replied: ’’Yes, young master. Follow me.’’


In the bathroom.

The steam filled the room, making everything a blur.

After Cui'er left, Ye Chen took off his clothes and stepped in the wooden bucket.

’’Ahhh, so nice!’’ Ye Chen exclaimed as he leaned back and laid down, he closed his eyes and thought of his past.

In the 21st century, I did not know who my parents were. I had been taken out from the orphanage, then attended primary school, then middle school, and then university. I was nothing special. I was just like everyone else.

He could not believe that he would have the opportunity to have his own parents in this world, and feel this kind of parental love, which he enjoyed and missed so much.


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