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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 36


Chapter 36 - Ye Tang

There was twelve thousand miles of distance between Sky Cloud Martial School and Maple Leaf Town where the Ye family was located. Even with a fast horse, it would take at least twelve days to get there. If he stopped over somewhere in the middle, about a half a month of time would be just enough for him to get there on time.

However, the world was different from the one Ye Chen came from. A fast horse was not a big deal. The fastest horse in Windy Nation was the half demonic beast horse - Ghost Eyes Jade Lion. It had the blood of a demonic beast and could run three thousand three hundred miles a day;it came from Demon Grassland in the east side of Wind Nation, and was extremely hard to catch and train. Even the lowest ranked one would sell for at least ten thousand gold, it could even sell up to twenty thousand gold when the supply was low.

Although it was very easy for warriors to make a fortune, only a few warriors could afford a Ghost Eyes Jade Lion. The reason for that was because the warriors also needed to spend a lot of money. For example, for Ye Chen, he went out four days and made twelve thousand silvers. However, after he bought a pellet, he only had a small fraction of that twelve thousand left. The higher the rank of a pellet, the more pricey it got, there were even pills that were even more expensive than a Ghost Eyes Jade Lion.

After asking for an one and half month leave from the outer court elder, Ye Chen hurried to start his journey home.

He had bought a blue haired horse for transportation awhile back, it could run one thousand two hundred miles a day, and costed him five thousand silvers. As for a dark brown horse could run two thousand miles a day, it was not because he could not afford it, but rather he was too weak to control it at the time he was looking for a mount.


At the bottom of the mountain, Ye Chen's legs clipped on the horse's stomach, it started to run.

The closest city after Windy Town was the Windy City. As he went through the south door of the Windy City, the view in front of him suddenly widened.

The sky was bright blue, the clouds were white like milk, and the waves of wind could been seen billowing across the green grassland.

In that beautiful scene, Ye Chen rode his horse like lightning which made him have the urge to scream aloud in wonder, because he would never think that one day, he could become a warrior like the ones in those novels he used to read. Even though this was not really true adventuring, Ye Chen felt excitement bubble up as he rode out

A couple of riders came close to Ye Chen on their horses, ’’Hey, little bro, we are heading to the Silent Hills to kill some demonic beasts, how about we count you in on one hunt?’’

Ye Chen did not want to slow down, he turned his head and said: ’’Sorry, there is something I need to do.’’

’’What could be more important than making money? You know, with our power level, killing a rank 3 beast is a piece of cake.’’ Their leader rider who wore a cone-shaped bamboo hat had an anxious look on his face, he was still trying to convince Ye Chen.

Ye Chen sneered: ’’Sorry, farewell.’’


Ye Chen shook the reins and his horse increased its speed to its limit.

’’Pft, this brat is pretty smart, we could not even trick him.’’ The rider with a bamboo hat made a cold expression.

’’Boss, why didn't you just block him? He had a blue haired horse, he must be loaded. If we took him, it could have lasted us for months.’’

’’Yeah! He seemed like a young master of some family.’’

The rider with a bamboo hat said: ’’What the heck do you know? That brat had sharp eyes and faint killing intent. He must not be an easy target. We might've failed horrified.’’

Changing topics, he changed his tone, ’’It's almost the end of year, there are plenty of disciples heading home from all the small martial institution around. There are lots of opportunities, there's no need to risk our lives.’’

’’True. No wonder you are the boss, you could plan so far ahead!’’

’’Alright, let's go.’’

The gang turned their horses, started to head back to Windy City.

In the far ahead, Ye Chen sneered: this gang must have thought him as those cocky inexperienced disciples, once he agreed to join, they would reveal their true intention, kill him and rob him.

Unfortunately, although Ye Chen hadn't been out much, he did not lack of experience, thanks to all those xianxia novels he read in school.


Ten thousand miles away, another teenager was also riding a blue haired horse and was also hurrying on his journey.

The teenager wore a white training robe and had a great saber on his back. His handsome face slightly resembled Ye Chen.

’’The Purple Sun Martial School is not far ahead, I promised my big brother that we would meet up there, I wonder if he is waiting for me.’’ The teenager stared at that tall mountain far away, it had an odd purple aura around it, very powerful, with waves of purple Qi coming from the east.

After a while, the teenager arrived in the bottom of the mountain.

’’Ye Tang, here you are.’’ A teenager with big eyes and thick brows said loudly. In the bottom of the mountain, there were a lot of disciples from the Purple Sun Martial School who were all wearing purple gears with a burning sun embroidered in the back.

The good looking teenager ride his horse and came closer: ’’Big bro, your Purple Sun Martial School's environment is quite nice, unlike Northern Snow Academy which is always snowing, and there is always at least one meter of snow on the ground.’’

The teenager with big eyes and thick brows was the eldest son of Ye Chen's eldest uncle, called Ye Feng;the good-looking teenager was his blood related younger brother, called Ye Tang. Ye Feng had joined the rank 8 Purple Sun Martial School, while Ye Tang had joined the rank 7 Northern Snow Martial Academy, both of them were much stronger than Ye Chen.

Ye Feng said: ’’I wanted to go to Northern Snow Martial Academy, but sadly my power was not enough to join.’’

Ye Tang smiled, he studied Ye Feng, ’’Big bro, you had reached the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 9, good job!’’ Jumping from Mortal Realm Stage 4 to the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 9 in three years, was considered to be pretty good, ranked to be around a middle or high talent. The martial school would definitely give him a lot of attention.

’’I can't compete with you;you probably had already reached the stage 10 right?’’ Ye Feng could not see through Ye Tang, and honestly, he never was able to in his life.

Ye Tang said with pride: ’’I just barely was able to breakthrough to the Condensing Reality Stage, so my Zhen Qi is still not stable yet.’’

’’You reached the Condensing Reality Stage?’’ Ye Feng was surprised. Although the Peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10 was only one step away from the Condensing Reality Stage, but the process of breaking through was extremely difficult, a lot of people with high potentials would spent half of year to be able to reach it to finally become an inner disciple officially.

There was no need to boast in front of his own brother, so Ye Tang changed the subject and said: ’’Enough about this. Speaking of which, the annual family meet was almost here, I wonder what's going on with that loser Ye Chen, don't tell me he still has not even reached the Mortal Realm Stage 7? It is such an embarrassment to be in the same family with him.’’

Ye Feng put away his envy, he laughed: ’’The higher it gets, the harder it becomes. I don't even think that he could reach the Late Mortal Realm Stage 6. Well, when we get home, let's break it down for him to show him how much of a loser he is.’’

’’Thinking of which, I really missed that period of time back home. Being served everyday, and we could even mess with Ye Chen when we felt bored. But he was actually quite a tough kid, he never told his father and mother about it.’’

’’Pft, what's the point telling his parents. Our father is the inner sect elder of the Purple Sun Martial School, he is not scared of Ye Chen's father even though he is the leader of Ye family.’’

’’Oh! Speaking of which, is father coming home this year?’’

Ye Feng nodded, ’’Father said he would be few days later than us, so we should head back first.’’

’’If that's the case then we should head back now. I think Ye Chen has probably already left Sky Cloud Martial School. What about Ye Xuan? Do you know what her cultivation level is?’’ The only relatives in the Ye family that could earn Ye Tang's respect had to be Ye Xuan. Back in the day, when he was at the Mid Mortal Realm Stage 5, she was at Late Stage 5 which caused him to be quite depressed for a long time. But three years had passed and he should be much stronger than she is now.

Ye Feng had already given up on chasing after Ye Tang, especially when he was his own little brother. When Ye Tang rose to fame in the future, it would also be helpful for him, ’’In this True Spirit continent, there are hardly any women warriors, maybe her cultivation level is almost the same as me.’’

Ye Tang agreed, ’’Let's go!’’


The two whipped their horses and shoot out like lightning.



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