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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 34


Chapter 34 - Ten Thousand Pounds Punch

Zhang Haoran did not even try to hide his zhen qi, all of the inner disciples could feel the zhen qi accumulating inside of him, some of them said surprisingly: ’’It's zhen qi, he reached the Condensing Reality Stage!’’

’’Another genius. With his potential, I am afraid he will surpass us in no time.’’ Before, although Zhang Haoran was a rare genius, none of the inner disciples really cared about him since most geniuses with a fast cultivation speed would not be as good as some of the disciples who had trained for a longer period of time. A genius was only recognized when he reached the Condensing Reality Stage.

’’Sigh, we will have to work harder now. Being overshadowed by a younger disciple is not a good feeling and there are still a lot of people up there on the ranking charts that we need to catch up to.’’

’’Yeah, besides the core disciples, there are a couple of insane people among the inner court disciples that had already mastered their Top Rank Mortal Realm martial arts to its highest stage. I don't know how we would ever be able to compete with that.’’

’’The higher the rank, the hard it will be to master. Even if I am offered a low rank Earth Realm martial art, I could not even train it.’’

During the continuous chatters among the inner disciples, Wu Zongming walked up the stage.

’’Zhang Haoran, you are not the only person who had reached the Condensing Reality Stage.’’ There was an aura made of real Qi appeared around Wu Zhongming, stirring up all the dust on the stage.

Hearing Wu Zongming, a lot of the people showed their interest.

Zhang Haoran sneered: ’’When you were a Mortal Realm warrior, you were not strong enough to be my opponent, and now that you are a Condensing Reality Stage warrior, you still aren't.’’

Wu Zongming said: ’’Whether I am or not, we shall see when we battle. Ye Chen, you step down first.’’ Honestly, he was not confident in facing Zhang Haoran at all. The reason he decided to step up is because he wanted to save some time for Ye Chen to regain his Qi.

Ye Chen smiled, said to Zhang Haoran: ’’You want to exchange three attack?’’

’’I know you had used up a lot of your Qi in the last fight and it would be unfair for you to battle with me. So you only have to endure my three punch, if you could take it without being badly injured, then you win. How is that?’’ With both his hands behind his back, Zhang Haoran's cloths started to move even though there was no wind.

Wu Zongming interrupted: ’’Ye Chen, don't say 'yes'. Even though you are talented, he is specialized in physical martial arts!’’ Then, he yelled at Zhang Haoran: ’’Where is your honor?’’

Zhang Haoran replied casually: ’’Did I say anything about him not using sword?’’

’’I will agree to it as you wish, we do have some business that needs to take care of.’’ Ye Chen took a deep breath, slowly calming his boiling Qi.

’’Fine!’’ Wu Zongming knew there was nothing more he could do so he left the stage.

Looking at Zhang Haoran's confidence, Ye Chen remembered what happened in the welcoming lobby one month ago. It was an exciting battle of one of the top four core disciples Liu Wuxiang was battling with the second ranked core disciple of Sky Cloud Martial School Luo Hanshan.

Now he finally had a chance to exchange three moves with someone, and although their cultivation was nowhere near those two monsters, this was still quite exciting. He felt a rush of pride about his growth.

’’Let's start!’’ Ye Chen did not seem to want to use his sword, putting both of his hand together in front of him.

Zhang Haoran snorted at him and said despicably: ’’Without your sword art, you probably would not even be able to take my second attack. Do you think I am a loser like Huang Bingwen that would be so easy to fight against?’’

’’To be honest, I had not used all of my real power when I am battling with Huang Bingwen.’’ Ye Chen smiled.

’’What? He is only Mortal Realm Stage 9, and he did not use all his power when he was fighting Huang Bingwen?! Is he bluffing or is he lying?’’ All of the suddenly, the plaza was filled with clamoring.

In the crowd, Huang Bingwen went pale after hearing Ye Chen. He felt humiliated and said with great anger: ’’What the f*k? If I didn't go easy on you, I would not have lost!’’

The inner disciple who was standing next to him sighed, then he said: ’’Huang Bingwen, no matter if you admit to it or not, you lost. Period.’’

’’I... am just...’’ Huang Bingwen squeezed his fists until his bones started cracking.

Heard Ye Chen, Zhang Haoran laughed brightly: ’’Great. Take my first attack, Ice Snow Cosmo!’’

When he was still at Mortal Realm Stage 10, Zhang Haoran's Soaking Cold Palm was already extremely powerful. Now that he had reached the Condensing Reality Stage, a fierce snow wind appeared once he started to use his martial art, the huge stage was already covered with ice frost as it spread rapidly towards Ye Chen.

Halfway there, all the snow wind combined together and formed a little hurricane, that continuously attacked Ye Chen.


Ye Chen's right hand tightened, making a sound like metal hitting each other. He threw it out without hesitation.

’’How could this happen? It should only be a high rank Mortal Realm martial skill, how could it be so powerful under Zhang Haoran?’’ Huang Bingwen seemed shocked and frustrated.

Zhang Haoran obviously did not hear Huang Bingwen and would not care even if he did.

In the snow wind, Ye Chen could not hear nor see, however, he had an extremely great senses, he could ’’see’’ Zhang Haoran's movements clearly even his facial expression.


Zhang Haoran threw his palm towards Ye Chen's chest.

’’Perhaps not!’’ Ye Chen was waiting for him, he threw out a punch.


The snow wind exploded in the air, Ye Chen's fist pressed against Zhang Haoran's palm, no one is backing out, they seemed to froze on the stage.

Understanding the situation, Zhang Haoran smiled, his left hand changed into a fist then smashed into Ye Chen's chest like a lightning.

However, what surprised him was that he was also attacked on the chest somehow.

The crowd could hear two loud hitting sound clearly. The two on the stage both backed out, both staggered.

’’Haha! I had already completely mastered Iron Shirt, you could never hurt me.’’ Zhang Haoran dusted his chest, seemed not hurt at all.

The cloths in front of Ye Chen's chest was completely tear apart. He looked down, there was a thin layer of frost over his shiny muscle. He used his Qi and shook off the frost easily, it became crystal like dust.

Looked up, Ye Chen said: ’’You did not hurt me either.’’

Zhang Haoran face changed, ’’...truly did not expect you to train a body boosting martial art like I. I underestimated you. However, this punch, is the end.’’

’’Tiger Roar Dragon Fist!’’

Compared to few months ago, Zhang Haoran could use his Tiger Roar Dragon Fist even more smoothly. The powerful blue Qi accumulated on top of his palms, making tiger roars. Then, it drew a beautiful line before flying straight towards Ye Chen like a flying dragon taking off.

Taking a step forward, Ye Chen pulled back his right fist a little and grunted with a low voice to himself: ’’Now that I have more than ten thousand pounds of power, I could kill an elephant instantly, today I will let you be the first one to see it!’’


Formed a firm stance, Ye Chen's punches were more powerful than any weapon in the world. He could tear apart air and compress the space in front of his fist to form a thin layer of Qi.

Two fists clashed. Shockingly, Zhang Haoran was blew away, he coughed out a huge chunk of blood in the air.


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