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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 33


Chapter 33 - A New Power Arise

Huang Bingwen stared at Ye Chen.

The crowd murmured, ’’This little brat is trying to get himself killed... You know him?’’

’’I do, his name is Ye Chen. He was only Mortal Realm Stage 4 half a year ago. But now, I can't even see his cultivation anymore, no wonder he is so cocky.’’

’’Useless! How fast cultivate is pointless in these fights! Although Huang Bingwen four hundredth ranking quite low among the inner disciples, he is still an Early Condensing Reality warrior. Outer disciples like us much too far away from him to even think about challenging him.’’

’’True, well, Ye Chen asked for it.’’

’’Little weasel, it's time to die!’’ On the stage, Huang Bingwen did not accumulate Qi, instead he took a step forward and jumped. His black claws screeched as they sliced through the air towards Ye Chen's head.

’’Demon Hunter Claw!’’ Ye Chen recognized the martial art the opponent was using. This claw art was a Top Rank Mortal Realm Art. With its one claw attack, it could tear apart iron and steel;it could break through the any warrior's, of the same cultivation, Qi guard, extremely powerful.


Ye Chen's feet lightly touched the ground, before flying backwards, avoiding the claws.

Huang Bingwen's face soured, he yelled with anger: ’’Trying to hide?! Dragnet Attack!’’

An Early Condensing Reality warrior could already manifest his Zhen Qi into the air and kill people at a distance. Huang Bingwen's hands seemed like they were tearing something up in the air, his dark ghost claws formed by his Zhen Qi shot out in the air, the dark shadows spread out the stage.

’’Zhen Qi Manifestation? It is indeed a bit tricky.’’ Regarding a fight against a Condensing Reality warrior, the most disadvantaged part for a Mortal Realm warrior was that the latter could not attack from distance. At best, he could bring up a palm wind from three or four meters away which was not very powerful especially when compared to manifested Qi.

On the contrary, Condensing Reality warriors could kill their opponents from more than ten meters. There were even some high rank martial arts that could only display its potential at a certain distance.

Pushing his Golden Swallow Art to its peak, Ye Chen's body shifted, leaving an afterimage. He dodged the shadows of Huang Bingwen's claws, and rushed towards Huang Bingwen.

’’Ha! I have been waiting for you.’’

Huang Bingwen did not expect Ye Chen to be this fast, but he was not worried at all. His claws reached towards Ye Chen once again.

Halfway through, Ye Chen lowered his body, his right hand was on his sword handle as his gaze on Huang Bingwen sharpened.

Ten steps away!

Seven steps!

Five steps!

A sword light shot out between the shadows of claws like an eel traveling through the gaps between rocks.

’’Skyfall Sword Art, seventh movement: The Search of Opportunity!’’

Sometimes, the simplest martial art was the most powerful one because of the lack of flaws.

The sword light had not reached Huang Bingwen yet he could already feel it. The sword light gave him a chilly pressure that gave him goose bumps. He was shocked that Ye Chen was much more powerful than he thought.

But he was still a Condensing Reality warrior! After all, he had been adventured a couple of times outside of the school and been in a few deadly battles. Controlling his emotion, he yelled out with anger: ’’Maze Aura!’’


The air vibrated. The space seemed to be twist one meter around Huang Bingwen, causing Ye Chen's sword light was blocked out.

’’It's Maze Heart Spell level 5!’’ Some of the inner disciples frowned as they looked at Huang Bingwen with respect.

Ye Chen also frowned, before he hurried to back out.

Huang Bingwen said with great confidence: ’’With my Maze Aura, all your attacks are useless, and my attack can even affect your balance.’’

’’Perhaps not.’’ Ye Chen had a plan.

’’This time, I will beat you with one attack.’’ Huang Bingwen's face was quite ugly, he had planned to beat Ye Chen with one movement then teach him a lesson. However, he never expected Ye Chen to be this difficult. Ye Chen was fast like a frightened deer, leaving no trace. All his previous attack did not even touch Ye Chen, therefore, although Ye Chen's sword art seemed simple, the pressure from that sword light pushed him to use the fifth level of Maze Heart Spell that he was planning on saving.

’’Swimming Dragon Steps!’’

His body expended, Huang Bingwen took few big steps towards Ye Chen just like a dragon taking off.

’’Huang Bingwen had to use his Maze Aura and Swimming Dragon Steps... This Ye Chen is that powerful?’’ Most of the inner disciples had never fought against Ye Chen before so they did not know the reason.

’’According to my observation, I think Ye Chen is definitely a sword genius.’’ An inner disciple said slowly but seriously.

’’How so?’’

’’I used to watch the head disciple Zhu Mei battling with other core disciples, she was also using Skyfall Sword Art, although it was not the most powerful but it was very hard to defend, because it was not limited within movements.’’

’’You are overestimating him. How could you compare him with the number one disciple?’’

’’Don't ask me, I don't know either. I think only the true experts within the inner disciples or core disciples could understand what is truly happening.’’

’’Nevertheless, this Ye Chen is going to be famous.’’

Facing Huang Bingwen running towards him, Ye Chen squeezed his eyes. As he started to also walk forward, he began the ninth movement of his Skyfall Sword Art - Shining in the Dark.

The next second, sword light filled the whole stage.

Huang Bingwen's eyes were wide open, he never knew how powerful the Skyfall Sword Art was. However, it was still not enough to scare him. His left hand formed a claw while his right hand squeezed into a fist then threw both of them out.

’’Demon Catcher Hurricane Claw, Mad Fist!’’

The sword and the claw touched, making loud noises that sounded like fire crackers.

Ye Chen floated off the ground out of nowhere, he flew slightly backwards, then squeezed his left fist. There was a dim gold light covering the fist, he threw it against Huang Bingwen's right fist.


Two different kinds of power pushed against each other before exploding, causing wave after wave of wind to fly out.

Earlier, the reason Ye Chen floated back was to release some of the power. Right after the explosion, as his feet touched the ground, his aura became like a huge mountain breaking apart into an avalanche, he stabbed towards Huang Bingwen with an inhuman speed.

’’Not good!’’

Huang Bingwen was caught off guard, he pushed his Maze Aura to its peak while he tilted his head.


The Sword was pushed away slightly past Huang Bingwen's face, only leaving a little scratch and a drop of blood on his cheek.

’’King Kong Limitless!’’

Ye Chen yelled. His left fist was shining with gold bright light;it was like made of pure gold. Ye Chen threw it at his opponent, bringing up an unbearable loud sound.

Huang Bingwen's eyes opened up wide like it was going to tear apart his head, he howled: ’’Brat! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!’’

Huang Bingwen's Maze Aura broke as he flew out;he took Ye Chen's punch on his chest, breaking his ribs and causing him to cough out blood.

Ye Chen also flew out, he was surprised that Huang Bingwen could still throw out such a strong punch after getting hit. The punch landed on Ye Chen's left chest.

However, Ye Chen had already secretly activated his Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell causing the punch only damaging his meridians a little and shocking his Qi. Other than that, there was no damage done.

’’Ye Chen won?! So powerful!’’ Under the stage, the crowd was in deep shock, they kept looking at Huang Bingwen and Ye Chen who was still standing unbelievably and repeatedly.

Zhang Haoran sneered, he was indeed surprised. Two months ago, he could not care less for Ye Chen but now he could beat an inner disciple. However, in his opinion, Huang Bingwen was not his equal, because he was also a Condensing Reality warrior now.

’’Ye Chen, do you dare to take three punches of mine?’’ Without much movement, Zhang Haoran appeared on the stage.


Zhen Qi: Previously translated as Real Qi. The best name I can think of in English would be True Qi, however this can cause confusion between just regular qi, yuan qi, and true qi/zhen qi.

Let us know below whether you would like it as Real Qi, Zhen Qi, or True Qi!


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