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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 31


Chapter 31 - The Yuan Qi Pellet

’’I also will give you a chance, if you leave right now you can leave unharmed.’’ Ye Chen only used fifty percent of his power before and felt confident of success.

Li Bu laughed loudly and harshly, however, he did not try to mask the killing intent in his laugh at all. He was truly pissed off.

’’It looks like you are just too stubborn to give up. Kneel!’’ Laugher still could be heard as Li Bu's attack launched towards Ye Chen. In the air, Li Bu's blade light flashed, cutting through air with its powerful aura.

Ye Chen stood still, he looked like he was shocked by the blade light.

Seeing this, Li Bu sneered. What should I cut off first? His arm? One of his ear? Or both?

Hm, want to fight back?

Li Bu saw Ye Chen putting his right hand on his sword, his eyes seemingly empty yet purposeful.


The next second, a bright sword light appeared from nowhere, it shot out at an unbelievable speed before stopping and disappearing back inside its scabbard.

Li Bu stood there in shock as he could not believe what had just happened, he looked down at his stomach. A hole had appeared on his lower left stomach that went completely through his body, causing his clothes to drip with blood.

’’No! No! I had reached the peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10 one year ago, how could I be be in this state with one exchange?!’’ Li Bu had a scary look on his face that contrasted with his weak state.

Ye Chen casually said: ’’I will spare your life today. But if you mess with me again, I won't let you off so easily.’’

Picking up his big leather bag, Ye Chen walked away without looking back.


Windy Town's medicinal shop.

The owner looked at all the demonic beast materials on the counter with great surprise. It was not because there was something wrong with the beast material, rather it was because the one selling them was only a Early Mortal Realm Stage 7 warrior.

’’Red Shell Spider, nine hundred silvers. Ground Cracking Centipede, one thousand two hundred silvers. Red Burning Bird, one thousand three hundred silvers. Ground Snake, eight hundred silvers, ..., Tiger Wolf Beast, one thousand one hundred silvers. In total, twenty-eight thousand eight hundred silvers in total.’’

’’Change them all into gold notes like last time and give me a Evil Warding potion please.’’ The beast pellet was more effective than just using the soul stones alone, Ye Chen would never want to waste any useable source.

’’You have demonic beast pellets?’’ The shop owner's eyes brightened.

’’Yup, why?’’

The owner replied: ’’Could you sell it to us?’’

Ye Chen shook his head, ’’I don't need more money, I need cultivation resources to help save me time.’’

’’What if I exchange it with a Yuan Qi pellet? To be honest with you, the owner of this store is experimenting with a new type of pill which required a lot of beast pellets, plus a Yuan Qi pill is definitely better than a three-month demonic old beast pellet, and will also save you money from buying a Evil Warding Potion.’’

Yuan Qi pill? Ye Chen froze a little. This kind of pill could save me three months of hard work. Although a demonic beast pellet is pretty good but after using the Evil Warding potion, there would only be two or three months left which would not be very efficient. I might as well take take the Yuan Qi pellet and it would save me ten thousand worth of Evil Warding Potion.

’’Okay, let's exchange.’’ Ye Chen nodded.


Walking out of the drug store, Ye Chen walked towards the restaurant.

’’Please sir, I am begging you! Give something to my poor daughter to eat, I would do anything.’’ In front of the restaurant, there was a middle-aged woman holding the hands of a little girl. Both of them were wearing dirty tattered clothes with dirty faces that looked like they were starving for a while now. The little girl was sucking on her thumb, looking at the people come and go with a forlorn hope in her eyes.

Sadly, no one would even look at them. The people walking past ignored them because many thought they were too dirty to even be there.

Ye Chen felt bad for them so he took out a silver from his pocket and threw it over to them.

He had never lacked money. A normal meal would cost at least ten or twenty silvers which was nothing for him.

’’Thank you! Thank you so much!’’ The middle-aged woman was so happy that she could not even talk anymore. She and her poor daughter had been in Windy Town for days, but the only people who gave her money were basically peasants or other beggars, not a single rich people had given them even a look.

Ye Chen waved his hand and started to walk into the restaurant.

The little girl sitting next to the middle-aged woman stared at Ye Chen's back, her eyes filled with inexplicable emotions.


On the second floor.

Sitting by the windows, Ye Chen was still thinking about what had happened.

Compared to warriors and rich families, peasants and poor people truly live a hard life. I could make hundreds of thousands of silvers just from killing a beast, while they struggle to pay just for a single meal. Countless people starved to death this way. Is there really a destiny for everyone?

Only now had Ye Chen began to fit in this world. Feeling the emotions for this world, seeing the unfairness of this society, and caring for others in this world.

Before today, he always thought himself as an observer, an outsider.

I give up, there are thousands and thousands of poor people in this True Spirit Continent, I can only help one person at a time.

After eating, Ye Chen left the restaurant. The mother and daughter had disappeared. Perhaps they had left somewhere to buy steam bums. Ye Chen sighed and walked towards the Windy Mountain far away.

Back in his yard, it was already dark and a bright moon slowly climbed up the sky.

Ye Chen was showering to wash away the dust and thoughts of town. Then, he sat on his bed and prepared to take the Yuan Qi pellet.


Swallowing the Yuan Qi pellet, Ye Chen sat straight up and started to revolve his Pure Yuan Art.


There seemed to be a huge sound in his internal world. The Yuan Qi pellet melted and became extremely pure strands of Yuan Qi that mixed with his Qi to spread throughout his body in a rush.

One hour passed.

Ye Chen opened his eyes, there was a sharp bright flash in his eyes.

It boosted me up from the Early Stage to the Late Stage of the Mortal Realm Stage 7 in just this short amount of time. I don't recall the Yuan Qi pellet being this powerful... Ye Chen guestimated that it would take him three months of hard work to reach the Mid Stage Mortal Realm Stage 7, since his body strength was not at the peak level yet. It could barely be regarded as mid rank, nowhere near those peak level martial geniuses. The only advantage he had was his powerful soul force which gave him an extremely strong comprehension that allowed him to master all kinds of martial arts and even reach levels beyond the ones listed on manuals. However, that was not related to the growth of his cultivation.

Perhaps that fish meat changed my body? Or attaining Heavenly Strength caused my body to lack Yuan Qi, making this Yuan Qi Pill even more efficient?

Ye Chen knew he could not find an answer now so he began to think about how to start training the third spell of the Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell.

Unlike most martial arts, body boosting arts were extremely hard to train in. It had nothing to do with a warrior's comprehension, it was all about the training method used and plain luck.

Ye Chen had everything ready. This third spell of the Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell was a bit different than most body boosting arts. Warriors had to absorb Jade Qi from stones and blend it into his body.

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