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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 30


Chapter 30 - Li Bu

As Ye Chen walked out, he was greeted with a sight. The entrance was a mess, there were broken chips from the wall everywhere, the rock wall covered with scratches that were inches deep which made the rock wall looked like it was made of tofu.

Ye Chen was glad that beast was nowhere in sight, but did want to linger, so he started to run down the path he came.

He had learned his lesson, this part of the mountain was extremely dangerous, so he jumped from one tree to another instead of running on the ground while pushing his soul force to its peak, stopping at any sounds and patiently waiting until the sounds stopped.

It was almost the afternoon;Ye Chen finally came to the location where he hid his big leather bag.

Hm? Someone there? Hiding behind a huge tree, Ye Chen's eyes sharpened.

Under the huge tree, were three teenage boys standing there, one of them carried a huge leather bag which was exactly the one Ye Chen left there few days ago.

’’Haha! We are so lucky! We could even find demonic beast materials just by walking around. And there is even a pellet in there, adding them all together, they might be worth of at least twenty or thirty thousand silvers.’’

The older teenager said sarcastically: ’’I wonder what kind of idiot would hide the beast materials on a tree and think that no one would find it, what a joke.’’

The other teenager said pleasingly: ’’Zhang Kun, if it wasn't for you spotting the bag on the tree, we would have never known!’’

Zhang Kun replied with pride: ’’Of course, it is lucky for you all to follow me. After my cousin Zhang Haoran becomes an inner court disciple, no one would dare to look down at us!’’

’’Of course, of course!’’

The two nodded with respect.

Ye Chen could not take it anymore, he walked out from behind the tree, ’’Put down the bag.’’

Zhang Kun turned to look, ’’You again!’’

On the day of the Mu Ren Gang, Zhang Kun was guaranteed third place with the help of his cousin Zhang Haoran. However, Ye Chen came out of nowhere and stole his third place causing Zhang Kun much unresolved anger and grief.

’’Zhang Kun, who is this brat? Shall we teach him a lesson and make him kneel down and bow to us?’’ The teenager with a square face read Zhang Kun's face and knew that Ye Chen offended Zhang Kun somehow.

’’Yah, I am very good at dealing with these kinds of lowly rank outer court disciples, making them beg for mercy is so simple. Hey, little brat, why don't you crawl over here!’’ The Rank 9 Mortal Realm teenager did not take Ye Chen seriously, his face was full of disgust.

Zhang Kun sneered: ’’He offended my cousin so it will definitely not end well for him. But before that, let's beat him a little and show him what kind of people he just messed with.’’

Ye Chen said in a cold voice: ’’Are you done? Put down the demonic beast materials and slap yourself ten times, then perhaps I will consider letting you go.’’


Heard Ye Chen's words, the three were surprised. It was not their first time encountering an arrogant person but it was definitely their first time encountering an arrogant person with such a weak cultivation. Their faces distorted as they felt the anger and outrageousness wash over them.

’’I dare you to say that again.’’ Zhang Kun did not even try to cover his killing intent in his eyes. ’’If you kneel down and apologize, there might still be hope for you.’’

’’No need to talk to him anymore. Brat, go die!’’ The teenage boy with a square face took one step forward and extended his right palm towards Ye Chen's face.

If this aggressive palm attack landed on Ye Chen, even if he did not die, his looks would be forever ruined.

’’Arrogant.’’ Although the opponent's cultivation level was two ranks higher, Ye Chen completely ignored it as he casually walked one step closer. His body appeared in front of the teenager and Ye Chen's right hand reached out and grabbed the opponent's neck before slamming it down.


Suddenly, a shallow pit had formed in the ground, the square-faced teenager's head the center of the one meter pit, there was no way of knowing if he was alive or dead.

’’Bastard, you dare hurt my people? Prepare to die!’’

Zhang Kun and the other teenager were shocked, as they recovered they furiously attacked Ye Chen together with their strongest skills.

’’Limitless Hands!’’

’’Breaking Cloud Palm!’’

Under the pressure of two powerful attacks, the ground under Ye Chen started to shake, the hard cement-like ground cracked and broke. Ye Chen stared stonily at the two before stretching out with his two fists towards his two opponents.

Boom! Boom!

’’What happened? Isn't he only Mortal Realm Rank 7!’’ The two were shocked as their bodies flew in the opposite direction while blood poured out of their mouths.

Zhang Kun's face flashed sinisterly as he threw out a dark light ball.

’’Die! When you are in hell, don't forget it was I, Zhang Kun, who killed you!’’


The dark light was actually a poisonous willow dart flying at an extremely high speed. It was only shot out a moment ago, yet it was already in front of Ye Chen.

While Zhang Kun was sneering, his face froze as he saw Ye Chen catch the dart with two fingers.

’’Impossible! My hidden weapons arts is top notch, even among Mortal Realm Stage 10 warriors!’’ Zhang Kun could no longer hold himself, he fell on the ground. His face was a mixture of shock and anger.

Ye Chen could not care less and shook his hand, sending the dart back the way it came, ’’I hope you carried the antidote with you.’’

Fwhip! The dart hit Zhang Kun's arm and the poison immediately invaded inside his body.

’’Asshole! I will kill your whole family! My cousin will not let this go!’’ The poison on that dart was the Five Steps Snake Poison! Normal people and Mortal Realm warriors would definitely die after a painful infection, even Condensing Reality warriors may face death under this poison. Zhang Kun's face paled as he was terrified that he would die before he could take the antidote. He immediately took out a bottle, unplugged it, and poured it all over his wound.

Ye Chen anger stirred when he heard the threats against his family, and his rage took over as he pushed his Golden Swallow art to its limit and jumped out towards Zhang Kun, his figure blurred like lightning.

Right then, suddenly Ye Chen heard a grunt.

’’Piss off!’’

Out of nowhere, a human figure appeared in front of Zhang Kun.

Ye Chen could not stop his body midair, so he threw out a punch at the figure.

The strong wing that arose from the punch gushed out with such force that it pressed the grass down. Ye Chen floated back on the ground, staring at the teenager in front of Zhang Kun.

’’Li Bu.’’ Zhang Kun's voice was full of surprise and relief. Li Bu was one of the top outer disciples. He and Zhang Haoran were at the peak of Mortal Realm Stage 10. However, because he had failed to break through after a long time, he had locked himself away in hopes to have the breakthrough before the end of the year. Because of that, he had missed the last Mu Ren Gang, otherwise Wu Zongming would not have been able to take the second place.

’’Li Bu, he poisoned me! Kill him for me!’’ Zhang Kun was badly wounded and blood gushed out as he spoke.

Li Bu said calmly: ’’A Mortal Realm Stage 7 warrior beaten you? You are such a shame compared to your cousin. But don't worry, I would show this fool how it feels like to kneel on the ground and beg for life.’’ Zhang Haoran was regarded as a young genius with much potential, however Li Bu also was a person of much prestige.

Turned around, Li Bu said with an interest: ’’Little brat, I will give you a chance now: if you kneel down and apologize, I will let you go. Otherwise, I will show you what I can do.’’

Editor Note: Aiyah, I feel really dumb. Sheryl just told me Soul Force was used pretty much everywhere, in pushing his physical body to the limit, in sensing the area, and other things. It was previously translated as soul power. The direct translation is literally soul strength/power, so if you got a better name please comment below!


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