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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 297


Sensing the incoming sharp fist power, Ye Chen threw back a punch without even looking back. He had performed the first movement of the Five Mountain Godly Fist.

The bright yellow halo combined into a mountain’s shadow. It was so powerful that the air instantly broke down. The fist power from Ye Batian had not even reached ten meters from Ye Chen before it had been shattered completely. Boom! One of the small house near where Ye Batian was standing had been torn down, as a huge fist print appeared in front of him;it was one meter deep.

Ye Batian could not control his body he backed out dozens of steps, looking extremely pale. As for Ye Feng, he had already been blown more than hundreds of meters away by that fist power;he did not even know what had happened.

Midair, Ye Chen’s voice was heard.

"Considering you are my uncle, I will forget what happened before. But it does not mean you can do whatever you want in front me. Some things should be kept in your heart."

Ye Batian’s face went red, then pale, and then somehow green. Meanwhile, he was undoubtedly shocked by Ye Chen’s power. Just a casual punch could blow him back for dozens of steps without a chance of fighting back. Perhaps, he had already reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm! Whether he wanted to admit it or not, martial geniuses were unbeatable among warriors with the same cultivation.

All of a sudden, Ye Batian looked like he was ten years older. When his biggest advantage turned into nothing, what was there that really matter anymore?

"Father was beaten?" Ye Feng crawled up from the ground. He looked around and saw the house that had been shattered, and saw Ye Batian with constantly changing expressions. He could not believe what he had just seen. His last remaining confidence and that pride had also been shattered completely. That kind of sudden shock made him feel a bit empty, and that bright light which was always seen in his eyes had disappeared.

On the Ye family’s plaza, Ye family members had hurried here after hearing the loud noises.

"Chen’er!" Ye Tianhao and Shen Yuqian walked in front of the crowd, Shen Yuqian was also holding two tiny babies.

Ye Chen turned his head, revealed a smile as he said, "Father! Mother!"

Ye Tianhao, who had a huge smile on his face, gave Ye Chen a huge hug, "You are finally back!"

"Yeah!" Ye Chen nodded.

"What happened to your uncle?" Ye Chen had turned one of Ye Tianba’s houses into plain ground. There was no way Ye Tianhao did not find out about it. While he was shocked at Ye Chen’s power, he was a bit worried that Ye Chen had killed Ye Tianba, since Ye Tianba had never really done anything that damaged the family. So, death as a punishment seemed a little bit too much.

Ye Chen said, "Don’t worry, I knew what I was doing."

"Tianhao, don’t you know about our Chen’er? He would not kill an innocent person." Shen Yuqing’s eyes started to water up. She then said, "Why are you talking in here for? Let’s go to the lobby!"

It was as if Ye Chen had a friendly vibe that made the two babies in Shen Yuqing’s arms move their bodies urgently. Their huge eyes were filled with joy, staring at Ye Chen as they were mumbling something.

"Mother! This must be my sister and brother, right? Let me hug them." Ye Chen carefully took over his brother and sister. He then tried to hold them in the most comfortable position.


Once being embraced by Ye Chen, the two little babies chuckled loudly. Their chubby cheeks were pressed tightly on Ye Chen’s chest, looking extremely intimate.

Shen Yuqing laughed, "They seem to like you a lot. It looks like they like you more than your dad and I."

Ye Chen followed Shen Yuqing to the lobby and asked, "Mother, do my brother and sister have a name yet?"

"Your brother is named Ye Xuan and your sister is named Ye Xiaoxiao. Eh? The two are already asleep."

Ye Chen looked down and saw that both his sister and brother had their eyes closed and their mouths open, showing cute pairs of teeth. Combined with their blush on their cheeks, they looked extremely adorable.

Inside the lobby, Ye Chen held the two babies, looking just like a boy next door. But once everyone learned about the news from the Hidden Dragon Rank competition, they were all starting to look up to him. He was like a dragon flying among the clouds, the No.1 warrior among the young generation.

"The champion of the Hidden Dragon Rank, how lucky to be a member of Ye family!" One of the elders from the Ye family yelled, his face full of tears.

Ye Tianhao was also shocked by what Ye Chen told him. In fact, even the fact that Ye Chen had made it into the Hidden Dragon Rank would have shocked him. The champion place of the Hidden Dragon Rank had made him lost in his thoughts.

No one was unaware of what it meant to be in the Hidden Dragon Rank. It was the largest competition in the whole South Rudra Region. It was a competition that every young warrior would want to compete in. However, being able to make it somewhere would be almost impossible. Ye Chen had not only made it somewhere, but he was also at the top, making it all the way to the top.

If Ye Chen had come from a famous family, it would not be that shocking. But, he was only from a small family from a small nation, which was barely significant compared to other backgrounds. Compared to the other rank 6 martial school disciples, his background was like ants in front of elephants.

Besides him, everyone from the Ye family had the same feeling.

The Ye family was a small family. Ye Chen, a nobody for the world, had turned into a legend. Combining together the two identities, they had really created a story that a normal person would look up to. No one doubted that once the news spread out, it would be a huge shock for the whole true spirit continent.

"Well done!" Ye Tianhao patted on Ye Chen’s shoulder heavily, his eyes wet with tears.

Ye Chen stood still, afraid that he would wake his brother and sister. In fact, the noises did not even get into the ears of his siblings. He had blocked it all out with his zhen Qi. He then said, "Father, I have said before, I will never let you down."

"You indeed did not disappoint me. I am proud of you, the Ye family is proud of you." As the leader of the Ye family, Ye Tianhao had extra heavy pressure. He was afraid that the Ye family would die out because of him, he feared that he had disappointed his own father. But now, that pressure had disappeared completely, because his son was more successful than him, hundreds of times more successful. The humiliation and the harsh words did not break him. It had truly helped him stand up and climb even higher.

Outside the lobby, Ye Batian stood there still in shock. Ye Feng, who was also looking pale, stood right next to him.

The two looked like outsiders. They could neither feel the joy, nor the warmth from the family, because these things had been blocked out by them. They thought about what had happened in the past, and realized how ridiculous it looked, how fragile it all was.

Ye Chen glanced at Ye Tianba and Ye Feng, not caring too much. There was still a chance for them to make things right. If they messed this one up, there would never be a second chance.

He wanted Ye family to be a united family, and not a family full of drama. Anyone who intended to break that, he would thrash them.


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