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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 29


Misnamed: divine Essence is being replaced with Heavenly Strength

Chapter 29 - Heavenly Strength Achieved!

About fifteen minutes later, the heat finally wore off and Ye Chen could feel an endless stream of energy coming out from inside of his body continuously. The energy invigorated him and he felt like he could kill an adult tiger with one punch.

Did that fish meat just boost my body? Ye Chen's face was full of joy as he carried on munching on the fish tail, stuffing it all in without much chewing.


His body started to heat up rapidly and black sticky gooey stuff was seen coming out of his pores on his skin, accompanied with by a bad odor that almost caused Ye Chen to black out from the smell.

’’I can't take it anymore, I really need to cleanse myself!’’ Ye Chen could not stand it anymore and dived into the river full of strange fishes.


When the water splashed onto his body, Ye Chen felt his temperature go down. Ye Chen felt extremely relaxed as he felt all his pores over his body open up and be refreshed.

However, while Ye Chen was enjoying the moment, the residents of the river were not.

The strange fishes nearby heard the noise and was irritated by the filth streaming from Ye Chen and attacked Ye Chen in retaliation fiercely.

Ye Chen sneered as he took out his great blade and swung out.

One, two, three...

Totally, there were nine fishes were cut in half without being able to fight back, all by that one attack of Ye Chen's.

One by one, Ye Chen threw all of their bodies onto the land, saving them for later.

After a quick rinse, Ye Chen came out from the river. As he shook off his the dripping water, he felt his body had lightened and power increased. Besides that, Ye Chen could feel the fish meat in his stomach had already been digested and felt intense hunger pains.

The largest fish of the nine was about one-meter-long. Ye Chen picked up three of them, gutted them, then rinsed them out in the river. He then skewered them and started barbecuing again.

Soon, a delicious smell spread out in the cave.

My power had already increased a lot, I wonder if I could gain Heavenly Strength by eating all these fishes. Power over two thousand pounds was called Heavenly Strength, some people attained Heavenly Strength when they were eight or nine years old, while some people died still unable to attain it, and that was the difference between geniuses and mortal people. Normally, it would take Ye Chen at least a week to reach the level of power with the help of Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell, but now with the fish meat, he not only fed himself but also reached his goal, a perfect win-win scenario.

After eating the three fishes,more black gunk appeared on Ye Chen's skin, but there were far less and much clearer than the first time.

Suddenly, Ye Chen felt a sharp pain from his stomach accompanied by a loud rumbling. Ye Chen's face soured as he ran to a hole and squatted as his innards unloaded itself.

It was like an exploding volcano;the place was contaminated with an unbearable odor. After finishing his business, Ye Chen did not feel the expected weakness of such a violent expulsion, rather, he felt quite relieved. Those were the leftover black stuff that did not come out Ye Chen's skin.

While being naked, Ye Chen sprinkled some vanilla powder around to mask the horrific odor, then he walked towards the river again.

Once again, he washed away the black gunk on his skin. His skin felt smooth like silk, tough like steel, and impervious to all blades. His body looked like it had been trained thousands of times, his muscles sleek, and shoulder wide and strong.

Ye Chen calmly felt the changes as his body continued absorbing Yuan Qi from nature. The Yuan Qi was also changing slowly as its speed slowly increased and was continuously being mixed with the Qi inside his body.

The Qi tornado in his Dantian gradually condensed as the pressure increased rapidly.

It seemed that not only my body has been strengthened, but the speed of absorbing Yuan Qi had also increased, which means I have broken past that bottleneck of Heavenly Strength.

Ye Chen's power had already reached beyond two thousand pounds and was reaching three thousand pounds at an inhuman speed. Comparing physical power just alone, Ye Chen was already as powerful as Xu Jing already.


Eating fish, training his fist art, and purifying his Qi Ye Chen passed time slowly.

One day, Ye Chen once again stood in front of the gray humongous tree.

If I could punch this huge tree in half, then my power has reached three thousand pounds. Then I can easily train the third spell of the Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell. Once I mastered the third spell, I could use the Yuan Qi from soul stones instead of the nature Yuan Qi which would massively increase my training speed.

In Ye Chen's mind, his future was cleared and all planned it all out.


Let out his breath, he started to use his power, he then punched the tree.


The next second, the top part of the tree started to fall down then hit the ground with a loud sound.

Yes! I did it! Ye Chen took a deep breath. It was even more powerful than I thought! It should be around three thousand five hundred pounds.

Although there was no way to know for sure, but according Ye Chen's instinct, it had only been three days, perhaps even less.

Within three days, he had already mastered the second spell of the Pure Jade Body. Even Ye Chen was shocked by his own training speed, he could not help but think how strong his power would continue to grow, it might even reach beyond five thousand, or even ten thousand pounds.

Shaking his head, Ye Chen could not imagine such power.

As time flew, Ye Chen began to become bored. This place is so depressing, completely cut off from the outside world with no sunlight, it was fine for one or two days, but if I have to live here everyday, I am afraid I will go crazy!

Made up his mind, Ye Chen decided to leave this place.

He stared at the river, deciding to get keep those strange fish in his storage ring before he left. Ye Chen figured the value of the fish should be more than ten thousand silvers, especially that three-meter-long huge fish whose tail alone could outshine those other little fishes.

Thought of that, Ye Chen took out his great blade and dived into the river one last time.

The river was very deep and pitch dark. However, Ye Chen already expected the darkness, he threw out a couple Night Shine stones.


The river started scrambling, a huge shadow swam towards the opposite side.

Where do you think you are going?

Ye Chen accumulated his Qi and waved his blade.

The bright blade Qi was unstoppable;it was like a lightning chasing after the shadow. Shoo! The shadow froze in the middle of the river.

Ye Chen did not want to take any risk, he swung his blade at it again.

Exactly as Ye Chen expected, the huge shadow struggled for a while making the water around it kept moving, blurring Ye Chen's sight.

Obviously, it would not be a problem for Ye Chen. With his Qi, Ye Chen grabbed the shadow effortlessly, then his feet pushed the water, his whole body jumped out of the river.

Ye Chen threw the fish body onto the ground then dive back in the river.

One, two, five...

Until there was no longer any more fish, Ye Chen finally gave up.

It's time to head back. That beast would not still be there waiting for me, right? Ye Chen was still a bit worried, the powerful rank 4 beast was impossible for him to beat. Even if he managed to have ten thousand pounds of power, he still would not have a chance. Unless he reached the Condensing Reality Stage.

Followed the paths he came, Ye Chen carefully walked back.

There was light in the far distance which would be the entrance. Ye Chen held his breath, he tightened the blade in his hand, walked towards the exit without any sounds.


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