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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 28


Chapter 28 - The Weird Fish

After the excitement of discovering the storage ring and the soul stones, Ye Chen felt nothing looking at the low-rank Earth Realm manuals.

Putting away the manuals, Ye Chen took out one last object.

It was a long saber with a scabbard.

Carved on the scabbard were mountains, rivers, birds, and fish. The handle was quite long and its guard was shaped into a tiger's head with an open mouth that was swallowing the blade.


As Ye Chen took out the extremely sharp saber, a bright beam of saber Qi shot out, leaving a one-meter-long mark on the wall.

What an excellent saber! It's imbued with its own Qi! Ye Chen's eyes brightened because he knew a saber imbued with saber Qi was not a Mortal Realm weapon, it was a Heaven Realm weapon. His Ye clan also had a family heirloom sword called The Last Shadow, it could slice through the air without any restraint, killing people without them noticing.

Similarly, the saber he was holding probably would have cost at least a million silvers.

The only downside of this was that Ye Chen did not use sabers, he had only used and preferred swords because, in his mind, the sword was widely considered, by warriors, to be the king of weapons. While more than half of the warriors chose to train in swords arts, only a few could truly master it.

The scary saber disappeared into the scabbard, Ye Chen's eyes moved back to the burnt floor. If I am right, the owner of this stone house must have died from failing to breakthrough, burnt to ashes by the flame of Reality Qi. And naturally, the storage ring on the owner's hand fell off and landed in the ashes.

Bowed in front of the ashes three times, Ye Chen mumbled: ’’Elder, although you did not leave much behind but they are all very useful to me. I, a junior apprentice from the Sky Cloud Martial School, Ye Chen, hereby bow before you, I hope you will not blame me for taking away your relics.’’

While bowing, thoughts floated around in Ye Chen's mind, from the things that were left behind, this elder must have a high power level, at least above Clasping Yuan Realm or even reached the Astral Reaching Realm, too bad that he still ended up going too far, being destroyed by his obsession, which would be another lesson about the difficulty of training martial arts, not only does one have to be able to defend against outside factors, but he also has to be careful about the demons inside himself.

Stuck inside the underworld, there was no way of knowing the time. With nothing else to do, Ye Chen started training the Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell.

He had already mastered the first spell, and the unity stage of the second spell, all he was lacking was the ability to create the divine Essence inside his body like Sister Xu Jing did before.

What was divine Essence?

One of the best horses on the market was called the Amber Horse, it could run so fast that it looked like it was flying and it had an extremely strong body. Their striking power could reach two thousand pounds standing still. And that was just from using the divine Essence.

Right then, Ye Chen had already reached about one thousand and five hundred pounds which was not far from the target, two thousand pounds. But he knew the closer he got, the longer it would take him.

He took out few bottles of body boosting ointment, took off his clothes, and started to rub the ointment onto his body, carefully, not leaving any spots until his skin shone with oil. Ye Chen then started his fist art training.

He was still training the King Kong Fist Art.

The higher you trained a fist art, the more effectively it would train the body. However, the King Kong Fist Art, that he was performing, was different from usual, Ye Chen was combining it with the second movement of the Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell. Practicing both internal and outer martial arts together, the effects were even more obvious.

’’King Kong River!’’ ’’King Kong Mash!’’ ’’King Kong Ocean!’’ ’’King Kong Unlimited!’’

Going through all the movements of King Kong Fist Art, Ye Chen slowly lost himself in practicing, forgetting about everything around him.

Vaguely, he could hear his blood pumping inside his body like a river. But on the contrary, he could feel his heart beating more and more slowly, yet more and more powerfully, like drums shaking every bone.

No one knew how long it had been before Ye Chen suddenly opened his eyes, his body shifted, his punch landed on a huge gray tree branch.


The huge branch was extremely tough and only responded with a few cracks.

What a tough tree! But my power has increased quite a lot, it should be one thousand and six hundred pounds now! The Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell was surprisingly effective.

In the short time of an hour, Ye Chen's power had increased one hundred pounds which was never going to happen with only King Kong Fist.

After a short break, Ye Chen felt a bit hungry, all of those movements had drained his energy.

Walked towards the river, Ye Chen thought, those fish in the river should be eatable, right?

The river was very deep but it was very clear, Ye Chen could see some shadows moving around under the surface. The small ones were one meter long, the big ones were almost three meters long. They swam in an extremely fast speed, they just shook their tails and they would shoot out eight meters, away from his sight.

Picked up a rock, Ye Chen grunted, ’’Now!’’

With his thousand pounds' power, the little rock in his hand was sharper than an assassin weapon, it drew a straight line into the bottom of the river.


All of the sudden, a dark shadow twisted and appeared out of the river.

The water splashed everywhere, it was a dark brown weird looking fish. There were spikes near its gills and it had a sleek muscled body with dented skin.

It opened its huge mouth full of sharp teeth and jumped at Ye Chen's head.

Ye Chen gave it a light smile, bowed a little, and hit the fish in its stomach.


The weird fish's skin was like steel, which surprised Ye Chen. He knew his punch could turn a huge stone into dust, but, somehow, it could not break through this fish's defense.


The weird fish bounced back half meter from the punch, however, its long slim tail swung towards Ye Chen, it was so fast that it stirred up a strong wind. Even Ye Chen did not want to take it.

At this deadly moment, instead of backing out, Ye Chen took out the blade, from his new storage ring, and swung it at the fish.

Whoosh! The fish's tail was cut off.

And the weird fish fell back into the river, it hurriedly swam towards the deep, afraid to attack Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen forced a smile, he knew it would not be this easy if he did not have the blade. He would probably still be struggling to break its defense. However, the weird fish did not seem to carry Beast Qi, so it could not be a beast of some sort, so it must be a powerful ancient creature.

The fish's tail was a meter long, thick as the bowl, and should be enough to fill up Ye Chen.

Ye Chen carried a flint and steel, everywhere he went, he quickly made a fire and started to barbecue the fish.

Fifteen minutes later, a great smell, which Ye Chen had never smelt before, spread around Ye Chen, making him salivate.

Grabbing the fish tail, Ye Chen bit into it. The fish meat was so tender that he almost bit his tongue.

Unbelievable! This fish meat is like both beef and chicken, it has this rich taste that I cannot describe with words, extremely chewy. Wait! Why is my body starting to heat up?

After he swallowed the fish meat, Ye Chen felt a warmth moving around his body, all the way into his stomach and, from there, it spread all over his body and into his muscles, blood, even bones. One wave after another, all he could feel was the warmth.


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