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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 27


Chapter 27 - Magic Rings, Magic Stone, and The Manual

No one actually knew how powerful the Mysterious Queen was.

Some said that she was one of the top five strongest warriors;some said she was weaker than the Evil King and the Dragon King while some said she was just below the Con King;there was also a rumor said that she was the strongest warrior, already at the edge of the God Art.

Of course, all of those were only assumptions, but everyone agreed that she had reached an extraordinary cultivation level. According to the rumors that Ye Chen had heard, she had once killed a leader of one of the top three martial sects from miles away;her palm attack was so powerful that it could make a mountain shake, cause volcanic eruptions, and change the geographic environment;she had even managed to move her own mountain to a place a thousand miles away.

Studying the painting, Ye Chen realized that no matter how hard he tried, he could not see the Mysterious Queen's face, it seemed like the painter intentionally blurred it out to create a mysterious beauty.

After a long while, Ye Chen finally finished staring, but he could not help but started to question.

Who lives here? Who could manage to get a painting of the Mysterious Queen? Being a queen for decades, not many people were qualified to meet her. And looking at the age of the paint, the painting was painted no more than ten years ago. And where is the person who dwells here now? The painting was perfectly preserved which means whoever put it there must have treasured it. Then why did the owner not take it with him or her?

Hm? What is this?

After scanning the room, Ye Chen's eyes focused on the burn mark in the middle of the stone room, after studying it carefully, he noticed that there was a hidden ring in that pile of white ash.

He reached out and picked it up, then wiped the ashes off with his sleeves. There were two ancient characters carved on the back of that blue ring - Mid Grade

Ye Chen was shocked first, then joy bubbled up as he realized this simple little ring in his hand was a magical storage ring, and even the valuable mid grade kind!

The mid grade storage ring would cost a huge fortune, even for a rich clan like the Ye family. So only one or two people among a whole martial institution would have one and those rings would be owned by only the leaders, it would be impossible for a normal apprentice like Ye Chen to afford one.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Chen started accumulating Qi and slowly push it into the storage ring.


The storage ring shook slightly and Ye Chen's sensitive soul power sensed a subtle air flow spreading out.

Then, Ye Chen was able to see the space inside the storage ring.

It was a standard cube, with both height and weight of six meters which made it even bigger than normal people's living rooms, its crystal like body had a dim glow around it, it seemed like it came from a different dimension.

Inside the cube, there were two manuals, a long blade with a huge scabbard, and some egg-sized jade stones shining with white light.

No way! Soul Stone! Looking at the soul stones, Ye Chen could not stay calm anymore.

He concentrated for a second and a jade stone appeared in his hand. He closed his eyes and accumulated all his Qi into it.


It was like a dam breaking, the Yuan Qi powered out from the soul stone and flooded towards Ye Chen's meridians.

Not good! Warriors below the Condensing Reality power level are too weak to cultivate with soul stone! Ye Chen's face turned white, he coughed out some blood. He hurried to activate his Pure Yuan Art to cut the connection between him and the soul stone.


After taking a couple of deep breaths, Ye Chen was still shaking. He was so happy when he saw the ring then he got carried away and forgot about the basic rules which almost cost him everything.

The good thing was that the Qi from Pure Yuan Art was extremely pure and that was at the highest level, allowing it to be just strong enough to break off the connection;otherwise, if it was someone else, the pressure from the Yuan Qi from the ring could cause death! And if it did not, it would certainly destroy their martial ability.

Although the meridians in his arms still hurt, Ye Chen started to laugh.

Both of the soul stone and storage ring were essential for the high rank warriors, the latter was used to store objects, while the former provided Yuan Qi which was needed for training. Also, the soul stone was even more rare as it could not be manufactured, it could only be created by nature and was rated as low, mid, top, or extreme grade according to its quality and purity.

Normally, it would take more than five years to train from Mortal Realm Stage 1 to 10;more than ten years to train from Early Condensing Reality Stage to Late Stage;it would take at least twenty to thirty years to train from Early Clasping Yuan Realm to Late stage. Altogether, it would take at least fifty years.

Fifty years was a long, horrifyingly long time.

However, it was different if a warrior had soul stones. Because, besides the Mortal Realm which required a warrior to train step by step, once a warrior reached the Condensing Reality Stage, he could absorb the Yuan Qi from a soul stone and speed up the process. According to experienced warriors, the quality of the Yuan Qi in the soul stone equaled the natural Yuan Qi times five, which meant, besides the issue of reaching new power level, it could speed up the warrior's normal training speed by four times.

In another word, you could only reach your potentials when you had soul stones.

Especially for martial geniuses who jumped power levels in an inhuman speed, with the help of soul stones, they could reach their full potential.

Ye Chen did some quick calculations: there were at least ten thousand soul stones in that storage ring, each soul stone was worth at least a thousand silvers, which meant they were worth ten million silvers in total.

Ten million silvers was a huge amount of money, it was the amount a middle class family would spend in their lifetime.

I can never show it to anyone. I have to keep it as a secret until I get powerful enough.

Ye Chen thought to himself.

Forcing himself to let go of the soul stones for now, he took out the two manuals.

The first one was a Fist Art manual - Domineering Fist, a low rank Earth Realm Skill. The summary read:

A warrior had to have extreme confidence, never give up. Otherwise, the true power of the Domineer Fist could not be performed.

There were totally four movements:

The first movement, Dominating Walk!

The second movement, Lone Domination!

The third movement, The Rulers!

The fourth movement, The Aura of Domination!

Warning: The Fist Art is extremely powerful. Before achieving Reality Qi, the warrior should have an extremely fit body, otherwise injures might occur.

The fourth movement - The Aura of Domination was very deep, it required not only a strong body but also great Real Qi to reach its peak.

Even though the manual was only a low ranked manual, Ye Chen was excited about the Earth Realm Fist Art. Because only a core disciples could learn a Low Rank, Earth Realm martial art. For inner court disciples, they could barely even peek at any Low Rank, Earth Realm martial arts, not to even mention the privileges of outer court disciples.

Ye Chen took out the second manual and opened it.

It was a body boosting manual.

Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell. Low Rank, Earth Realm. It was a manual from hundreds of years ago.

A warrior could store more Yuan Qi when mastered;if it was trained by a Mortal Realm warrior, it would boost up the warrior's body and enable him to absorb the Yuan Qi from the soul stones without concerning the safety issues.

There were five spells in Pure Jade Body Boosting Spell:

The first spell, Power Enhance!

The second spell, Power Balance!

The third spell, Pure Jade Body Enhance!

The fourth spell, Broke Jade Reborn!

The fifth spell, King Kong Jade Body!

The first and second spells were focused on body boosting, warriors with a strong body could jump to the third spell;if a warrior could reach the highest level, he would be invincible to those of the same cultivation.

It was another low rank Earth Realm manual!


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