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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 269


Chapter 269: Sword and Blade

Translator: 3heryl Editor: AntiGod

’’Ice Sky Break Cut!’’

The Ice Break Fist was a top rank Earth Realm fist art with fourteen movements in total. The last three deadly movements were extremely hard to train. Up until now, Bing Ling could barely perform the third last movement - the Ice Crystal Fist. Although this Ice Sky Break Cut was not an ace attack, its power was even more powerful than the Ice break. It was just slightly weaker than her top three ace attacks.


The full-moon-like ice blade appeared in front of Bing Ling. She stopped a beat and then threw out an attack with the power to cut through the air. Because of its extremely fast speed and extremely low temperature, it had created shiny white ice strings in the air, which was beautiful and deadly at the same time.

Murong Qingcheng did not dare to underestimate the ice blade. She used both of her hands and made a grabbing gesture in the air, activating her Sky Demon Power Field instantly.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!...

The speed of her ice blade was slightly decreased, and one could see the slight twisting on the surface.


Murong Qingcheng saw that Bing Ling had thrown out another attack. She frowned a little, and her sky demon zhen Qi disappeared like water, turning into a huge sky demon power field.

With a big ’’Bam’’, the sky was covered in ice chips. Right then, Bing Ling had already prepared her new ace attack, the Ice Spirit Exploding Spell that she had used on Ye Chen.

The crystal-like ice ball increased its spinning speed, shooting out towards Murong Qingcheng. It was as fast as lightning.

’’Sky Demon Palm Print! Destroy!’’

Although Murong Qingcheng had never experienced the power of Bing Ling's Ice Spirit Exploding Spell personally, judging from the battle between Bing Ling and Ye Chen, she could tell roughly how it worked. It was definitely not a normal ace attack, it was a deadly one. That extremely powerful exploding power could be blocked out by the Sky Demon Power Field, but she would not be able to block out that horrifyingly low temperature.

With no time to think more, she instantly pulled back her Sky Demon Power Field. She then pushed all of her zhen Qi into her right arm, as her soft palm threw out an attack along with that ocean like aura.


In front of her palm, all of the ice crystals within hundreds of meters had floated into the air, turning into a pile of shards, while the ice ball was like stuck in quicksand, its speed decreased to an unbelievable level. Eventually, it was shattered completely with an explosion.

If it were before, Murong Qingcheng would have burned out all of her zhen Qi after this attack and lost most of her attacking power, but now that she had reached the tenth level of her Sky Demon Great Art, she was able to perform the Sky Demon Palm Print Spell easily and smoothly. Each time would not burn more than ten percent of her total zhen Qi.

’’Sky Demon Palm Print Spell - The God's Punishment!’’

While her right palm was still reached out, she threw out her left hand.

Something horrifying happened in that instance. Bing Ling looked like she was pushed out by her side of the space;she somehow had lost control over her whole body. She was blown out, blood spilling out of her mouth.

Her body twisted a couple of times in the air, as she safely landed on the ground and said, ’’The Sky Demon Great Art is indeed powerful just like its reputation. I have lost.’’

There were two exclusive martial arts from the Sky Demon Martial School, one was the Sky Demon Great Skill, and the other was the Sky Demon Great Art. The Sky Demon Great Skill could allow the trainer to see through weakness and beat the opponents with one attack while the Sky Demon Great Art was a martial skill that focused on attacks. It could not only produce Sky Demon Power Field, but it also contained the full set of Sky Demon Palm Print Spell. Among the top rank Earth Realm martial arts in the whole South Rudra Region, it would still be one of the top ones, and was extremely hard to train.

Although the power of Bing Ling's Ice Break Fist was extremely powerful, the Sky Demon Great Art would be its archenemy. Bing Ling had no chance of getting close for her attacks to work. After a while, she would definitely have lost to Murong Qingcheng anyways.

’’Good game.’’ Murong Qingcheng held her fist.

After the two had left the stage, the atmosphere over at the audience seating was still boiling. Four out of the ten seeded contestants had finished their battles. Six more people would go on the battling platform for this round, and five of the six people were one of the most popular warriors such as Sikong Sheng, Yan Chihuo, Li Daoxuan, Lin Yun and Ye Chen. As for Mo Yan, he had lost to Tuo Baku, which decreased his popularity and made him a slightly weaker existence among them all.

’’The fifteenth battle, Li Daoxuan versus Yan Chihuo.’’


All of a sudden, the whole stadium went silent. The next second, all kinds of yells exploded.

Yan Chihuo was ranked second in the Last Hidden Dragon Rank. He was the no. 1 blade artist among the young generation in the South Rudra Region. His style could go fast and slow, go big and small while being extremely brutal. Even all the older generation of blade artists thought they could not compete with him.

Before Ye Chen had shown up, Li Daoxuan was the first sword artist among the young generation in the whole South Rudra Region. His sword art was sharp and heartless. Each little move of his was fatal, and that was why he was referred as the ’’Heartless Sword Artist’’.

One was the first blade artist while the other was the first sword artist;the battle between the two had stimulated the passion in every warrior that was watching from the audience seating. A lot of them had screamed so loud for so long that their throats were sore. But still, they would widen their eyes and stare at the two without looking away for a second.

’’You and I haven't battled for three years. I wonder if your Heartless Sword Art would be able to cancel my blade arts.’’ If Sikong Sheng were the king of the young generation, the ’’Fire Spirit Prince’’ Yan Chihuo would be the tyrant of the young generation. The tyrant aura was born on its own, allowing him looking down over the rest.

’’Try it, and you will know.’’

Li Daoxuan had worn blue robes. He was very skinny, and it looked like that he could be blown away by the wind any minute. However, once his sword appeared in his hand, that sharp stone-cold mentality spread out in the stadium. It was like the whole place was covered in his sword intent, and everything was under his control.

Yan Chihuo glanced at Li Daoxuan and said proudly, ’’Three years ago, you lost. Three years after, you will still lose to me. Right now, I will let you have three attacks during which I will not take my sword out of its scabbard. If you can win a little, I will not mind losing to you.’’

Li Daoxuan frowned, ’’No need to hold back. My first sword attack would make you take out your blade.’’

’’Haha, in that case, come on, bring it on then! If I could not let you have three attacks, how can I fight for the champion place.’’ Without saying another word, Yan Chihuo's blade aura increased a little more. He had still not taken out his blade yet, but it had already given people the feel of seeing the long blade slicing open the sky.


Li Daoxuan took out of his sword. Without seeing the sword yet, a light sword light shoot out from the scabbard into the sky before disappearing completely.


Yan Chihuo yelled. His dark red zhen Qi shoot out into the sky, turning into a thirty meter long burning huge blade, which sliced heavily through the sky.

The sword qi was like wind. It came without a shadow or a shape. Although Yan Chihuo's zhen Qi huge blade had shattered the sword light, the next second, that sword light had reformed back together, attacking towards his opponent's forehead.

’’Yah! What a sharp sword movement! What an odd poetic perspective of wind!’’ Ye Chen squeezed his eyes. The sword light that Li Daoxuan had thrown out was like a wave of wind. Even when the wind was scattered, it was still wind. In other words, the wind would never disappear, it would always be there.

’’Poetic perspective of what? It would only increase my blade aura!’’

Yan Chihuo's right hand made a pulling gesture. That sword light had been attracted towards him. The next second, a dark red blade light exploded from the center of his palm like fire. After devouring Li Daoxuan's sword light, it had gotten stronger and stronger. It attacked towards Li Daoxuan like a forest fire.

Once throwing out that attack, half of the top young warriors' expressions changed. What kind of power was that, being able to turn opponent's attack into his?!

Li Daoxuan looked extra serious. After three years, Yan Chihuo's blade art had already reached an unbelievable level. He knew he would not be able to push him to use his true power with only the poetic perspective of wind.

’’Kill Lives!’’

Once he performed his Heartless Sword Art, Li Daoxuan forgot all about emotions. And his sword as well, all it had was this sharpness that could kill everything in front of it.

’’I will break it as well!’’

Still having not taken out his long blade, Yan Chihuo's attacking power was limited. Facing Li Daoxuan's second sword attack, he pushed his spirit, Qi and mentality to its peak. He then formed his arms as blades and his hands as the edges, throwing out two dozen meters of red blade light. They clashed together in the air.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!... ...

All of a sudden, the platform was full of holes and cracks. The sky was full of sword Qi and blade Qi, like a disturbed beehive.

’’The third sword attack - Kill All!’’

Once throwing out this sword attack, the air seemed to have quieted down somehow. The sword light pointed directly at Yan Chihuo.

Yan Chihuo kept on backing out. The reason he had given Li Daoxuan a three attacks jumpstart was not only because of his confidence, but more importantly, he wanted to challenge himself. If he could handle three sword attacks from Li Daoxuan without getting hurt, then he would have the chance of competing against warriors like Sikong Sheng. If he failed, he would not have what it took to fight against them.

Li Daoxuan's sword attack was extremely sharp and fast. No matter where Yan Chihuo backed out to, it was like needles poking out in the air, which was horrifying.

By now, Yan Chihuo had finally prepared to use his blade. When his blade was still in his scabbard, he had sliced his blade out along with its scabbard. The dark red blade light spread out the whole stadium, giving people the feel of seeing an exploding volcano. It clashed with that pure sword light.


Two different colors appeared on that three hundred meters long battling platform;one was a kind of light silvery white while the other one was this endless burning red. No one was giving in, they just carried on fighting against each other.

Right then, everyone there held their breath without blinking once. They feared that they would miss that most important scene that they had been waiting for. In their eyes, Yan Chihuo was unbelievably powerful;he was able to handle three sword attacks from Li Daoxuan without taking his great blade out of its scabbard. He still seemed to have the upper hand.

Ye Chen thought quite differently from the others. He thought, although Yan Chihuo's blade art was very powerful, Li Daoxuan was not weak either. The reason that Yan Chihuo was able to block out Li Daoxuan's three sword attacks was not only because he was powerful, but more importantly and fundamentally, that it was Li Daoxuan. If it was some stranger who had similar power as Li Daoxuan, Yan Chihuo would not risk it at all. And besides those reasons, there was another factor: as everyone knew, three attacks was not that long or short. When a blade artist and a sword artist with similar power encountered each other, if one did not carry his blade, then his attacking power would be affected drastically. However, holding on for three attacks should not be hard since the poetic perspective of the blade arts was still there, so only the attacking power and aura were lacking. There should never be a situation where one forgot his weapon and lost instantly.

But of course, Yan Chihuo was proven to be powerful because he was able to hold on to his upper hand position within the three attacks. The warrior who was ranked second in the last Hidden Dragon rank was indeed powerful.

’’It has been three sword attacks!’’

Three sword attacks would be Yan Chihuo's limit. He took out his great blade without hesitation and carried on throwing out blade attacks after attacks. He had pushed his volcano exploding poetic perspective to the next level, which had instantly shattered Li Daoxuan's blade aura. It was like a flood through a broken dam which just kept pouring out.

’’Kill All!’’

The three sword attacks before looked like Li Daoxuan had not held back. But when facing a blade artist without his blade, he would still have subconsciously lowered his attacking power. Or maybe it was his conscience that thought it would be unethical to win like this, because once Yan Chihuo took out his blade, Li Daoxuan's sword power also reached another level. His sword intent spread out on the platform.

Ting! Dang! Pow! ...

Within few blinks of an eye, the two had already exchanged dozens of rounds of attacks. The burning out sparks spilled everywhere, and their figures were nowhere to be seen. This kind of intense battle had made the crowd forget to breathe, all of their faces being coincidently red.

The fire sparks were still everywhere. The two were fighting faster and faster, and it was getting more and more intense. Mo Yan, who had activated his Sky Demon Eyes, had felt sore in his eyes for the first time.


Suddenly, a human figure appeared. It was Li Daoxuan. There was a burnt patch on his shoulder, his clothes had been burnt to ashes.


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