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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 268


Chapter 268: The Awesome Two

Translator: 3heryl Editor: AntiGod

In the morning, although it was still dawn, the whole Hidden Dragon Ancient City was filled with people.

Looking from above in the sky, one could see countless waves of people gathering towards the center of the battling stadium. Right then, there was still time before the competition officially started.

’’Ye Chen, just try your best. Don't put too much pressure on yourself.’’ Luo Xinglie said to Ye Chen. Inside the field, all of the people from the Sky Cloud Martial School had already finished getting ready.

Ye Chen nodded, ’’Don't worry, leader. If it is mine, it will be mine.’’ Since he decided to join the Hidden Dragon Rank competition, Ye Chen's target was obviously the champion place. He was very mission oriented;he focused on that and only that.

’’Okay! Let's go!’’


In the battling stadium, all the people's attention was on the top ten seeded contestants, and the rest of the young warriors were just like decorations.

’’The thirteen judges were indeed very observant. The top ten seeded warriors had not lost a single fight in the sixty-two rounds of battles. There is no doubt that they would be the top ten this year.’’

’’I thought Qian Yun would have made it in the top ten. I did not expect to see him lose to an old generation top young warrior and Gu Youyun, Ye Chen, Tuo Baku and Murong Qingcheng. Now, he is completely out of the top ten. This is the first time that the Sunset Martial School did not make it into the top ten!’’

’’What can they do? This year's young talents are way too frighteningly powerful. Qian Yun is jus not experienced enough after all. He is incomparable with his head disciple.’’

During the discussion of the crowd, the first beam of sunshine shone from the east and landed on the battling platform.

The head judge stood up, ’’The sixty-third round of battles begins!’’

The first battle was not between top young warriors;it was the third night from the Moon Pavilion and Wei Renjie.

The third night was tall and slim, a normal looking twenty-some years old warrior who was more powerful than the fourth night.

After a dozen attacks, the third night had beaten Wei Renjie with great difficulty.

The second battle was again not a battle between top young warriors, which was quite disappointing for the audience.

Only for the sixth battle did two top young warriors walk up onto the battling platform. They were Tuo Baku and Gu Youyun.

Tuo Baku had a mysterious background, no one really knew where he had come from. In all those battles before, he was famous for his extremely powerful defense. Even the head disciple of the Sky Demon Martial School Mo Yan could not successfully break his protective layer. Until the end, Mo Yan decided to bring out all he got, wanting to destroy Tuo Baku's two eyes. But unfortunately, he had still lost to him, which made people have a new understanding of Tuo Baku's defense.

As the descendent of the Stone King, Gu Youyun was not as famous as Sikong Sheng and her talent was not that extraordinary, but the bloodline of the Stone King had brought her endless potential. She then caught up with everyone else and become one of the new top young warriors. She had used the Stone King Body Protective Fist Art to beat Qian Yun, who was the biggest threat to her, and eventually made it into the top ten.

The battle between the two had attracted a lot of attention. Everyone would like to know whether it was Tuo Baku's defense art or Gu Youyun's Stone King Body Protective Fist Art that was more powerful.

’’I am humble to learn!’’ Gu Youyun was always well-mannered. She greeted with her hand holding her other fist in front of her chest.

Tuo Baku said as he laughed, ’’Where are all these manners coming from? Battles don't care about manners. But you have pretty impressive powers, and the Stone King Body Protective Fist Art is not bad either. But take my punch first.’’

Without using any fist art, Tuo Baku had thrown out a punch with only his physical power and zhen Qi, the fist power as powerful as a mountain.


Gu Youyun threw a punch back. The two seemed to be at the same level.

’’Good. Now, I want to test out your ace attacks the Stone King Madness and see how powerful it is.’’ Tuo Baku jumped up, throwing out his Ruin Eighteen Punches.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! ...

The Ruin Eighteen Punch was one of the ace attacks from the Ruin Godly Fist Art. Each movement was simple and effective. It was made of pure brutal power and drastic aura. There were only two ways of breaking the attack, one was to use an even more powerful force to shatter the fist power, and the other way was to use a well-thought trick to break the attack. Both of these were extremely difficult, since Tuo Baku's fist art was famous for its unstoppable aura and tyrant power. With Gu Youyun's power, she would not be able to do so since she would not be able to win Tuo Baku in terms of power. And the well-thought trick would be even harder, since once the power reached a certain level, it would be able to decrease the power of any incoming attacks. Therefore, the tricks to break them would have to be even more powerful and crafty.

Obviously, Gu Youyun was not qualified to do either, so she had to use her exclusive Stone King Body Protective Fist Art to increase her zhen Qi layer.

Tuo Baku's fist was getting more and more powerful and brutal. Compared to him, Qian Yun's Thunder Four Movement and Sunset Five Movement was like a kid with a wooden hammer, which was not worth mentioning.

’’How impressive!’’

In Gu Youyun's eyes, Tuo Baku was like a mountain with a high speed. Not to mention fighting back, she was struggling already with the defense. Her Qi and blood had been kicked around her body by the fist power, and she could feel her zhen Qi boiling inside her body without her control, ready to shoot out any second.

’’The Sixteenth Punch!’’

Tuo Baku threw out another punch. The air was torn apart and a booming sound kept being heard.


The zhen qi layer was about to shatter any second. Gu Youyun bit on her lower lip, trying her best to defend. She thought to herself, 'Just a little bit more, just a little while longer... The more I am oppressed before, the more powerful Stone King Madness would become.'

’’The seventeenth punch!’’

A dragon like tiger roar was heard. Tuo Baku's punch had brought Gu Youyun to an age of ruins;danger was everywhere, which seemed extremely frightening.


Gu Youyun's protective zhen qi layer had finally been shattered. But right then, her fist power had already been accumulated to its limitation. Her Stone King Madness exploded and attacked out. It had not only shattered Tuo Baku's fist power and aura, but it also carried on attack towards Tuo Baku.

Facing that horrifying punch, Tuo Baku's protective zhen Qi had been shattered as he was blown away.

’’Using his body to test the attack himself, this Tuo Baku's defense is indeed powerful.’’ Ye Chen had seen it through. Although Tuo Baku did not decrease his fist art's power, his fist speed had obviously been decreased. Plus, his seventeenth punch was just as powerful as the sixteenth. He had held back some of his power. Otherwise, Gu Youyun would have lost by the seventeenth punch, and she would not have the chance of performing her Stone King Madness. The reason Tuo Baku had done it was obviously to see how powerful the Stone King Madness was.

Lin Qi was shocked, ’’You mean Tuo Baku did that on purpose?’’ He was extremely talented with his blade art, but slightly weaker in other things.

Without waiting for Ye Chen to answer, Xu Jing said, ’’Not entirely on purpose. Gu Youyun's protective zhen qi and the Stone King Madness are indeed powerful, and Tuo Baku did not underestimate her as well. He had prepared himself as he performed his seventeen punch, using all of his power to cancel out the power of the Stone King Madness.’’

Stepping one foot on the dark blue light wall, which brought up a little wavy pattern, Tuo baku flipped his body and landed on the ground. He looked down at his chest where his clothes had been shredded, and a light palm print appeared on his muscle, which was slightly blue and dark. He could not help but complimented, ’’Impressive. Lucky that I had prepared myself.’’

Seeing that her Stone King Madness could not even hurt Tuo Baku, Gu Youyun sighed a little and said, ’’You won!’’

Tuo Baku chuckled. His dragon-shaped shadow jumped towards Gu Youyun. After devouring a part of her dragon fountain qi, his shadow had grown to almost twenty-three meters, which was bigger than Ye Chen's.

The two walked off the stage, and the seventh battle began immediately.


’’The eleventh battle, Murong Qingcheng versus Bing Ling!’’

Just as the head judge finished talking, the audiences started to discuss. There were only three young female warriors among the ten seeded contestants, Murong Qingchen, Bing Ling and Gu Youyun. Gu Youyun was not a competitor for the other two when it came to appearance and vibe, so naturally, she was not as famous and popular as the other two. As one of the top two beauties of the Black Dragon Empire, although Murong Qingcheng was wearing a light cloth over her face, even with only half of her face revealed, it was still enough for people to fall for her. Adding her mysterious and majestic vibe, countless young warriors had fallen for her. Bing Ling's vibe was completely different from Murong Qingcheng, the former was mysterious, and she was the ice queen. Her beautiful features combined with her cold personality reminded people of a snow lotus that only grew in the ice mountain, and was extremely elegant and untouchable.

Both of their powers had reached the top young warriors' level, and then there was their beautiful appearance. They had made quite a disturbance in the audience seating with their presence on the stage.

’’Bing Ling is an older generation top young warrior. Although Murong Qingcheng is not really a new star, she had only risen up in this year's Hidden Dragon Rank competition. I wonder who's more powerful.’’

’’Who cares about the competition? Among all the young females in the whole South Rudra region, the two are one of the best. If I can get them to even like me a little, I would rather live ten years less.’’

’’I don't think they would like you even if you gave up ten years of your life, friend. But you are quite right, Murong Qingcheng and Bing Ling are the awesome two female warriors of the whole South Rudra region. In the recent years on this true spirit continent, I think they are only slightly below the Mysterious Queen.’’

’’The Mysterious Queen is incomparable with even a nation or a region. She was not only the no.1 millennium genius, but also the first lady of the true spirit continent. She was just so much better than everyone else. For example, geniuses like Sikong Sheng could still not compete with her.’’

’’The top millennium genius. I think she would not be weak even if she were in the ancient era. The Mysterious Queen was indeed a presence that made countless martial geniuses depressed. I wonder who would break the record she had set.’’

’’Come on, the battle is about to start.’’

The title of the Mysterious Queen was known to every single person in this true spirit continent. Every time when brought up a rare genius, they would mention her as a comparison. So did everyone watching the battle.


Murong Qingcheng flashed her body, her purple clothes dancing in the wind. Her body was like a disappearing bubble, vanishing from where she was standing. When she reappeared, she was already at the battling platform.

In front of her, Bing Ling was standing there with ice cold Qi around her. All of the water element in the air had been frozen and turned into tiny ice chips, falling on the ground.

’’Ice Break!’’

Sensing the pressure Murong Qingcheng was giving her, Bing Ling attacked first, performing the ace attack for her Ice Break Fist Art.


The ice cold fist power suddenly exploded when it was ten meters away from Murong Qingcheng.

’’Sky Demon Hunt!’’

Accumulating the Sky Demon power field in her palm, Murong Qingcheng took one step forwards, then made a grabbing gesture towards Bing Ling, who was still ten meters away.


The platform had been cracked open, as Bing Ling avoided the attack in time. While she was in midair, she pulled in the air with her right hand, and an ice blade that was made of ice-cold zhen Qi shot out.

Murong Qingcheng looked extremely calm. Her long slim palm pushed out gently into the air, shattering that ice blade instantly. Right after that, an invisible air pattern appeared on Bing Ling's zhen Qi layer, bringing up a few ice chips. The well-performed techniques had surprised a lot of young warriors. The Sky Demon Power Field was shapeless and formless;it was unpredictable and unstoppable. In the battles before, most of the people had been grabbed in the air by Murong Qingcheng and smashed into the light wall heavily.


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