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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 266


Chapter 266: Twenty-one Meters

Translator: 3heryl Editor: AntiGod

’’Ay? This dragon fountain Qi has also got the effect of replenishing spirit and Qi!’’ When the dragon-shaped shadow was only twelve meters, it had only shown a replenishing effect, which allowed the warrior not to be disturbed by the negativity. Besides that, there was barely any special effect. But once it grew to around almost sixteen meters, Ye Chen could feel that his lost spirit and Qi had visibly been replenished.

A person's Qi and spirit condition was something that mattered the most. Whatever one did, it would burn out a little bit of it, even if it was simply lifting up one's hand. Saying a full sentence would also cost some spirit and qi, although it was only a tiny usage which could be ignored. But without a doubt, the spirit and Qi of a person was constantly being burnt out, which would take a while to slowly replenish. Otherwise, it would have more or less some side effects. There had been seven battles already, and Ye Chen could feel the slight usage of his spirit and Qi. But now, he could feel the usage had been fully repaired.

With this discovery in mind, Ye Chen thought about training.

The warriors would have to burn a lot of spirit and Qi while training. With the help of spirit replenishing pellets, Qi replenishing pellets, and mentality replenishing pellets, Ye Chen's training speed had increased drastically, which made him no weaker than any other martial training genius. He would not have been able to reach Late Clasping Yuan Realm with only one year of time without the help of these three kinds of pellets.

Now, with the help of the dragon fountain Qi that could automatically repair Qi and spirit and even mentality, added with the three pellets, his training speed would definitely be able to get to the next level.

’’No wonder the other powerful warriors in the last Hidden Dragon Rank would be able to train so much faster than the others. It must have been because of the dragon fountain Qi.’’ Ye Chen thought to himself.

’’The tenth battle! Gu Youyun versus Qian Yun!’’

Gu Youyun was the second disciple of the Floating Mountain Martial School. Just like Qian Yun, she was unable to make it into the last Hidden Dragon Rank. As the new star this year, she was a tiny teenager who was only nineteen. She was good looking, but not too much, just like the girl next door. One could not tell at all that she had got the bloodline of the Stone King.

Compared to Gu Youyun, Qian Yun was more of an extrovert. His aura spread out on the platform, shining on the whole stadium, making the two an obvious contrast.

’’Huh! Who cares if you have the bloodline of the Stone King? I will beat you regardless.’’ Naturally, Qian Yun knew that Gu Youyun was the one who took his place as a seeded contestant, so he planed to use all his power to beat her to show everyone that he was supposed to be the last seeded contestant.

’’I am humble to learn.’’ Gu Youyun had both of her fists in front of her chest.

Qian Yun said without patience, ’’Let's skip all that crap. You, me, we will have to figure out a winner. Take this!’’

Yelling with a low voice, Qian Yun extended his body. He jumped across dozen meters and appeared above Gu Youyun, throwing a palm attack right at her. That palm attack was like thunder, bringing up all of the clouds to move with it. It was indeed the top rank Earth Realm Sunset Martial School martial art - the Purple Sunset Thunder Palm!

’’Break!’’ Gu Youyun did not freak out at all. She also threw out a punch towards the incoming fist attack.

After a huge loud sound, the two were both blown backward.

’’Cloud Mysterious Shadows!’’

Seeing that his one palm attack had failed, Qian Yun performed his high-rank Earth Realm flying art - Cloud Mysterious Shadows. His body shifted and he disappeared instantly from where he was standing. When he appeared again, he was already right next to Gu Youyun while his shadow was following him like a ghost or a fake cloud. He and his shadow kept running around Gu Youyun, which was extremely unpredictable.

’’Stone King Body Protective Fist!’’

In that critical moment, Gu Youyun calmed herself and lowered her balance. Zhen Qi from her whole body started to pour out, then she threw out a fist attack that was full of fist power.

Once she threw out that fist attack, she increased the thickness of her protective zhen Qi. Once she got to the third punch, her protective zhen Qi layer had increased by three hundred percent, which had not only made Qian Yun's attack fail, but also shocked his body.

’’This is Stone King's exclusive Stone King body protective fist art. It is unlike most of the fist arts... it focuses on defense. Therefore, its attacking power is relatively low.’’

’’With this fist art, it would be impossible for Qian Yun to finish this early.’’

’’Let's see who will last longer then.’’

Qian Yun had never seen this kind of weird fist art before in his life. It could somehow increase protective zhen Qi layer and blow away his power.

’’Let's find out which one is more powerful, your Stone King Protective Body Fist or my Purple Sunset Thunder Palm art!’’ He gave up on using his flying art. Qian Yun changed his attacking style completely, attacking towards Gu Youyun with palm attacks.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Within the blink of an eye, the two exchanged dozens of attacks. The sky was covered with fist and palm shadows.

’’Thunder Four Movement!’’

Suddenly, Qian Yun yelled loudly. He pushed out both of his palms, attacking his opponent multiple times in a flash.

Out of nowhere, the sky was full of thunders and lightning, electrical sparks could be seen everywhere. It seemed no weaker than real thunders in the sky. It looked like it contained the poetic perspective of the thunder.

Gu Youyun's protective zhen qi layer had been peeled off layer by layer, then rapidly weakened while she backed out four steps, leaving four deep footprints on the ground.

’’Sunset Five Movement!’’

Qian Yun did not want to stop at all now that he got the upper hand. The Thunder Four Movement was still not finished yet when he had performed another attack from his Purple Sunset Thunder Palm Art - the Sunset Five Movement.

Compared to the Thunder Four Movement, the Sunset Five Movement's attacking speed was way faster and was full of power. Gu Youyun, who was being controlled, had no chance of fighting back. She had to just keep backing out. Even with the enhancement of her Stone King Protective Body Fist Art, her zhen Qi layer still seemed to shatter any second. In everyone's opinion, Gu Youyun was about to lose.

Only Ye Chen and a few other people had noticed something out of place: with each step that Gu Youyun had taken, an unknown pile of power would accumulate inside her body. It was unstoppable, growing stronger and stronger, then eventually being compressed together. Towards the end, it even looked like it was about to break out of her control.

Waiting until Qian Yun finished throwing the last movement of his Sunset Five Movement, Gu Youyun stopped backing out and attacked with all she had got. Her tyrant like fist power was like a huge mountain being shattered, pouring everything onto her opponent.

’’Stone King Madness.’’

Legends said that the Stone King was a well-tempered man. He would barely get mad even if his opponents tried to aggravate him. However, when the anger accumulated till its limit, then one would face the berserk Stone King, which was said to be horrifying. Barely anyone knew about it because most of them were dead. What was weird was that the Stone King with such a good temperament somehow still ended up with so many enemies. After his death, all of his decedents were almost hunted to extinction, and no one really knew why.

The Stone King Protective Body Fist Art was a top rank Earth Realm Fist Art created by the Stone King. And the ’’Stone King Madness’’ was indeed one of the top three ace attacks. Right then, after Gu Youyun had performed it, its power was extremely frightening;it was like the whole space was about to be shattered by her, a power that was unstoppable.


Puking out a chunk of blood, Qian Yun was blown back into the air, looking all messed up.

’’This young lady is indeed not simple. She is so well-controlled in terms of her emotions. She was able to hold on for so long and changed the situation completely in the end, beating Qian Yun.’’

’’Unless one would be able to break down Gu Youyun's protective zhen Qi layer, once the Stone King Madness is out, even people who are more powerful than her would lose.’’

’’There would not be many people who could shatter her defense. Gu Youyun's zhen Qi layer was even more powerful than Bing Ling's... The Stone King Body Protective Fist Art is no joke for sure.’’

The crowd was fascinated with the Stone King's martial art. They could not help but think a little bit highly of Gu Youyun.

The Qi of the dragon fountain had been taken by a little, but Qian Yun was absolutely devastated. He could not believe he had lost the fight that he thought he was going to win for sure. Not to mention the way he lost.

’’Good game!’’ Gu Youyun was very well-mannered. She touched her fist again before getting off the stage, which aggravated Qian Yun even more. He thought she was just laughing at him.


It was already the afternoon, and the competition had reached the nineteenth round.

Ye Chen had fought eighteen battles and won all of them. His dragon-shaped shadow had reached beyond fifteen meters and reached eighteen meters. However, Tuo Baku had also caught up with him. His shadow was also at eighteen meters, while Murong Qingcheng was at eighteen and a half meters. The three had similar size of their dragon-shaped shadows. If they encountered another powerful warrior with rich dragon fountain Qi, they would be able to reach beyond the other two.

Unfortunately, Ye Chen had encountered a young warrior who was ranked fourteen in the last Hidden Dragon Rank on his nineteenth battle. After devouring his opponent's dragon fountain qi, his dragon-shaped shadow had grown once again, reaching almost nineteen meters. Judging only by the size of dragon-shaped shadows, Ye Chen would already be ranked within the top twenty.

Xu Jing had fought eighteen battles and she won fifteen of them. Her dragon-shaped shadow was around twelve meters.

Lin Qi had won nine battles out of eighteen of them, and his shadow was around seven meters.

As for Sikong Sheng and the others, the growth of their dragon-shaped shadows was very unnoticeable. Sikong Sheng was still at twenty-four meters, Yan Chihuo at twenty-one and half meters, Li Daoxuan at twenty-one meters, and so was Lin Yun. They had only made centimeters of improvement with each battle. It was impossible for them to grow their dragon-shaped shadows rapidly like Ye Chen and the others.

After twenty-one battles, the sky was already dark.

The head judge announced that the competition was over for the day and would be continued in the morning.


With everyone's excitement, the long night had passed slowly.

On the second day's morning...

Countless battles carried on happening on that battling platform.

The twenty-second battle had finished.

The thirty-third battle had finished.

The thirty-eighth battle had finished.

All the way until the thirty-ninth battle, Ye Chen's dragon-shaped shadow had grown all the way up to almost nineteen meters, which was only a few steps away from twenty-one meters.

Up until now, people who had dragon-shaped shadows that were bigger than twenty-one meters were only ten people, among whom, six of them were older generation powerful young warriors. Four of them were ranked warriors in the last Hidden Dragon Rank who were quite lucky because they had not encountered the top young warriors, so their all-win record managed to continue. Tuo Baku, Murong Qingcheng, and Gu Youyun were just like Ye Chen, they were still not at the twenty-one meters mark yet. Zhang Feng, who was ranked 9 in the last Hidden Dragon Rank, and Gu Qing, who was ranked 10, could have succeeded by now, but unfortunately, they were assigned to Tuo Baku and Ye Chen. Their shadows were only at around eighteen meters, which was still a long way until the twenty-one meter.

’’The fifth battle of the fortieth round, Ye Chen versus Liu Chuan!’’

Liu Chuan was indeed a young warrior who was ranked thirteen in the last Hidden Dragon Rank. His dragon-shaped shadow had already reached almost twenty-one and half meters. However, even he could not help but get nervous when he found out that his opponent was Ye Chen. Although he knew this would happen eventually, he still could not help but feel frustrated when it actually happened.

Pushing his zhen Qi layer to its limit, Liu Chuan stared at Ye Chen cautiously. Facing this year's top young warrior, he still had a little hope in winning against his opponent.

’’Sky Shattering Clouds!’’

Ye Chen did not plan to waste time. He held his sword with both of his hands and threw out a sword attack. Thunders and clouds appeared in the air, as a huge invisible sword Qi shot out across a sky full of electrical sparks.

Liu Chuan, who had prepared himself, was utterly shocked. He had only avoided half of the attack, while the other half had shattered his zhen Qi layer completely. Half of his body went numb, and he had lost the battle instantly.


The dragon-shaped shadow jumped onto Liu Chuan's body, then came back to Ye Chen immediately.

Right then, Ye Chen's dragon-shaped shadow had indeed reached the twenty-one meters size.


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