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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 263


Chapter 263: The Qi of the Dragon Fountain (Part two)

Translator: 3heryl Editor: AntiGod

’’All of those who are not in the competition, please exit the battling area.’’ The head judge stood up, activated his zhen yuan and raised his voice loud enough for the whole stadium to hear.

Hearing him, all of those young warriors who did not make it into the rank had left the battling area, leaving seventy-two contestants remaining, which were indeed all the warriors on the Hidden Dragon Rank this year.

’’Alright, all of you go stand on the battling platform. There will be a shower of the dragon fountain Qi. Do not panic when it happens.’’ The head judge was very familiar with the process of the Hidden Dragon Rank competition and the secrets of the Hidden Dragon Ancient City.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

A lot of the young warriors who had been in the competition of the Hidden Dragon Rank were not surprised at all. Only a small amount of young warriors who had not heard about it looked a bit confused. But seeing everyone else had already flown onto the battling platform, they did not say anything but also flew behind them, standing right next to someone they knew.

Above the deep cliff were six combined battling platforms. Each platform had a different amount of people standing on there. Some of them had more than twenty people, and some of them had only seven or eight people. Over on the group seven platform, Ye Chen, Xu Jing and Lin Qi stood together. Right next to them were some of the young warriors from the nations close to the Wind Nation.

Ye Chen said, ’’I think this Dragon Fountain Qi definitely has something to do with luck. I wonder what kind of form this shower will be.’’

Xu Jing was about to say something, then she suddenly realized that more than fifty percent of the young warriors looked a bit different right now. There was a dragon-shaped shadow dancing around their bodies while roaring. The shadow of the dragons came in different sizes. Some of them were big while some were small;some were clear, some were blurry, some looked powerful while some looked a bit sick... Among them all, Sikong Sheng and some of the top warriors had the biggest and most powerful dragon shadows;they were about two meters tall, extremely clear, looking majestically powerful. An unspeakable pressure had oppressed over the whole stadium.

’’This is the Qi of the dragon fountain?’’ Lin Qi looked like he was thinking about something.

Ye Chen looked around and realized that all of the warriors who had a dragon shaped shadow were warriors in the last Hidden Dragon Rank, meaning that they had been showered before already. And all those young warriors who were there for the first time were just like them, lacking those dragon shadows. They were quite confused at the moment and could do nothing but look at each other.

After about fifteen minutes, a vague dragon roar came out from the deepest part of the deep cliff. Then, countless dragon shaped Qi flows shot out from within and jumped into everyone's body. They quickly crawled back out again and started floating outside their bodies.

Ye Chen was a bit surprised. He had obviously sensed the existence of the dragon shaped Qi flow. He could feel that it went into his BaiHui acupoint (the top-center part of one's skull) and entered his body. After circling around his blood, flesh, and bones, it came out of his body through weird acupoints, forming a dragon shaped shadows outside of his body.

It might have been an illusion, but Ye Chen swore he could feel his current physical and mental condition had gone up a level.

’’Why ours are so small? Look at them, they were all more than one meters big. There are even two meters ones.’’ Some of the newly entered warriors were quite confused. They had no idea what was going on, so they kept talking to each other, hoping to find an answer.

All of those warriors who had already been on the rank before had already got dragon shaped shadows around their bodies, and after the dragon-shaped qi flow had nourished it again, they had become almost three meters' tall and kept on growing. Standing on the battling platform, they were attracting extra attention, like the alpha of the pack.

The ’’Fire Spirit Prince’’ Yan Chihuo, the ’’Heartless Sword Artist’’ Li Daoxuan, Lin Yun, Bing Ling and Mo Yan had all gotten more than two meters high dragon shadows. Even Murong Qingcheng had already gotten an almost two meters tall shadow.

As for Ye Chen and the rest of the new warriors, their dragon-shaped shadows were only half a meters' tall right now, which was nowhere comparable to the others.

’’Winner gets it all!’’

Ye Chen and Xu Jing exchanged a look.

If they did not guess it wrong, the Qi of the dragon fountain was not unchangeable. There should be a way for them to get their opponents' dragon fountain qi. And right now, they were indeed in the middle of competition. Therefore, there would only be one way of beating the opponents - to win the battles.

Over at the audience seating, Luo Xinglie smiled as he said, ’’Right now, the qi of the dragon fountain can only increase individual luck, which would not have an effect on the martial school yet. Once he gets back to the Sky Cloud Martial School, the qi of the dragon fountain would automatically be infused into the foundation of our martial school, which would also increase our school's luck. As for how it works, I don't think even those Seas of Souls Realm warriors would be able to explain it properly.’’

The headmaster of the Sky Cloud Martial School said, ’’So, after this competition, we should let Ye Chen go back with us first?’’

’’We will have to see what he wants. There is not much we can do if he doesn't want to come back yet. But I think he will, since the Qi of the dragon fountain could not only increase the luck of our school, but also his family.’’

The leader of the Purple Sun Martial School Tu Chongshan looked at those dragon fountain Qi with eyes full of envy. If the Purple Sun Marital School had also gotten some Qi from the dragon fountain, they could definitely carry on growing. 'But now, it was all ruined by him!' He looked over at Ye Chen, a deep killing intention flashing through his eyes.

The leader of the Emerald Martial School Zhuang Qingxian thought to himself, 'The Emerald Martial School had been the leader of the Wind Nation for so long. Even without the Qi of the dragon fountain, we will still keep on growing. If the Sky Cloud Martial School wants to catch up, it would not be this easy. Wait until the next Hidden Dragon Rank competitions, my Emerald Martial School will definitely regain the Qi of the dragon fountain.'

The two were very serious about the Qi of the dragon fountain. Plus, the dragon fountain Qi here in the Hidden Dragon Ancient Place was like none other. The dragon fountain beneath the Hidden Dragon Ancient Place was the main branch of the whole South Rudra region. Therefore, the Qi of the dragon fountain here was extra powerful. Its luck was almost unlimited, which could be a vital factor to the martial institutions, since everyone would want their martial institutions to be covered in luck.

Waiting until all of the dragon-shaped shadows over the new-coming warriors had stabilized, Sikong Sheng's dragon shadow suddenly roared into the sky, full of majesty. Right afterward, the dragon shadows of Yan Chihuo and Lin Yun had also started roaring. Then it was Li Daoxuan, Bing Ling, Mo Yan... one by one in order.

Eventually, all of the half-meter dragon shadows outside Ye Chen and the others' bodies had also started roaring. However, compared to the others, their dragons' roars seemed much quieter and weaker. Judging from this, one could easily tell who had carried richer dragon fountain Qi.

Sikong Sheng twitched his lips and said like he could not care less, ’’For the past thousand years, the highest record of the dragon shadow was only two and a half meters. This time, I want to reach beyond three meters and make a new record!’’

’’The three-meter dragon shaped shadow would make you the leader of us all. Head disciple, your power is just way powerful than theirs. Getting the three-meter dragon shadow should not be easier.’’

’’Indeed, head disciple, you carry the blood of a king level warrior as a descendent. Adding your three-meter dragon shadow, the others would be mere decorations for you.’’

There were a lot of powerful warriors from the Floating Mountain Martial School who had made it into this year's rank. These couple of their core disciples had never thought that Sikong Sheng would lose his champion place. They knew that once he had gained enough dragon fountain Qi from his opponents, then growing his dragon-shaped shadow could not be easier, since this year's competition was the one with the highest quality for the past thousand years.

Yan Chihuo and Lin Yun looked over at Sikong Sheng at the same time.

’’This time, I will not only beat you but also increase my dragon-shaped shadow to three meters. Sikong Sheng, you just wait!’’

’’No matter who it is, I, Lin Yun will beat you. As for the Qi of the dragon fountain, I will take it all.’’

The first and second place of the last Hidden Dragon rank looked completely different - Sikong Sheng was ranked no. 1, and his dragon shadow was around 2.2 meters. As for Yan Chihuo, who was ranked second, had only 1.8 meters dragon shadow. Lin Yun, who ranked fifth had a shadow about the same as Yan Chihuo, which meant there was not much difference between the second place and the top ten places. Only the champion position would have the benefit of having the biggest dragon shadow, being high up there.

The champion place's luck was equivalent to two or three top ten places, which was very intriguing for a lot of the warriors.


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