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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 261


Chapter 261: The Best Defense

Translator: 3heryl Editor: AntiGod

Over at the Sky Cloud Martial School, Luo Xinglie opened his mouth, but he didn't really know what to say. He turned his head to see the rest of the group, who were all having the same expression on their faces.

The headmaster had come back to reality first. He forced a smile and said, ’’Leader, we are indeed unable to read Ye Chen.’’ He did not say ’’underestimate’’ because that word right now would be inaccurate. The first time might be them underestimating Ye Chen, maybe also the second and third time. But more than three times, it would no longer be underestimating.

Luo Xinglie nodded heavily, ’’Although I am the leader of the Sky Cloud Martial School and I had reached the peak of the Late Clasping Yuan Realm for a long time, I will still not be able to last one attack in his hands.’’ He roughly counted. If he had joined the competitions of the Hidden Dragon Rank, he would only be slightly above average. He would still be hard to compete with great martial geniuses.

The fourth master said with emotion, ’’In the Windy Nation, besides all the Astral Reaching Realm warriors, Ye Chen would be the No.1 warrior. If he wanted, he could make up his own little martial school. If he managed it well and no one interfered, it would only take him ten years to make it into a rank 9 martial school.’’

’’Yah, with Ye Chen's charm, I doubt he would have problems with recruitment. But have you ever seen a top martial genius giving up everything to create his own martial school? Even if they are offered the leader position of a rank 8 martial school, I doubt they would take it. Only a rank 6 leader might tempt them. But of course, not everyone has the greed for power.’’ The headmaster laughed. Although Ye Chen's power had shocked him, regardless, the more powerful Ye Chen was, the better since he was the disciple of the Sky Cloud Martial School. Even if he decided to leave the school, he would still be a friend to the school. Both professionally and personally, it would be great news.

Luo Xinglie was very satisfied as he said, ’’The competitions of the Hidden Dragon Rank are held every three years. Now that Ye Chen and Xu Jing have both gotten such good achievements, I will not have to worry anymore. From now on, we can watch the competitions as a true audience.’’

Besides the Sky Cloud Martial School who were talking about Ye Chen, the focus of the other martial institutions was all on him. There were good ones, curious ones, and of course also evil ones as well.

Over at the Purple Sun Martial School...

The leader of the Purple Sun Marital School Tu Chongshan could not look more serious. The fact that all of his disciples had disappointed him massively had already aggravated him. But the main trigger of his anger was Ye Chen. Without Ye Chen, his head disciple and second disciple would not have died in the Heaven Dream Ancient Place. And if they had not died, they would have already reached the Clasping Yuan Realm already, and that was merely the direct relationship. The indirect relationship between Ye Chen and his institution's failure was that his disciples had lost its leaders, which led to their lack of competition and slow progress. If that continued, the future of the Purple Sun Martial School would be doomed to fall and be completely pressed down by the Sky Cloud Martial School.

’’Leader, this brat is no longer defeatable for Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Even if we send out dozens of Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, it would still not able to stop him. They might even be killed by him. But are we really going to watch him growing stronger and stronger and eventually turn into a powerful Astral Reaching Realm warrior?’’ A core master of the Purple Sun Martial School talked to his leader via zhen Qi.

Tu Chongshan sneered, ’’Watch him grow? He can dream about it. Last time, those leaders of the Assassin Pavilion were not able to kill him. That was our mistake for not seeing that Xian Yunzi - that old brat - would send those powerful warriors to guide him out of the Wind Nation. But this time, he must die!’’

The headmaster of the Purple Sun Martial School frowned, said with his zhen qi, ’’Are you going to send out the Great Master? Although he can kill Ye Chen, we should really talk about it before we do anything reckless. It would be hard to clean up if failed. What if Xian Yunzi was watching the Great Master? Plus, the leader of the South Rudra Martial School is also in favor of Ye Chen. If she finds out about it, she might take this opportunity to take our Purple Sun Marital School out!’’

Tu Chongshan shook his head, ’’No, if we cannot send out Great Master, it still does not mean that there is nothing we can do about him. There are so many powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors in the South Rudra Region.’’

Hearing him, some of the core masters suddenly realized his plan. 'It is for sure that the Great Master cannot be sent out. But if we pay a certain price and hire a lone Astral Reaching Realm warrior, it would not be impossible. Once the target is killed, no one would even find out who did it.'

’’Mid Astral Reaching Realm warriors would be hard to hire, but powerful Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors should be fine. Huh!’’ Tu Chongshan sneered, feeling better already.

The leader of the Emerald Martial School was also very anxious. Ye Chen's growth was just so unbelievable. On the celebration dinner for Zhuang Fei, he was still at Late Condensing Reality Realm, and by the end of the Heaven Dream Ancient Place, he was already at Early Clasping Yuan Realm. It had only been a year and he had increased directly from the Early Clasping Yuan Realm to Late Realm. If that were it, then it would still be understandable. But his attacking power had also increased drastically. Not to mention the Clasping Yuan Realm in Wind Nation, even in the whole South Rudra Region, there would barely be any Clasping Yuan Realm warriors who would be able to beat him. In other words, Ye Chen right now alone had already become a threat to the tyrant position of the Emerald Martial School.

Soon, if they waited until Ye Chen became an Astral Reaching Realm warrior, the Emerald Martial School would no longer be able to control the Sky Cloud Marital School. Adding Ye Chen, the Sky Cloud Marital School would have two Astral Reaching Realm warriors. Also by then, Ye Chen would not just be a normal Astral Reaching Realm warrior. As for the Emerald Martial School, there would only be three Astral Reaching Realm warriors, which would not be comparable to those high rank 7 or top rank 7 martial institutions.

’’Let's watch it first. Wait until Purple Sun Martial School messes with Ye Chen. I don't believe they would not do anything about it.’’ Zhuang Qingxian was also full of strategies. He did not plan to do anything about it yet because, besides the consequences, he also did not want to do the Purple Sun Martial School a favor. He would wait until they had failed. At that time he would still have a while to plan it. Plus, he did not think the Purple Sun Martial School would fail, because they had failed so many times, so this time would definitely be big.

Studying Ye Chen, Zhuang Qingxian could not calm himself for a long time. 'Why is he not a disciple of the Emerald Martial School? If that had been the case, how nice it would have been? What a shame!'

Zhuang Qingxian was not only sad about Ye Chen not being a disciple of the Emerald Martial School, but also the fact that a rare martial genius was about to fall. He could not help but feel sorry for the loss of great potential.

Ye Chen had no idea about what was cooking in the Purple Sun Martial School and Emerald Martial School, but he would not mind even if he knew. He would probably be more cautious at the most. Being a martial genius, it was almost inevitable for this kind of thing to happen.

’’Mo Yan, his ability to see through weaknesses is not weaker than yours.’’ Ye Chen's power was making Lin Yun very uncomfortable. Up until now, he had already shown the power to compete in the top five, so he had to take him seriously. But before that, upsetting Mo Yan would be very necessary. Among the young generation, there were a lot of people who were interested in Murong Qingcheng. The ones saying that they didn't like her were so only on the surface;no one besides them would know if it was the truth. Lin Yun obviously would not believe when the ’’Demon Eyes’’ Mo Yan said that he did not like Murong Qingcheng. Since Ye Chen and Murong Qingcheng had such a close relationship, he was sure that Mo Yan would mind it, especially after Ye Chen had shown such powerful ability to see through weaknesses. Mo Yan would be definitely the most likely to be offended by that.

Mo Yan sneered, ’’No need for your words... he and I will definitely fight.’’

Lin Yun said, ’’You and I both know his weaknesses. His martial skills' rank is obviously too low compared to the others, so his zhen Qi protective layer would not be strong enough. As long as we can manage to hit him, winning should not be too hard. But the question is how will we be able to hit him since his flying art is not that low ranked after all.’’

The importance of the martial skills was already needless to be mentioned. No matter how powerful a martial genius could be, they would not say no to the powerful martial skills, because martial skills could not only bring the quantity and the quality of their zhen Qi to the next level, but also improve the warriors' protective zhen Qi layer. Around this world, something like this would normally happen - out of two lone warriors who had the same potential and power, one person would have a great opportunity and obtain a powerful martial skill manual while the other got nothing. Eventually, that lone warrior would not even be able to break through the defense of the other lone warrior and when the latter would throw out an attack at him, he would puke blood instantly and die.

Therefore, under the same conditions, the ranking of the martial skills could not be more important. Right now, Lin Yun was quite satisfied. He was happy that Ye Chen had not trained a top rank Earth Realm skill. Otherwise, even he would not have the confidence in beating Ye Chen.

Mo Yan did not say anything. He obviously knew all about Ye Chen's weakness, but it would still be quite hard to be able to hit him. During the fight with Bing Ling, Ye Chen had performed his flying art without any flaws. If it were not for Bing Ling's ace attack which increased her attacking range, it would be hard to even track Ye Chen's movement.

’’Huh! With my Sky Demon Eyes, I will see through all of your movements and beat you completely.’’ Mo Yan took a deep breath and thought to himself.

The ninth round battles had finished, and the last round of the competitions had officially begun.

Without any surprises, Ye Chen's opponent had given up. With Ye Chen easily beat Bing Ling, the contestant would probably be laughed at if he did not give up. People would have thought he was being stupid and did not see his place.

While the group seven was having a peaceful time, the group where Mo Yan was could not be more full of drama.

’’The Second round, Mo Yan versus Tuo Baku!’’

It was throwing a rock into a peaceful lake. The audience boiled up once again.

The ’’Demon Eyes’’ Mo Yan was the head disciple of the Sky Demon Martial School, ranked eighth in the last Hidden Dragon Rank, the top of the older generation.

Tuo Baku, who had a mysterious background, was ranked no.1 with Ye Chen in the top ten new star, one of the newest top young warriors.

The top of the old generation took on the top of the younger generation. The title alone had already excited a lot of people.

On the battling platform...

The ’’Demon Eyes’’ Mo Yan looked at Tuo Baku coldly. So far, the latter had not lost one battle which was the same as Ye Chen. 'Unfortunately, he has faced me. I will see through all of your weaknesses.'

’’Haha! Finally, a powerful one! Let's do this!’’ Tuo Baku started laughing once he stood on the platform. He was full of fighting intent.

’’Sky Reaching Hand!’’

Mo Yan started moving. His body extended, dragging out layers and layers of shadows. He reached out his palm as countless black palm shadows suddenly attacked towards Tuo Baku.

’’No, no... Let's play something more exciting.’’ Tuo Baku just stood still and took that attack without even getting a scratch on the zhen Qi layer.

’’What?! This defense is too frightening! Even Mo Yan's attack could not break open his defense.’’

’’No wonder he was ranked no.1 right next to Ye Chen on the top ten new star list. His defense alone had already left the crowd speechless. I wonder what Mo Yan has got to deal with him.’’

The crowd discussed quietly.

Mo Yan squeezed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, the dark red light shot out from his pupils like two beams of light. In his vision, Tuo Baku's protective zhen Qi had presented different color, but only a few dots were red. And those were indeed the weak parts of his protective zhen Qi layer.


His body disappeared instantly, then appeared in front of Tuo Baku. He combined his index and middle finger and pointed at the weak part of his opponent's defensive zhen Qi layer.


The zhen Qi layer had been punctured through as that sharp finger light landed on Tuo Baku.

The latter could not fight back the counter force and was blown back into the air, eventually stepping on the light wall and regaining balance like a huge mountain. There was a small hole on his chest, but his skin and muscle were still perfectly intact.

Mo Yan's fatal attack had still not been able to break through Tuo Baku's defense.

Everyone was in shock!


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