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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 260


Chapter 260: Fast Sword Poetic Perspective

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

’’How did you do this?’’ Bing Ling was very pale. All of the ice crystal formed by zhen Qi had been shattered, and she had only less than five percent of zhen Qi left in her body. Not to mention the ability to threat Ye Chen, a normal Clasping Yuan Realm warrior would be able to beat her easily right now. Therefore, she had already lost, but she still wanted to figure out how Ye Chen did it.

Putting back his Star Scar Sword into his scabbard, Ye Chen said, ’’Your ace attack was not perfect, that's all.’’

He was telling the truth. Although Bing Ling's ace attack looked extremely powerful and unstoppable, it was not perfect;there were a lot of flaws hidden within. Maybe for the others, those flaws were not even flaws because it was all happening so fast that being able to block out the attack would already be lucky. Trying to find the flaws and then target them would be suicidal for them. However, Ye Chen was different. With his powerful soul power, his senses were extra sharp. Not only was he able to tell Bing Ling's weakness from only one glance, but he was also able to attack that flaw with a high-speed sword attack and then eventually win the battle.

’’Not perfect?’’ Bing Ling drowned in her thoughts.

Ye Chen did not plan to withhold any information, so he said, ’’The second you performed your Ice Crystal Fist attack, there were a couple of very important zhen Qi routes on your right arm which could be hidden and protected with more ice crystals. Then, there would not be any flaws and weaknesses. But I can tell that you had not mastered this movement for long, and had not trained it completely yet. So, your zhen Qi route was quite obvious, and your ice crystal defense had only covered your forearm. Once I cut down one of the important zhen Qi routes, the Ice Crystal Fist would be shattered instantly by itself.’’

Heard Ye Chen, Bing Ling gasped. She was not shocked because of the fact that there was a flaw in her Ice Crystal Fist Art, but at her opponent's attacking strategy. The Ice Crystal Fist Art was one of the top three ace movements of the Ice Breaking Fist Art. It was inhumanly fast, and even if there was a flaw, normal people would not even have a chance to think about it. However, Ye Chen had not only seen through it and figured out the main zhen Qi routes, but managed to cut off one of them. How fast and controlled the sword attack would have to be to achieve this. So it was really not an unfair win for Ye Chen.

Glancing at Ye Chen deeply, Bing Ling shook her head, ’’No, I did not lose because of the weakness in my Ice Crystal Fist Art. I lost to you.’’

She had already known about the weaknesses of her Ice Crystal Fist Art. In fact, all of the martial arts that had not been mastered to completion would have flaws. It was common knowledge in this true spirit continent.

She would not have not known about this. But before she had met Ye Chen, she did not think there would be anyone who could beat her by seeing through the weaknesses. Her opponents, in her opinion, would mostly try to have a head-on confrontation. Therefore, she was never worried, and there was no reason for her to get worried. But who would have thought that in this Hidden Dragon Rank competition, there would be ’’monsters’’ like Ye Chen who had excellent observation, sword speed, self-control... He was almost the perfect sword artist.

Ye Chen did not say another word as Bing Ling was quite right. For him, it was not a necessity to see through the weakness of hers. The key was whether he could hit the right place or not. If he could not manage to hit the weakness, then what would be the use of seeing through it? And as for the reason that he cut off his opponent's zhen Qi route, it was because it was better than hitting her actual body, as he was almost in a state of no defense. If he did not do that, of course he could have hit her again, but that Ice Crystal Fist Art would also land on him. If it did not kill him, it would still wound him. Not to mention the fact that it was only a battle and not a matter of life and death. There was no need for him to put his life out there or easily kill his opponent or ruin their future.

Before he got off the stage, Bing Ling turned her back to say, ’’Thank you for holding back!’’ Cutting off her right arm zhen Qi route was no different than cutting off her real right arm, but Ye Chen had chosen to minimize damage, there was not any actual damage.

Ye Chen touched his nose, ’’No need to thank me. Cutting off your zhen Qi route was already my limit.’’

’’Oh yeah?’’ The corner of Bing Ling's mouth moved. 'Up until now, he was still hiding his power. Did he think that I had not noticed?'


Letting out a breath, Ye Chen was quite surprised at Bing Ling's power. She had almost forced out his quick blade. But then, he would have lost another hidden card.

'Anyways, if I have to expose then I will. There would not be anyone new who would be able to avoid my attack, except those few people.'

Ye Chen was very confident about the quick sword that was formed from the Lone Peak Kill. Up until now, the Lone Peak Kill was no longer the simple theoretical Lone Peak Kill anymore. It had contained a lot of things like the completed poetic perspective of the Lone Peak Kill, the quick sword perspective, and that still-not-completed slow sword perspective. Plus, he had come up with some new ideas recently, which made this movement even more complicated. It could be used both individually and combined. The individual power was also different, it was not necessary weaker than the Lone Peak Kill.

For example, he had already trained the fast sword poetic perspective to the extent that the sword light was already invisible. But once performed as an individual attack, it was still a fatal attack.

If he could master the slow sword perspective, then not only would his battling power be increased drastically, maybe his fast sword perspective would also make a breakthrough under the stimulation of the slow sword.

'Why would the Lone Peak Kill get more complicated and full of potential with time?' Ye Chen had always been thinking about this question. Until recently, he had realized it was because of the sword intent.

The Lone Peak Kill was a combined sword movement from the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords. And Ye Chen's sword intent had come from the poetic perspective of the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords. So, the relationship between the two was deep and complicated. And as the sword intent grew, the sword movement and poetic perspective of the Lone Peak Kill had reached the complete realm and would not be able to make another breakthrough. But it did not mean that its power could not have a breakthrough because sometimes, something was not just about one single perspective, but instead combined perspectives. For example, once a person reached the limit of his or her potential, it seemed to be impossible to make another breakthrough. Then, is one handed him or her a powerful weapon, his or her power would no longer be the same. Obviously, his/her power would continue to grow, which was the same with the powerful poetic perspective that came out of the Lone Peak Kill. With the Lone Peak Kill being the main base, the fast sword and slow sword perspective would be able to temporarily rely on it as a unit. Once the fast and slow sword perspective made a breakthrough, the power of the Lone Peak Kill would also increase.

One day, when the fast and slow poetic perspective reached completion, it would be able to leave the Lone Peak Kill perspective and develop as its own or even form into an entirely new movement.

Compared to the perspective of the Lone Peak Kill, the Sky Shattering Clouds seemed to be purer and easily comprehensible. So far, there was only the poetic perspective of the clouds and thunder. The two were already deeply related, and there would be no way of finding what created which.

With all of those above, Ye Chen could almost feel the sword intent that was beyond completion. The Battle King's sword intent had not disappeared after five hundred years, which was obviously unachievable by normal sword intent. There must be some kind of deeper connection. But Ye Chen was still unable to see it through at the moment.

All of those thoughts had flashed by within the blink of an eye. Bing Ling had just made her way off the platform. Putting away his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen looked over at the judge.

’’Ye Chen won!’’

The judge of the old group three came back to reality and announced the result.

’’Did any of you figure out what had happened? Can you please tell me?’’ Over at the audience seating, the discussion had been non-stop;the questioning voice was heard everywhere.

’’How would I know? I wanted to ask you!’’

’’Perhaps it was Bing Ling who had not mastered the application of that movement and lost herself?’’

’’No way. Didn't you hear? Bing Ling had just said that Ye Chen had held back for her. But the question now is that how did Ye Chen throw out that attack and how did he hold back. I have no idea at all.’’

’’Bing Ling was already very powerful with all those powerful attacks. Unfortunately, it was Ye Chen that she had run into who has not lost a single battle so far.’’

’’Yah, regardless what had happened just now, with only the fact that he could beat Bing Ling who had been secretly so powerful, it can prove how powerful he is. The title of the top powerful young warrior is no doubt his.’’

’’Ah...we are all Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. How did we end up being the amateurs now? They are giving us no chance.’’

’’What can we do? Battles between sword artists are always like this. In the ranking competitions, Ye Chen and the 'Heartless Sword Artist' Li Daoxuan would have to fight. That fight would be truly intense. Both of the two are one of the top sword artists in the same realm. If they fight with full power, I am afraid we will all pass out from dizziness.’’

The harder it got for people to tell how Ye Chen had attacked, the more interested they were in him. The curiosity of humans was always uncontrollable, the reason why the mysterious warriors were always the memorable ones and young ladies tended to be attracted to the mysterious men more.

Li Daoxuan took a deep breath to calm his emotions. Ye Chen's fast sword made even him lose himself a little bit, which was quite serious for a sword artist. A sword artist should be calm and sharp at all time, even if the sky was about to fall on them.

’’Ye Chen, when we fight, please bring everything you have got. Only the fast sword would not be able to beat me.’’ This time, Li Daoxuan did not hide his sword intent anymore. He let it spread the whole stadium.

Over at the audience seating, after sensing Li Daoxuan's sword intent, the leader of the Heartless Marital School's frowned eyebrows were finally relaxed. Then he looked down at Ye Chen who was off the platform, that young sword artist who had really surprised him.

As a powerful Seas of Soul Realm warrior, the leader of the Heartless Marital School had almost seen it all. There was rarely anyone who had learned one or two impressive sword art perspectives when they were only at the Clasping Yuan Realm. And so far, Ye Chen had already performed four different sword perspectives, there were the clouds, thunders, the hallucinating kinds and the fast sword perspective, which made it four kinds in total.

Among the four, the clouds and the thunder were quite common. Ye Chen had obviously trained it to a very high level, but it was still within the limitations. That hallucinating kind was even rarer, he was sure that a normal sword art would not provide him with such a powerful sword art perspective, and he must have figured it out by himself. Judging from this, he would be even more powerful than Li Daoxuan. As for that fast sword perspective in the end, he was completely blown away.

As people all knew, the simpler things were, the harder they were to figure out. Fast and slow were two extremes. Normally, it would be hard for a fast sword art to lead to a fast sword perspective, because most of the fast sword arts were not powerful ones. It would be rare if it were a low-rank Earth Realm, so it was rarely anything seen below that. The trainer could increase the sword speed by adjusting the application and position of using zhen Qi at most. But Ye Chen was different, he had learned the fast sword perspective, which was a perspective that had gone beyond its surface and no longer limited by the application of the zhen Qi and attacking position. Instead, it was able to increase its sword speed indefinitely by a mysterious method, reaching beyond one limit after another.

'How horrifying!'

’’The Heartless Sword Art belonged to the top rank Earth Realm, and the heartless poetic perspective that had come out of it was very frightening. Added with all of those related heartless sword intents, it had made its power even scarier. And that would be Daoxuan's advantage. I hope he can leverage that advantage to the maximum.’’ The leader of the Heartless Martial School still thought that Li Daoxuan had a better winning change, but he hoped that he would not do anything careless or reckless. He wished he would try his best.


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