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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 26


Chapter 26 - Mysterious Queen

Run! Run! Run!

Ye Chen knew that, even if he could reach the Peak of Mortal Realm, Stage 10, he would still not survive, the gap of a whole power level was not easy to overcome. As for that battle between the North Snow Childe, Lin Qi and Wu Wanshan. Lin Qi only won because of the powerful martial arts and skills from his superior Rank 7 martial institution, North Snow Academy. They had existed for thousands of years and had accumulated countless priceless martial art manuals. Wu Wanshan was only a lone warrior, even his most powerful move was invented by himself.

Ye Chen had already completely mastered the Golden Swallow Art and after pushing his movements to the limit, Ye Chen could travel so fast that his feet would not touch the ground, allowing him to float over the ground, moving at ten meters per second, just like a real swallow bird.


Running at a extremely fast speed, Ye Chen could feel that there was a large amount of Beast Qi approaching his back.

Without looking, he knew it was the Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf, any warriors that had a lower power level than the Condensing Reality Stage would be paralyzed after getting hit by that tail.

With his strong soul power, Ye Chen's body shifted, avoided the attack.


That Qi ball hit the ground on Ye Chen's right side, not only left a huge empty pit, but also killing all the plants that surrounded the pit.

Damn! Such a powerful Qi Ball, this Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf's pellet must be extremely powerful, if I could get my hands on it, it would save me, at least, half a year's hard work! Wait, what the heck am I even thinking about?! Ye Chen laughed at his own thoughts. It was still uncertain whether he would even make it out of this situation or not, yet he was thinking about that pellet.

Pow! Pow! Pow!

Beast Qi Balls were fired, one after the other, once again Ye Chen could feel it from the back of his head. But he, somehow, always managed to find the best escape route, it was almost like that he was just taking a walk through a war zone.

That Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf was furious, it stopped firing and, instead, it started to chase that little human who was running ahead with its full power, slowly catching up.

Fifty steps to go!

Forty-five steps!

Forty steps!


Ye Chen shivered and hurriedly threw his big stuffed leather bag into the air. It accurately landed on a branch of a huge tree, which was a great hiding spot, that was hard to detect from the ground, so people would not steal it away from him.

After throwing away a hundred pounds of beast material, Ye Chen's running speed suddenly increased to a level that was not worse than a Early Condensing Reality Stage warrior. Plus, with the help of his strong soul power, he reached an inhumanly fast speed.

However, even with all that, the Scorpion Tail Demon Beast was still catching up, but now at a much slower rate.

They were both moving at an extremely fast speed. Without them even noticing, they reached the deepest part of the Silent Hills. It was weirdly quiet, with not a single sound.

The Scorpion Tail Demon Beast, that was chasing in the back, seemed to be a bit scared, it slowed down its speed, its humongous head kept checking around.

All of the sudden, a huge figured jumped out from the bushes on the side, it bit into the Scorpion Tail Demon Beast's neck effortlessly. It all happened so fast, their bodies kept moving in their momentum and slid out about ten meters.

The Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf tried everything to fight back, it howled with a horrifyingly loud cry.

However, that huge figure seemed to be way more powerful, with just one claw attack, it smashed the Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf's head into pieces, spilling blood everywhere.

When Ye Chen turned back to check what was going on, his eyes caught that huge beast's eyes. They were bloody red with a sharp intense stare, extremely murderous.

Rank 4 beast: Red Blood Demon!

Ye Chen was stressing out, he did not expect that he would encounter the Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf and especially not the even stronger Red Blood Demon on this trip. He thought he would still have a chance of surviving, then he realized that he was lost in the deepest part of the Silent Hills.

Even though he tried to deny it, he knew this was the deepest part of Silent Hills, otherwise there would not be rank 4 beasts here.

Seeing that Red Blood Demon catching up to him, Ye Chen forced himself to be calm, he scanned the surroundings carefully, then noticed the rock hill on his left side.

Over there, there was a huge horizontal crack, it seemed to be done by a sword of some sort, it was so deep that you could not see the bottom.

There was no time to consider the consequences, Ye Chen's right foot pushed against the ground and his body jumped out and dived into that huge crack.


The rock hill was shaking and cracking down, rocks were falling. Because the Red Blood Demon's body was way too big to fit in the crack, it could not reach Ye Chen at all.

Ye Chen did not think the entrance could hold back that demon for long, so he reached into his pocket and grabbed the Night Shine Pellet, with its dim light, he was able to see the surroundings so he started to walk deeper into the cave.

Without knowing how long he had walked, Ye Chen could not hear anything from the outside anymore.


A drop of water fell down from the top, Ye Chen subconsciously dodged it.

Before, I did not know how fast was my reflex at all, I cannot believe that I can even sense a drop of falling water and manage to dodge it. If it was before, even if Ye Chen could sense the water dripping, his body would not be able to react fast enough, but now that he had mastered the Pure Yuan Art, his mind was almost perfectly connected with his body.

After walking for a while, Ye Chen could feel air flow blowing on his face, suddenly his mood was lightened and he increased his walking speed, took out his great steel sword, and accumulated all his Qi, ready to go.

A wave of fresh wind blew past, Ye Chen's view expanded.

In front of him was a humongous space, with a height of ten meters. It was, surprisingly, an underground world.

There was river, trees, and a stone house. Outside the stone house, there was a stone pavilion with a stone table and four stone chairs in it.[A]

Is there someone living here? Ye Chen was shocked, but also extremely curious, he thought he found the exit, but it turned out to be a completely different world.

There seemed to be fish in the river. They kept appearing at the surface and making noises. As for the trees, they were weird looking, unlike the normal trees, the branches were as gray as the rock, they only had a couple of leaves, looking very lifeless.

He did not dare risk anything, Ye Chen walked towards the stone house.

’’Hello?’’ Standing outside, Ye Chen yelled.

After yelling a couple of times without any responding, Ye Chen took a deep breath and pushed the door open.

The stone house was not very big, it was only about nine square meters. There were tons of Night Shine Stones on the wall, which brightened the room.

The first thing that appeared in his sight was a huge portrait: there was a gorgeous lady in the painting, her hair was like a waterfall, her eyes were like the stars. She was like a fairy, a flower, she had a unique aura that Ye Chen had never seen before.

On the right bottom corner were the words, ’’Mysterious Queen’’.

Seeing the name, Ye Chen was shocked.

In this land of souls, there were countless powerful warriors, however, there were only a couple of them that were considered true powers, for example, the Con King, Evil King, Dragon King, and Mysterious Queen.

As the only female among the top warriors, the life of Mysterious Queen was definitely a legend.

She became a Condensing Reality warrior when she was only eleven, reached the Clasping Yuan Stage fourteen, Astral Reaching Realm at eighteen, Sea of Souls Realm at twenty-five, then completed the ’’Challenge of Life or Death’’ at the age of thirty-five and became the youngest warrior to ever achieve that for the past thousand years. Her power would go beyond the sky and ground, hence the name, Mysterious Queen.


[A] - I think this house might have some stone in it.... (EC)


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