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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 259


Chapter 259: Ice Break Fist Versus Sky Shattering Clouds (Part Two)

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

’’Ice Stone Roll!’’

Although she had seen through Ye Chen's real body, Bing Ling still did not dare to do anything reckless. After regaining balance, the frost on both of her fists increased, and she then performed the movement with the biggest attacking range of the Ice Break Fist art.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of rock cracking was heard. An area dozens of meters in front of her was in her attacking range, and there was no blind spot at all.

’’Good guess, but you are too cautious!’’

Bing Ling had a great guess, the ’’Ye Chen’’ holding weapons was indeed the real one. But unfortunately, it was not Ye Chen's purpose to confuse his opponent, he was purposely making his opponent concern about his zhen Qi shadows and divert his attacks. Just as he expected, Bing Ling had indeed done that. Although she had still attacked mainly at his real body, it was already scattered because she was concerned about Ye Chen's movement abilities. So the main attack was still drastically weaker than her normal attacks, which made it a flaw for Ye Chen to target. But of course, even if Bing Ling decided to ignore the zhen Qi shadows, there would still be no damage for Ye Chen since the battle had just begun.


The Star Scar Sword was sliced out vertically. That full-moon-like sword qi appeared, as all of the fist shadows that were on the straight line were sliced open. The next second, a huge hole appeared on Bing Ling's ice frost defensive protective zhen Qi layer. The sword attack had almost broken through her defense completely, and the power of the sword had boiled up her qi and blood, which made her keep backing out.

’’No! Not good!’’ Actually, she started to regret it the moment she threw out the attack. The amazing attacking power of Ye Chen was known to everyone, and it was definitely not wise to disperse one's attacking power. Her ice frost protective zhen Qi had almost been broken, causing Bing Ling to open her mouth and take a deep breath. She fixed her defense layer and then took a step on the platform behind her to regain her control. Eventually, her body shot out, throwing down a punch from the sky.

All of those movements had been completed in the blink of an eye, leaving an impression of Bing Ling attacking back instantly after Ye Chen threw out his sword attack.

’’Glacier Break!’’

She had used this attack before when she was fighting Gu Qing. Once the attack was thrown out, it was like seeing a glacier breaking down and the ground cracking open, which made it one of the fatal killing attacks from the Ice Break Fist Art.

The battling platform had been cracked open and Ye Chen disappeared in the wind. When he showed up again, he was already at Bing Ling's right side, throwing out another sword attack at an inhuman speed.


This time, Bing Ling's defensive zhen Qi layer had been broken even worse. The crack covered the whole layer, and it looked like it was about to be shattered completely any second. The point where the sword qi had attacked had a deep sword mark. The countless ice chips were just as terrifying as an iceberg breaking down.

Maybe for the audience, Bing Ling had great reflexes that allowed her to fight back instantly when she was in a disadvantageous position, but for Ye Chen, once one lost the upper hand, one could be considered to have lost already in a way. There was just no way for her to gain back the situation. Therefore, when Bing Ling threw a fist attack at him, Ye Chen's real body had already left the ground, leaving an extremely realistic zhen Qi shadow where he was standing, to confuse Bing Ling's judgment.

What was real, what was not, after a while, no one could really tell. Most importantly, battles between powerful warriors were all about that brief second of doubt. Bing Ling was not fooled by those zhen Qi shadows before, but she was tricked by Ye Chen's strategy and now, she was really confused by the zhen Qi shadows in front of her. Her inner peace had been disturbed.

’’Damn, that is so scarily impressive. He had Bing Ling, the head disciple of the Ice Extreme Martial School, ranked 7 warrior on the last Hidden Dragon Rank, under his control already.’’

’’It is indeed Ye Chen. He does not only have an impressive power, but also smart tricks. Not to mention Bing Ling, even we were tricked. Now that I think about it, I can finally see its essence.’’

’’You are right. They were fighting so fast that I had no time to think besides trying to follow up the battle. The mistake Bing Ling had made was excusable. But how can Ye Chen make such a well-thought plan in such a short time and play Bing Ling in between his palms? How scary!’’

’’Who are we to know about the logic of a martial genius. Didn't Gao Feng and Lin Qi before show us with facts that battles were not only about power, but also strategy.’’

’’The young generation should not be underestimated. We learned so much just by watching them fight.’’ Not only were the normal Clasping Yuan Realm warriors surprised, but some of the top Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had also felt the same.

Seeing Ye Chen throw out another sword attack, Bing Ling's pupils turned snow white. The deepest part of her eyes looked like there was a mini snow storm developing.

’’Ice Spirit Exploding Spell!’’

The sound of ice blocks cracking open was heard. It was almost at the same second that Bing Ling's ice frost zhen Qi layer had all come to the left side, forming a half-meter-big ice ball. That ice ball attacked towards Ye Chen, then exploded in the air, bringing up countless ice cold light loops.

Bing Ling had finally brought out her ace attacks.

Off the stage, Gu Qing forced a smile. He had used all of his power without holding back when he fought Bing Ling and she was still hiding something obviously way more powerful. If she had thrown that attack at him before, he knew that he would have not survived because that ice cold light loop would be able to freeze his protective zhen Qi instantaneously.

Right then, everyone was intently focusing on this battle. They would very much like to know how Ye Chen would shatter Bing Ling's hidden ace attack.

Ye Chen did not choose to use the ace attack Shadow Explode from his Separating Shadow Flying Art because he knew that he would not be able to get out of the attacking range from the explosion of the ice ball. Furthermore, defending with full power was not an option, because neither was it not his martial style nor would his defense survive this attack.

'So, let's handle attacks with attacks!'

Before, Ye Chen had only used one hand as he performed the Sky Shattering Clouds. But now, he had changed to both hands. He held the Star Scar Sword with both of his hands, and suddenly, the air was twisted and electricity sparked everywhere. The space above Ye Chen's head had suddenly dimmed down like it had just changed from a sunny day to stormy weather. Now, it was covered with dark clouds and electrical sparks.

Without the effect of the sword intent, this was the true Sky Shattering Clouds.


Throwing out a sword attack, a black sword mark appeared in the midair. That space there would definitely be vacuum space which was complete isolated from the outside.

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Countless electrical sparks spread over half of the battling platform. In the middle of all the electrical sparks was a shining sword. It sliced towards the center of the exploding ice ball.


The explosion of the ice ball was already quite loud. But when Ye Chen sliced down his sword, the center of the explosion had exploded once again. That second, all of the light expanded towards the outside, then shrunk back to normal.

Bing Ling kept backing out as blood dropped out of the corner of her mouth. The first explosion was under her control, but the second one had completely gotten out of her control, which had wounded her back. The good thing was that the two different exploding powers had canceled each other out a bit. Otherwise, she would not have been able to walk away from this that easily.

On the other side, besides taking dozens of steps back, Ye Chen looked exactly the same.

’’Come, Snow!’’

That kind of small wound could barely affect Bing Ling, so she did not want to give up already. She waved her hand in the air and all of those shattered ice frost had accumulated in her palms, starting squirming drastically while compressing together. Within the blink of an eye, a pile of mini crystal snow storm appeared.


With a throwing gesture made using her hands, the mini snow storm had been sent towards Ye Chen. In midair, the mini snow storm had expanded drastically and turned into a real snow storm, ten times scarier to be more precise. It was like an ice cold meat grinder, chopping up everything ahead.

It seemed like creating a snowstorm was not enough, Bing Ling had created another three before throwing all of them towards Ye Chen. She had formed them into a small pattern, leaving Ye Chen no place to escape.

After all that, Bing Ling's beautiful body bent slightly. She rest her right arm as all of the ice element zhen Qi poured into her right fist.

'She...still has more ace attacks?!'

Almost everyone had been shocked again. Until now, Ye Chen's victory could not have been easier. No one thought that Bing Ling would have the power to change the situation, but it was not what had happened. Bing Ling, as the ranked 7 top young warrior, she had an impressive attacking power which was not measurable on normal people's scale.

Her skinny fist was covered in frost at the moment. It had changed from light white to darker white, then to a crystal like color. Her fist looked like it was made of ice cold crystal rather than a flesh and bones of a normal human body.

The leader of the Ice Extreme Martial School smiled slightly. Before, Ye Chen's power had kept her frowning. Luckily, Bing Ling had not let her down as always, she had even mastered that movement. In that case, her chance of winning had been increased drastically, and it would be not entirely impossible for her to beat Ye Chen.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

With four sword attacks, Ye Chen had broken open the snow storm.

In that sky full of snow, Bing Ling kept her body low and increased her speed to maximum, as her left hand held her right-hand wrist. She stared at Ye Chen without blinking.

’’Yah!’’ Ye Chen noticed Bing Ling's right fist which was covered in ice-cold crystal right now.

’’You want to compete with one last attack?’’

Bing Ling was so fast that she had already arrived in front of Ye Chen when he just came out of the snowstorm;it was only one-tenth of a second. Of course, the reason that Ye Chen was unable to avoid was because he was trapped by the snowstorm. Without any hesitation, Ye Chen threw out a sword attack. It was not the Sky Shattering Clouds, but the Lone Peak Kill.

The Sky Shattering Clouds with fifty percent of the sword intent might not have been able to block out his opponent's fist attack, but he did not want to push it to sixty percent yet. Therefore, he had to use the Lone Peak Kill, which would be able to break the attack with skills. But it had to be under the condition that his sword speed was fast enough. Otherwise, he would have lost that only chance.

’’Ice Crystal Fist!’’

This time, the ace attack Bing Ling had decided to use was indeed the third and the last movement of her Ice Breaking Fist Art, which was the most powerful one she could perform. The Ice Breaking Fist Art as a top rank Earth Realm fist art was really hard to train to the expert level, only slightly easier compared to the top rank Earth Realm martial skills. However, among the young generation, there was rarely anyone who could train the top rank Earth Realm martial skill to more than the tenth level, not to mention its highest level - the fifteenth level. From this, it was easy to tell how hard it was to train the Ice Breaking Fist Art.

After throwing out that punch, the air had been melted somehow, it was no longer a strain for anything. The fist aura and poetic perspective of the attack were already unable to be sensed because all of that had been infused into the fist itself. When it exploded for real, only then would the damaging power be witnessed.

When everyone was feeling sorry for Ye Chen, Bing Ling's right arm suddenly dropped. The crystal on her fist had been shattered and scattered on the floor.

Vaguely, one could see that there was a red spot on the joint of her arm. The muscle and bones were perfectly intact, but it was just the right amount of power to shatter the ice crystal fist.

'What had happened?!' Most of the people were confused while a few people started to frown.

’’How is this possible? The sword light is invisible?!’’ The head disciple of the Heartless Martial School Li Daoxuan's expression changed. He was a part of a few people who knew about Ye Chen throwing his sword attack, but even he and the rest of the people could only know about it but not see it with their eyes. It was only an instinct, a sword artist's instinct.


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