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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 258


Chapter 258: Ice Break Fist versus Sky Shattering Clouds (Part One)

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

Time flew rapidly. It was already the seventh round of the competitions.

’’I give up!’’ Off the stage, a competitor glanced at Ye Chen before he raised up his hand and said to the judge.

The judge nodded. He did not think it was out of place. Besides this battle, a lot of competitors had also chosen to give up in the sixth round. Their opponents were Bing Ling, Gu Qing, Ye Chen and some other contestants. Now that it was already half way through the second stage of the eliminating competition, it was not wise to waste time and effort on people that were knowingly unbeatable. It would be better to use the energy to handle the others.

The next battle would be conducted between Wu Liangyu and Gao Feng.

Judging from the battles from before, Gao Feng, who had mastered the entry level sword intent was obviously more powerful than Wu Liangyu. However, although power and battling had direct connections, it did not mean it was equal. It was not rare for a warrior who had weaker power to win, plus the gap between two was not even that big. It would take a battle to tell who the winner would be.

Right after starting, Wu Liangyu had used his Black Crow Great Art to increase the distance between his opponent and him, trying to get the geographical advantage. Gao Feng was also aware that his speed was not as good as Wu Liangyu, so he decided to approach slowly and stably.

’’Death Tornado!’’

With his both wings and blades, Wu Liangyu's attacking power had been pushed to its limit as he attacked towards Gao Feng.

’’Ghost Wind!’’

While Wu Liangyu's attack layered up in cutting waves, Gao Feng's attack had layered up his sword wind. It was able to gather and scatter on request. When it was gathered, It was an unbreakable sword qi, and when scattered, it was sharp sword wind that could cut through great steel. When the two clashed, the cutting wave and sword wind shot out in different directions, cutting on the battling platform.


His figure flashed as Gao Feng shot out from the chaotic Qi flow, appearing in the air immediately after and throwing a sword attack at Wu Liangyu. Unfortunately, Wu Liangyu had noticed it and flashed away from it before he threw out two black blade Qi in return.

Gao Feng's body twisted drastically in the air like a rudra, drawing an exaggerated route in midair before shooting for Wu Liangyu.

Mid Rank Earth Realm flying art - Empty Sky Twist!

’’Competing with flying art? Do you really think you can compete with the Black Crow Great Art?’’ Wu Liangyu sneered. He flapped his wings, flying towards Gao Feng like lightning.

’’Flying Sword Pull Spell!’’

Out of expectation, Gao Feng had already prepared for it. He kept twisting as his body shot out into the air again. His right hand held the sword, slicing out a beautiful beam of sword light.


Wu Liangyu's left wing had been cut in half. He had completely lost his balance, and his speed decreased rapidly. The next second, he could feel a needle pinching feeling on his chest.

’’Good fight!’’ Gao Feng put his long sword back into its scabbard as he landed on the ground.

Wu Liangyu then had also landed on the platform. He looked down and saw a red spot on his chest. He said depressingly, ’’I lost. I had not seen it coming.’’

Although the Sword Pulling Spell manual was not everywhere, if one gave in a little effort in searching, it would not be that hard to find one. But the famous ones would be quite rare, such as the Flying Sword Pull Spell that Gao Feng had just performed. It would not be lower than low-rank Earth Realm, but if it were performed well, its power would be no weaker than Mid Rank Earth Realm skill or even high-rank ones.

If Wu Liangyu had known about this attack of Gao Feng's, he would have prepared and not be that easy to lose the battle. It was indeed because of the unsure factor that made the battle hard since there was just no way of knowing if one's opponent still had some hidden ace attacks.

’’Gao Feng won!’’

The old group three judge looked with a bit extra admiration. It was rare to see such a smooth sword artist like Gao Feng.

’’Flying Sword Pull Spell! How awesome!’’

’’Why did he not use this movement when he was fighting against Ye Chen? it might have worked.’’

’’Are you dumb? Didn't you see how fast Ye Chen's reflexes and speed was? Plus, do you think Ye Chen would give Gao Feng that kind of opportunity?’’

After each battle, the audience would discuss it, and it was no exception for this battle.

Chin! Chin! Chin!

The battle over here had just finished as Lin Qi's battle just began.

His opponent was a sword artist. Although his sword intent had not even reached twenty percent yet, which was incomparable to Lin Qi's entry level blade intent, because of his higher cultivation and sword arts, he completely had Lin Qi in control.


Blade and sword clashed together, shooting out burning sparks.

Sweat dropped down from Lin Qin's forehead, but he was still extremely focused. Even if he was at a disadvantage, he had never thought about giving up. He kept swinging and blocking.


Blowing away Lin Qi's long blade, that sword artist threw out countless attacks.

’’Inborn Qi!’’

A different look flashed pass Lin Qi's eyes. He stood still as he let out a pile of white light.


The sword artist was shocked. His finger attack was definitely able to wound Lin Qi badly, but that white light was as fast as lightning, which would definitely also wound him badly. He did not plan on letting himself get wounded in exchange of wounding his opponent, since he was more powerful than Lin Qi and he should still be able to win against him without a scratch without this opportunity.


Within a split second, the sword artist shifted towards the side as the white light shot out right next to his ear.

Right at that moment, Lin Qi's long sword that had been blown away before suddenly flew out of his hand and landed in his left hand. The blade light flashed once. That sword artist looked down at his chest unbelievably. His clothes were cut neatly, and he could feel that sword wind with his chest.

The young sword artist's breathing increased;he was very pissed off. He goggled at Lin Qi and he seemed to about to lose his temper.

’’Hm!’’ The judge made a small huff. With the enhancement of his zhen yuan, it was like thunder, waking up that young sword artist from his uncontrollable anger.

’’You are lucky this time. Next time, don't blame me for being cruel.’’ Leaving the threat with Lin Qi, that young sword artist left the platform.

Lin Qi had no expressions on his face as he put his sword back in its scabbard. Just like that, Lin Qi had won with that unexpected attack, coming back from his disadvantaged position.

And the discussion among the audiences had already boiled up.

’’Damn, even like this?’’

’’Why not? There was no regulation on how one was supposed to attack in a battle, was there? No one said that the more powerful ones would have to be the one winning.’’

Although no one had understood the martial arts that Lin Qi had just performed, it was not hard to find something similar, such as the Sword in the Mouth, Sound Sword, or just simply placing an assassin weapon in the mouth and shooting out with zhen Qi during a battle. These ones would be even easier to change hands, almost achievable by anyone. But of course, wanting to train to an extremely fast speed would not be that easy.

Anyways, after this battle, Lin Qi was also famous now.

Not so far away, Ye Chen took back his attention from Lin Qi. He had known before that Lin Qi had saved some hidden ace attack up his sleeves, and it turned out to be true. It looked like in the later part of the second stage, the young warriors who had hidden away some of their powers did not want to risk losing anymore. Only twelve people out of twenty-four would make it and get on that Hidden Dragon Rank. If this were not a time for them to use all of their power, then there would be no other chance.

diverting his attention, Ye Chen looked over to where Xu Jing was battling.

Just like the battles before, Xu Jing was calm and stable. Her power did not seem to decrease, nor did she magically throw out an exploding attack like Gao Feng. In fact, the way she entered the Hidden Dragon Rank could not be more stable. There was no need for her to reveal any of her hidden ace attacks at present.


With one fist attack landing on her opponent's crossed arms, Xu Jing's right arm shook, and a golden light exploded that blew away her opponent into the sky and made him crash into that light wall.

’’Xu Jing won!’’

So far, Xu Jing had only lost one battle against the head disciple of the Fire Spirit Martial School, the ’’Fire Spirit Prince’’ Yan Chihuo.

’’Ye Chen and Xu Jing would enter the Hidden Dragon Rank for sure. Lin Qi also has more than eighty percent chance. I did not expect the Windy Nation to have this kind of potential.’’ Over at the audience seating, the leader of the South Rudra Martial School Long Biyun studied the three, revealing a light smile on her face.

The headmaster of the South Rudra Martial School - a beautiful middle-aged lady - said, ’’Indeed! When we first came to the Windy Nation, there were no martial geniuses at all. How many years have passed? And now, there are already countless martial geniuses. Even the rarest martial genius like Ye Chen has appeared. But the geniuses are easy to be a target of jealousy. I am afraid someone would want to kill them.’’

Long Biyun sneered, ’’Geniuses would only make it after struggles. But if someone tries to be unfair with them, don't blame me for seeking justice.’’

Seeing the look on Long Biyun's face, the headmaster did not say anything. She knew that those seemingly very powerful rank 7 martial institutions would still be easily destroyed by her leader. Coming to the Windy Nation to create the South Rudra Marital School was only a spontaneous thought. But of course, the old leader was very supportive of this.

The seventh and the eighth round had finished, and the ninth round had just officially started.

’’The third battle of the ninth round, Ye Chen versus Bing Ling!’’


’’Finally it is a match! I thought we won't be able to see them fight until the ranking competitions.’’

’’I wonder who is stronger, Ye Chen or Bing Ling. The two are both top of the top, their attacking power is unbelievable.’’

’’I think Bing Ling it would be. Her attacks and defenses are undefeatable, and not even Ye Chen would be able to break in, I think.’’

’’I prefer Ye Chen, you have also witnessed his power.’’

Everyone had their own opinions.

On the battling platform, Ye Chen and Bing Ling stood fifty meters away from each other. Bing Ling did not dare to underestimate Ye Chen. She had accumulated her ice element zhen Qi once she stepped onto the platform, forming layers and layers of frost around her. The shocking cold air had frozen the floor as rice-sized crystals fell from the sky, dancing their way down.

’’Ice Stone Break!’’

Once everything was ready, Bing Ling attacked first. Her body shifted as her fist that was wrapped in ice punched into the air and towards Ye Chen.


An invisible and shapeless sword intent spread out on the platform, bringing up some patterns in the air. Ye Chen took one step forward and then threw out a sword attack with the Star Scar Sword in his hand.

’’Sky Shattering Cloud!’’

The ice chips spread everywhere. Bing Ling backed out to where she was standing as Ye Chen only took three steps back.

The Sky Shattering Clouds attack with the enhancement of fifty percent sword intent was even more powerful than the Lone Peak Kill with the same enhancement when used face to face since the Lone Peak Kill was a fatal attack which was not suitable for a head-on confrontation. Right now, he did not have the confidence of beating Bing Ling with Lone Peak Kill and fifty percent of sword intent, because her defense was insane. Even Gu Qing's full attack was blocked out by her. Plus, Ye Chen did not want to expose his sixty percent or seventy percent sword intent yet. Therefore, Sky Shattering Cloud attack was more suitable.

After blowing Bing Ling backward with one sword attack, Ye Chen separated himself into three different shadows and attacked towards her from three different angles.

’’This is the real body.’’ Bing Ling could tell with one look that the two zhen Qi shadows were fake because they were not holding weapons. Only the real body would have weapons, which was completely different from Gu Qing's body separating spell. Of course, it did not mean that Ye Chen's body separating flying art was not as powerful as Gu Qing's separating art, it was just a different focus of martial arts.


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