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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 257


Chapter 257: The Unstoppable Wins (Part Three)

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

The two judges of the group seven could not be more shocked. They indeed thought very highly of Ye Chen, thinking that he was different from the rest and that he had the power to compete in the top twenty, maybe even top ten. But that was it, they did not think he had the power to compete with those ’’monsters’’ in the top ten, not to even mention being able to beat Tang Xiaoshan with only one sword attack. They doubted if they had seen it wrong.

The old group twelve judge touched the old group three judge's elbow, ’’We had really made a mistake this time.’’

’’Indeed we did. I am wondering if that is really his true power.’’

’’You mean, he was still hiding his power?! It cannot be!’’

’’Why not? Up until now, he kept surprising all of us as he slowly revealed his hidden power. Who knows if this was the last of it.’’ The old group three judge let out a breath heavily, coming back to the reality.

’’That is quite true. Regardless, judging from his power that beat Tang Xiaoshan with only one sword attack, he will definitely be another great powerful young warrior.’’

Not only did the group seven judge wander away with his imagination, but all of the young warriors and audience were also the same. Tang Xiaoshan who had learned the fifty percent of blade intent was not able to survive one sword attack of Ye Chen's. It had gone way beyond their imagination. If it was the head disciple of the Heartless Martial School Li Daoxuan who had thrown out the attack, they might not be this surprised. But Ye Chen was only a new star who was never heard of by anyone before. He had just appeared out of nowhere.

In their opinion, the all-win record was not that big of a deal. Beating Gao Feng with one sword attack was still understandable. But now that he had even beaten Tang Xiaoshan with only one sword attack, how could they not be surprised?

’’F***, I bet Ye Chen is definitely another top young warrior.’’

’’Tang Xiaoshan, who had learned fifty percent blade intent, was not even his opponent for one sword attack. I will argue with anyone who dares to say that he is not one of the top young warriors.’’

’’Indeed. Ye Chen had been hidden so deeply, deeper than anyone, and can be indeed considered a hidden warrior. No one seems to be able to figure him out.’’

Under the battling platform, Gao Feng looked like he had just figured out the biggest mystery. Although there was a huge power gap between Ye Chen and him, it did not mean that his instinct would be that far off. Judging from Ye Chen's micro movement and expression, he was calm the whole time, it was like nothing could shake him. But of course, it would be hard to realize it if one actually did not fight against Ye Chen.

’’The first place of the group five would be between him and Bing Ling. I wonder if they would meet in advance.’’ Gao Feng was a little bit excited.

Gu Qing, who had almost completely healed, frowned. He simulated the fighting scene with Ye Chen in his head, and eventually came to the conclusion that he would have been stabbed right in the throat before his iron stick would even touch Ye Chen. As for the power of his protective zhen qi, he did not think that he was much more powerful than Tang Xiaoshan in that area. Therefore, there was no comparison in that.

Lin Yun pulled the corner of his lips a little bit. He had come to a false conclusion so early on, and he did not know what to say now. He had ’’high hopes’’ for Tang Xiaoshan before, who ended up being so vulnerable in front of Ye Chen. He even wanted Ye Chen to give up before the battle, what a joke.

’’Hehe, Qingcheng, your eyes are indeed sharp. This Ye Chen is quite lucky, even Tang Xiaoshan could not block him out.’’ Lin Yun dry laughed a little. Instead of saying Ye Chen was impressive, he said that he was lucky because he thought no matter how powerful he was, once in the ranking competition, he would be able to beat him instantly.

Murong Qingcheng did not acknowledge Lin Yun. She was fully focused on Ye Chen and just like the Crow Man, surprised at Ye Chen's rapid progress. 'That is almost inhuman! if I had to use one word to describe it, then he will be a monster.'

'Monster-like sword artist, what kind of glory!'


It was Li Daoxuan's sword. His expression changed. Ye Chen's sword attack had made his sword intent uncontrollable. It seemed to about to shoot out any second.

’’I was disappointed before. I thought there will not be any great sword artists worth fighting against in this year's Hidden Dragon Rank.’’ Calming his sword intent, Li Daoxuan took a deep breath.

Someone had noticed the changes in Li Daoxuan and was secretly surprised at the fact that the ’’Heartless Sword Artist’’ Li Daoxuan had finally become serious. The top two sword artists would finally meet in the coming battles, it was inevitable.

’’Ye Chen won!’’

The judge announced the result without wasting any time.

Put the Star Scar Sword back into its scabbard, Ye Chen looked at Li Daoxuan from a distance. The outburst of his sword intent might be able to fool the others, but it would not be able to get away from him. If Sikong Sheng were his biggest opponent, then Li Daoxuan would be his biggest opponent in sword arts. Regardless of the fact if he would be able to threaten him or not, when they fought, they were guaranteed to learn a lot from each other, which was exactly what Ye Chen needed the most right now.

’’Oh? Such a sensitive sense!’’ Li Daoxuan's eyebrows flicked. It was only one second when his sword intent had lost his control, and no one else had even noticed it other than only a little hint from his expression. He believed that Ye Chen was unlike the rest that he had actually noticed his heartless sword intent.

The leader of the Heartless Martial School flicked his fingertips as a light smile appeared on his face. 'Daoxuan is indeed lacking a sword artist as his opponent that was worth fighting. And Ye Chen is definitely worth it.'

’’How wonderful it'd be if he was one of our Heartless Martial School disciples. Why do I think that he would be a better fit to train the Heartless Spell than Daoxuan?’’ As a great warrior of the Seas of Souls Realm, the leader of the Heartless Martial School could see clearer than anyone else. That kind of emptiness and detachment was not a show for all, it was actually coming from the deepest part of his personality. And the core concept of the Heartless Martial School was indeed that kind of detachment, it was not really asking its disciple to become emotionless.

On the contrary, Li Daoxuan seemed to be weaker in that area.

But of course, the leader of the Heartless Martial School was very confident in Li Daoxuan. He did not think that he would lose it to Ye Chen. The special Heartless Sword intent was not for nothing.

Getting off the stage, Ye Chen went back to where he was standing before, but he was still the focus of attention.

All of the people present had agreed on Ye Chen being one of the top young warrior. Some of the female disciples had also started to study Ye Chen, who seemed like a normal seventeen years old teenager wearing blue robes. He was fresh looking and quite attractive. That kind of calmness and detachment had created a mysteriousness to his character which was exactly the kind women liked. If Xu Jing and Zhu Mei were not standing right next to him, a lot of the female disciples were prepared to go chat up to him.

The path of becoming a great warrior was very lonely. If there were a companion that could let one depend on and support them sometimes, the training and travels would be much more interesting. Plus, warriors were not like the normal mortals anymore, especially for some of the warriors who had reached certain cultivation. For example, Astral Reaching Realm warriors would be able to live for two hundred years, which was twice of a normal life span. Seas of Souls Realm warriors would be able to live for three hundred years, three times more than a normal human being. If the companion were not as powerful and talented, it would be hard to grow old together. With Ye Chen's age and the talent he had shown, no one would doubt that he could not become an Astral Reaching Realm warrior, maybe even a Seas of Souls Realm warrior, which would make him flawless as a companion.

Over at the audience seating, Ji Xueyan who had kept watching Ye Chen looked very complicated. She bit her lower lips the whole time. It was not like she had not regretted her decision before, but it had never been this strong before. Ye Chen's each win had confused her even more. Seeing his calmness, his detachment, she was very upset;it was like she had lost something.

Before, she had completely focused on training, which made her very annoyed of the fact that she was engaged with Ye Chen. That was also why she had to come all the way to the Sky Cloud Martial School to cancel the engagement, hoping that he would not bother her anymore.

What surprised her was that Ye Chen had agreed so easily. Back then, she was surprised as well as pissed off. It was like he had never cared about her and it was unnecessary for her to come all the way to do it, which made her look quite childish.

After coming back to the Emerald Martial School, she forgot about it completely soon. They were always people from different worlds, their paths would never to cross in the future. Training hard was the only thing that mattered to her.

Days had gone so peacefully and so fast, all until the celebrating dinner of the Emerald Martial School for their head disciple to get in the Clasping Yuan Realm when Ye Chen had come. On the social competition event, he had beaten the first inner disciple of the Emerald Martial School Cheng Jun and the third core disciple Shi Potian. It was then that Jixueyan had finally realized what kind of status Ye Chen had come with.

Back then, she was very surprised. She had no idea how Ye Chen had trained and how he was able to walk out of the normal world and enter among the strong warriors in such a short time. She could not know better how Shi Potian had to train for eight years to get where he got, while Ye Chen only spent less than one year of time. It all sounded unbelievable.

If that was it, then it might not be frustrating for her. But what happened in the Heaven Dream Ancient Place had really shocked her.

First, he had saved her from the Mr. Spring, and had left straight afterward, as if he had saved a stranger. She was annoyed because she was ignored, but she also felt something else;she could not help but to search for him. Even when Yuanheng Ying wanted to kill him, she somehow could not deal with it and wanted to ask her head disciple Zhuang Fei for help. But later on, she knew it would just be useless. In the Heaven Dream Battling Palace, he had not only reached the Clasping Yuan Realm but also beaten Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei at the same time, becoming the biggest winner. Even that Hong Qianjun, who was a ranked warrior, seemed to have been killed by him, and it was even before they had entered the Heaven Dream Battling Palace.

It had made her realize how Ye Chen had already become the No.1 person among the young generation in the Wind Nation. He was also the No.1 person among the young generation of Nine Nations. He had gone way beyond all of the rest of them, going further and further by himself. His name had become a legend in the Wind Nation. Everyone was also talking about him in the rest of the world. Those female disciples, ladies of famous and rich families, even royal families, no one was not talking about Ye Chen, who was the rarest genius of the century. Someone had even given him the title of ’’Thousand Year Genius’’. They thought that his excellent training speed might make him the first Seas of Souls Realm warrior in the Wind Nation after one thousand years.

This prediction had come true and become a reality. Ye Chen now was indeed the rarest martial genius of the Wind Nation after thousands of years. After traveling around, he had already reached Late Clasping Yuan Realm from Early Realm, and his power had increased by more than two times. The phrase of ’’traveling thousands of miles in one day’’ could not be more of a perfect description for him.

He had finished the three challenges of the dragon door with such less effort. In the first stage of the eliminating competition, he had won all ten of the battles, and each one of them could not be easier for him. For the second stage, he first had beaten Gao Feng, who was ranked ninth in the top new stars, then the third disciple of the Sky Demon Martial School Wu Liangyu. Right after that, he had even beaten Tang Xiaoshan with only one sword attack, making it sure that everyone knew he was not even serious in the battles before, and it was only starting now.

All of the older generation of young warriors had already been eliminated slowly. They were watching him from the side, seeing him working his way up at such a steady pace.

The Hidden Dragon Rank was the highest competition in the whole South Rudra Region. No matter what happened to Ye Chen in the later competitions, he was already famous enough. His reputation could even compete with the top warriors of the whole South Rudra Region. As for Wind Nation, it was only a starting point for him;it could not catch up with him anymore.

Right now, his stage was the South Rudra Region;fighting against all of the top warriors from different super martial institutions and slowing becoming a truly powerful warrior.

With all those thoughts in her mind, Ji Xueyan looked over at Ye Chen again.

The opponents would only become more and more powerful, especially Sikong Sheng and the others. They were so powerful that it made people too frightened to even want to fight. 'Can he create miracles again?'

'Maybe it was just a crazy thought.'


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