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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 256


Chapter 256: The Unstoppable Wins (Part Two)

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

The blade intent was just like the sword intent;it was hard to start and even harder to improve. Plus, the higher it got, the harder it became. If one tried to describe it in stages, then being able to learn the blade intent was a process from nothing to something, which made it the first stage. Reaching the entry level would be another stage, and for the stages after reaching entry level, it was even more horrifying. Almost every ten percent of the sword intent would be a new stage, such as forty percent of blade intent, followed by reaching fifty, and so on. Reaching expert level would be a huge stage. As for the full blade intent, it could not even be described by stages. More precisely, it would be a revision of the blade intent and purification. Without enough experience and a powerful mind, the full intent would be a dream that was far far away for all of the blade artists.

For the young generation, reaching the entry level of the sword intent or blade intent would already make them one of the top warriors. After that, each ten percent of increase would increase their attacking power to another level, which meant Tang Xiaoshan, who had mastered fifty percent of the blade intent, would be two levels higher than Wei Renjie, who had only mastered the entry level of his blade intent;the gap was very obvious.

’’Fifty percent blade intent... interesting!’’ The ’’Fire Spirit Prince’’ Yan Chihuo was quite surprised. He thought besides him, the entry level of blade intent would already be the highest achievement. But now, there was another one with a fifty percent blade intent, who was not even a rank 6 martial institution disciple.

Lin Yun glanced at Murong Qingcheng as he said with a huge smile, ’’If he gives up, he might be able to save some dignity of his. But looking at him, he doesn't seem to be considering that.’’

Murong Qingcheng put her soft long hair behind her ear, ’’It is still early to conclude. We will see soon.’’ In the Three River City of the Spirt Nation, Ye Chen's sword intent had already reached the entry level. He had also beaten across realms Gao Yuan. Now that his cultivation had a massive breakthrough, it would be possible that his sword intent did the same. If Tang Xiaoshan wanted to scare Ye Chen away with only one sentence, it was obviously not realistic. She believed that Ye Chen was still hiding a lot of his power.

’’If so, the result will prove my point.’’ Lin Yun squeezed his eyes.

On the battling platform.

Ye Chen placed his palm on his sword scabbard as he said lightly, ’’The application of blade intent is also an art. I wonder how well you could use your fifty percent blade intent.’’

Although Gao Feng's sword intent had reached entry level, he was still too rough when it came to the application. It was not smooth enough, and he was not able to perform adequately his entry level sword intent.

’’With my fifty percent blade intent, I can simply crush you. Where's the need to apply it?’’


A shiny blade light exploded as Tang Xiaoshan pulled out a long blade and then pointed the tip at Ye Chen. With the blade intent, his horrifying blade aura was like a huge river, unstoppable.

’’Bring it on! I hope you will not be defeated.’’ Pulling out half of his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen felt a little bit of Tang Xiaoshan's blade aura, then shook his head unnoticeably. Just as he expected, his opponent was still not that good at using his blade intent. Although it looked powerful with the enhancement of the blade intent, it was still not well performed. There were still a lot of noticeable flaws. Judging from this, he was just like Gao Feng. Otherwise, Ye Chen would not be able to destroy Gao Feng's sword aura with only his sword aura while using only a little bit sword intent.

But of course, Ye Chen had also not fully mastered the application of the sword intent. He had only figured out the sword aura, the poetic perspective of the sword arts and the relationship between those and the sword intent so far.

When the trainers started to train sword, they would first encounter the sword aura. Once it reached a certain degree, then he would be able to sense a little bit of sword art poetic perspective. Once one mastered that, the door to learning sword intent would slowly reveal itself. When everything was ready, it would be a lot easier to learn the sword intent.

Therefore, the sword aura was like the grandpa of sword intent, and the poetic perspective of the martial art would be the father. The sword intent would be the son, meaning each generation would be more powerful than the ones before.

But for the others, Tang Xiaoshan's blade aura was indeed horrifying, like an endless river flooding towards them. No one would be able to do what Ye Chen had done, seeing the flaws just simply by looking at the blade aura, probably not even the ’’Fire Spirit Prince’’ Yan Chihuo.


Waiting until his blade aura reached its limit, Tang Xiaoshan moved. His body flashed, crossing the ten-meter distance between them and appeared above Ye Chen's head as he threw an attack.


That blade attack was ruthless, like a dam that had been broken and the river had consequently flooded out.

’’Shocking Cloud Unlimited!’’

Judging from the rank of the martial arts, Ye Chen's Sky Cloud Sword Art was indeed not as powerful as Tang Xiaoshan's blade art. However, the Sky Cloud Sword Art he performed right now was not like the normal one. With the enhancement of the Sky Shattering Clouds' poetic perspective, each movement of it was full of exploding power, containing the aura of thunders and lightning.


A long beam of sparks had been thrown out. Tang Xiaoshan's long blade had been blown away.

’’Milky Way Flip!’’

Tang Xiaoshan was a little bit shocked. His body twisted back in the midair, throwing out another blade attack. That kind of earth-destroying powerful aura had frightened a lot of young warriors. They thought that there was zero chance of surviving facing that kind of blade attack.

’’Sky Cloud Shapeless!’’

Ye Chen turned into shadows and flashed twice, appearing in the blind spot of Tang Xiaoshan, throwing out that most unpredictable sword attack of the whole Sky Cloud Sword Art.


The platform had been cracked open a little by the blade Qi. Tang Xiaoshan could not see Ye Chen in front of him anymore, so he turned around instantly like a fish in the river, avoiding the attack of the sword Qi as he threw out another blade attack.

The high-rank Earth Realm flying art - the River Swimming Body Spell!

Tang Xiaoshan, a rank 7 martial institution disciple, had become one of the famous warrior in the young generation in the South Rudra Region. Achieving that without some actual power was impossible. With his high-rank Earth Realm blade arts with his blade intent, plus his River Swimming Body Spell, he was able to fight under any circumstances without any flaws. If it were someone who was weaker, they would have already lost by now.


As the blade Qi was attacking him, Ye Chen separated into two shadows and flew in two different directions. The blade Qi had gone right between the shadows and landed on the dark blue light wall.

’’So fast! I can't even follow!’’

’’In such a short time, they could not only avoid each other's attacks, but also attack back. How incredible!’’

From the crowd's point of view, Ye Chen and Tang Xiaoshang were two shadows, and the sword Qi and blade Qi could barely touch them. All of the attacks had landed on the platform or the light wall.

’’Where do you think you can hide?’’ Tang Xiaoshan flashed his body and moved towards Ye Chen.

Although the blade and sword Qi was very impressive, if they wanted to have a winner, they would still have to fight properly unless one's power was so great that the opponent could not avoid. But obviously, with only blade Qi, it was almost impossible for Tang Xiaoshan to win against Ye Chen.

A blade light flashed as Tang Xiaoshan attacked towards Ye Chen was unstoppable aura.

’’Almost time!’’

Ye Chen stood still and did not move. He had not even used sixty percent of his power yet. One reason was for fun, and another reason was because everyone else was hiding their power, such as Sikong Sheng, ’’The Fire Spirit Prince’’ Yan Chihuo, Lin Yun... none of them had used their true power yet, nor did Ye Chen.

Tang Xiaoshan's fifty percent blade intent was indeed powerful, but it was still not enough when he faced Ye Chen who had seventy percent sword intent. Not only could it not affect him, but it also could not attack him either. It was like a kid holding an ax, which although had powerful attacking power, it was still a kid after all.

'The battle should finish now.'

Without using his seventy percent sword intent, Ye Chen controlled himself a little bit to be more serious. He performed his sword intent with fifty percent form and pushed it into the poetic perspective of his Lone Peak Kill.

Tang Xiaoshan was frightened. Suddenly, between Ye Chen and him, hundreds of mountains and rivers had appeared, and it seemed impossible for him to get close to him.

'This is an illusion.'

Tang Xiaoshan realized it immediately, but it was already too late. For a blade artist, even the slightest illusion would be a fatal mistake, and it was already useless now that he had figured it out.


The sword light had stabbed over with a speed that was way faster than Tang Xiaoshan's reflexes. Its route was untraceable.

The next second!

Blood spilled out, which was very obvious.

Tang Xiaoshan backed out, as his left shoulder had already been wounded. The sword hole was extremely small, and it looked like it was only a scratch, showing that the attacker was extremely controlled.

'How is this possible!?'

A shocked expression flashed across Tang Xiaoshan's face. His face twitched as he roared, ’’I have no lost yet! Your sword cannot hurt me at all!’’

’’I will kill you. That one sword attack had already achieved its purpose. Now I am telling you that I will attack again, so you can try to block it.’’

Ye Chen's body flew out while he had already thrown out another sword attack.

All the young warriors watching the battle could not be more surprised. What had happened?! Earlier, Tang Xiaoshan was still battling Ye Chen, and they just guessed who would win the battle. But now, Tang Xiaoshan had already been hit? Ye Chen's sword attack was indeed very fast, but it should still be a speed that Tang Xianshan could react to.

All of the people had widened their eyes, as they wanted to see how mysterious Ye Chen's sword arts actually were.

However, it was all useless. Without being able to sense Ye Chen's poetic perspective, it was impossible to tell the tricks. Even Astral Reaching Realm warriors would not be able to tell but only sense a hint.


Blood spilled out everywhere. This time, Tang Xiaoshan had gotten his throat wounded. It was only a scratch, yet no one doubted the thought that Ye Chen was able to kill Tang Xiaoshan. Instead, it only depended on the matter if Ye Chen wanted to or not.

’’Do you need me to throw out a third attack?’’

Ye Chen was already holding back his power. He did not push his sword speed to its limit. Otherwise, not only Tang Xiaoshan, who was hallucinating, no one else could tell the route of the sword other than some really powerful Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. They too could only tell from the after effect after Tang Xiaoshan was hit by the attack.

Of course, Ye Chen could also slow down the sword attack, but the slow sword attack would be even more horrifying than the fast ones. Ye Chen had only learned a little bit about it, which was definitely not as good as the fast sword attack.

Tang Xiaoshan froze as he held his blade in the air. Just a moment ago, he did not even have the time to throw out a blade attack before he felt the cold wind near his throat. That second, he could feel the death walked pass in front of him.

’’How can this be? How can I not even be able to handle one attack?’’

Tang Xiaoshan could not figure it out at all. All of a sudden, his body was full of fear. It was the first time he realized how scary Ye Chen was. He realized that it was Ye Chen who did not want to attack fatally. He was not even serious in all those battles before because he knew that no one could handle his one sword attack.

Ye Chen knew what his opponent was thinking about. To be serious, the Lone Peak Kill attack was indeed quite extreme. It specialized in one strike kills. As long as the opponents were weaker than him, he would be able to kill them with just one sword attack. When facing opponents with similar power, it would still be able to do serious damage. It was indeed the essence of the one kill attack. With only one sword, the life and death would be so close, that even Ye Chen, who was the creator of this attack, would be shocked by its power.

When he fully performed this attack, Ye Chen believed there would not be more than five people among the whole young generation would be able to survive. As for this fact's accuracy, he would have to find out himself.


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