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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 255


Chapter 255: The Unstoppable Wins (Part One)

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

A huge pair of black wings extended out of Wu Liangyu's back. He floated on top of the battling platform, looking down at Ye Chen.

’’Huh! As long as there is distance, you are not that scary at all.’’ Being considered weaker than Ye Chen by a lot of people even before the fight had truly upset Wu Liangyu. He did not know how the other judged him, but in his opinion, Ye Chen being able to beat Gao Feng with only one sword attack because there was no distance in between them. Furthermore, Gao Feng had just finished preparing his most powerful ace attacks when it all happened. He was not prepared for it, which was the only reason he believed that Ye Chen had won. But now, he was in midair, maintaining a hundred meter distance between them. The second Ye Chen planned to do something, he would have enough time to react with his Black Crow Great Art's effect on speeding up, and he would try his best to keep Ye Chen at a safe distance.

On the first row of the audience seating, the Black Crow Man nodded with satisfaction. Wu Liangyu had chosen the best strategy. With enough distance in between, he would be able to perform the Black Crow Great Art to its best.

On the other hand, Ye Chen did not really care for what Wu Liangyu was doing. Even if the gap between them were big, that distance would not keep Wu Liangyu safe.

’’Death Tornado!’’

Wu Liangyu had attacked. As the third disciple of the Sky Demon Martial School who had ranked twenty-five in the last Hidden Dragon Rank, he was quite powerful. His wings flapped intensively, and that pitch black light brightened up. Endless angled cutting attacks kept layering up and accumulated in the air, forming a tornado-like black light wave, attacking towards Ye Chen. It was everywhere, and it looked like Ye Chen had nowhere to hide.


A weird cloth-tearing sound was heard. A mark appeared in that endless black light and then spread out rapidly. Ye Chen walked out of it without a scratch.

Wu Liangyu's pupils narrowed as he unconsciously flapped his wings and flew back.


A sword qi flew right past his protective zhen qi layer and landed heavily on the dark blue light wall, disturbing its peaceful state.

’’Let's see how you are going to break this one! Death Hurricane!’’

With the wings on his back and two angled blades in his hands, the Death Tornado had been escalated into a horrifying Death Hurricane. Endless angled attacks layered up together, attacking towards Ye Chen with the aura ready to destroy the world. Wu Liangyu believed that if Ye Chen showed the slightest flaw, he would be wounded badly under this attack.

One step, two step, three steps!

Ye Chen took three steps forward, then raised up his Star Scar Sword and attacked towards the incoming attack.


There were light blue electrical sparks shining in midair. The black hurricane was separated in half like a curtain, and Wu Liangyu, who was right behind the 'curtain', did not even have the time to react before his protective layer was cut open by that sword attack. His body flipped four times before hitting the dark blue light wall and sliding down.

’’This one sword attack had contained both mentalities of the clouds and thunders! How is that possible?’’ An inner disciple of the Sky Demon Marital School said in surprise.

Before this, although Ye Chen had just used his Sky Shattering Cloud Mentality many times, he was not attracting attention like he did now. Plus, he was still withholding some of its power. Therefore, not many people had noticed it. Right now, his opponent was Wu Liangyu, which naturally attracted a lot of attention from the people of the Sky Demon Martial School.

Another inner master sighed emotionally, ’’Although the poetic mentality is not as hard to figure out as the sword intent, it really challenges people's comprehensive ability and talent. Compared to him, Liangyu was still too weak.’’

The Crow Man forced a laugh. He could not help but check out Ye Chen. It was the third time he had seen Ye Chen, and each time his power was completely different. To be completely honest, he had never seen this kind of fast learning speed in anyone else, and even Sikong Sheng could not compete with that.

’’What a little monster.’’

The Crow Man could not help but start to admire the great talent.

Ye Chen's victory was expected by the judge, so he announced the result almost instantly. More or less, they had the idea of wanting to see how long Ye Chen's winning record would last. They wondered if it would not end even in the second stage of the competitions, which was obviously a crazy thought.

’’Twelve battles in a row... Why do I have this irrational passion when I am watching Ye Chen's battle? It seems to excite people, wanting to see him keep winning.’’

’’Me too! I was just wondering about it before! Normally, with the power he had shown us, he was definitely not at the top ten level.’’

’’Maybe it is because we knew so much about the others already but barely anything about him, which made him the true anonymous. In this world, an anonymous warrior beating a famous warrior would be the most shocking and wildly known news.’’ Someone pointed out the key factors.

The rest of them heard him and suddenly realized the fact. Indeed, among the young generation, Ye Chen was indeed an anonymous warrior, and he never showed more than he needed to. Unlike him, Tuo Baku showed people the power that could compete with the older generation instantly. This had decreased the surprise factor. Since he did not have many opponents left, the battles, in the beginning, would be foreseeably dull.


Crawling up from the floor, Wu Liangyu puked out a chunk of impure blood, only after which did his chest feel much better. However, he was not happy about the situation whatsoever.

He clearly remembered when he met Ye Chen in the Gold Tripod City, he was just as powerful as him. The reason he was able to escape from the attacks of the Wind Wolf was not because of the gap between their power, but the gap between the reflexes, so he was able to avoid the sound wave attacks in advance.

Only a few months later, Ye Chen had not only reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm, but also increased drastically in terms of his attacking power. That kind of learning speed had reached way beyond him, who had only made a little improvement, and the gap was getting bigger and bigger. Right now, all he was thinking about was how Ye Chen had trained, and why the gap between them was so big. Why his three years of training did not even achieve what Ye Chen did in one year, or maybe even only a few months.

All of a sudden, Wu Liangyu looked very depressed. Before, he was so proud because he knew he had made way bigger of improvement than the others. But now that he looked, he realized it was not the case at all. Those people ranking in front of him were making more improvements than him, and the people behind had also caught up with him, leaving him in that awkward middle ground.

'Am I never going to be on the top?'

Countless thoughts went through his head, as Wu Liangyu's heart full of passion suddenly disappeared completely. He thought that him before today was actually funny and stupid like a little clown.

Ye Chen did not know what Wu Liangyu was thinking about, and neither did he really care about it. But if it were him that was experiencing this, he would not be as depressed as Wu Liangyu. A true powerful warrior would have to have a strong mind and powerful heart first. Even if the sky were falling, he would still have to face it with a smile on his face.

Only with a powerful heart would a warrior be able to have the core of being a warrior.

The sixth battle had finished, and the seventh one had begun. The two contestants on stage were Tang Xiaoshan and a young warrior that was in the last Hidden Dragon Rank.

Tang Xiaoshang seemed to be secretly competing with Ye Chen. He had used only one blade attack before he beat his powerful opponent and won his twelfth victory.

A lot of people were discussing Tang Xiaoshan and Ye Chen. Among the top ten new stars, Tang Xiaoshan was ranked fourth while Ye Chen the fifth. And right now, Ye Chen got way more attention than he did, which had given him a lot of pressure. That was why he wanted to use his sword art to prove that he was more powerful than Ye Chen and hence deserved his fourth title.

In the next third and fourth battles of his, Tang Xiaoshan had fully proven himself. He had first used his blade scabbard to beat his third battle opponent, then used a normal blade pulling skill to beat his fourth opponent, which successfully won him a lot of attention.

Ye Chen was never into those kinds of things. Even if he did, he would not set Tang Xiaoshan as a competing target. All he wanted and needed was to keep on winning.

Even so, Ye Chen's fourteen victories in a row were still outstanding. And his lack of interest in competing had made Tang Xiaoshan more pressured.

While the competitions here were going crazy, the other groups were also having intense battles.

For group one, Tuo Baku had just beat the young warrior who was ranked the ninth in the last Hidden Dragon Rank. What was interesting was that he had first taken an attack from his opponent before he attacked. His horrifying defense had made a lot of people frown, because regardless, that young warrior who was ranked 9th was definitely powerful, and no one would want to take an attack from him.

For group two, Wei Renjie, who had beat Lin Qi, had lost a battle. His opponent was none other than one of the top older generation warrior, the head disciple of the Heartless Martial School Li Daoxuan.

Wei Renjie's entry level blade intent was no doubt one of the top three among the young generation. Unfortunately, it was Li Daoxuan that he had met, whose sword intent had reached sixty percent. Once he had released his sword intent, even the air had been frozen. He had blown away Wei Renjie's great blade with only one sword attack.

For group three, Murong Qingcheng had matched up with the head disciple of the Alchemist Martial School, Meng Chao.

Meng Chao's power was just as powerful as Wu Liangyu. His Burning Godly Palm was even more powerful, able to melt gold and iron. However, when facing Murong Qingcheng's Sky Demon Power Field, his martial arts were almost useless. With only three attacks, he had been caught by Murong Qingcheng's power field and fell to the ground heavily.

For group four, the head disciple of the Sky Demon Martial School, ’’Demon Eyes’’ Mo Yan had also performed the power of his Sky Demon Power Field, each one of his movement being perfect. In his eyes, his opponent was full of flaws, full of spots to attack.

For group six, the Fire Spirit Prince Yan Chihuo told people what the meaning of brutality was, and what it meant to be unstoppable. The long blade in his hand was like a fire dragon. With one blade attack, that young opponent who had set countless defenses puked out a chunk of blood before being blown away. There was not a single unnecessary move in the whole battle.

Up until now, the crowd was very clear. Any of the coming battles would be an epic one.

’’The fifth battle of the fourth round, Ye Chen verses Tang Xiaoshan!’’

As the voice of the judge was heard, the atmosphere of the stadium was once again off the roof.

Ye Chen was not really surprised. Currently, all of the contestants had been separated into six groups, with twenty-four contestants each. Besides him, there would be twenty-three people. Ten rounds of battle between twenty-three people meant each person would still have ten opponents. Therefore, the chance of Ye Chen taking on Tang Xiaoshan was more than forty percent, so it was really expected.

’’The fourth and the fifth of the top ten new stars are finally going to meet. Who would be more powerful?’’

’’Well, we will find out I guess. They had kept their all-win record. After this battle, one of them would lose it.’’

Tang Xiaoshan sneered. He flashed his body, went right through the dark blue light wall and appeared on the battling platform. His wrist twisted as a long blade appeared in his hand.

Seeing that Ye Chen had also come up the platform, Tang Xiaoshan looked down at his blade and said, ’’I warn you, my blade intent has reached fifty percent. If you don't want to get hurt, you can give up.’’

’’What?! Tang Xiaoshan's blade intent had already reached fifty percent?! In that case, his rank in the top ten new stars would be bumped up a couple of places. If he is not number two, then he'd be number three. Qian Yun and Gu Youyun might not even be able to control him, and might even be controlled by him in the end.

’’They are so good at hiding their powers. Fifty percent of blade intent... among all of the blade artists in the young generation, he would only be right below the 'Fire Spirit Prince' Yan Chihuo.


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