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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 254


Chapter 254: Blue Stone Godly Art

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

’’The first battle of the second round, Bing Ling versus Gu Qing!’’ With the voice of the judge being heard, the whole audience went silent.

Everyone who was able to compete in the second stage of the competition would not be weak. If the places on the Hidden Dragon Rank were expanded to one hundred and forty-four people, then all of the contestants still in the competition would be in the rank, because every single one of them was top of the top, the most powerful ones of the most powerful ones.

And Bing Ling and Gu Qing were also indeed the top martial geniuses.

Bing Ling, the head disciple of the rank 6 martial school, the Ice Extreme Martial School, from the Ice Crystal Empire. He was ranked 7 in the last Hidden Dragon Rank and was a strong competitor for the top five this year.

Gu Qing, the head disciple of the Blue Cloud Pavilion - a rank 7 martial school from the Mysterious Nation. He was ranked 10 in the last Hidden Dragon Rank and was a strong competitor for the top ten this year.

Judging from those factors, Gu Qing obviously looked slightly weaker. His martial school was one rank lower, and he was three places lower on the rank last time. The rank of the martial school should never be underestimated. The ones with high rank meant they had high-ranked martial arts, while the ones with lower rank meant the opposite. In the South Rudra Region, there were rarely any rank 7 martial institutions that were able to compete with rank 6 martial institutions. However, coincidently, the Blue Cloud Pavilion indeed belonged to that rare kind. They did not lack high-rank Earth Realm martial arts, and they even had one top rank Earth Realm martial arts. It was with that art that the Blue Cloud Pavilion had become the top rank 7 martial institution in the Black Dragon Empire.

If the leader of the Blue Cloud Pavilion were not that stupid, then he would have already taught Gu Qing the top rank Earth Realm martial art. There was no way for him to not do it, since if a rank 7 martial institution wanted to promote to rank 6, besides the quantity of the talented disciples, they would have to have a powerful Seas of Souls Realm warrior holding the institution up. And with Gu Qing's potential and talent, he would very likely become one in the future.

The two had clashed in the first battle of the second round, and it was doomed to be an intense fight. In the crowd's eyes, no matter how powerful Bing Ling was, there was just no way she could beat him instantly;and Gu Qing would not just stand there and wait to be beaten easily. He would definitely try his best to beat her. In that case, the audience were in for a good show.

’’Who do you think will win this battle?’’ Some people could not help but ask their companions.

’’Isn't it obvious? Of course, it would be Bing Ling. The young warrior with lower rank would be easily beaten. Being able to compete for the top ten requires a lot of potential and talent, along with the top martial arts. Therefore, it would be almost impossible to beat them.’’

’’Not necessarily. Gu Qing was ranked 10 in the last Hidden Dragon Rank, only three places from Bing Ling. They had trained similar martial arts as well, so it would not be that easy for Bing Ling to beat him. It might even be extremely hard.’’

’’Three years' time could bring the Hidden Dragon Rank competitions to its peak. There must be so many changes for Bing Ling and Gu Qing. There is no use of us debating over them. Let's just watch the game!’’

Amidst those chatters, Bing Ling and Gu Qing had gone on stage.

’’After three years, you are still so ice cold.’’ Gu Qing smiled. A dark blue colored iron stick appeared in his hand. It was three and a half meter long, and an arm wide. A helix pattern was carved on the surface of the stick. In the middle of the pattern was an obvious round dot. Three helix patterns with three dots made it look extra heavy and odd.

Bing Ling said, ’’Use all of your power! Otherwise, you would still lose to me just like last time.’’

’’Naturally, I will try my best.’’

The two exchanged a couple of words and then stopped talking while staring at each other intensively.

Gu Qing was the one who attacked first. His body flashed as he smashed his iron stick downwards when he was still ten meters away from Bing Ling. A heavy air slicing sound was heard, deep like mountains, giving people a feeling that it was not an iron stick but a huge mountain, or a sky-high stone column.

Bing Ling did not move an inch until the iron stick had been smashed out, then threw out a punch towards the incoming attack.


Ice chips fell from the sky. Gu Qing had a huge aura with heavy power, but his stick attack that had the power to crack open a huge mountain was still shattered by Bing Ling with her bare hands. Not only that, his dark blue iron stick had been wrapped in ice frost, the coldness spreading out the platform.

’’Impressive. This punch had not only contained a huge amount of zhen Qi, but also the power of ice breaking.’’ Ye Chen replayed that scene in his head. The moment Gu Qing smashed down that stick, Bing Ling had already accumulated ice element zhen Qi on her right fist. So the moment the two clashed, the ice element zhen Qi turned into a solid ice cube and exploded, which had easily shattered the heavy power that was like a mountain.

Xu Jing said, ’’This should be one of the exclusive martial arts from the Ice Extreme Martial School, the Ice Break Fist!’’

On the stage, Gu Qing was looking quite serious. His zhen Qi had followed his palm and poured into the iron stick. All of a sudden, the three round dots on the stick were lighted up. A blue colored halo spread out and shattered that ice frost.

’’Take this! Blue Cloud Nine Attacks!’’

Gu Qing yelled loudly, his body flashing everywhere. In that limited space on the platform, his human figure seemed to be everywhere, it was almost impossible to tell if it was real or fake, if it was solid or only a shadow. Then, pieces of ice chips suddenly appeared around Bing Ling, it turned out Gu Qing had already arrived right next to Bing Ling, throwing sticks and sticks of attacks.

Unfortunately, Bing Ling's defense art was just as powerful and horrifying as her fist art. Before that blue light iron stick was able to hit her, its power had been decreased by layers of ice element zhen Qi. Ice chips were everywhere, which made for a quite spectacular scene.

One stick attack, two...!

Seven attacks!

Eight attacks!

For the ninth attack, Gu Qing suddenly jumped up and split into three figures, holding the iron stick. They all hit on the protective zhen Qi layer of Bing Ling at the same time.

Being attacked by Gu Qing's tornado like attacks, it was quite hard for Bing Ling to block the first eight of the attacks. But the ninth stick attack had gotten rid of all of its techniques, leaving only incompatible power and aura. With that one stick attack being thrown out, the air had been completely sucked out, leaving a vacuum space.

Crossing both of her arms and blocking with them in front of her chest, pieces of round ice frost had been created in front of Bing Ling.


The ice frost had been shattered. Bing Ling took nine steps back, each one of the step leaving some ice chips on the ground.


Seeing that Gu Qing had gotten the upper hand, a lot of people did not even have the time to change a breath when Bing Ling's fightback was already there. That attack was even more brutal than the ninth stick attack of Gu Qing's. With one punch being thrown out, the water element in the air had been accumulated and thrown out along with that extremely cold fist power.

His protective zhen qi layer had been frozen, and Gu Qing's whole body had been blocked inside the huge ice cube, landing heavily on the dark blue light wall. The ice cube had been shattered, and as Gu Qing's black hair blew in the air, he yelled loudly: ’’If you can take down this stick attack, I will give up automatically.’’

’’Bring it on!’’ Bing Ling still had that stone-cold look on her face.

The aura increased rapidly, as blue qi flow exploded around Gu Qing. That blue qi flow had run a circle around Gu Qing before heading inside the iron stick.

The next second!

The iron stick vibrated intensively. The blue halo kept on changing until it eventually formed into a shadow of a stone column. It was three meters long and half a meter thick.

’’Blue Stone Great Art! Lose!’’

He threw out one last stick attack. Half of the battling platform had changed its color. The heavy shadow of the stone column was indeed like a sky high stone column, attacking brutally towards Bing Ling, who was dozens of meters away. That kind of power that could crush mountains and destroy rivers was hard to believe and even be connected with Gu Qing, who was a very good-looking young man.

Right then, someone yelled out, ’’It was the exclusive martial art of the Blue Cloud Pavilion! According to rumors, there was an inner master who had killed two warriors with the same cultivation with one attack of the art. It was then famous for its powerful aura and power around the South Rudra Region.’’

’’The people who trained the Blue Stone Great Art would normally choose heavy weapons such as iron sticks or hammers, which would be able to perform the Blue Stone Great Art to its extreme.’’

’’Gu Qing's power should not be underestimated. I wonder what Bing Ling would do to defend herself.’’

’’Bing Ling should also have ace attacks I think.’’

Ye Chen squeezed his eyes. He knew Bing Ling was about to use her ace attacks. All of the water element on that battling platform had been accumulated instantly and compressed into that beautiful little fist.

’’Iceberg Break!’’

Bing Ling groaned as she threw out a horrifyingly powerful fist punch. That second, a lot of people felt like they had heard the cracking sound of an iceberg.


The battling platform seemed to have shaken a little while the air twisted. The blue qi flow and the cold ice frost filled up the whole platform. If it were not for those dark blue light walls, it would have spread to the whole stadium.


The shadow of the stone column had been shattered, while Gu Qing's palm that was holding the iron stick had been torn open and his chest felt like he was stroked by the thunder. He puked out a chunk of blood as he was blown back into the air.

Bing Ling was not feeling that great either. Her face was a little bit pale, as a little bit blood came out the corner of her mouth.

The result of the clash of their ace attacks was that Gu Qing lost completely, while Bing Ling was only wounded slightly.

’’Bing Ling won!’’

The judge snapped back to reality and announced the result. It was not the time for him to admire their powers. In the competitions of the Hidden Dragon Rank, a few wounds would affect the performance in the following battles, which was why both the leader of Ice Extreme Martial School and the Blue Cloud Pavilion looked so worried.

Once Bing Ling had stepped off the stage, she was taken away by the leader of the Ice Extreme Martial School. Without any surprises, she would be using her Seas of Souls Realm power to heal Bing Ling's wound, trying to get her back to her prime condition before she had to face her next opponent, in case she got wounded again and even lost the battles.

The Blue Cloud Pavilion was not slow either. They had brought Gu Qing, who looked quite defeated, into the training room nearby. Although there was no Seas of Souls Realm warrior in the Blue Cloud Pavilion, Gu Qing was not that badly wounded. With a couple of Astral Reaching Realm powerful warriors working together, plus some of the top healing medicines, it should not be hard to heal him completely in such a short time. On the contrary, the ranking of the Hidden Dragon Rank would be the only thing they cared.

With the two leaving the stage, it did not cool down the atmosphere. Instead, it somehow inspired and agitated it even more.

’’I did not imagine that Gu Qing was able to fight Bing Ling like that. It would be hard for those new stars to beat him.’’

’’Yah! Bing Ling can be counted as one of the top warriors in the older generation. Only a handfull of people could wound her. Even though it was only small wounds, and she would not even need to rest if there were no competitions. Only a couple of days ad she would be fully healed without any side effects even in normal circumstances.’’

’’In the group seven, the top four have already almost been chosen - Bing Ling, Gu Qing, Tang Xiaoshan and Ye Chen. I wonder if the four of them would face each other again. If so, then it would be another intense battle.’’

The crowd could not be more excited about the coming battles. But of course, it was not only about the group seven. The other groups' battles would be equally intensive since there would only be twenty-four contestants in each group, and with ten rounds of battles, each contestant would face ten other contestants. So there should always be an intense battle.

While Bing Ling and Gu Qing was battling, Lin Qi was also in a fight. Because the battle was not as interesting as the other two, therefore, not many people were following the battle.

Now, that battle had also finished. Lin Qi had won!

Time passed neither fast nor slow. Over at group seven, there had already been five battles. For the sixth battle, it was indeed Ye Chen, and he was facing the third disciple of the Sky Demon Martial School - Wu Liangyu.

The spirit of the crowd had not even got a chance to rest up when it suddenly rose up again. Judging from the surface, Wu Liangyu was indeed not as powerful as Ye Chen, but he should not be weaker than Gao Feng, and might even be stronger. What the crowd was excited about was how Ye Chen was going to beat Wu Liangyu.


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