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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 252


Chapter 252: Sword Intent? I Can Do It Too

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

After hearing his name, Gao Feng flew up onto the platform with a serious expression on his face.

Ye Chen did not hesitate at all. His feet touched the ground, appearing almost at the same time as Gao Feng. The two stood with a fifty-meter gap in-between them.

’’You are very strong. But it will not be easy to get that one point from me.’’ Holding the sword lightly with his right hand, Gao Feng said one word at a time.

Ye Chen smiled as he said, ’’It shall be easy.’’

Gao Feng frowned. According to his rough calculation, he should have thirty percent chance to win against Ye Chen. He never thought he had no chance, but somehow after seeing Ye Chen's relaxed expression, he felt like he had no confidence whatsoever. It was the first time he felt this frustrated in a long time.

Suddenly, Gao Feng was shocked by one of his thoughts, 'Perhaps there was more power that he was hiding?'

Over at the judges seating area, the third group's judge was sitting right next to the judge of the group twelve.

The latter said, ’’Gao Feng is a great seed. You can tell that he had hidden some of his power. His sword intent should be already at the entry level.’’

The third group's judge nodded and said, ’’I find it interesting that up until now, there was not a single sign of Ye Chen learning the sword intent.’’

’’Perhaps he had just not learned it yet. Although the sword intent is a trademark for sword artist, it is not like every single great sword artist had mastered the sword intent. Who can be sure of these things really?’’

’’You are quite right. But it is just a bit of pity. If he had sword intent as well, it would not be impossible for him to be in the top ten.’’ The third group's judge had seen Ye Chen winning every single battle, and was a bit excited after all, hoping that he could make it further so that he could carry on watching the show.

But of course, he was aware of the fact that it was not that easy to master sword intent. There were a lot of Astral Reaching Realm sword artists in this true spirit continent who did not learn the sword intent at all. Some sword artists with decent comprehensive ability and talent had somehow learned the sword intent, which was just unpredictable.

Some rumors were spreading around the true spirit continent. Apparently, learning the sword intent would require a pure spirit more, or at least reach the Sea of Souls Realm, which were two conditions that would make the trainer master the sword intent easily. The others would have to judge their condition since everything had an alternative.

’’Brother Gao, beat him... then you will win eleven times in a row.’’

Right then, a young lady's voice was heard from the audience seating.

Gao Feng's face changed. He looked over where the sound came from, then forced a laugh and shook his head. 'Wining against Ye Chen... how hard it is going to be! I just wish his power does not go beyond my imagination.'

The Star Scar Sword appeared in his left hand. Before he took out the sword out of his scabbard, Ye Chen said, ’’Your sister disciple seems to really want you to win. Too bad, I will not go easy on you.’’

’’Better not. I will win against you fair and square.’’ Gao Feng tightened his hand until his knuckles became white. The young lady who yelled at him was his younger sister disciple, and the person he grew up with. He had promised her to get twelve wins in a row to celebrate their twelve years together.


Gao Feng's sword had been taken out. A sword light flashed, and a wave of invisible sword pressure attacked towards Ye Chen. The calm air had suddenly been disturbed, a water pattern appearing in the air, tearing the air to an extreme.


The sword pressure and the water-patterned air had been torn open while Ye Chen's sword was only halfway out of its scabbard.

’’What a powerful sword aura!’’ The judges of the group three and twelve were shocked. Right then, Ye Chen seemed to be getting slightly more serious.

Over at group two, the head disciple of the Heartless Martial School Li Daoxuan had noticed that scene. He slightly shook his head, 'Without sword intent, it would still be useless after all.'

’’Sword Tornado!’’

The sword pressure was only the starter. Once Gao Feng started attacking, he had used the ace attack he had used to beat Teng Mo. With one sword attack out, the wind started to blow drastically, the sword light shooting out in every direction.


Another crispy sound was heard. The sword wind and Qi had all been shattered. And the tip of Ye Chen's sword had just revealed itself from the scabbard. The sword light was shining like the star.


Gao Feng took a deep breath. He had never met anyone with same cultivation could break one of his ace attack with only the sword aura. But it was only the beginning. He was a sword artist with sword intent after all. However, his sword intent had just reached the entry level two months ago.

Accumulating his sword intent, Gao Feng's sword qi started to become purer and purer. It had been compressed to a level that nothing seemed to be able to break it, including Ye Chen sword aura.

The next second, Gao Feng suddenly appeared in front of Ye Chen. Then, the clashing sound of the metals and burning hot sparks spilled everywhere, which was extremely bright.

Off the stage and over on the audience seating, a lot of young warriors could only see two blurry shadows shifting everywhere, one blue and the other green. The most attention was attracted by the endless sword light. Each one of it was extremely beautiful. And then there were the endless marks on the ground. They were sharp and neatly cut, and with a simple glance, they could frighten a normal person to madness.

Judging from the current situation of the battle, Gao Feng seemed to be just as powerful as Ye Chen. One had learned the entry level sword intent, while the other had flawless sword skills.

On that enormous battling platform, the slim sword of Gao Feng kept on flashing. Endless sharp sword light appeared;each cut, each stab was full of power and threat. Sometimes, when his zhen Qi exploded, the tip of his sword had not even touched anything yet, there would be burning hot sparks shooting out between the two.

Compare to Gao Feng, Ye Chen just seemed to be a more powerful version of him. His Star Scar Sword was unpredictable and untraceable. Each attack was just flawless. And out of everyone's expectation, Gao Feng, who had learned the sword intent, was still not able to get the upper hand.

Of course, Ye Chen would not dare to do anything reckless. Under the condition of not using his sword intent, he would still have to use the mentality of his Sky Shattering Clouds. But he decided he would save up the mentality of the Lone Peak Kill. It was not that the Lone Peak Kill was not as powerful as the Sky Shattering Cloud, in fact, it was the opposite case. But without the enhancement of the sword intent, it would be hard for him to perform the Lone Peak Kill to its peak. The mentality of the Lone Peak Thirteen Swords was the beginning of Ye Chen's sword intent. After completion of the infusion, the mentality of the Lone Peak Kill was still deeply connected to the sword intent. If it were not for the sword intent, Ye Chen would not be able to finish infusing the art and complete the most powerful martial art of his.

As for the Sky Shattering Cloud, it also required using the sword intent to get to its peak, but it demanded less than the Lone Peak Kill. The Sky Shattering Clouds was a front-on attack, while that poetic perspective mentality of mountains and rivers was the key to the Lone Peak Kill. Without it, its power would be decreased by a lot.

Human figures flashed past on the stage, the sword light dancing everywhere. Beams of sword qi leaked out from the attacking zone, disturbing the peacefulness of that dark blue light wall.

’’How is this possible? I am older than him and have learned the sword intent, but somehow I can still not be able to get the upper hand against him. How powerful exactly are his sword arts?!’’ The long sword in his hand kept slicing out while Gao Feng was getting more and more shocked. Eventually, he had completely given in to Ye Chen's sword art.

As the battle got more and more intensive, the look on Gao Feng's face could not be more serious. His eyes had almost stopped blinking and were working intensively with his soul power, trying to capture every single movement of Ye Chen's, hoping to find a flaw somewhere. He knew that even the slightest mistake would allow him to fight back.

After a long while, Gao Feng had given up. Ye Chen did not have a single flaw. At least for him, Ye Chen's attack was perfect. Even if there was a flaw, it must have been created on purpose to mess up his pace.

Taking one step backward, Gao Feng held his sword with both of his hands as he sliced out horizontally.

’’Ghost Scare Wind!’’

'Since there are no flaws, then I shall create some for him.' Gao Feng had put in all of his power into that one sword attack. His sword intent had completely covered the sword wind.

A ghost like wolf cry was heard. That horrifying sword wind kept turning into solid sword qi, then kept shattering by itself, completely unpredictable.

’’The sword intent is not bad. Too bad, his sword art mentality is still not high enough.’’

Besides his sword art techniques and his powerful sword aura, the fact that Ye Chen was able to carry on fighting with his opponent without his sword intent was more because of his powerful sword art mentality. With all of them combined together, even Gao Feng, who had mastered the entry level sword intent, could not make him use his sword intent.

As Gao Feng took a step back, Ye Chen had also taken a step back. He held his Star Scar Sword with both of his hands, then sliced it down with the aura of thunder and lightning.

’’Sky Shattering Cloud!’’

Sizzz! Sizzz!...

Electrical sparks were sparkling in the air. Gao Feng's sword wind had been shattered and spilled everywhere along with Ye Chen's attack.

Gao Feng's expression changed suddenly. His eyes looked extra sharp as if he had made some determination, ’’I was planning to save this ace attack until later, but now you have the power to make me use it.’’

His entry level sword intent spread out the platform, then wrapped around Gao Feng's body. His right hand held the sword tightly, while his left hand held the end of the sword. The next second, that sharp sword aura suddenly exploded brutally. Combined with his slim body, his whole body seemed like a great sword that was about to come out of its scabbard.

’’Hehe, this Gao Feng is not bad... He still has such a powerful ace attack. Ye Chen is about to lose.’’ Tang Xiaoshan had both of his hand crossed in front of his chest as a smile climbed on his face.

Facing Gao Feng with his unstoppable aura, Ye Chen shook his head, ’’Sword intent, I can do it too. I was planning to fight for a bit longer.’’ Ye Chen really admired Gao Feng's sword art skills. Just like Wei Renjie felt towards Lin Qi, he had a joy of seeing such a powerful target. Otherwise, there was literally no reason for him to waste so much time since he could take him out once he stepped on the stage. It was not like it was not achievable with his power now.

’’What?! He had also learned the sword intent?!’’ The judge of the group three could not be more shocked.

A frightening sharpness exploded, and Ye Chen's aura had changed to something completely different from before. His blue robe was dancing in the air. Invisibly, a powerful sword aura that was full of sword intent had easily gone through Gao Feng's sword aura instantly without any hesitation. Gao Feng's seemingly growing sword aura seemed a bit childish right now under that attack. Suddenly, it was like a broken balloon that ran out of air.

Gao Feng had this raw fear in his head. 'Is this his true power?!'

Only Gao Feng would know the true power of the ace attack that he had prepared especially for this competition. As long as he threw out this sword attack, even opponents that had higher cultivations would hate him. But he had not expected Ye Chen to learn the sword intent at all. And he would not know how exactly powerful he was when using the sword intent.

A beam of sword light flashed past in the air!

Gao Feng did not even have a chance of fighting back before his protective zhen Qi layer had been shattered and his body was blown into that dark blue light wall.


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