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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 25


Chapter 25 - Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf

At the outer part of the mountain range was a very strange set of landforms, there were forests, hills, moors, lakes...

Over the past few days, you could often see a human figure coming and going, killing one beast after another.

He had such bad luck. Thirteen rank 2 beasts and none of them had pellets inside their bodies, this was even including four peak rank 2 beasts.

Ever since he reached the highest stage of his Pure Yuan Art, Ye Chen realized that if he wanted to improve faster in the future, he would need the help of beast pellets.

The beast pellets were extracted from the parts, inside the beasts' bodies, where they absorbed the Yuan Qi from nature. Theoretically, a beast pellet that was a year old could save a warrior about a year of hard work, a five-year-old pellet could save about five years of hard work. However, it was only theory. Inside the pellet was not only extracted Yuan Qi but also a lot of Beast Qi. If a normal warrior was infected with a little bit of beast Qi, he might risk of going crazy, and, if he was unlucky, the whole pellet would be melted by the beast Qi and became completely worthless.

But, of course, if a warrior had reached the Condensing Yuan Stage, they could suck out the Beast Qi with their own Qi, then the pellet would be perfectly safe. However, the pellet had to be under Condensing Reality Stage. In another word, a Condensing Reality Stage warrior still would not be able to handle the pellet that was higher than rank 4.

The strong smell of blood attracted a lot of beasts' interest. Ye Chen closed his eyes and, with his extraordinary soul power, sensed there was a relatively strong beast around thirty meters away, it should be a peak rank 2 beast.

His body shifted and he somehow started to float, both feet in the air, like a big bird, he flew out twenty meters and came straight towards the back of a huge tree.

With a loud noise, the tree was cut in half and a beast, that looked like both a wolf and a tiger, appeared behind the tree.

A peak rank 2 beast, the Tiger-Wolf Beast!

Ye Chen twisted his wrist and his great steel sword became a beam of light, shooting out with extreme speed. It was the strongest move in the Lone Peak of Thirteen Swords - The Extreme Sword.

The Tiger-Wolf Beast did not expect Ye Chen to be this fast, it was just about to move his body, it was stabbed in the chest. Although it was badly wounded, but it was surprisingly tough, it suddenly grabbed Ye Chen's elbow.

’’Piss off! 'The Twisted Road'!’’ Ye Chen ignored the opponent's attack,accumulated his Qi into his great steel sword, and thrust it towards the opposite side, forcibly twisting open that beast's chest. Then, with extreme speed, he cut the beast's claws, which were reaching toward him.

Such strong rank 2 top beast, yet it could not survive two attacks from Ye Chen, its body softened and fell on the ground, like a broken balloon.

Looking at the beast's wound, Ye Chen's eyes brightened, and his face was filled with joy: It is about time. Finally, this beast has a pellet inside its body!

Slicing the Tiger-Wolf Beast's corpse, Ye Chen reached his hand inside its body and took out a milky-yellow pinkish pellet, about the size of an egg.

According to the booklets about the beasts, if the rank 2 beast had a pellet inside its body, it would increase its chances of becoming a rank 3 beast. If the pellet had slight color changes, it meant it was not far away from upgrading to its next power level. This pellet was milky yellow with a hint of pinkness, no doubt that monster was about to reach the next level, it was more powerful than a normal rank 2 pellet, and for its size, it must've been there for at least a year.

Even after the evil-warding potions' cleansing and losing about ninety percent of its Beast Qi and Yuan Qi, it could at least save Ye Chen a month of hard work. Nevertheless, this pellet was about to reach the next power level, its effect might even double, and could save him two months of hard work.

Staring at the pellet in his hand, even with his powerful soul power, Ye Chen still could not control his excitement. Two months of hard work! It could help me reach the Late Mortal Realm Stage 7, and, if I am lucky, there might still be a fifth of the original Yuan Qi left. After the cleansing of the evil-warding potion, which means four months of hard work, then I will definitely reach Mortal Realm 8.

Ye Chen took out a jade box, carefully put that valuable pellet into the box, and closed the lid. This was to protect against Beast Qi and Yuan Qi leakage.

After taking a deep breath, he calmed himself from his excitement and looked at the beast's corpse.

’’The materials from a peak rank 2 beast could sell for ,at least, a thousand silver. I should not let it go to waste, I need the money to buy the evil-warding potions which cost five thousand silvers.’’ Ye Chen mumbled to himself, squatted down, and started digging inside the beast's body, collecting all the useable parts.

After he finished collecting materials, he frowned. The big leather bag that I brought is completely filled up, it would be so nice if I have a storage ring.

But, of course, he was just dreaming about it. Among all the core apprentices, only eldest sister Zhu Mei and ’’Hanshan Childe’’ Luo Hanshan had it. He knew he was nowhere close to that stage yet. However, he was surprised at how powerful Emerald Valley was, because, among all the countless geniuses in Emerald Martial Palace, even Ji Xuyan, who was only at the Peak of Mid Condensing Reality Stage, had a storage ring.

Sigh... Emerald Martial Palace is, indeed, a rank 7 martial institution, they have countless fortunes and treasurable assets. The Ye family is one of the famous eight family, and also have a large fortune, but only my father and some other senior masters have storage rings, my mother also had one, but she was a junior master of the Rudra martial institution, with a great reputation. But it was impossible for other people, like me, to get a storage ring.

Shaking his head, Ye Chen closed the big leather bag and prepared to leave.

All of the sudden, out of nowhere, a huge gale of wind started to blow around the forest, throwing around small rocks, and even some of the small plants were pulled out of the ground, with their roots flailing in the air, like a hurricane.

Ye Chen was shocked. What the heck?!?


A terrifying loud howl was heard. It seemed to be only a couple hundred meters away.

Oh no! It is a rank 3 beast! Only the rank 3 beasts could release their Beast Qi and let it form an air flow, known as a Beast Wind, which could confuse people's senses.

Before Ye Chen's soul traveled to this world, he read this classic fantasy novel, called ’’Outlaws of the Marsh’’, in which the main character was fighting against a tiger. There was also a wave of odd wind blowing before the appearance of this tiger. Right now, this rank 3 beast was way more powerful than that tiger. its wind was more like a hurricane.

No time to waste, Ye Chen put all his effort into accumulating Pure Yuan Art, his feet pushed the ground, his body jumped out like a big bird, wanted to avoid the rank 3 beast's attack.

He heard the sounds of branches breaking. Shortly after, a wolf beast, the size of a cow, suddenly appeared where Ye Chen was previously standing, its body slim and strong. It did not have hair covering its body, but, instead, was covered with black flakes, which seemed metallic. It had a long scorpion tail, the hook at the end had a gray shine to it, which just screamed ’’deadly poisonous’’.

Ye Chen turned his head to look, then he tried everything he could to accumulate his Qi. Pushing his Golden Swallow Art to the limit, he ran away as fast as he could.

That weird-looking beast was the Scorpion Tail Demon Wolf, one of the top beasts among all rank 3 beasts. Even a Mid Condensing Reality Stage warrior would have to run away from it.


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