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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 249


Chapter 249: K.O. Yuanheng Ying

Translator: Sheryl Editor: AntiGod

Just as Ye Chen had expected, Teng Mo had lost;it was more like he had lost to himself than to Gao Feng. He had underestimated Gao Feng from the beginning, so he did not use all of his power and mindset for this competition. When he finally realized his mistake, it was already out of his control.

After beating Teng Mo, Gao Feng's reputation had increased drastically;he had become one of the most famous contestants in group three.

Even contestants from other groups could not help but check him out. It was not that there was a lack of powerful young warriors in their groups, the reason was actually the opposite. They had way too many powerful warriors in their group, and the results of the battles were already clear. However, contestants like Teng Mo and Gao Feng, who were almost at the same level, having such an intense battle was really rare so far.

’’That Gao Feng is quite impressive... and he is quite lucky too, for being in the group three with not many powerful warriors.’’

’’Yah! Among the twelve groups, five of them have been considered as the death groups, full of powerful warriors. Group three is the safest group, and the contestants within are most likely to make it to the next level.’’

’’Regardless, power is the most important thing. For the first stage of the elimination, only twelve contestants from each group will make it to the next round. They will then be combined with another group randomly and start the second stage of the elimination. Then twelve out of twenty-four contestants will be eliminated.’’

’’The contestants who are able to stand out in the group competition definitely still have some ace martial arts saved up. I can already imagine the intensity of the second round now. None of the battles will be easy at that stage.’’


Battles after battles, the competitions were conducted surprisingly fast. Some of the competitions had been finished within ten attacks. And someone had decided to give up before the battles. But of course, it was only in rare cases. Most of the battles would take more than one hundred attacks each to find out who was the winner.

When Ye Chen did not have any battles, he would pay attention to the people he knew, like Xu Jing, Zhu Mei, and Lin QI...

Xu Jing was indeed untouchable. Until now, no one could last ten movements of hers. She was like a warrior from the ancient era, moving so fast and so strongly. Each movement of hers contained the poetic perspective of thunder, making people scared of her.

She had won three or four battles in a row before someone chose to give up the battles. Furthermore, it was a not-so-young contestant. However, no one had shown any negative expression to him, since everyone had witnessed Xu Jing's power. There was zero dramatic effect in her style of martial arts. What her opponents hated the most was that Xu Jing's attacks could be huge and small, and she tended to push people to close-up fights. In that case, no matter how powerful her opponents' bodies were, they could still not handle the intensity, which would affect the future competitions. What surprised them was that Xu Jing, who had the slimmest body and the thinnest arms, had so much power. She did not even go out of breath once, it was like all those battles before were a walk in a park for her.

Compare to Xu Jing, it was harder for Zhu Mei. After four rounds of battles, she had lost two and won two, which was not a bad score. It was not really her fault for losing that two battles. Her opponents were just way more powerful than she was, and even if she had gone over her limits, she would still not have a chance of winning.

As for the two battles that she had won, they were not easy for her at all. The first round had finished only after exchanging almost two hundred attacks. In the second battle, she faced an opponent just as powerful as she was. Actually, Zhu Mei was even weaker than her opponent. That was why she was at a disadvantage at the beginning of the battle. Only after four hundred attacks, Zhu Mei finally found her opponent's weakness and fought back, turning around the situation and eventually leading to victory.

Undeniably, judging from the performance of the disciples, North Snow Martial Academy now had totally won over the Emerald Martial School. Only the Emerald Childe from the Emerald Martial School had the right to enter the eliminating competitions while Ji Xueyan and Liu Wuxiang had already been eliminated in the three challenges of the dragon door. Two people were attending the elimination, the ’’North Snow Childe’’ Su Wen, and ’’North Snow Quick Blade’’ Lin Qi. Judging from the quality, Su Wen might have been slightly weaker than Zhuang Fei, but Lin Qi was definitely stronger than him.

In the past four rounds of competitions, Su Wen was just like Zhuang Fei, having lost one but won three. There were one or two tough ones where he had almost lost. As for Lin Qi, who had already learned the blade intent, it was easier for him. He had not used all of his power, yet he had won all of the four rounds. Without any surprises, he would be able to make it to the second stage of the competitions easily.

Eventually, there was the head disciple of the South Rudra Martial School Qin Yulian. Her power was undeniable. She had also trained the high-rank Sky Holy Water Spell. She had won three and lost one in the past four battles, which meant there was also high hope for her to reach the next stage.

’’This year's Hidden Dragon Rank is not only at its peak, but it is also the peak for our young generation of the Windy Nation.’’ Luo Xinglie said emotionally while sitting in the front row of the audience seating.

The headmaster nodded, ’’Not to mention Zhuang Fei and Su Wen, the two older young warriors, even Xu Jing, Zhu Mei, Qin Yulian and Lin Qi have all grown up so much. Then we have Ye Chen, this rare martial genius, it is indeed the highest level it had been for the Windy Nation.’’

’’Among the seven people, besides Ye Chen, who do you think has the biggest hope of making it to the next level?’’

The headmaster thought about it for a while, ’’First, it would be Xu Jing, then Lin Qi. The rest of them are at almost the same level, so I cannot say for sure now.’’

’’Just as I was thinking, let's see then!’’

’’Eh! Ye Chen's competition has begun!’’

The two stopped talking, looking over to the group three platform.

On the battling platform.

Ye Chen was standing fifty meter's away from his opponent, and his opponent was indeed the head disciple of the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School, Yuanheng Ying.

’’Ye Chen, don't you think you can easily win against me just because you are one realm higher than me. I had prepared quite a lot of ace attacks for this year's Hidden Dragon Rank competitions.’’ Yuanheng Ying was really intimidated by Ye Chen. If it were some other contestant, he would not even bother to waste his saliva and tell what he had prepared. But facing Ye Chen, Yuanheng Ying would not dare to do anything reckless. He hoped that Ye Chen would worry about the fact that he had hidden ace attacks and lose his pace.

Ye Chen smiled unnoticeably, he could not be clearer about Yuanheng Ying's thoughts, 'Of course, this strategy seems easy, and it actually is quite useful. Too bad he had chosen the wrong target for this.'

’’Alright, what's the point in talking so much? This battle will be finished soon. Let's do it!’’ Ye Chen decided to do it fast. He really did not have an interest in chatting with Yuanheng Ying, because they were not on the same level.


Yuanheng Ying's face went red. Ye Chen's impatient undertone pissed him off. 'Since when he, Yuanheng Ying, could be treated like this?!' He thought to himself.

’’Demon Eagle Sky. Hit him for me!’’

Groaning with anger, Yuanheng Ying pushed his zhen Qi to its limit. His dark blue zhen Qi was like wings of a male eagle, expanding on his back. Then, a huge zhen Qi eagle claw attacked out, carrying the raw evilness from the ancient era.


A sword light flashed, shattering the zhen Qi eagle claw instantly. Ye Chen walked over to Yuanheng Ying step by step.

’’Dam* it!’’

Yuanheng Ying was utterly shocked. Although he had known before that his ace attack ’’Demon Eagle Sky’’ would not be able to handle Ye Chen's counter, being shattered within a second was still out of his expectation. His heart beat like crazy as Yuanheng Ying freaked out a little. However, seeing Ye Chen approaching him step by step, his little breakdown had been replaced by endless anger. 'Who do you think you are?! Do you really think there is nothing I can do about you?'

’’Demon Eagle Revealing Fist!’’

Taking a heavy step forward with his right foot, Yuanheng Ying formed two fists and threw them all out midair. That pile of crazy dark blue zhen Qi was arranged in a weird route and then completely absorbed by his fists. The next second, a horrifying eagle roar was heard. A vague demonic eagle flew out and attacked towards Ye Chen. Before, Yuanheng Ying had only attacked out with an eagle's claw, but now that he was furious, he had formed the whole demonic eagle. Its power had been increased drastically, by more than five times. No wonder he seemed so much more confident now.

’’Let's see how you going to block...’’ He was not even able to finish his sentence before he suddenly froze. In his sight, that furious demonic eagle was not even able to expand its wings before it had been cut in half by Ye Chen's sword, turning into nothing. Then that bright sword light had filled up his sight, and he could see nothing besides that unbearable bright light.


Yuanheng Ying's zhen qi layer had been shattered, his body was blown away and he crashed into that dark blue light wall.

With only one sword attack... KNOCKED OUT!

Seeing what had happened, people from the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School had a bad look on their faces. Yuanheng Ying had lost way too fast for them to react. However, they were also shocked by Ye Chen's growth. They could clearly remember that when they were in the Red Ancient Desert, Ye Chen was only able to fight against the outer master of the Mountains Martial School, he was not an opponent for any of the inner masters. In only one year, his cultivation had not only reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm, but his attacking power had also increased drastically. Among all the people from the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School, besides the leader who was an Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior, the others would not dare to say they could win against Ye Chen. In fact, they knew for sure that Ye Chen had not even used all of his strength yet.

’’Yuanheng Ying did not lose for no reason... it was just that they were at completely different levels.’’ The leader of the Sky Eagle Castle frowned as he glanced at Ye Chen, who was stepping off the platform.

’’Ye Chen won!’’

After announcing the result, the judge of the group three touched his chin as he smiled a little. He thought that he had already seen through Ye Chen, but it turned out now he was far from doing so. Yuanheng Ying, who was a strong competitor for the top seventy-two places, could not even handle one attack of his. Technically, it was not a matter of handling the attack, because Yuanheng Ying did not even see it coming.

’’So it seems like that he would be the number one for group three.’’

There were not many powerful young warriors in group three, which was already a fact known to everyone. Otherwise, the judge of group three would not be able to come up with this conclusion so easily.

Off the stage and over at the audience area, the crowd who had witnessed the battle was very surprised. They were discussing it passionately.

’’Another hidden talent. That sword attack was so fast!’’

’’I thought that in group three, there was only Gao Feng and Teng Mo. But now I am not daring to think so anymore. At least, that Ye Chen was definitely not weaker than Gao Feng... he might even be more powerful than he was.’’

’’Yah, I thought so too. His sword art was way too fast, and even I was shocked. But I wonder how much power he had actually used.’’

’’Maybe only eighty percent tops.’’

Hearing people's discussions, Gao Feng shook his head. He did not think that Ye Chen had used eighty percent of his power, maybe not even sixty percent. 'He is a horrifying opponent. Of course, if he had only used sixty percent of his power, I would still have thirty percent chance to win against him. But I am afraid that he had not even used sixty percent of his power yet, in which case it would truly be frightening...He should not be that scary, should he? ...'

Gao Feng shook his head again, then stared at Ye Chen seriously. 'He is my potential opponent in the group battles.'

Zhu Mei had also watched Ye Chen's battle, and she could not help but ask, ’’Ye Chen, how much power did you actually used?’’

’’Half of a half, I guess!’’


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