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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 248


Chapter 248: Starfire Burning Sword

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The third group's judge laughed;there had only been ten rounds of competitions, and there was already someone so talented who had emerged. With few more rounds, it would be quite clear who had the power to make it to the next stage.

’’The eleventh round, Teng Mo verses Gao Feng!’’

The judge's voice just resounded when everyone in group three went silent for a second, followed by discussion noises blowing up like waves of oceans.

’’In the last Hidden Dragon Rank, Teng Mo was ranked nineteenth. I did not expect him to go up so soon.’’

’’There are many powerful warriors in the group three. Without any surprises, he would probably be the top two at the scoring competition. I wonder if this contestant named Gao Feng could hold on a bit longer or not... maybe, he could push Teng Mo to show us a little bit of his real power.’’

’’It will be tricky! It will already be quite impressive if he could hold on for three moves since Teng Mo is not a normal young warrior.’’

As the discussion went on, Teng Mo and Gao Feng went onto the stage.

Teng Mo wore black clothing, with a golden crown tying his hair up together. His eyebrows were sharp like swords. Normally, people with this kind of eyebrows would be exquisite looking. If not, they would still look very sharp and clean cut. Unfortunately, Teng Mo had broken this pattern;his face was narrow shaped, eyes were very long and also narrow, his nose was small and sharp, and his lips were extremely thin, which normally did not leave a good impression. He looked like a combination of a snake and a fox.

The teenager standing in front of Teng Mo was about nineteen or twenty years old, his body slim and skinny. He wore a light gray long robe;his long hair had been casually tied up by a thin string in the back. He looked fresh and care-free. Facing Teng Mo, this powerful opponent, he did not have any expressions on his face, seeming almost horrifyingly calm.

’’This Gao Feng does not seem simple either!’’ Ye Chen thought differently from the others. In his opinion, Gao Feng, who looked very calm, had a very powerful qi, which was almost the same as Teng Mo. Besides that, Ye Chen had also sensed some kind of similar mentality as his, which was the kind of mentality of not being tied down by the norms, finding his own ways of life. It was not hard to guess that his martial arts would be just like his mentality, extremely creative and without patterns.

On the battling platform, the two were standing fifty meters away from each other.

’’What? Are you not going to give up?’’ Teng Mo squeezed his eyes and said. Gao Feng shook his head, ’’I am thinking how many movements it will take to beat you.’’

With him saying that, not only did Teng Mo's expression change, even the audiences could not help but roll their eyes. They thought Guo Feng was just bluffing and being arrogant with no actual power. Teng Mo was someone who had been ranked nineteen in the last Hidden Dragon Rank, and now had already reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm. His martial arts and skills were all top of the top among the young generation. He was only slightly weaker from Sikong Sheng and the group, and if it were not for the huge amount of geniuses in this year's competition, he would definitely be one of the strong competitors for top ten. Even now, no one would say for sure that he did not have the power to compete for the top ten, he was just not that outstanding as the rest of the contestants.


Teng Mo looked like he had just heard the funniest joke of his life. He laughed hysterically, and in the next second, he had a creepy look on his face, ’’Very well... I would like to see how many movements it will take you to beat me. But before that, I would like to beat you in ten... I wonder if you had mentally prepared yourself or not.’’

’’My winning chance has just increased a little.’’

Gao Feng did not answer his question directly.


Teng Mo was furious. His storage ring flashed, and a slim sword appeared in his palm. Twisting his wrist, the slim sword shot out millions of sword lights, each one having a burning red color, blocking Gao Feng's way. It looked like Teng Mo wanted to win him with one sword attack.

’’It has appeared! It is Teng Mo's signature sword art - Starfire Burning Sword!’’

’’Starfire Burning Sword Art is a high-rank Earth Realm sword art. With one sword attack, the sword light would be like a fire that could burn a whole grassland;it has a massive attacking range. There is almost no chance for the target to escape. And once one fails to escape, the opponent would have to survive waves after waves of intense attacks almost endlessly.’’

Hearing the discussions of the contestants nearby, Ye Chen touched his chin. 'The disciples of a huge martial institution are indeed different, easily performing a high-rank Earth Realm sword art which would give them such a huge advantage. If I am right, the power of this Starfire Burning Sword would be more than this, and the following-up attacks must be even more powerful.That kind of burning mentality is very horrifying, but of course, the condition would have to be that Teng Mo has mastered the mentality. Otherwise, its power would only be pure attacking power.'

’’Let's see how you are going to avoid this!’’ Teng Mo was very confident about his Starfire Burning Sword. He believed that Guo Feng would never be able to avoid this attack, and once he was stuck under his attack, then the show would just begin.

Guo Feng was indeed unable to escape from this attack, so he did not even try. Instead, he ran up towards the countless sword lights, as a sword also appeared in his hand. It was one and a half meter long with a silver shine, its width almost three fingers wide. Along with the movements of his arms, piles of silver white sword light appeared and started to travel around in the air. All the crowd could hear was exploding sound, and that burning hot sword light somehow was already shattered midway, turning into countless sparks in the sky, which looked spectacular.

’’What?! It was broken?’’

Teng Mo could not believe his eyes. Although it was only the first movement of the Starfire Burning Sword, among all the warriors with the same cultivation that he had met, no one had broken the attack with any skills. He was actually very happy when Gao Feng started to run towards him because he knew this sword light was not a normal sword light. It was the kind that would explode. When hundreds of sword lights exploded at the same time, no matter how powerful his protective zhen Qi would be, there was just no way that he would be able to block it out.

Among all of the contestants off the stage, only Ye Chen had seen through what truly had happened.

’’He had completely seen through the traveling route of the sword light and its weaknesses, and by using the vibration of his power, he had torn apart the attacking power of those sword lights from within. This is not something everyone can manage to do.’’ All of that had happened within a second. Plus, with the blockage of countless sword lights, it was almost impossible to see clearly. However, Ye Chen was not a normal warrior. He could tell how Guo Feng had broken down the sword light by just looking at the shattering of the sword light.

’’Impressive. The first movement of the Teng Mo has been broken!’’

’’How unexpected! This year's Hidden Dragon Rank competitions are full of insanely powerful warriors. The record just keeps being renewed. I have never seen this Guo Feng before.’’

Most of the people could not see what had happened, but it was not hard for them to know how powerful Guo Feng was. The result of this round seemed to have been decided in the beginning, but somehow, it had completely been changed now. Everyone in the crowd was very intrigued, staring at the battling platform without even blinking.

’’Starfire Halo!’’

Teng Mo was a ranked young warrior after all. He recovered from the shock immediately. His feet touched the ground, and his body jumped up high into the sky, as he sliced down his sword. The fire like sword light had made a circle under the effect of momentum and counter force, turning into a burning fire halo and shooting out towards Guo Feng.

’’Eh, I guess I had underestimated him a little.’’

Gao Feng squeezed his eyes. Naturally, he could tell the power of that fire halo, it was different from the simple sword light. This hoop of fire halo was made of sword light. Wanting to shatter it with one sword would be very hard, and the slightest mistake would cause him to be wounded by the explosion, which would definitely not be worth it.

’’Since that's the case, then I will go for a head-on.’’

The silver long sword pointed at the ground with an angle. Piles of gray smoke like Qi appeared out of nowhere around Guo Feng's right arm. The smoke kept rising and rising, like a flame but without the head.

’’Sword Tornado!’’

Taking one step forward with his right feet, Guo Feng threw a sword attack towards the sky.

Woooo! Woooo! Woooo!

A roar of a ghost was heard. As Guo Feng threw out that sword attack, the burning fire halo blew out, the gray sword wind blowing right at Teng Mo, seeming unstoppable.

’’Gao Feng has won!’’ Seeing that, Ye Chen shook his head. Teng Mo was indeed impressive, but unfortunately, he had neither completely mastered his Star Fire Burning Sword Art, nor learned the sword intent. Otherwise, Guo Feng would not have been able to break his sword movement so easily. If it were Ye Chen who had performed the Star Fire Burning Sword Art, even a normal Astral Reaching Realm warrior would not be able to break the movement with his skills.


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