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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 247


Chapter 247: The First Battle

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Soon, the eliminating competitions had officially begun.

Over at group No. 3, two Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had gone onto the first stage. One was a blade artist while the other trained with his fists. The level of their blade and fist arts wasn't low at all. The after waves of their attacks hit the dark blue light wall, making a huge exploding sound, as sparks spilled everywhere.

After exchanging hundreds of attacks, the contestant who had trained fist arts eventually got the upper hand. While he avoided the blade light, he threw a fist attack and shattered his opponent's protective zhen Qi layer, which made him the winner of the round.

’’Second round, Yuanheng Ying verses Huang Lang.’’

On the first row of the audience seats, the judge of the group three yelled.

Hearing him, Yuanheng Ying sneered and flew over to the battling platform. That powerful dark blue light wall seemed to be made of water, wavy patterns spreading out over and over again. But it did not block him out.

’’I am looking forward to learning!’’ Huang Lang had a common appearance. He held both of his fists tight in front of his chest and said politely.

Yuanheng Ying said without patience, ’’Cut the crap! Take a claw attack of mine!’’

As he talked, Yuanheng Ying pushed his zhen Qi as his right hand made a grabbing gesture. Dark blue zhen Qi shot out into the sky before turning into a huge eagle claw. Once this claw appeared, it brought an ancient raw evil atmosphere, making it feel almost like a demon's claw.

’’Turning an ace martial art to a normal routine movement, it looks like Yuanheng Ying has made some breakthroughs as well.’’ Ye Chen's eyebrow flicked. He remembered when they were all in the Heaven Dream Battling Palace fighting for great treasures, and Yuanheng Ying and Zhuang Fei had decided to fight him together, he had used that movement. Back then, it was considered one of his best and most powerful movements, but now, he could use it as the first attack. Obviously, it was not because Yuanheng Ying thought of his opponent as a powerful warrior, it would be mostly because he had got so many more powerful attacks.

But Huang Lang was a contestant who had made through the three challenges of the dragon door too. Facing Yuanheng Ying's attack, although he looked extra serious, he was still able to block out the attack. However, Yuanheng Ying did not plan to let him catch a breath. He threw out claw attacks one after another, each one of it attacking the weak part of his protective zhen qi layer.


If one only defended for a long time, one would be doomed to fail. Huang Lang had only lasted a couple of minutes under the intense attacks from Yuanheng Ying before his defensive layer had been shattered.

The judge of group three nodded secretly. Yuanheng Ying had already made it in the rank last time, so he would most likely make it again. Clearing his throat, he announced the contestants for the third round.

Ye Chen's number was quite behind, and the first round of the battles was arranged in numeric order. So, it would take a while before his turn came. Seeing there were no intense fights in the group three stage, he lifted his head to look over at the other battling platforms.

’’Eh! It is Lin Qi!’’

Over at the group seven's battling platform, Lin Qi was standing face to face against another Mid Clasping Yuan Realm warrior.

Judging only based on cultivation, Lin Qi was only at peak-level Early Clasping Yuan Realm, which was not as powerful as his opponent. However, judging from the fighting power, that contestant would be nowhere near him. First, his weapon was knocked out by Lin Qi, and then his protective layer had been shattered. He lost completely in no time.

’’How impressive. Right now, he is the first contestant who was able to beat an opponent with higher cultivation.’’ The judge of the group seven seemed impressed.

After glancing at Lin Qi, Ye Chen turned away.

Coincidently, he saw another person he knew.

It was the second disciple of the Alchemist Martial School, Tian Hao, who was having bad luck. He had encountered someone quite powerful. After lasting thirty attacks, he had also lost completely.

Then, Ye Chen had watched another couple battles. All of the contestants were mostly either peak Early level or Mid Clasping Yuan Realm. The one who had reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm were less than forty people. As for the peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm, there were less than ten of them.

’’The head disciple of the Ice Extreme Martial School Bing Lin has gotten one. She had ranked 7 in the last Hidden Dragon Rank.’’

’’Her opponent was not weak either, ranked twenty-three in the last Hidden Dragon Rank.’’

’’No way! She had won against her opponent with only one punch!’’

Near the group four battling platform, all of the young warriors had been shocked. A powerful warrior who had been ranked twenty-three in the last Hidden Dragon Rank was still not able to handle one punch of Bing Lin. It seemed that Bing Lin had not used much power of hers. As to how much power she actually used, only she would have the answer.

’’The strong competitors of the top five are indeed beyond our comprehension. It is impossible to tell anything at this stage even right now.’’

Eventually, everyone in the crowd had gotten to a conclusion. The strong competitors of the top five had already reached beyond the mass's level, and once encountered, normal warriors would be beaten within a second.

That scene had also been noticed by Ye Chen. Although she was very powerful, she was still not his opponent. He had only one opponent at the moment, which was indeed Sikong Sheng. His powerful soul power was extra accurate when it came to judging power.

’’Round ten, Ye Chen against Xiao Heng!’’

Finally, it was Ye Chen's turn.

He faced a Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior who had been ranked thirty-five in the last Hidden Dragon Rank. He had a long silver spear as a weapon, its tip shining with a creep cold light.

’’The first point is already mine.’’

He had obviously not taken Ye Chen seriously. His feet touched the ground as his body flashed. The long spear in his hand was like a poisonous snake shooting out of its cave, looking extremely horrifying.

Ye Chen stood still, letting out his Lone Peak Kill's mentality to confuse his opponent's mind and perception.

’’What?! It's a hallucination!’’

Having mountains and rivers on the battling platform was impossible. Xiao Heng got confused for a second and freaked out a little bit. The aim of his spear had lost its target, which caused all of the power to be scattered.

The scene looked as if Ye Chen was only taking a walk in his garden after dinner. He appeared in front of his opponent with a normal speed, punching through his protective zhen Qi with only one fist attack.

Landing on the dark blue light wall with his back, his opponent looked at him with fear. If he had a choice, he did not want to face Ye Chen ever again. That kind of feeling of not being able to hit even though he had seen through everything and that confusion over space drove him crazy. He believed if he kept on fighting with Ye Chen, he might lose his mind.


The opponent did not even dare to look Ye Chen in the eyes. He hurried to fly towards the exit, fearing that Ye Chen would use that horrifying mentality on him again.

Ye Chen touched his chin. He thought he had gone too far with this. Although the Lone Peak Kill mentality was very effective, it would badly damage his opponent's condition. If his opponent did not have a strong mind or heart, it might completely ruin his mindset for the whole competition, and only end up able to perform eighty percent of his true power.

’’Never mind. I will not use the Lone Peak Kill mentality for now unless it was a critical moment. I will stick with the Sky Shattering Cloud mentality then.’’ For the first part of the competitions, Ye Chen did not plan to use his sword intent. So he had to choose between the mentality of Lone Peak Kill or Sky Shattering Cloud.

’’What had happened? Is he cheating somehow?’’

Because the effective range of the Lone Peak Kill mentality was only one meter, a lot of people had no idea what had happened, including Yuanheng Ying who was looking extra gloomy.

Only the group three judge looked shocked. He had a powerful mentality which covered the whole battling platform. He had seen every single detail of Ye Chen's Lone Peak Kill mentality. To be honest, among all the powerful Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, he had rarely seen anyone train his martial mentality so well that it could affect other warriors' senses. 'No wonder that contestant looked so frightened in the end.' He thought to himself.


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