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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 245


Chapter 245: Sixty-one Stones

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’’The attacking power had scored sixty, and the sixtieth stone even turned red. He definitely has reached the first limit for Clasping Yuan Realm.

’’Not bad. Although this kind of attacking power testing column is very rare and hard to manufacture, some of the top rank 7 martial institutions have some of these as well. There were three of them in the Martial City. Normally, being able to light up sixty stones would already be a full score, but some of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors had trained very powerful martial arts and skills or some kind of special body-boosting powers. Therefore, when they were designing the testing columns, they had added a special stone on end of each two rows, which allowed it to shine with three different colors. The first one was red, which indicated that the tester's power had already reached beyond the peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm, and would be able to fight against tyrants of the rank 6 beasts. The second color would be purple. Once reaching this level, they would be able to kill a tyrant of the rank 6 beast with minimal effort. The third color would be black. According to rumors, in the whole South Rudra Region, there were less than ten Clasping Yuan Realm warriors that could make the sixtieth stone light up in black, and they all could kill the tyrants of the rank 6 beasts within seconds. They were the most powerful warriors who were just below Astral Reaching Realm.’’

’’Qian Yun's attacking power could reach the red color level, so it is quite certain that he would be able to make it in the top ten or top twenty. The young generation should not be that crazily powerful, I think.’’

’’Yah, I think so too. Having a powerful attacking power will have so many advantages. Once hitting with such strength, they would be able to break down the defensive layer of their opponents immediately.’’

A lot of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors kept on chatting as they looked at Qian Yun with respect.

A subtle smile appeared on the corner of Qian Yun's mouth as he hugged his arms in front of his chest.

’’So Powerful. I think I could reach sixty stones as well.’’ A young warrior would not take those people's words for granted. He walked out of the crowd, wanting to beat out an even better score than Qian Yun.

A lot of people had recognized him, he was one of the powerful warriors on the top part of the rank.


His weapon was a blade. Suddenly, the blade light flashed as a blade attack landed on the column heavily.

The crystal stones lightened up row by row, and it stopped on the fifty-ninth stone. There was still one stone to go before the sixtieth stone, not to even mention the ability to turn the sixtieth stone into red color.

’’No way. Again!’’


And this time was even worse than the last time - only fifty-eight stones. He had obviously gotten distracted. Without pushing his spirit to its limit, his power was not hundred percent delivered.

’’Fifty-nine stones were already pretty good. People being able to light up sixty stones are the ones able to compete for the top ten!’’ No one dared to laugh at him because they knew they would not themselves be able to light up fifty-five stones.

Luo Hanshan said, ’’Ye Chen, why don't you go for a try?’’

Ye Chen laughed, he was indeed intrigued.

’’Another person has walked up the stage. I wonder how many he can light up?’’

’’Probably more than fifty-five stones, I think! His Qi looks pretty strong. hHe should be one of the powerful ones.’’

’’Who is not powerful in that young generation? But I agree with you though, fifty-five stones should be easy.’’

While the crowd discussed, Ye Chen walked up to the testing column step by step. Without taking out his Star Scar Sword, he wanted to see how much attacking power he had while being bare handed.

Qian Yun remembered vaguely about Ye Chen. He knew that Ye Chen had got up that dragon door with an extremely fast speed. He thought that Ye Chen could probably be ranked in the top thirty or maybe top twenty. Too bad, testing attacking power was not like jumping on the dragon door. They would need the most powerful attacking power without any mistake.

A bright yellow mountain shadow appeared on his right fist. The shadow suddenly compressed itself and eventually became a small pile of gold light wrapping around Ye Chen's fist. It was indeed the sign of the third movement of his Five Mountain Godly Fist - Five Mountain Condensed.


Thunder like sound was heard. The crystal piece had been hit with such intense power, yet it was still perfectly intact. The crystal stones had been lightened up immediately row after row. And eventually, it reached the sixtieth stone. However, it did not turn red, which was a lot less than the head disciple of the Sunset Martial School Qian Yun.

’’The sixtieth stone! Did I see it wrong? Another young warrior with the power that could compete for the top ten places.’’

’’Although it was slightly weaker than Qian Yun, it is only a small gap.’’

’’I wonder what kind of level Sikong Sheng and the rest would have.’’

The crowd was all surprised. Being able to light up sixty stones would not be easy. A lot of peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors did not have this kind of attacking power, from which Ye Chen was quite satisfied. He knew that only with the third movement of his Five Mountain Godly Fist, he would never be able to reach sixty stones. But with the enhancement of his own fifty thousand pounds physical power, it was not surprising for him to reach this score. In other words, even without his sword, his power was still one of the top amongst all the peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors.

’’Not bad. You can barely be my opponent. I wonder what your true power is like.’’ Qian Yun lost his interest and was about to leave.


His foot had been lifted up and put down, as Qian Yun's eyes were fixed on Ye Chen's left hand.

Before people could notice, Ye Chen had already taken out his Star Scar Sword. He held it with one hand and lifted up high into the air, then eventually landed heavily on that crystal piece.

It was the infused sword movement Sky Shattering Clouds, but he did not use his sword intent, because his seventy percent sword intent was one of his ace attacks, and there was no point for him to show off right now.

The sword pressure was so intense that one could even see the vague lightning flashing through in the air.

The next moment!

All of the six rows of crystal stones had been lightened up almost at the same time. Then the sixtieth crystal stones started to flash intensively. It then turned red, its color even darker than Qian Yun. It looked like it was about to turn purple.

’’He is a sword artist! He has even scored the first limitation of the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, and he is even not far from purple!’’ All of the warriors that were watching were shocked.

’’Okay, let's go!’’

Ye Chen did not want to continue. He put away his Star Scar Sword and said to Luo Hanshan.

Luo Hanshan forced a laughed and said, ’’You have completely shocked me! Besides those crazy geniuses, no one below the Astral Reaching Realm could really say they could beat you.’’

The two walked further and further away.

Touching his chin, Qian Yun looked like he had a lot on his mind. The first score of his was almost ninety percent of his attacking power. The reason he did not use one hundred percent was because he did not think that anyone could beat his record already, but he had never expected it to be broken in such short time.

’’Interesting. I hope that I could face you in the competition. Then, I will beat you with all of my power.’’ Looking at the back of Ye Chen, Qian Yuan turned to leave.


There were a lot of crossroads in the Hidden Dragon Ancient City. And there were also quite a lot of attacking power testing columns. A lot of people who had not seen it before had walked up for a test, which included those passionate young warriors.

’’So scary. The 'Monster Eyes' Mo Yan was indeed the rank 8 warrior of last time's Hidden Dragon Rank. He had turned the sixtieth stone purple!’’

’’Murong Qingcheng was not bad either. She was also purple. Just as I expected, she had not used all her power in the last competition.’’

’’The two are both disciples of the Sky Demon Martial School. It looks like that their school would be quite lucky this year.’’

Hearing all the positive comments, Mo Yan did not look proud. There were also quite a lot of attacking power testing columns in their school, and he had already tried it before. That was why he was so confident. However, Murong Qingcheng's power had still shocked him. He knew that she had experienced something great while she was traveling, that she had not only mastered the tenth level of her Sky Demon Great Art, she had even made some great breakthrough in her Sky Demon Great Palm Art. She was definitely one of the powerful ’’enemy’’ of his.

Murong Qingcheng had a thin layer of cloth covering her face as usual, and no one could really see her face.


There were surprised screams almost at each cross section.

’’The sixtieth stone has turned purple! He is indeed the head disciple of the Ice Extreme Martial School, Bing Lin. That fist art should be the top rank Earth Realm martial skill - Ice Cracking Fist, right?’’

’’I had just come from that cross-section over there. The head disciple of the Heartless Martial School Li Daoxun had also made it turned purple. Plus, 'Monster Eyes' Mo Yan and Murong Qingcheng as well.’’

’’So powerful! I think this year's top ten should be from among these few people. The young generation is full of crazily powerful warriors!’’

’’I know right?! I wonder how everyone else was doing.’’

’’Tuo Baku was purple!’’

’’The 'Fire Spirit Prince' Yan Chihuo had also tried it. It was black! And he was only doing it casually.’’

’’No way! A casual attack would reach the third limitation of the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors? He must be only one step from the Astral Reaching Realm!’’

’’Lin Yun had also turned it black with only a casual attack.’’

’’Two black scores?! Yan Chihuo was indeed the Fire Spirit Prince, and Lin Yun had also caught up. In the last time's competition, he was ranked fifty, and this time, he would probably be in the top three.’’

’’Oh, did anyone have the chance to know about Sikong Sheng's score?’’

’’I have not seen him. The king-level warrior's blood is not simple. The black score is almost certain.’’

’’Let's go find out.’’


On the cross-section in the center, the disciples from the Floating Mountain Martial School had all finished their testing, which had shocked all of the people in the crowd. Right then, a disciple of the school suggested Sikong Sheng, ’’Head disciple, I think all of those people have all finished testing as well. Maybe you can try as well? Just in case they were all thinking about stealing your place.’’

’’Yah, head brother, please display some of your power. Otherwise, they could think you are afraid of them.’’

Sikong Sheng sneered. Besides Yan Chihuo and the odd Lin Yun, he had not even thought about the rest. And even these two would only be powerful enough for him to fight. No one had the power to make him use all of his strength. 'Very well, I will get a score that will utterly depress them.'

Waving his sleeves, Sikong Sheng walked up to the testing column.

All of a sudden, there was not a single sound in the whole place. All of the people were watching with full concentration. They would like to know, as the champion of last Hidden Dragon Rank and the descendant of the Mysterious King, how powerful Sikong Sheng would be. And in just a while, they would be able to know a little bit from his attacking power.


No one had seen how Sikong Sheng had thrown out the attack. They could only vaguely see a palm like wave flash through the air before disappearing completely.

Looking up, everyone's attention was focused on the crystal stones.

One row, two rows ... six rows ... seven rows!

Seven rows!

The crystal stones had been lightened up to the seventh row. Although there was only one stone, meaning it was sixty-one stones in total, but it was still the attacking power of the Astral Reaching Realm warriors. And it seemed that Sikong Sheng had not even used all of his power yet. As for how much power he had used exactly, no one other than himself would know.

Regardless, the score of sixty-one stone was a score that could shock the whole South Rudra Region, which meant he had the power to compete with Early Astral Reaching Realm. How horrifying!

It was like a deadly contagious disease. The news of Sikong Sheng getting the sixty-one stone score had been spread out rapidly. Within half a day, most of the warriors in the Hidden Dragon Ancient City had known about it. A lot of young warriors had heard the news and had to force a smile and shake their heads, as they had been up till now planning to challenge Sikong Sheng. After knowing the news, they did not want to go even more because they knew that it would only be them embarrassing themselves.


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