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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 24


The Union of Six Senses

It had been ten days since his engagement had been canceled.

During these ten days, Ye Chen took the first of his Windy Dew Pellets. It cleared his mind, just like they said it would, and he felt fresh and focused. It cleared the meridians leading to his heart, allowing him to train his Qi without any restraint and reach the fourth coil of the Pure Yuan Art.

At the same time, Ye Chen began practicing his Golden Swallow Art. It required pure Qi, which was very hard to cultivate. Without it, the user would never be able to truly master the art and travel long distances in the air.

The good thing was that the Qi from the Pure Yuan Art was unbelievably pure. All of the impurities in his Qi had been filtered out upon reaching the second Coil. With his Pure Yuan Art at the Fourth Coil, in addition to the heart power, the training process of the Golden Swallow Art was extremely quick.

During these past few days, my Qi has been growing like crazy, which should be a sign that I have reached Mortal Realm Stage 7. The cultivation speed of the fourth Coil of Pure Yuan Art is indeed incredible, but to reach the Condensing Reality Stage is truly difficult. What should I do? In reflection, I've only been in this world for six months, but compared to other people who have been practicing the same art for 4-5 years or maybe even 7 years there's no difference.

Ever since he found out that Ye Xuan had already reached the Early Condensing Reality Stage, Ye Chen knew that he needed to work even harder. Otherwise he would not be able to fight against Ye Xuan in the end of this year at that Ye family meeting. Other than Ye Xuan, the second son of the eldest Uncle Ye Tang was also quite powerful since he and Ye Xuan were regarded as the top two geniuses of the family Ye.

He took out a jade bottle from his pocket and unplugged the wooden stopper as a blue pellet fell out into his palm.

Qi boosting pellet was a common pellet for warriors used to breakthrough to the next stage and was valued at more than three thousand silvers.

Right now, Ye Chen was only one step away from reaching the Mortal Realm Stage 7 which normally would take him a week or so. However, he didn't want to wait anymore and wanted to use the Qi boosting pellet to break into Stage 7 which would save him seven days of hard work.

Seven days might be nothing to other people, but for Ye Chen, it meant everything. With his comprehension ability, seven days could allow him to master a high rank Mortal Realm Skill, even that top rank Mortal Realm Skill Lone Peak of Thirteen Swords only took him two or three months which was only because it was incomplete, otherwise it would only take him a month.

So, he had to save time when he had a chance, he could not afford to waste the time.

Sitting on his bed, Ye Chen flicked the blue Qi boosting pellet into his mouth which slid down his throat.


The Qi boosting pellet melted the second it entered his body and became extremely pure Yuan Qi.

All of a sudden, the Qi from the Pure Yuan Art rushed out from his Dantian like a hunting wolf, and in a second, wrapped the pure Yuan Qi from the Qi boosting pellet and started refining.

What a powerful refining ability! If it was Qi from that Cloud Qi Spell, it would be at least two times slower. The higher the quality was, the faster the refining would be was a well-known fact that everyone on this land of souls knew. But it was clear that if the total quantity of the Qi increased, it would be a great help for training Yuan Qi. Because in most situations, it was common for the quantity to be greater than the quality.

One hour had passed.

There was a quiet sound of bubbles popping coming from Ye Chen's body.

The dilated Dantian once again grew bigger like a blown up balloon. And in the middle of the Dantian, the crystal clear Qi tornado inside suddenly increased its spinning speed that was constantly changing and began absorbing the incoming Qi.

After a long time, Ye Chen finally opened his eyes and exhaled out a black fog. Ye Chen could not help but stupidly smile as he knew he had just reached the Mortal Realm Stage 7.

Normally, there was actually not much difference between the Mortal Realm Stage 7 and the peak of Mortal Realm Stage 6. But for Ye Chen, even the smallest change could mean a huge improvement in his power, allowing him to perform more powerful martial skills.

I should stop cultivating my Pure Yuan Art and begin to stabilize the foundation. Ye Chen knew the importance of pacing himself, he had to stabilize the foundations of all his newly mastered skills in order to learn more and get stronger, just like a skyscraper, if you only put keep building without a strong base, it would fall down any minute, and he would be ruined.

On the second day, Ye Chen managed to stabilize his skills completely with a little bit of improvement. That Qi boosting pellet could save up to a month's worth of hard work and he had only used seven days, so there were still technically twenty-one days of effective use left.

Ye Chen took a second Windy Dew Pellet in the following days and boosted up to the fifth Coil of the Pure Yuan Art - the Union of Six Senses.

But of course, his life was not only about martial arts.

After meeting with the number one outer disciple Wu Zongming, they had become friends and would chat and spar with each other during their spare time.

In the beginning, Wu Zongming was full of pride, thinking that although Ye Chen was quite formidable, there was still still a gap between them. But however, when he limited his power to the Mortal Realm Stage 7 and sparred, he was surprisingly a bit behind! His High Rank Mortal Realm 'Burning Fist' seemed to be weaker than Ye Chen's 'King Kong Fist'! Wu Zongming was astounded.

However, he had no idea that Ye Chen had already mastered his King Kong fist to its highest stage - the Unity Stage. Therefore, it would be impossible for him to win Ye Chen while suppressing his cultivation.

In the deep end of the mountain, neither the sun nor the moon could be seen. Without noticing, another six months had passed.

One night, Ye Chen rubbed the body boosting ointment all over his body, preparing to officially try to enter the fifth Coil of Pure Yuan Art and combine his six senses.

As for the body boosting ointment, the unity stage required a strong body that was full of energy and the ointment would increase his chance of success.

Pushing the Qi of Pure Yuan Art to its extreme, Ye Chen pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth, he concentrated on his heart, reaching a different mental stage.

Whoosh! Although it seemed to be silent outside, inside Ye Chen's body, there seemed to a climate change, his Qi was like a little river that rolled unceasingly.

For most warriors, three of their senses were usually combined, such as their spirit and Qi. The first step of training was purifying their spirit and mixed it with Qi. This step of allowed the two to become a union which could change their form when with just a thought. If you combined spirit and consciousness, your mind's sharpness would increase under pressure. The hardest part of the union was to combine Qi and your consciousness.

After few days of exploring and experimenting, Ye Chen finally had a basic idea of it.

His eyebrow unnoticeably straightened, his Qi followed the veins and arrived between his eyebrows, the place where the human soul was located which was where the consciousness resided.

After pushing his Qi to go through his whole body for thirty-six cycles, his Qi was infused with the power of soul and reached back to Dantian. Ye Chen knew he had succeeded that he had reached the internal unity.

Then, there was the outer unity.

In comparison, the outer unity seemed easy. For example, you would only have to unite your eyes and hands, coordinated your whole body which would not be hard, any human being could manage that after training. However, the outer unity of Pure Yuan Art was about the infusion of three different Yuan Qi into the limbs, the eyes and the spinal cord.

First of all, the warrior had to extract the hidden Yuan Qi from the spinal cord. Knowing that the spinal cord was one of the most important part of the human body, even a tiny little mistake would result in an injury that was very hard to treat so Ye Chen did not want to rush it at all.

He let his Qi slowly permeate into his spinal cord, then slowly pulled out a stream of Yuan Qi hidden deep within the bones and nerves and mixed it with the Qi.

Waited until they fully become one, Ye Chen then put that finished Yuan Qi back to his spinal cord.

Repeating the same procedure over and over again, Ye Chen finally managed to combine his Qi and the outer unity together. His forehead was covered with sweat, his shirt was completely soaked.

But all of that was definitely worth it, considering that the Yuan Qi in his limbs, eyes, and spinal cord were infused with spirit and mentality causing his reflexes to be improved tremendously.

Other than that, after reaching the fifth Coil of Pure Yuan Art, the rate his Yuan Qi restored itself was quite satisfying.


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