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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 236


Chapter 236: Expert Level Mentality

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

The expert level Lone Peak Kill was extremely horrifying. Before this, three meters' radius was its best-attacking range. However, once it reached the expert level, the range had been increased to ten meters. Within that range, the opponents would experience an illusion of distance, giving a false sense of security and tendency to underestimate the effect of the power and speed of the sword attack.

While fighting against a powerful warrior, the slightest mistake might be fatal, which was indeed the core concept of the Lone Peak Kill.

Right now, Ye Chen wanted to make this mentality more natural. He wanted to be able to combine the sky and ground, making those powerful warriors with strong mentalities to not even be able to tell the difference.

How to make it even more natural and able to blend with the sky and the ground? Ye Chen planned to just observe the mountains and the rivers in order to find the patterns.

The mountains, they had the height almost touching the sky;and they were able to stand still for centuries.

Water, it could be both soft and tough;it consciously moved ahead, never stopping.

Combining the two together, one being still while the other being full of movement, was both conflicting and harmonizing, which was a state that was hard to achieve.

Ye Chen suddenly thought about the three different levels that he had trained in the Buddha family.

For the first one, they started to train the perception of matter which would not allow the people to see the truth.

For the second level, the mountain that one saw would be no longer be a mountain, the rivers would also not be rivers. Once one reached a certain level of this, the trainer would be able to see the truth through the surface of each matter, no longer being deceived by the human eyes.

For the third level, the mountain would still be the mountain and the river still the river, but the trainer would have already reached beyond its intelligence and entered a true-self realm where the mountain and the river no longer mattered to him.

For Ye Chen, it was still a mountain and river. But of course, compared to normal warriors, his realm was still way higher, and at least he had already reached the truth while the others were still confused, stressed out about what they saw.

’’If I can reach the level of seeing the mountain not being the mountain, the river not being the river, then not to mention my Lone Peak Kill, even my Sky Shattering Clouds would be easily infused. Moreover, it would be able to maybe infuse in some more mentality.’’ The three levels of the Buddha family seemed to have included all things;one level of difference would mean a huge unbreakable, unachievable gap that was not easily crossed.

Ye Chen did not falsely hope that he would be able to reach the second level. In fact, it would be useless to just hope. The gap between the first and the second level was extremely far. Being able to see the truth of matters would be already close to Heaven Realm. Even if he tried to understand or study, there would be nowhere for him to start. He would just have to slowly accumulate his experience step by step.

If the first level were to be separated into three different stages, Ye Chen would still be on the second stage, and all he could do was use the realm of the second stage and try to finish touching up the mentality of the Lone Peak Kill.

On the first day, Ye Chen went to study the mountains and rivers nearby.

On the second day, he studied all of the mountains and rivers within a ten miles radius.

On the third day, he studied all of the mountains and rivers on the Snake Island.

From the small environment to a large environment, Ye Chen had realized more and more. The so-called mountains and rivers had turned into watercolor paintings in his eyes, full of poetic perspectives.


One day, Ye Chen left the Snake Island and went to the Star Region Lake.

On the Star Region Lake, the sunshine had been reflected by the water. It seemed to have no edges. Looking over, the water and the sky had perfectly blended together, which was shockingly beautiful.

Stepping on the lake, Ye Chen entered a mysterious realm. He did not purposely try to figure out the mentality of the Lone Peak Kill anymore. He had switched from doing it with an intention to just unconsciously doing it. But it was not hundred percent accurate after all because his intent was indeed to figure out the mentality of the Lone Peak Kill.

However, in this way, everything was more natural which was exactly his goal.

The lake in front of him was vibrating. Three Clasping Yuan Realm warriors were killing a rank 6 beast, and the fight was extremely intense.

The lake below him started to have wavy patterns, and suddenly, Ye Chen had an epiphany.

The Lone Peak Kill had indeed just lacked one extra touch of reality. If the mountain did not move, but the river flowed, it would be the dullest situation. It seemed like one was still while the other with movement, but it truly was just soulless. The mountain should have wind blowing because of its height;the river should be moved by the wind because of its softness. It should also reflect the mountain or the trees, maybe even the plants.

A slight unnoticeable smile appeared on Ye Chen's face as he walked towards the spot of the fight.

The three warriors who had seen Ye Chen from far away were all looking extra cautious.


His body extended and Ye Chen appeared ten meters in front of the three instantly.

Right then, something very weird happened. The three felt that the time seemed to have slowed down. Ye Chen seemed to be so far away as if he walked though mountains and rivers towards them, and the same was felt by the rank 6 beast. It had also not realized the fact that Ye Chen was already right in front of it.

Reaching out his hand and touching the head of the rank 6 beast, Ye Chen's body flashed and jumped out of the attacking zone of the beast.

The three warriors and that beast had regained their true consciousness once they saw Ye Chen had already landed on the other side. The shock in their heads was indescribable like they had seen a ghost or something.

’’How is this possible? He was obviously so far away one second ago, how could he be right behind us already?’’

’’Is he a ghost?’’

’’Are you kidding me? In this bright daylight?’’

The rank 6 beast widened its eyes, and its claw could not help but touched its head. Unconsciously, he had the feel that someone had touched its head just before. All of a sudden, a chill went down its spine, and all of its fur stood up on its back. It was terrified of its own idea.

’’F***, this rank 6 beast seemed like it is about to go hysterical. Look! Its hair have all stood up.’’ Among the three warriors, a man saw that the hair of the beast had all stood up, and thought that it was about to fight them. So he yelled without thinking.

On the peak of an island in the distance.

’’The Lone Peak Kill sword movement and the sword intent have been fully accomplished. Then I should move onto the Sky Shattering Clouds movement.’’ Ye Chen shot out towards the sky full of clouds.


In the Windy Nation.

Inside the lobby of the Sky Cloud Martial School.

Besides the leader and all the inner masters, three other people were standing in the lobby.

The three were all people Ye Chen had known very closely, they were Xu Jing, Luo Hanshan, and Zhu Mei.

Luo Xinglie looked down at the four with pride. He had never expected that after Ye Chen and Xu Jing, Luo Hanshan and Zhu Mei had also managed to make a breakthrough and reach the Early Clasping Yuan Realm. This meant that now four core disciples had reached the Clasping Yuan Realm in the Sky Cloud Martial School, which was far more than any of other martial institutions in the Windy Nation.

According to his knowledge, after the first and second core disciple of the Purple Sun Martial School had both died in the Heaven Dream Ancient Place, only one core disciple had reached the Early Clasping Yuan Realm.

Two disciples in the South Rudra Martial School had reached the realm, which was the first and second core disciple - Qin Yulian and Nangong Yun.

Three from the North Snow Martial Academy who managed the same were the top three core disciples - the North Snow Childe, Lin Qi and the ’’Brutal Blade’’ Yu Yue.

The Emerald Valley was just the same as the North Snow Martial Academy. They also had three disciples, which were the Emerald Child Zhuang Fei, Liu Wuxiang, and Ji Xueyan.

That Ji Xueyan's talent and potential was indeed high. She had caught up with the rest of them and then reached beyond the original third core disciple Shi Potian. Her power was even above Liu Wuxiang, only right below the Emerald Childe. Even Luo Xinglie was shocked about her growth since Ji Xueyan did not have much time to train at all.

Still, the Sky Cloud Martial School managed to have four disciples reaching the Clasping Yuan Realm, making them incomparable to the other top four martial institutions.

The gathering today was not for anything else but the Hidden Dragon Rank competition that was only held once every three years.


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