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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 235


Chapter 235: Breakthrough After Breakthrough

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Wang Heng had given Ye Chen a whole box of boosting serums. Each box contained thirty bottles, which would last for a really long time.

After leaving the Wang Family, Ye Chen did not leave the Snake Island immediately. Instead, he flew into the sky and flew around the island for a circle.

The Snake Island covered few hundred miles' ground, one-thirds of which was the city while two-thirds was covered by the forest. Besides that, there were countless naturally formed lakes and rivers.

Soon, Ye Chen found a flat ground that was in the back of the Snake Island.

’’This place seems quite nice... fishes in the river, animals to hunt in the mountain.’’

Ye Chen was actually not here for sightseeing. As a matter of fact, he planned to stay here, away from the outside world, for a while to train.

’’First, let's increase my Mysterious Great Art to its highest eleventh level!’’

With Ye Chen's comprehension ability, he was still stuck at the tenth level of his Mysterious Great Art for a couple of months. A normal mid-rank Earth Realm martial art would not be this hard at all. However, the Mysterious Great Art was different. Although the tenth level and the eleventh level had a difference of only one level, the gap between them was like a great canyon. At the eleventh level, not only the trainer's zhen qi would become purer and more brutal, but its zhen yuan would also be way much more powerful than any mid-rank Earth Realm martial art.

The fact was that not every martial art would be able to allow the trainer to produce zhen yuan when they reached the Clasping Yuan Realm, even just one pile. For example, for Murong Qingchen, she had trained one of the great martial arts from the Sky Demon Martial School - the top level Earth Realm martial art the Sky Demon Great Art. Once she reached its highest realm, the quality of her zhen qi would be almost as powerful as the zhen yuan. But it was still just zhen qi, and it would never get to the quality of zhen yuan. In comparison, the zhen qi quality of the Mysterious Great Art was not as good as the Sky Demon Great Art, but once being able to produce a little bit of zhen yuan, its quality would be way more powerful than any zhen qi, which would give the trainer great advantage. With its one attack, it would be equivalent to a full strength attack of a normal Early Astral Reaching Realm warrior. How horrifying would it be?

If that were not the case, Ye Chen would not spend so much effort in getting the Mysterious Great Art manual. In the last Gold Tripod City auction, among the last three auction items, there was one top rank Earth Realm martial art manual which had been bought by an Astral Reaching Realm warrior with sixty thousand mid-rank soul stones. There were three reasons that Ye Chen did not get involved: one, he was worried about the revenge from that Astral Reaching Realm warrior;second, the price was way too high, sixty thousand mid-rank soul stones would equal half of his belongings. And the last reason was that he thought it was not high enough of a rank for the price, and would not be worth it. The top rank Earth Realm martial arts might be way more powerful than a normal mid-rank Earth Realm martial art, but the Mysterious Great Art was not a normal mid-rank Earth Realm, it was the top of the top. It had come from the Sky Dream Battle Palace after all. Plus, once he mastered the eleventh level, the trainer would be able to produce a pile of zhen yuan, which was something that even a top rank Earth Realm martial art would never achieve.

Rather than finding a brand new top rank Earth Realm martial art manual, Ye Chen thought he might as well train his Mysterious Great Art to its eleventh level. Unless he had the options to choice from another top rank Earth Realm or even a Heaven Realm martial art, he would not even think about changing.

In a manually dug out cave.

Ye Chen sat in the middle with his feet tugged under his body. Both of his hands rested on his lower abdomen, as he slowly operated his zhen qi.

Being pushed by Ye Chen, the zhen qi tornado in his dantian seemed to have been sped up. A small amount of zhen qi had been thrown out, which followed the meridians of his whole body and started to run in circles, creating an extremely complicated human zhen qi map.

As the time of the circles increased, the zhen qi tornado seemed to be tightened. It started to be compressed towards the middle. One would not be able to tell the difference, but the pressure in the middle, which was indeed the core of the zhen qi tornado, was extremely horrifying. It was the kind of power that would be able to tear apart great steel.

Time was like the little river outside the cave, moving at an extremely fast speed.

During this period of time, there were some powerful warriors who came there. They had planned to train their martial skills or just to improve their martial skills. When that happened, Ye Chen would push his Qi a little, with which his sword intent would be naturally activated. It would shoot out with a little bit of zhen qi.

The zhen qi that contained the sword intent was even more brutal than the qi sword. Most of the incomers who saw this would run immediately. They would know that there was a powerful warrior who was training in there and did not wish to be disturbed.

After a period of time, most of the powerful warriors who hung around the Snake Island had all known about this and listed the ten miles radius from Ye Chen as a forbidden area. No one would dare to step foot into it. However, human beings had a tendency to be curious, and the warriors were no exceptions. Everyone was guessing who the powerful trainer actually was.

Naturally, Ye Chen had no idea about it. He was at the most critical moment right now. It all depended on it now if he would be able to succeed it or not.


The internal zhen Qi map was only lacking one thing, that little area in the middle of his body. As long as he could break through that area, the whole Mysterious Great Art zhen qi map would be completed. Unfortunately, that one part was not easily unblocked. Although the warriors would be able to unblock all meridians in their bodies and would be able to activate their zhen qi and start the circling which was easily achieved, each martial art had its own zhen qi mapping. If the trainer wanted to have a breakthrough in their martial art realm, then they would have to circle their zhen qi in that specific zhen qi map. Otherwise, it would all be useless.

Within dozens of days, Ye Chen had tried countless times. He had finally found the best breaking point which he had used as the base of his training. His zhen Qi had then kept growing, its power increasing to a level which should eventually be able to breakthrough that one last part.

There was no mistake in that last try and Ye Chen had succeeded.

The perfect Mysterious Great Art zhen qi maps had been created completely. The speed of his zhen qi had been increased by thirty percent, which had matched the movement of his zhen qi tornado.


The zhen qi tornado had shrunk by two times as it shone out with an unbearable bright dark blue light. It had covered the whole cave, shocking the air like water.

’’The eleventh level of the Mysterious Great Art! Late Clasping Yuan Realm!’’

Ye Chen's voice sounded a bit surprised.

Once his Mysterious Great Art had reached its eleventh level, he did not know why exactly but the blockage he had been facing in his cultivation had been opened all of a sudden as well. The quantity of his zhen qi had been increased drastically, and the quality of his zhen Qi had also been increased, which was obvious signs of reaching the Late Clasping Yuan Realm. According to the normal pattern, if he wanted to make a breakthrough in his cultivation, he would have to wait for at least three or four months which was already based on the condition of his super comprehensive ability.

However, he had never expected that when he reached the highest level of his Mysterious Great Art, he would make a breakthrough at the same time, which allowed him to make it to the Late Clasping Yuan Realm successfully.

’’Perhaps it was because of my sword intent being drastically increased which brought me enough accumulations of zhen qi.’’ After giving it some thought, Ye Chen could only come up with this one explanation which could not really explain it either.

Regardless, the fact that Ye Chen was able to improve his Mysterious Great Art and his cultivation at the same time was indeed a great thing for him. Right now, even he would not be able to control his power. If the condition allowed, he would really want to battle with the dead Ghost head again. He would like to see how many sword attacks would it take to kill him now.

Three sword attacks? Or just one?

Shaking his head, Ye Chen focused back on his zhen qi tornado in his lower abdomen.

’’Eh, didn't they say that once I reached the eleventh level of the Mysterious Great Art, I would be able to produce a pile of zhen yuan? How come there is no sign for that at all?’’

Ye Chen did not think that the manual had lied, there must be a cause.

Feeling it carefully with his soul power, Ye Chen had then found a drop of liquid zhen qi which was dark blue color in the zhen qi tornado. Compared to the other color that was right next to the liquid zhen qi, this drop of zhen qi was obviously way darker with way higher quality. Plus, what was worth noticing was that the dark blue liquid zhen qi was still increasing its quality. Because the whole process was so slow and unnoticeable, Ye Chen almost missed it.

Ye Chen thought to himself, 'It was indeed true that once one mastered the eleventh level of the Mysterious Great Art, the trainer would be able to produce a pile of zhen yuan, but it would take a fair amount of time. If I am not mistaken, once this drop of zhen yuan is fully accomplished, it would still burn out in one take. If I want to use it again, then I would have to slowly train it again.'

’’It is good enough already since the Mysterious Great Art is only mid-rank Earth realm martial art after all. There is no way that I would be able to train the zhen yuan at a fast speed. However, with one extra drop of zhen yuan, I have gained another ace attack. It is an even more powerful ultimate ace attack than the Minor Blood Demon Art.’’

With those thoughts in mind, Ye Chen felt extremely relieved. He slowly let out a chunk of impure qi and stood up to walk towards the entrance of the cave.


Right by the river.

A bonfire was burning, with Ye Chen cooking a fish.

He had not eaten for dozens of days which had its impact on Ye Chen's physical strength. Warriors who had not reached the Seas of Souls Realm would always need to eat.

The tasty smell of the cooked fish had attracted a lot of low-rank demonic beasts. However, they were only watching Ye Chen from far away, not daring to walk up. Although Ye Chen's Qi seemed very normal, but the death of those senior beasts couple of days ago was still vivid. They would not even dare to hunt by the river.

Ye Chen laughed. He waved his hand as eight partially cooked huge fishes shot out in different directions. They all landed in front of those beasts.


All of those low rank beasts started to fight with each other, seeming very joyful.

After eating, Ye Chen drove away all those low-rank beasts. He planned to train his sword attacks next and did not want to be distracted.

Currently, Ye Chen's most powerful top three sword movements were the One Sword Kill, the Lone Peak Kill and the Sky Shattering Clouds.

Ever since Ye Chen reached the Late Clasping Yuan Realm, his One Sword Attack's power had been increased again. However, maybe because of its inherent disadvantage, the Lone Peak Kill was always way more powerful than the One Sword Attack, both in its effect and power. Plus, the One Sword Attack had another fatal downside, which was that it burned excessive amount of mental energy. That was why Ye Chen rarely used it.

But of course, it did not mean that the One Sword Attack was useless now. This sword movement had been growing with the growth of his cultivation. So before he reached the Seas of Souls, it would not need to be eliminated. The only reason that it was even being considered was because Ye Chen could somehow infuse sword movement due to his super comprehension ability. He had infused all his Lone Peak Thirty Swords together, and once it was fully accomplished, its power would be even more powerful than the top Earth Realm sword arts.

Although his Lone Peak Kill had already reached the expert level, Ye Chen still needed some training. In his opinion, even though the sword movement seemed to be fully trained, the mentality of the martial art was still lacking, and it was not because his bad training. It was because he had not used the expert level Lone Peak Kill enough.

As for the Sky Shattering Clouds that had been infused with three Sky Clouds Sword Art movements, it was still a huge project for Ye Chen. Infusing the low-rank Earth Realm sword arts was extremely hard because once the sword art reached low-rank Earth Realm, each movement was almost perfect. It was very hard for it to get even better. And right now, Ye Chen wanted to infuse them all together so one could imagine the difficulty. For example from the world that Ye Chen had come from, putting together all the small pieces together, one might get a machine. But putting together some already-made machines together, it would take great skills and mindset, and it was not achievable in a short amount of time.

The Sky Shattering Clouds was hard to infuse, but Ye Chen had never underestimated its potential. He was sure one day when he was able to infuse it all together, its power would even reach the Heaven Realm. And it would be his creation, a Heaven Realm sword movement which would be nothing like the ones the others had learned.


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