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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 234


Chapter 234: Three Thousand Year Old Blood Sun Flower

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Unlike Ye Chen's expectation, when he entered the valley of the Wang family, no one tried to stop him or even question him.

In front the giant fancy-looking lobby, Ye Chen stood still.

Wang Heng was full of smiles, but it all was clearly forced. He walked out of the lobby, ’’I am Wang Heng, the leader of the Wang family. I wonder what your name is.’’

’’Ye is my last name.’’ Ye Chen said lightly.

’’Young warrior Ye, my fourth brother tried to assassinate you which was his fault. And you killed him which made it kind of even. Then, my third sister tried to hunt you down without reasoning. I, Wang Heng, am willing to pay the price.’’

Ye Chen smiled meaningfully, ’’I seem to recall that leader Wang and your sister had paid a visit to a desert island. Is that true?’’

Cough! Cough! Wang Heng seemed to be a little bit embarrassed, ’’Indeed.’’

’’Never mind. I don't want to play word games. Wang Snake and Zhou had entered your Wang family, they should be counted as your Wang family members. I don't want to make things worse, which would not be good for the future. But your sister tried to kill me is a fact, and so far most of the people who tried to kill me are dead. I wonder if leader Wang can save your sister.’’

Wang Heng answered honestly, ’’Not with my power.’’

The horrifying part of the sword intent was not only its enhanced attacking power but instead its formless attacks. Being able to cut through emptiness was not something people had made up, it actually existed. When the sword artists did not have that deep understanding of the sword intent, they were able to cut away their own emptiness such as their negative thoughts and traumatic memories. But when the sword intent reached a very high realm, then the sword artists would be able to cut away other people's emptiness. When they intended to do good, they could cut away the others' negative thoughts for them and help them train better, but when they wanted to do bad, they would be able to cut away both their opponents' lives and souls with only one sword. No matter how powerful their opponents were, how many tricks they had, if they did not have powerful enough spirit and mentality, they would not be able to avoid being killed.

But of course, Ye Chen had not yet reached that horrifying level yet. But even if he was not able to cut away his opponents' lives and souls, he was still able to wound their spirit. In other words, those who had a weak mind would still suffer a lot if Ye Chen wanted them to.

He did not put more thoughts into the matter, and said without thinking, ’’I need Blood Sun Flowers, the older, the better... and of course, the more, the better.’’

’’Blood Sun Flower?’’ Wang Heng let out a breath in relief. He had thought Ye Chen would ask for something tricky and was already mentality prepared for it. But he had not expected Ye Chen to only want Blood Sun Flowers. Even though it was considered an extremely rare spirit flower in the outside world, it was not rare at all but to the members of Wang family. Because of the geographic reasons, generations of Wang family had been growing Blood Sun Flowers.

Wang Heng said carefully, ’’The Blood Sun Flower is extremely hard to grow. Most of them would die once they reach five hundred years old, and there rarely is one that can grow up to eight hundred years. Even less of them could reach one thousand years of age. Currently, there are three of the thousand-year-old Blood Sun Flowers growing in the flower garden. If you don't mind, you could come to the garden with me.’’

’’Alright.’’ After hearing Wang Heng, Ye Chen could understand what he was trying to say. People had limited life span, and so would the plants. It did not necessarily mean the Blood Sun Flower would be a thousand year Blood Sun Flower after waiting for one thousand years. Otherwise, in this true spirit continent, countless areas had not been explored, which should be covered with thousand years old or maybe even ten thousand-year-old spirit plants and flowers. So it really was something that could not be forced.

The flower garden of the Wang family was located in the back of the valley, which took over ten miles of the ground. Looking over, one could see it covered with colorful plants. But the most eye-catching part was naturally the sole flower garden in the middle, which was full of Blood Sun Flowers.

Walking into the garden that grew the Blood Sun Flowers, Ye Chen scanned the area with his soul power and found out that there were dozens of eight hundred years old Blood Sun Flowers. Without thinking, he made a waving gesture. All of those flowers were pulled out of the ground with roots and landed into his hand.

Wang Heng took out dozens of jade boxes from his storage ring, handed over to Ye Chen and said, ’’These are specially designed for storing the Blood Sun Flowers. Their yuan qi can be perfectly kept in there and stretch out their life span.’’

’’Thanks.’’ Ye Chen did not try to be polite. He put all those plants into the boxes, then carried on searching.

The garden that kept the Blood Sun Flowers was one-thirds of the whole garden and had both length and width of six or seven miles. Although six or seven miles might only take ten blinks for some powerful Clasping Yuan Realm warriors to fly through, it was more than enough to grow plants. In the world that Ye Chen was from, it would take more than one hour for a normal person to walk through six or seven miles.

Luckily, Ye Chen had a very powerful soul power, which was able to cover two to three miles. Just by a simple scan, he had spotted all those eight hundred years and older Blood Sun Flowers. That unexpected speed had shocked Wang Heng, and could not help but feel an unspeakable pain in his heart. Although the Wang family had a special technique to boost the growth of the Blood Sun Flowers, eight hundred years Blood Sun Flowers were not achievable by manual boosting. It required a powerful lifeline, otherwise, after five hundred years, it would start declining rapidly.

’’But it is for the best. Once he is satisfied, my Wang family would be safe from extinction.’’ The reason he let Ye Chen come to the flower garden was because he was terrified that Ye Chen would be aggravated and start killing.

Over the other side, Ye Chen's eyes brightened. Among thousands of Blood Sun Flowers, a fully red Blood Sun Flower was standing there. It obviously had one thousand years of history.


Letting out his zhen qi, that thousand-year-old flower landed on Ye Chen's hand and was put into the jade box.

Wang Heng laughed, ’’Up until last inspection, there were three thousand-year-old Blood Sun Flowers in total. Because once they leave the ground, they would easily lose their Yuan Qi, we had not yet harvested them. Now there are two more left.’’

Ye Chen said, ’’Don't worry. Now that I have the Blood Sun Flowers, whatever happened between your Wang family and me is even.’’

’’I surely believe young warrior Ye's word.’’ Heard Ye Chen, Wang Heng changed what he thought of Ye Chen. He realized that he was actually quite easy to hang out, and was not arrogant or fake. However, he knew it was indeed this kind of people that were the scariest. Everything was fine with them until someone pissed them off. At that point, they would seek full revenge. He secretly let out a huge breath. He was happy that he was able to deal with the situation before it was too late.

With three thousand-year-old Blood Sun Flowers in hand, plus the other twenty-six eight hundred years old Blood Sun flowers, Ye Chen was fully satisfied. With so many Blood Sun Flowers, he would be able to perform Minor Blood Demon Separating Art so many times. And with the Minor Blood Demon Art, there would be few people below Astral Reaching Realm who would be able to fully beat him. In other words, he would not have to be worried about anyone who was below Astral Reaching Realm. But of course, only in life-threatening situations would he use the Minor Blood Demon Art, because not to mention its huge side effects, but using the martial art itself might cause troubles from the Blood Demon of the Nine Ghost Cult himself.

Seeing that there was not many eight hundred years or above Blood Sun Flowers left, Ye Chen stopped collecting. He knew it would be unethical to take them all.

However, just as he was about to leave, he made a surprised noise.

’’Young warrior Ye, what's wrong?’’ Wang Heng asked curiously.


Ye Chen did not answer. Instead, his body extended and landed directly in the middle of the Blood Sun Flower garden. Using the soul power, he could sense some bloody golden qi coming from the ground, which created a small unique area. Within that little area, the Blood Sun Flowers seemed to grow extremely fast, its quality seeming to be way higher than the other ones around them. Maybe it was because the flower garden being so humongous that it had not been noticed before. After all, without his soul power, Ye Chen would not be able to tell the difference either.

'Something is under there!'

A thought flashed through Ye Chen's mind. He asked Wang Heng, ’’Can I open up the ground in this area? I can pay for the damages.’’

Wang Heng did not doubt him. He nodded as he said, ’’What are you talking about? If you want, you can take away all the Blood Sun Flowers.’’

The second Wang Heng finished talking, Ye Chen started digging. His right hand started to make different gestures, sometimes circling, sometimes shaking. Soon, all of the mud in this area had been dug out. It was few meters wide and a dozen meters tall, almost like a mud column that had been pulled out.

The ’’mud column’’ shone with a bright bloody gold light. After being torn down by Ye Chen, the ’’mud column’’ became smaller and smaller. Eventually, it reached the size of only a sink and was fully covered in a bloody golden color. It was like both gold and jade, looking extremely dazzling.

’’This is one thousand five, no. It is a three...thousand years old Blood Sun Flower...’’ Wang Heng stuttered.

Even Life and Death Realm warriors were not able to live for three thousand years. And for plants, rarely any of them were able to live for three thousand years. But those ancient plants were mostly useless such as a three-thousand-year-old tree.

Plus the fact that the normal Blood Sun Flower's life span was only five hundred years, one could imagine how unbelievable and rare it was for it to live for three thousand years.

Ye Chen thought to himself with surprise: This Blood Sun Flower would probably be more valuable than a Mid Rank Great Weapon. A normal thousand year Blood Sun Flower would be nothing compared to it.

He did not remove the mud on the outside just in case he might accidentally hurt the Blood Sun Flower. If that happened, he would surely hate himself.

’’Leader Wang!’’ Ye Chen looked over to Wang Heng.

Wang Heng forced a smile as he said, ’’It's yours now.’’

Taking those Blood Sun Flowers was one thing, taking this three thousand years old Blood Sun Flower was a completely different thing. Ye Chen took out that low-rank great blade which he got from the Silent Hills from his storage ring and threw it to Wang Heng, ’’This is a top low-rank great blade.’’

Reaching out to take the great blade, Wang Heng thought even more of Ye Chen. Normally, a low-rank great blade would definitely not be as valuable as one petal of the three-thousand-year-old Blood Sun Flower. But it was indeed Wang family's fault at first, Wang Fang's fault to be more precise. If it were not for Ye Chen's power, they would have killed him. But still, he did not seek revenge which was already the nicest thing he could do for the Wang family. A three thousand years old Blood Sun Flower and being able to live on, it was not a tough call for Wang Heng.

’’I wonder if young warrior Ye could spare a little bit of the root for me.’’ The Blood Sun Flower that was able to live for three thousand years was extremely valuable. Although planting its roots would not be as good as the main branch, but it should still be easy to live for one thousand five hundred years.

Ye Chen nodded. He scanned the plant with his soul power, then found a root that did not seem to be affecting the main plant much. His finger moved, and that tiny little root was pulled out and sent in Wang Heng's direction.

Wang Heng treated it like it was the most precious thing in the world. He used a jade box to carefully store it. Then he thought of something and said to Ye Chen, ’’The Blood Sun Flower would need nurturing to keep alive. Our Wang family had specially designed some serum. I can bring you some. Just sprinkle a little every now and then, it could make sure that the freshness lasts longer.’’

Ye Chen had already put the Blood Sun Flower into his storage ring, he naturally would not refuse the suggestion.

The two had left the flower garden and started to walk towards the living room.

Suddenly, a strange qi flow movement appeared in the sky.

Ye Chen and Wang Heng looked up into the distant sky. A small golden colored fire flame was expanding at a drastic speed. Wherever it went, the clouds had been torn open, and the air was burnt into a vacuum space.

’’Fire Spirit Prince!’’ Wang Heng said surprised.

Ye Chen asked curiously, ’’He seems to be quite young.’’

Wang Heng explained, ’’Fire Spirit Prince is the head disciple of the Fire Spirit Palace - one of the top three rank 6 martial institutions in the Black Dragon Empire. He was ranked no. 2 in the last Hidden Dragon Rank. Rumor said that he was only at Mid Clasping Yuan Realm three years ago, and he had already gotten the power to kill a peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior. And three years on, he has already reached the peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm. I wonder how powerful he has become. I heard someone say that he had gone into the deepest part of the Star Region Lake to train, and it turns out to be true. Oh right, young warrior Ye, the Hidden Dragon Rank competition is about to begin. All of the powerful young people have already rushed towards the event. Don't forget about the time and lose your place.’’

If Ye Chen did not have the right to attend the competitions of the Hidden Dragon Rank, then it would be the most hilarious joke. Wang Heng had already ranked him in the top twenty, maybe even higher. Another reason why he would never consider himself as unbeatable in his cultivation was that besides knowing that there were some powerful peak-level Clasping Yuan Realm warriors, he was concerned about the young generation who grew at a rapid speed. They were truly the unstoppable ones.

’’I will be attending.’’


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