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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 233


Chapter 233: Scared Away!

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

Once his sword intent reached seventy percent, Ye Chen could vaguely feel that his unreal sword intent was starting to materialize, from shapeless to formless but with a vague shape. But of course, even with the powerful strength of his soul power, he was only able to sense something vaguely. It was impossible for him to study the sword intent carefully.

What was unfortunate was that the small amount of Battle King's sword intent was slowly disappearing. If the first part of the sword intent from the sword-shaped plant had made him reach sixty percent, then the second part of the sword intent had helped him reach the seventy percent of his sword intent. And right now, even if he had the third sword-shaped plant, it was still impossible for him to make another breakthrough. He might only have been able to go slightly further on his seventy percent sword intent.

However, the seventy percent sword intent was already enough. Ye Chen had underestimated the power of the sword intent. The effect of reaching the seventy percent sword intent was not only increasing his attacking power, but it had also cleared out Ye Chen's mind. The moment he reached seventy percent sword intent, a lot of things in training that he had found hard before became clearer. For example, his short distance attack - the Lone Peak Kill, had been naturally infused to its thirteenth movement, which was the last movement of the martial art. And his Sky Shattering Clouds had also been perfectly infused to its third movement, which increased his power to a whole new level.

Generally speaking, reaching the seventy percent sword intent had instantly increased his attacking power by three times, and then indirectly increased it two times further. It was an unbelievable growth.


Taking out his Star Scar Sword, Ye Chen's sword intent poured out. His sword turned into a sharp, bright blue light as it was thrown out.


The valley had been cut in half sharply, leaving the edges smooth and neat. What was different than before was that Ye Chen could clearly sense his sword intent staying there for a couple of seconds. Before, his sword intent would disappear instantly after attacking.

’’Good! Studying the sword intent of the Battle King has made me learn a little bit about immortality. Even though it is only a little, but it is still something the other sword artists cannot compete with.’’ Only with the sword intent from the Sword-shaped plant, it was almost impossible to learn the immortality. But Ye Chen had the broken sword of the Battle King, which had more than five hundred years of history. It still had a little bit of the spirit of the sword intent of the Battle King.

’’Eh? Someone is here!’’

Following through the crack on the rock wall, Ye Chen saw there were two human figures dozens of miles away.

’’Let's go! This guy's sword intent is horrifyingly powerful. No one below Astral Reaching Realm would be his opponents.’’

Wang Heng was shocked. As the leader of the Wang family, carrying four headed snake bloodline, he had been said to be unbeatable within his cultivation. But those were all comments from the other people. He was fully aware that there were some of the low profile Clasping Yuan Realm warriors from the South Rudra Region who were able to beat and even kill him, not to mention the whole true spirit continent or the even wider sea area around the land.

The world was so big that being unstoppable within the cultivation was only relative to a certain region. Who called themselves unbeatable within the cultivation around this whole world would be mad.

Wang Fang's mouth was wide open. She did not know what to say, and only until she heard Wang Heng's yelling did she wake up from the shock and turned to follow Wang Heng.


The two were both peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. Adding their bloodlines, they traveled at an unbelievably fast speed. After the blink of an eye, they had already run for more than one mile.

’’They sure can run fast!’’

Ye Chen sneered, not planning to chase them.

For him right now, it would only take him one sword to kill Wang Fang, but killing Wang Heng might take some effort. But still, it should not be too hard. But after killing them, the Wang family would definitely come down, which would not be a good thing for Wang Snake who was just about to inherit the power of their family bloodline.

But for people who were threatening, Ye Chen would definitely not be soft on them. For example, although Yuan Zongbo was not that powerful, the Sky Eagle Castle Martial School was. If he did not kill him, then one day it would come back to him. On the contrary, the Wang family was only a rank 9 family, and there was not even one Astral Reaching Realm warrior in their family. There was almost no threat to Ye Chen whatsoever.

But of course, all of this was under the condition that Wang family knew who they were messing with. Otherwise, he would kill without thinking.

’’Four days have passed. I wonder if Zhou had any news on the Blood Sun Flower.’’ The breakthrough on his sword intent did not mean he should stop increasing his fighting power. Once having made the choice of being able to use his Minor Blood Demon Art, he would still be able to increase his fighting power and reach the next level when facing critical situations.

Performing his Separating Flying Art, Ye Chen flashed and flew out towards the Snake Island.


In the lobby of the Wang family...

’’What?! He has returned to the Snake Island?!’’ Wang Heng was shocked, then forced a smile.

Wang Fang did not have that pride she had before anymore. She bit on her teeth as she said, ’’If he comes to the Wang family seeking revenge, I will fight him with all I have got since it's on me after all.’’

Wang Heng threw himself onto the chair like a deflated balloon, ’’What have you got to fight with him? I kept telling you guys, 'there will always be someone better than you, more powerful than you. Don't ever think that once you have the power of the bloodline, you would become unbeatable within your cultivation'. Now you see! Before, I asked people to find our family member who had high purity level of our bloodline to come to inherit the power in order to strengthen our family and bring back the glory. And you just always like to go against me, thinking they do not have the right. But you have to know this, in this true spirit continent, power means everything. The so-called pureblood family is only a group of ants in the eyes of the powerful. They could easily kill us all if they want by just flicking their fingers.’’

Wang Feng kept quiet. Right then, an executive walked in.

’’Leader, he did not come up. Instead, he is only staying in the restaurant he was before.’’

’’In a hotel?’’ Wang Heng froze a little, then a smile appeared on his face. 'There might be a chance!' He hurried to yell, ’’Notify every single member of the Wang family. No one is allowed to disturb him. Whoever dares to try, kill on sight!’’

’’Yes, sir!’’


On the second floor of the restaurant...

The waiter and the owner kept shivering, trying their best to stay still on the side. Especially that waiter who brought Ye Chen food before, he was looking extra frightened, terrified of doing anything wrong.

Suddenly, both of his knees went soft. He knelt on the ground in front of Ye Chen and stuttered, ’’Young warrior, please don't kill me. I was forced to...’’

Ye Chen waved his hand in the air, making the waiter stand up involuntarily. Ye Chen said, ’’It was not your fault. Go prepare me some food.’’

’’Yes...Yes, sir!’’

The waiter and the owner let out a breath, hurrying downstairs to prepare for Ye Chen.

Taking a sip of the tea, Ye Chen thought to himself, 'I was not here for a few days. Zhou would not be able to find me. I wonder if I should go ask someone in the Wang family.'

Ye Chen was about to move when he suddenly saw Zhou outside the window. He laughed, ’’Zhou! Here!’’

’’Warrior Ye!’’ Zhou flew upstairs instead of walking through the door, landing right in front of Ye Chen.

He took out three Blood Sun Flowers from his storage ring, each one of them being more than two hundred years old. One of them was even four hundred years old, almost half of it dyed bloody red.

Zhou apologized, ’’I don't know if it is enough. Master Snake and I had only arrived here not long ago, and we could only manage to get three of them.’’ He was isolated in the Wang family and did not even know about the fight between Ye Chen and the third lady of the Wang family, and the fact that Ye Chen had killed the fourth brother of the leader.

Ye Chen frowned. To be honest, these three Blood Sun Flower seemed to have eight hundred years between them, but it did not mean that it was comparable to an eight hundred year Blood Sun Flower. Normally, ten four hundred year Blood Sun Flower might not even be able to compare to an eight hundred year one, not to even mention the thousand year Blood Sun Flower. But he also knew that there was only so much Zhou could do, and being able to bring three Blood Sun Flower to him was already him trying his best.

'It seems like I would have to go drop in the Wang family for a little. As least I will charge them for a little interest, get a couple of those thousand-year-old Blood Sun Flowers.' thoughts flashed through Ye Chen's mind.


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