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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 232


Chapter 232: Seventy Percent Sword Intent

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

On the fourth level of the Snake Island, in the lobby of the valley...

’’Brother, there is only one person on the Snake Island who can kill that little brat. You have to avenge our fourth brother.’’ Wang Fang hurried to say.

Wang Heng was both frustrated and angry, ’’I already knew about what had happened. I will have to say that he had it coming. How can he go assassinate someone for no reason like that? Dealing with this kind of stuff, every single powerful Clasping Yuan Realm warrior would be angry. But since he has killed the fourth brother, I cannot really just let it go. If I did, what would people think of our Wang family?’’

The death of the fourth brother would definitely be related to his eldest grandson. After being interrogated by Wang Heng, Wang Ping had told him everything. But of course, he had left out the relationship between Ye Chen and Wang Snake. He had only mentioned how Ye Chen seemed suspicious and the fourth grandpa of his volunteered to check it out. Although Wang Heng was old, his mind was still sharp. What was truth and what was not was easy for him to figure out. After grounding Wang Ping, he sent people to investigate what had actually happened. He found out that Wang Snake was actually guarded by Ye Chen to the Snake Island, and Wang Ping and his fourth brother planned to take Ye Chen out because of that. But they did not expect Ye Chen to be this powerful, which eventually led to the death of his fourth brother.

Wang Fang still thought it was unfair, she said, ’’Brother, what are you planning to do?’’

Wang Heng said, ’’It was our fourth brother's fault, so I will just break one of his arms then.’’

’’What?! Only one arm? Then our fourth brother's death would be for nothing.’’ Wang Fang started to scream, unable to believe Wang Heng's decision.

Wang Heng yelled back at her seriously, ’’If it was not for you continuously protecting them, how would our fourth brother die?! After all, you have to take most of the responsibility. I will punish you for a one-year suspension from the family business.’’

Wang Fang froze. Wang Heng was rarely mad at her. Even if he were aggravated, he would never be this obvious about it. But right then, he had pressured her with his aura, and she could not even control her bloodline power anymore. It was a kind of soul pressure that was above and beyond the cultivation, making her swallow the words that she was about to say.

Wang Heng stopped looking at her and told his servants to look for Ye Chen. As long as he was still in the Snake Island, he would be found eventually. If they could not find him, then it would mean he had already left, and there would be nothing Wang Heng could do anymore.

After giving in some thought, Wang Heng said again, ’’If you trace him, do not do anything. Just come and notify me at once.’’

’’Yes, sir!’’

All of the masters who were in charge of this left with the order.


The desert island was only ten miles, and there was not a single plant on it.

What was surprising was that in the southeast part of the island, there was a small mountain. And on that mountain was a waterfall which was connected to a lake.

Ye Chen stood still on the flat ground in the valley, staring at the rock wall in front of him.

This rock wall was different from the normal ones because there was a sword mark on it. It was ten meters long, extremely long and narrow, covered with powerful sword intent. That sword intent seemed to be able to see through peoples' hearts, cut through souls, and was about to leak out of the wall.

That sword intent had been there for a long time now, it was there since the night before last night and had still not disappeared. Plus, because of the sword intent, the rock wall seemed to be extra tough. Normally, Ye Chen could make a small hole simply by poking the wall with his finger. But now, he would only make a small mark.

This sword mark was indeed cut by the Battle King's sword.

Right then, when the Sword-shaped Plant and the sword of the Battle King met for the first time, that small amount of sword intent inside of that Sword-shaped Plant was instantly absorbed by the sword. Holding the sword, Ye Chen's sword intent poured out and threw out a sword attack on that rock wall, leaving that long lasting sword intent.

Just after midday, Ye Chen suddenly regained his consciousness.

’’What a powerful sword intent, it had completely made me forget about the time and just lose myself.’’ Ye Chen mumbled out loud.

As Ye Chen talked to himself, that sword intent in that sword mark disappeared in the wind.

’’A small amount of sword intent could last two days. Although it was still incomparable to that five hundred years old sword intent in that Sky River Canyon, I think it is better to be this way. That sword intent in the Sky River Canyon is way too brutal, and even powerful Astral Reaching Realm warriors would have their vitality taken away from them. Nothing good will happen if I go there. If I manage to reach the full sword intent, I might consider going there once. Maybe I will find the last piece of the Battle King's sword.’’

Although Ye Chen had lost himself for a while, he could still wake up on demand upon facing danger. This was also why he had woken up just before because he had sensed that the sword intent was just about to disappear. As for the time, it was still too fast for Ye Chen. Because it was the sword intent of the Battle King after all, he wanted to be able to sense it for a little longer.

Checking his own sword intent, Ye Chen smiled. He had reached sixty percent of his sword intent. One sword-shaped plant had already made him achieve further ten percent of the sword intent with something to spare. He was already really close to the seventy percent mark and wondered if the second sword-shaped plant would be able to make him reach the seventy percent sword intent, or even eighty percent. Once he reached the eighty percent level, his fighting power would be increased drastically and would reach a level that even he would not be able to fully control. Mastering sword intent would only be harder and harder as time went on. Each improvement would bring him a different level of fighting power. When he was at the Gold Tripod City auction field, that Astral Reaching Realm warrior had let out some sword intent which was not fully mastered yet, but its sharpness and coldness was able to cover the whole area, able to kill a Clasping Yuan Realm warrior whenever he wanted.

Ye Chen took out the second sword-shaped plant. Without even needing him to control it himself, that small amount of sword intent jumped out by itself and melted into that broken Battle King's sword.


The sword intent once again poured out, as Ye Chen threw out a sword attack on the rock wall.


A new sword mark had appeared. The horrifying sword intent was everywhere, with no sign of it disappearing.

Putting away the Battle King's sword, Ye Chen looked at the sword mark he had made. The sword intent burst out again from the mark and started to clash with his own sword intent, which gave him a good opportunity to learn more about his own sword intent.

The sun went down from the west. The sunset covered the earth.

Time traveled extremely fast.


Few hundred meters away from the desert island, two human figures flew closer and closer.

’’Our family warriors had once sensed some powerful sword intent on this island, it should be here.’’ Wang Heng said to Wang Fang who was flying along his side.

Wang Fang said with an angry tone, ’’I will see where he can run this time.’’

Wang Heng warned her, ’’You will only watch from the side. Do not interrupt without my permission. We do everything my way.’’ He was not going to let Wang Fang come, but since she really begged, he agreed with a condition of her only being a silent witness.

’’I know.’’ Wang Fang really wanted to see Ye Chen's arm being cut off. For most people, losing one arm would be extremely painful;not only physical pain but also desolation due to losing the hope for future. The missing parts of the body as a whole would have a huge impact on the future growth as well.

Wang Heng sighed. Cutting off his one arm still seems to be too much. I guess I will see! If Ye Chen were not like what he was expecting, then he would just teach him a little lesson, and there was no need for him to take one arm. Otherwise, he might as well just kill him, leaving no pain for Ye Chen, because he could imagine what kind of revenge he would get from Ye Chen.

The two flew at an extremely fast speed and soon, they arrived on the desert island.


All of a sudden!

A horrifying sword intent shot out into the sky, spreading everywhere. The air seemed to be vibrating, or groaning in a way.

’’Seventy percent sword intent!’’

The valley was filled with the joyful sound of Ye Chen.


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