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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 231


Chapter 231: The Twelfth Movement, Infused

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’Sorry, neither!’’

Ye Chen was not interested in that low-rank defensive weapon that was covered in blood and flesh, so he just let it fall down, making a ’’ting’’ sound. He turned his body slowly to face her.

’’I guarantee that you will die in the cruelest way!’’

The old lady was called Wang Fang, one of the top two powerful warriors of the Wang family, whose power was just below the current leader of the family, who was indeed her eldest brother. For the past few years, besides all of the major problems that had been handled by the family leader, she had taken care of most of other things which led to her arrogant attitude. However, all of the people on the Snake Island were afraid of her more than the family leader. Right then, after hearing Ye Chen, her face started to twist. The three headed snake shadow behind her was hissing loudly as well.


Her figure disappeared in the air. Wang Fang appeared in front of Ye Chen at an unbelievable fast speed while throwing out one palm attack.

’’So fast! Even faster than Wu Liangyu.’’

While his neurons were still processing the speed, Ye Chen performed his Five Mountain Godly Fist Art unconsciously.

All of a sudden, a brutal black palm power burst out from Wang Fang's palm. It was compressed and then shot out, slicing the floor layer by layer. Being in the middle of the blasting zone, Ye Chen backed out dozens of steps until he was able to release the blasting power.


After attacking Ye Chen with one palm attack, Wang Fang had decided that Ye Chen was not strong enough, so her aura increased drastically. She threw out another even more powerful palm attack, causing even the air to shake.


A bright sword light suddenly shone as a sharp sword intent rapidly spread out in the area, cutting out all kinds of emptiness. And in that silent empty space, a clear half-moon sword qi had shattered this kind of calmness, just like breaking a mirror.

Pooh! The palm power had been torn and shattered while the sword qi had also disappeared.

’’A sword artist!’’ Wang Fang frowned. According to her understanding, only with sword intent would one be able to be considered as a sword artist. Obviously, Ye Chen was one of them.

’’Very unfortunate, another sword artist is going down today.’’

Wang Fang sneered. In front of extreme power, the so-called sword intent was only a joke. Ye Chen's potential had made her surer of her judgment and the decision of killing him.

Without hesitation, Wang Fang activated her zhen qi as both of her hands turned into countless shadows. Throwing them all out in the distance, numerous black energy palms scattered and covered almost half of the street. To be more precise, it had covered a few hundred square meters space because the streets had been shattered and turned into ruins during the process of spreading the palm power.

’’Sky Shattering Clouds!’’

Facing that flood like palm power, Ye Chen lifted up his Star Scar Sword and sliced down.


The palm power had been divided. After that sword attack had been thrown out, a huge mountain seemed to have appeared in front of them like an eternal stone, standing still and unmovable.

’’Break!’’ Along with that flood-like palm power, Wang Fang flew over, throwing a palm onto that unreal but solid sword qi. The mountain was shattered instantly, the stone cracked open.

’’This old lady is indeed impressive. She is definitely not a normal peak-level Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior.’’

The sword aura had been shattered. Ye Chen threw out another sword attack.

Wang Fang's fighting aura kept growing, as she threw out palm attacks one after another. The three headed snake shadow seemed to have energized her with endless power and aura.


Leaving a zhen qi shadow where he was standing, Ye Chen's feet twisted, sliding towards the right rear part of Wang Fang. After throwing out another sword attack, the sword light shone extra brightly.


The unstoppable Lone Peak Kill had been blocked. It was the three headed snake shadow that was right behind Wang Fang. One of the snakehead had reached down at that critical moment to block out Ye Chen's sword attack.

The Star Scar Sword had gone in three inches, Ye Chen immediately jumped away.

The next second!

The earth started to shake drastically. The tail of the three headed snake shadow had fallen from the sky, bouncing all the rocks into the air.

Wang Fang turned her body and said with a twisted impression on her face, ’’Did anyone tell you before that among all the warriors with the same cultivation, my eldest brother and I are invincible?’’

’’Maybe not! The twelfth movement, infused!’’

His body seemed to have backed out, but he actually moved forward as he dodged the attacks from the three headed snake shadow. The Star Scar Sword shone a dark colored milky way in the sky. It had ignored all distance between him and his opponent and stabbed right into her body.

It was worth mentioning that the three headed snake shadow was very impressive. Wang Fang had not got enough time to react yet it had already reacted;one of the heads of the three-headed snake had automatically crashed onto the Star Scar Sword.


The Star Scar Sword had lost its aim, so it was unable to attack Wang Fang's critical parts, instead landing on her shoulder. The sword qi went all the way through, leaving a huge deep sword hole on the ground behind her as well.


Wang Fang looked at her wounded shoulder as if she could not believe what had happened.

’’I don't know if you could dodge the next attack.’’ Twisting his body in the midair, Ye Chen landed on that broken wall, talking while looking down at her.

’’Do not gloat so cheerfully. It is impossible for you to break through my defense.’’ Wang Fang bit on her lips. Both of her hands went up and down, pushing out a black light wave towards Ye Chen. Its attacking range was extremely wide, along with a hint of soul pressure.

The sword intent cut apart the soul pressure, Ye Chen's feet gently touched the ruined walls as he jumped into the sky. He then separated out six zhen qi shadows, attacking Wang Fang from different angles.

’’This is the real body.’’

The three headed snake had its reacting zone. Within that zone, it would automatically defend and attack even without the control of Wang Fang.

After seeing through the attack, the long tail had been thrown at Ye Chen.

’’It doesn't matter if you have seen through it, Lone Peak Kill!’’

Ye Chen had been hidden among his zhen qi shadows. When the tail arrived, his real body jumped out, sliding right past the tail and stabbing his sword right into Wang Fang's shoulder. It was not that he tried to avoid the fatal parts, but the three-headed snake shadow's reflexes were way too fast, and there were way too many heads. With two snake heads attacking together from different sides, Ye Chen was forced to tilt his attacking route, his one fatal killing attack turning into a leave-it-to-luck attack.

The blood spilled everywhere, and Wang Fang nearly fainted from her anger. Both of her palms were clapped with all her strength as the black palm power spread out without holding back.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

After changing his back out route for a couple of times, Ye Chen got to a safe distance without a scratch. He was slightly frowning;he knew that as long as that three headed snake shadow was there, it would be extremely hard for him to kill her. It was almost impossible. Plus, the reason he was able to have the upper hand was because of his progress in Lone Peak Kill, which allowed him to infuse his twelfth movement as well. It had drastically increased his power and speed. Otherwise, it would still be unsure if he would be able to actually break her defense.

’’No wonder you said you are unstoppable by opponents with same cultivation. It was not for nothing. But right now, I had almost figured out something. That was a Three Headed Snake shadow that was right behind her, and Wang Snake had five headed snake. So if he inherited the power, it might activate the five headed snake shadow. If a three headed snake shadow were already this powerful, then the five headed snake would be even more impressive. That should be why that the management level of the Wang family wanted a branch family member to come and inherit the power. It was Wang Snake's potential that they were after.’’

Ye Chen had thought it all through. Although he still did not know what kind of power it was that Wang Snake would inherit, the form of the power had already been figured out. Once Wang Snake had successfully inherited the power and activated his five headed snake shadow, he might actually be unstoppable within the same cultivation.

All of a sudden, the mystery of the Wang family had fascinated Ye Chen;they had already reached beyond the potential of what a rank 9 family should have.

’’Black Snake Shadow Wave!’’

Ye Chen had avoided most of the attacks, which stimulated Wang Fang's anger. She took a deep breath while a shiny black light appeared around her body. Meanwhile, one of the three headed snake's head had disappeared. It seemed like the power of the snakehead had been absorbed into her body. As her zhen qi increased, Wang Fang used her fist power, throwing out a palm attack from a distance towards Ye Chen.


The Earth had been cracked open. The qi power was like a snake. Ye Chen suddenly realized that his speed had almost been caught up by the snake-shaped qi, so he hurried to perform one of the ace movement from his Separating Flying Art - Shadow Explosion. All of a sudden, hundreds of human shadows had been exploded, like flower blossoms, its speed reaching a whole new level.


The snake-shaped qi power traveled through and among the human shadows. It shattered them one after another, not stopping until it had destroyed almost half of the human shadows. It eventually exploded, which destroyed another dozen of human shadows.

After carefully avoiding the exploding range, Ye Chen did not want to stop anymore. He shot out towards Wang Fang.

Midway, an instinct of danger flashed past Ye Chen's heart, so he immediately decided to back out.

After another few seconds, an aura that seemed like Wang Fang's but much more powerful had appeared, covering the whole ground.

All the people in the crowd could not help but yell out.

’’It is the leader of the Wang family - Wang Heng! He has finally shown up.’’

’’The third lady of the Wang family is in danger, how can he not show up? It would not be reasonable at all. But that little brat was indeed quite impressive. He had wounded her two times in a row, which was something that had never happened before.’’

’’Look! That brat had backed out. Maybe he had already foreseen the leader would come?’’

Ye Chen would not back out if there were only one of them since there was no Astral Reaching Realm warrior in the Wang family, and he would still be able to escape whenever he wanted. But now that Wang Fang herself was already quite powerful, with another even more powerful warrior, staying there was definitely not a wise idea.

His body flashed again as Ye Chen disappeared from people's sight.


A strong wind blew past, as a human figure landed in front of Wang Fang. It was an elder in his seventies.

What was surprising was that there was also a zhen Qi shadow behind him. However, it was not a three-headed snake, but a four headed snake. Its body was way much bigger than Wang Fang's, and its aura was also more powerful. The second he landed on the ground, all of the air had been frozen.

’’Fang, what are you doing? Why the mess?’’ The elder looked quite unhappy.

Wang Fang said furiously, ’’That little brat killed our fourth brother somehow. I will skin him!’’

’’The fourth brother was killed? What had happened?’’

The elder had never liked his fourth brother because he had not only tried to cover for Wang Ping, he even dared to go against him. The leader was frustrated that a lot of people could not understand why he did what he had done. All he did was for the future of the Wang family. As long as the purity level was high enough, they would be able to create a more powerful warrior. The prejudice between the main family and the branch family was useless, what was more important was that once the purity level reached the five-headed snake, it was possible for the warrior to evolve it to a six-headed snake bloodline. A six-headed snake bloodline would be more valuable than ten four headed snake bloodlines, which was also why he decided to give up his own grandson to choose a branch member. If the Wang family wanted to rise up and get back to where they used to be, they could not be this short-sighted.

But of course, the fourth brother was still his blood, and the elder would not be able to sit this one out.


The night had turned darker, and the moonlight was dim.

Ye Chen found a place that was suitable for training.

He took out the Sword-shaped Plant and the sword of the Battle King from his storage ring, and thought to himself, 'I had reached fifty percent of my sword intent a long time ago now and has been very stable now. It is time to use you both.'


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