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Dominating Sword Immortal - Chapter 230


Chapter 230: The Horrifying Shadow of the Three Headed Snake

Translator: Sheryl Editor: Hitesh

’’Brat! How do you dare to kill the fourth master of the Wang family on Snake Island?! Do you want to die?’’

’’Fourth master, let's kill him together just in case.’’


As a rank 9 family, the Wang family controlled the Snake Island and the lake area around it. Naturally, there were a lot of powerful warriors who had come here for its reputation and become the guest masters of the Wang family. Right then, seeing that the fourth master had gotten into trouble, three Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors who thought highly of themselves jumped out and blocked Ye Chen's way.

It was imaginable how powerful three Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors were when combined. Moreover, Ye Chen's body was still in the air so he could not use his strength perfectly. His fist power had been blocked by the three, but the three had obviously not had it easily either. They had all backed out seven or eight steps, shattering all the tough stone floors, their feet turning numb as well.

’’What a powerful fist power! This man is extremely dangerous.’’ The three exchanged a serious look.

The short elder saw that help had arrived, and was relieved and proud. He pointed at Ye Chen and yelled, ’’This man had come here in the Snake Island of our Wang family with an evil intention. He tried to kill me after I tried to question him. Where is the respect for the Wang family and the Snake Island?’’

Hearing him, one of them looked extra upset, ’’Sir, although you are impressively powerful, this is the Snake Island, not somewhere you could do whatever you want. I suggest you give up on whatever you are planning to do and go ask for forgiveness in the Wang family.’’

’’Yes! If you give in right now, then I will leave you alive.’’

’’Young man, you are so powerful at such a young age, why are you looking for death? I have a pellet that would oppress your zhen qi. If you take it, I will assure you your life.’’

Landing in the middle of the street, Ye Chen sneered, ’’Today, you will all die.’’

If the Wang family was a rank 8 family with Astral Reaching Realm warriors, Ye Chen might actually get worried a bit. He might kill them and escape instead of risking to stay longer. But they were only a rank 9 family, who did not have the ability to make him do anything. So in his eyes, the three men and the short elder were already all dead men.

The elder shouted, ’’Arrogant. Wait until you end up in my hand. I will torture you until you cry for death. I will make you remember that there are some things that you should just never say.’’

’’Oh, yeah?’’ Standing on the ground, Ye Chen's fist power increased drastically. He flashed his body as the first movement of the Five Mountain Condensing had been thrown out, attacking the four of them directly.


The street could not handle the heavy fist power. It started to crack open layer by layer starting from where Ye Chen was standing. Some of the weak warriors who were only watching on the sides of the street had been knocked into the buildings behind them. All kinds of different yells were heard.

’’Mountain Breaking Spare!’’

’’Wave Cutter Blade!’’

’’Tiger Gut King Fist!’’

’’Snake King!’’

Facing the incoming fist attack, the short elder and the other three did not dare to underestimate it. They had all performed their ace attacks, fighting against Ye Chen together.


A horrifying qi wave exploded on the street, cracking open all of the buildings on the sides, falling to pieces. The rocks shot out in different directions, covering hundreds of miles.


’’Damn, what the heck do you call this?’’

Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors fighting in a crowded place was definitely disastrous for most of the people. The good thing was that on the third level, they were all not-so-weak warriors, and those wealthy businessmen were also protected by powerful warriors. So there were not many casualties yet.


Among the four, the two who were slightly weaker had puked out blood mist. Ye Chen, who had stepped on the ground, was way too scary. That one fist attack seemed to be normal, it did not even have any horrifying sound or light or anything like that, but it still looked like it contained a huge mountain. It had not only shattered the attacks from the four, but it had also wounded them badly.

The short elder and the other person were not having a good time either, their faces looked extra pale.

’’You three, please wait a bit longer. The powerful helpers are on their way. By then, it would be effortless to kill this brat.’’ The short elder tried to motivate the three.

The three gave some thought into it. This was the Snake Island, which was under the control of the Wang family. There would be no chance that the Wang family would let him do whatever he wanted. As soon as the powerful warriors came, it would be easy. And they had put in good effort in protecting the fourth master of the Wang family, there must be rewards waiting for them.

’’The first one!’’

After hurting the four with only one attack, Ye Chen's body extended, shooting out brutally.

’’Kill! Don't let him come over here.’’

The four did not have time to think about their wounds, throwing out a wave of powerful qi power together towards Ye Chen.


Performing his Separating Shadow Art, Ye Chen's body started to multiply, while his real body flew out of the qi flow and appeared in front of the far left person.

’’Ah! I am a guest warrior of the Wang family, how dare you kill me!?’’

The speaker was indeed the person who yelled the loudest before. Right then, facing Ye Chen, he felt that he was losing himself even though he tried his best to escape from it.


Without any hesitation, Ye Chen threw a punch at his opponent's skull. The powerful fist power had crushed that guy's head, turning his brain into mush.

’’The second one!’’

Ye Chen locked his eyes onto another person.

Being at the center of Ye Chen's attention, the man freaked out even more. He shouted, ’’You heartless devil, killing all the innocent people! You will end up in hell!’’

Ye Chen did not even bother to answer that because he knew there was no point in talking to dead people. As for the consequences, he could handle it.


That man's spine had been broken in half, followed by his body being torn into two.

The first movement of the Five Mountain Godly Fist Art had been performed by Ye Chen more and more smoothly. Along with his fifty thousand pounds physical strength, a Late Clasping Yuan Realm warrior would not be able to handle even one fist attack of his, not even half a punch. And it was only the first movement. Once he mastered the second one and the third one, he would be even more powerful.

’’The third one!’’

The voice was not here yet, but Ye Chen already was. His right fist had been thrown out with a speed that was a few times faster than the speed of sound, the bright yellow light seeming like lightning in a dark night.

This guy was not weak at all and could be considered as an old generation of Clasping Yuan Realm warriors. However, having Ye Chen as an opponent and facing the brutal fist power, all kinds of defense were useless. If he tried to block it with his arms, then they would break;if he tried to push his defensive layer, then it would just break instantly.


The fist had not even touched him, yet, a huge hole had sunk in his chest. He puked out a chest full of flesh and blood, making a huge mess everywhere.

Shaking his body, the blood rain had been blocked, leaving Ye Chen's cloths untouched.

’’How is this possible? Three Late Clasping Yuan Realm warriors! They could not even block one punch of his! How can they be killed so easily?!’’

’’That third person who had just been killed was called The River Blade. I had seen him killing a rank 6 beast, which made him quite famous around this area. Somehow, he was still not his opponent.’’

’’What a shame. So young and already so powerful, he would definitely become something one day. But I am sure that the powerful warriors of the Wang family would not let him go like this.’’

’’Indeed. The Wang family had two top warriors holding it together;one being the current leader, while the other one is the current leader's third sister. They were both unstoppable within their cultivation. Rarely any Clasping Yuan Realm warriors would be able to become their opponents. As long as one of them come out after him, he will not survive.’’

’’It has just become more and more interesting. Let's go watch from somewhere further from here, just to be on the safer side.’’

Within the few hundred meters radius, there was no one to be spotted. Outside though, a lot of warriors had gathered together, discussing the situation. Almost no one was in favor of Ye Chen.

Hearing the crowd, Ye Chen sneered. 'Unstoppable within the same cultivation? Don't underestimate the warriors around the world. They should think harder before they use those words. Only the Clasping Yuan Realm warriors who are able to take on Early Astral Reaching Realm warriors would be able to have that title.'

His eyes landed on the last person - the short elder, as Ye Chen said, ’’Do you want to do it yourself, or do you want me to kill you personally?’’

’’How dare you!’’ The short elder was aggravated.

’’Then I guess I will have to kill you myself then.’’

Ye Chen shook his head, his body flashing as he jumped towards his opponent.

’’Hundred Snake Cage!’’

The elder could not be more anxious. He was afraid he could not wait until the powerful warriors arrived. Facing the danger of death, he pushed his zhen Qi to its limit, creating countless pitch-black huge snakes five meters around his body. All of those huge snakes twisted together, joining their heads and tails, forming a huge defensive blockage. The elder was still worried, so he shook his body. Another layer of faint black light had been formed in front of his body, which was from his low rank defensive great weapon, which was almost unbreakable for people with lower cultivation.

After doing all that, the elder was slightly relieved. He did not think that Ye Chen would be able to break through two layers of defense in a short time. Then, as long as he could make it until the backup arrived, he would manage to survive.


A fist had shattered all of his thoughts. The defensive snake blockage had exploded instantly after being hit by Ye Chen's Five Mountain Godly Fist Art. Then, the defense light from his low-rank great weapon had also been broken, making a loud sound.

’’You dare to kill my fourth brother?! Today will be your day to die.’’

Right then, an old lady's voice was heard. The toughness in her voice had made people shiver and take a step back.

’’The third Lady of the Wang family is here!’’ Someone in the crowd yelled out.

Ye Chen seemed like he had not heard anything, he pushed his fist power three times stronger and hit it on the elder's chest.


The low-rank defense weapon was very tough. No matter how powerful Ye Chen's attack was, it would not break at all. But it did not mean the elder was able to survive. That horrifying fist power had gone past the low rank defensive weapon. It might have been decreased by twenty percent, but it was still extremely powerful. What all one could hear was the bone cracking sound, then one could see the elder's body being twisted in a bizarre way. Suddenly, he exploded, turning into countless flesh pieces and scattering everywhere.

The incomer was extremely fast, an old lady in her sixties who wore fancy clothes. She had appeared on the street within a second. Seeing what had happened, the killing intent was raised up instantly. She said word by word, ’’You are going to die today. No one can save you.’’

Something surprising happened. A black qi flow appeared from her back and soon formed a huge three headed snake shadow. It was so real that one could see every single fist-sized scale which shone with a cold white light. The six snake eyes were all bloody red, like red crystals in the dark night, without any emotions.


The snake hissed maliciously. It did not give people the feeling that it was made from zhen qi. Instead, it looked like a real beast, and one could clearly sense the horrifying aura from it.

’’Three-headed snake!’’ Ye Chen frowned a little bit. He could easily sense the hidden aura from the lady just like the one from Wang Snake and Wang Juan. It was an ancient aura which contain the power to shake souls. No wonder they would say she was unstoppable within her cultivation.

’’Do you want to cut your limbs off by yourself and be brought back to the Wang family by me for your punishment, or do you want me to catch you and let you go through all kinds of tortures imaginable?’’ The third lady of the Wang family looked at Ye Chen like he was already a dead man. A boiling killing intent poured out of her eyes.


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